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Journey of Hearts (Chapter 8)


Dahyun comes down with purple night gown.. Seungho’s mesmerized by her appearance..

Mr. Lee : I don’t know u will do this just because of that boy.. I’ll be waiting in outside.. Don’t take much time..(leaves)

Dahyun : (sighing) I hate time like this.. Why should appa take care of my life??

Seungho still absorbed with her beauty.. His gaze fixed on her..

Dahyun : Ya! Why are u looking at me like that?? (hit Seungho’s shoulder)

Seungho : What? What have u just said??

Dahyun : Aish.. Why are u like this?? Let’s go now..

Dahyun’s phone suddenly ringing..

Dahyun : Yeobseyo?

Seungmi : (cries) Unnie….

Dahyun : Seungmi?? What happens??

Seungmi : I’m.. At a hospital now.. Key..

Dahyun : What?? I’ll be there now.. Just wait there.. Don’t go anywhere..

Seungho : Rabbit.. Should we go now??

Dahyun : I can’t oppa.. It’s Seungmi.. Something happens.. She needs me now..

Mrs. Lee : Dahyunnie.. Appa is waiting.. Why are u still here??

Dahyun : Ah.. Omma.. I..

Mrs. Lee : Let’s go now.. (pulls Dahyun)

Dahyun : Omma.. Just give me 5 more minutes.. I’ve got something 2 be settled..

Mrs. Lee : Don’t take too long.. U know your appa rite??

Dahyun : Ne, omma..

Dahyun’s calling Seulmi.. But Wooyoung’s answering.. She left her phone at his house.. She called Hyora but she couldn’t reach her..

Dahyun : Ahh! I hate this.. Where is everyone now??

Seungho : Ya, rabbit! What’s wrong with u?? U wanna go or not now??

Dahyun : Oppa! U need 2 help me.. Looks like I can’t escape tonight.. U know Park Seungmi rite?? Can u go check her conditions there instead of me??

Seungho : Park Seungmi? I think I recognize her.. But why?? Will u be ok without me??

Dahyun : She is in the hospital.. I’m not sure what is really happens but she is crying.. I know something is not alright.. Just go comfort her.. Could u??

Seungho : How bout u??

Dahyun : (smile) I’ll be ok oppa.. Don’t worry too much.. I’m worried about Seungmi now.. Just go now oppa.. N call me if anything happes.. Well, I’ll make a move.. Go quickly!(pull Seungho)


Mir : Hyung?? Seungho hyung!!

Seungho : Ne? U’re??

Mir : I’m Mir.. Don’t u remember me?? G.O. hyung, look who’s here..

G.O. : Ya, Seungho-ah! What are u doing here?? It’s been a long time..

(They all surrounded Seungho)

Seungho : Ah, now I remember u.. Mir rite?? N what are u all doing here?

Joon : On our way back, we met someone involves in an accident.. But he seems critical now..

Seungho : Really?? Where is he??

G.O. : Still in operation room.. That is..(pointing at Seungmi) his girlfriend maybe..

Seungho : That is? Park Seungmi! (quickly runs to Seungmi)

Seungmi : Oppa? Where is Dahyun unnie?

Seungho : Ah, she has something to do.. Her father’s order.. U know him right.. She told me to take care of u until she finished her duty there.. How’s he?

Seungmi : Dunno oppa.. I’m just praying 4 him.. If he died now, I will never forgive myself..(teary eyes)

Dr. Choi : Exuse me.. Kim Kibum.. Who is his relative here?

Seungmi : Me! How’s he doctor??

Dr.Choi : (sigh) He lost so many blood in an operation just now.. n what makes thing worst is his blood type is O+..i’m worried that he can’t make it..We need more donator for this..because of the strong swipe on his head during the accident, he might be in comma for the whole week..but we’ll try our best for him..

Seungho : Thanks doctor..(bow)

Seungmi’s feeling not well so suddenly.. She feels like she is in the dark.. She almost fainted but luckily Seungho’s there.. He grabbed her.. Seungmi hugged by Seungho..

Seungmi : (cries)Oppa.. I don’t know what to do.. I just want him rite now..wish that I’m O type..

Seungho : Be strong girl.. Everything will be alright.. Just pray 4 him..


Trut..truut.. “ yeobseyo?”

Hyukjae : Yeobseyo?? Is this Lee Seulmi’s phone??

Wooyoung : Ah, ne.. She left her phone here.. Can I help u?

Hyukjae : What? But, who are u??

Woo : Me.. I’m Wooyoung.. Jang Wooyoung..

Hyuk : Ah.. So u’re Wooyoung.. I wonder how could her phone’s there.. Did u always meet her??

Woo : No.. Not really.. Who are u Mr??

Hyuk : Well.. I’m Lee Hyukjae.. Seulmi’s fiancé.. Could u please stop bothering her?? We will get married soon..

Woo : (shocked)Married? Ah, ne.. I will never meet her again.. I’m hanging up now..

Wooyoung still can’t accept that.. “Seul is getting married?? Why?? Why can’t I accept this?? Why is my heart in pain?? Aish~”

Next day..

Seulmi : Annyeong haseyo~

Woo : Annyeon..(he become wordless as soon he see Seulmi in his house)

Seulmi : Why are u looking at me like that?? Here.. I bought u breakfast.. Let’s eat together.. I know u’re not eating yet rite?? I.. (Wooyoung cuts)

Woo : Ya! What are doing here?? Stop coming here.. I live alone n it’s really not nice if u’re always coming here.. Get your phone n never come here again..

(Meals from Seulmi’s hand dropped down.. She really in shock.. She lost word for a while..)

Seulmi : Fine, I will never come again!!(runs)

“Andwae.. Wooyoung-ah.. What have u done?? See.. now u will never have a chance to meet her again..ahh!! This is really hard..”


Mr. Lee : Dahyun.. What is your decision now?? About the meeting last nite.. Have u made a choice??

Dahyun : Appa.. Why are you doing this?? Do you really want me to marry or just for your company?? I will not get married..

Mr. Lee : Aish this girl.. Are u for real??

Dahyun : Whatever happen, I will not get married with the guy that u choose!

Mr. Lee : Ya, Lee Dahyun! U’re doing this because of that boy rite?? Doesn’t he said anything to u?? I guess I’ve settled him up.. Whatever happen, u must follow my order.. Or else, u will not get anything from me..

Dahyun : What did he say just now?? Ah.. The letter!!( runs and get the letter)


Mianhe.. By the time u’re reading this I might not be here anymore.. Please take care of yourself noona.. I not be able to take care of u anymore.. Be happy with Seungho hyung.. As I see u with him, I know that u will find your happiness with him n also he will do anything just for u.. He’s the best for u.. Don’t regret for what have happen.. Everything happens for a reason n hopefully we will be together in our next life..

Saranghae noona..n good bye..

-Lee Junho

Dahyun : Wae??

She quickly went to Junsu’s house..

Junsu : Junho?? His flight is at 5 p.m.. But I don’t know where will he go.. Seriously.. What has happen actually?? Could u tell me??

Dahyun : Aish.. We don’t have time for that.. Just read this..(hand over the letter) Let’s go to the airport now..(pull Junsu)

“Annoucement, last call for the passenger of Korean Airlines to Singapore.. The flight will be off in 10 minutes..”

Dahyun : Singapore?? Did he say anything about Singapore??

Junsu : Molla.. Just check it out.. I really have no idea where will he go..

Both of them runs all over the place but there is no sign that they will find him.. N the flight just went like that..

Dahyun : Ah.. He’s gone..

Junsu : Dahyun, are u alright??

Dahyun : How am I going to be ok if he just go like that..(slow tone)

Junsu : Ah.. Junho!!

Junho : Hyung..(smile)

Junsu : I’m worried if u take the wrong path..She’s here.. What else do u want??

Junho : Noona mianhe..

Dahyun : (hit Junho) Nappeun namja.. Why did u lied??

Junho : Me? I’m not.. Actually the owner of the restaurant that I worked in want to move to Singapore.. N he wants to bring me there also.. But I can’t.. My life is here.. My girl is here.. How am I supposed to live in there??

Dahyun : Aish.. Don’t leave me again.. (hug Junho)

Junho : Noona.. Are u crying??

Dahyun : Andwae!

Junho : Lol.. Saranghae noona..

From far Junsu’s watching them..

Junsu : Ah.. I’m jealous! When will someone hug me like that??

Hyora : Junsu-shii??

Junsu : Ah, Hyora.. What are u doing here??

Hyora : I’m sending my uncle n his family.. They moved to Singapore..

Junsu : Hyora.. Could u hug me please??

Hyora : What??

Junsu : Look at them..(pointing at Junho n Dahyun)

Hyora : Ah, shiroo!

Junsu : (sigh)Dunno when will I get my love..

Hyora’s phone ringing..

Hyora : Ne, omma.. I’ll be there..

Hyora : Junsu-shii.. My mum’s calling me.. I need to go there..

Junsu still remain silent.. And suddenly.. “chu~”.. A kiss on his cheek..

Hyora runs without looking back..

Junsu : Am I dreaming?? Did she kiss me just now??

Junho : Ya, hyung! What are u doing just now??(teasing)

Dahyun : That is Hyora rite??

Junsu : Am I still dreaming?? Ouch!(Dahyun’s pinch him) That’s hurt..

Dahyun : (Smile widely) U know u’re not dreaming rite??

Dahyun : Ah, Seungmi! Junsu-ah, send me to the hospital please??

Junho : Wae noona??

Dahyun : Seungmi.. Key involve in an accident last night.. I still dunno what happen to them..

Junsu : Let’s go now..

(At the hospital..)

Seungmi : Yeobseyo?

Jonghyun : Seungmi-ah.. Did u find him??

Seungmi : Ne, I find him but..(she can’t talk anymore..tears just keep falling down)

Hyun : Girl?? Are u ok??

Seungmi : Key is in critical condition now.. He lost so much blood.. I don’t know he can survive until when because the doctor still can’t find a blood that match his..n effect from the accident, he might be in comma for this whole week.. I’m scared oppa..

Hyun : Really?? Don’t worry.. I’m sure he will survive.. Don’t leave him..

Seungmi : Oppa.. Gomawo..

Hyun : It’s ok.. I need to go now.. Take care..

Seungmi : Ne, thanks oppa..


At the café..

Dahyun : Oppa, where’s Seungmi??

Seungho :She still there.. with Key.. she still didn’t eat anything since yesterday.. think I’m gonna buy her something..Where are u from??

Dahyun : That’s a long story.. I come with Junsu n Junho..Take me to Seungmi please oppa..

Junsu n Junho watching them from the car..

Junsu : Are u sure u don’t want to go with her??

Junho : Nope.. She..(Junsu cuts)

Junsu : Don’t say stuff like “They look good together ne hyung?”.. I’m gonna leave u here alone..

Junho : (sigh) Let’s go home hyung..


Hyuk : Seulli.. Let’s go out together?

Seulmi : I’m not in the mood now oppa..

Hyuk : Why? Because of Jang Wooyoung?? What are u doing there in his house?

Seulmi : Oppa, stop it! I said I’m not in the mood now.. Could u please just leave me alone now??

Hyuk : No! I will not going anywhere.. U’ve changed a lot Seul.. From the moment Wooyoung’s appeared in your life.. We still didn’t spend time together this whole month.. Your priority is him now.. Why Seul?? Why??

Seulmi : U better go now before I hit u.. U know I hate discussing things like this when I’m in a bad mood rite?? Just go..

Hyuk : Ok.. Fine Lee Seulmi.. Its been a month and u still didn’t wanna talk to me about this.. If him that u want.. I’m gonna settle this with him.. Just see..(leaves)

Seulmi : Ya!!(shouting) Arghh! I hate him.. I hate both of them!!

At the hospital.. Seungmi’s sleeping behind Key..

Dahyun : Omo.. What’s wrong with him??

Seungho : He’s in comma.. U’re not blood type O rite??

Dahyun : Nope.. I’m A.. Wae oppa??

Seungho : He lost so much blood in the operation n needs more blood.. But his blood type aren’t easy to match..

Dahyun : Omo.. I feel bad..(get close to Seungmi) Seungmi??

Seungmi : Ah, unnie.. When did u arrive?? Sorry I’m so sleepy..

Dahyun : It’s ok dear.. Are u alrite?? U look so pale.. Come eat something with me??

Seungmi : It’s ok unnie.. I don’t have any appetite.. I wanna be with him until he open his eyes..

Dahyun : Please Seungmi.. U need to look after him.. If u’re sick, who’s gonna be with him? Come on..Just eat a bit.. Seungho oppa has bought something for u..

Seungmi : Unnie.. Oppa.. Gomawo.. Dunno what will happen to me if u both didn’t come here..

Seungho : It’s ok girl.. Just take care of yourself too..


Night..Junsu’s laying on his bed.. Still thinking that he’s dreaming that day.. He keep smiling alone..

Junho : Hyung, can u help me find a new job??

No answer from Junsu..

Junho : Hyung!(poke Junsu)

Junsu : Ah.. Wae??

Junho : I am the one who suppose to ask u.. What’s wrong with u?? I’m talking to u just now..

Junsu : Really?? What did u say just now??

Junho : Aish.. Forget it.. Dunno what makes u like this.. I’m gonna sleep now..Jumuseyo hyung..

Junsu : Ah, Junho-ah.. Don’t sleep yet.. I need to ask u something..

Junho : Save for tomorrow.. Just ask me tomorrow..

Junsu : Aish this kid..

To Be Continued~

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