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Journey of Hearts (Chapter 5)


Lollipop: Hate him so much!!

Mr_Bling2: Lollipop? Who is he??

Lollipop: A guy.. I hate guys!!!

Mr_Bling2: Aigoo.. What’s wrong with u??

Lollipop: He lied 2 me.. I hate him so much!! Don’t wanna see him anymore!!

Mr_bling2: lol.. Not all guys are the same.. What has he do 2 u?? U’re talking about your bf rite??

Lollipop: How did u know??

Mr_Bling2:Miss Lolli.. U didn’t enter this chatroom since 3 months ago after u tell me that u’ve a bf.. I think u must be happy with him..

Lollipop: I used 2 be happy with him.. But not anymore.. He has a gf.. He is my heartbreaker.. Hate him so much!!

Mr_Bling2: lol.. U’re so cute~

Lollipop: U?? Who’re u?? Did u know me??

Mr_Bling2: I guess I know u.. Do u have a time after this?? Let’s have a tea at the café?

Lollipop: How did u know me??

Mr_Bling2: Well.. This is me:p

Lollipop: I really missed u a lot.. Ne, I do abandoned u all of this while.. All because of him.. I really trust him.. I just wanna be loyal 2 him but this is what I got from him.. It’s so painful..

Mr_Bling2: Don’t cry..

Lollipop: How did u know that I’m crying??

Mr_Bling2: Just turn 2 ur back..

(Seungmi look at her back.. There’s no one at that computer’s lab.. Only she n a guy at the back..)

Lollipop: U.. A guy with black shirt.. Is that u??

Mr_Bling2: Let’s have a tea together..:)

(Seungmi stand up n get closer to that guy.. Seungmi’s a internet addict before she knows Key.. She always chatting with a guy that use a nickname Mr_Bling2.. But they never meets each other.. They’re really closed.. Mr_Bling2 really understands Seungmi well because they’ve chatting 4 a long time.. But after Key proposed her, she didn’t enter that chatroom anymore.. All of her time she used with Key.. N now she started missing him again n luckily he’s still waiting for Seungmi there..)

Seungmi : All of this time.. Did u wait for me??

Hyun : I know u will come back..(smile) Please don’t cry anymore..

Seungmi : I just can’t.. I don’t wanna cry.. I’m tired.. But these tears just can’t stop running down.. Don’t know what to do..

Hyun : (wipe Seungmi’s tears) This will ruins your make up girl..(smile) I’m Hyun.. Jonghyun.. Actually, I know lollipop is Park Seungmi since 3 months ago.. That time Key said that he has a new gf.. He called her Lolli..

Seungmi : U.. U know Key?? N u know that he had a gf before??

Hyun : Ne.. We used 2 play soccer together.. I know about him n Krystal..

Seungmi : (push Jonghyun) All of this while u know that Key’s just playing with me.. But u didn’t tell me.. Why??! I hate u!!(run but Jonghyun grab her hand) Let me go!!

Hyun : I can’t let u go like this.. Please stop crying..

Seungmi : It’s me who’d been cheated.. It’s me that feel the pain.. Everythings just happen to me.. Why did u worried about me??

Hyun : Me.. (sigh) Wants me to help u??

Seungmi : What can u do??

Hyun : I will let Key feels what’ve u feel..

Seungmi : What do u mean??

Hyun : Let’s pretend that we’re couple.. That I’m your new bf.. Show off our intimacy to him.. If he do love u so much, then he’ll feel exactly like what u’ve feel rite now.. He will has his heart broken..

Seungmi : Hyun oppa..(looks into Jonghyun’s eyes)

Hyun : I’ll help u girl..(smile n kiss Seungmi’s hand) Let’s start our story..

(Seungmi’s heart suddenly beating so fast..)

Hyun : As my first duty, let me send u home.. Or.. Do u wanna go anywhere??

Seungmi : (still in shocked) I.. I.. Just send me home please..

Hyun : (smile) Don’t afraid of me.. I didn’t have any bad intention towards u.. I just wanna teach him.. How can he makes a pretty girl like u cried..

Seungmi : Gomawo Hyun oppa..(touches)

Hyun : Just call me oppa.. Remember that from now, u’re my girl n I’m ur bf ne?? Come on.. Let’s go home..

(Jonghyun holds Seungmi’s hand n lead her.. She’s blushing.. Don’t know why but she also happy inside..But she didn’t know what is Jonghyun’s real feelings..)

(Jonghyun.. Really nervous inside.. He got a chance 2 holds her dream girl’s hand.. He even can be her temporary bf.. He’s really happy.. As for him, being with Seungmi’s the best thing ever.. He had a crush on Seungmi from the first time they’ve chatting.. N his love grows after he know that Lollipop is Park Seungmi.. But he know that Seungmi really loves Key.. He will make them be together again after he finished his duty..)

(Meanwhile.. Junsu’s walking alone.. He really doesn’t feel good about Dahyun, Junho n Seungho.. He don’t know what should he do.. He know that his dongsaeng loves Dahyun so much.. He also know that Seungho also love that girl.. But as a hyung, he really wanna see his dongsaeng get his love.. All of this will be settle if Dahyun can choose one.. He really hopes that Dahyun’s love will never change.. But what can he do? He once again go to the college 2 meet Dahyun n tell her about Junho.. He waits in the music room.. 5 minutes later..)

Hyora : Huh?? U again?? What are u doing here pervert??(wants to leave)

(Junsu grab her shoulder..)

Junsu : Please miss.. Miss Kim Hyora.. Don’t misunderstood me.. I didn’t have any bad intention towards u.. I have a very important things to do here today..

Hyora : U.. How did u know my name??

Junsu : (smile) Miss Kim.. Do u remember the first time we met?? U’ve bumped into me.. N u’ve dropped your ID card.. I just wanna return that back 2 u but I don’t know why at that time a can’t speak well.. Mesmerized by your beauty maybe..(look gently into Hyora’s eyes..)

(Hyora avoided eye contact with Junsu.. She’s blushing.. This is the first time her heart beating crazily.. She just can’t look at Junsu..)

Hyora : (stutter) I.. I’m really sorry.. Thanks for that day..

Junsu : It’s ok Miss Kim.. Btw, did u know Lee Dahyun?? Will she be here today??

Hyora : Just call me Hyora.. Dahyun unnie? Ne.. She’ll be here after her class finished.. What brings u here??

Junsu : I.. Just wanna say something important 2 Dahyun.. About my dongsaeng..

Hyora : Dongsaeng??

Junsu : Ne.. Lee Junho.. Did u know him?? He’s my dongsaeng..

Hyora : Lee Junho?? Your dongsaeng?? Er.. Excuse me, what’s your name??

Junsu : I’m Junsu.. Kim Junsu.. Junho.. Not my real dongsaeng.. But he’s staying with us.. He just like my own dongsaeng.. My parents also love him so much..

Hyora : Ah.. But.. Why did he do a part time job??

Junsu : That boy.. He really don’t wanna be a burden to us.. Really a good son..

Hyora : I see..

(Dahyun comes in..)

Hyora : Ah, Dahyun unnie.. Someone wanna meets u..

Dahyun : Oppa??

Junsu : (smile) Annyeong..

Dahyun : Annyeong oppa.. Why don’t u just meet me at my home?? Seungho oppa also there..

Junsu : Anio.. I can’t tell u this in front of Seungho hyung.. About my dongsaeng.. Junho..

Dahyun : Junho?? Why?? What’ve happen to him?? (worried)

Junsu : Don’t worry.. He’s alright.. I.. (look at Hyora)

Hyora : Do I need 2 go out??

Dahyun : Anio.. Just tell me oppa.. She’s my best buddy.. She knows everything about me.. U can trust her..

Junsu : (sigh) It’s hard 2 say.. U.. Do u love Seungho hyung??

Dahyun : Oppa.. Why did u ask me this?

Junsu : Just be honest.. U love my dongsaeng rite??

Dahyun : (expression changed) Oppa..

Junsu : I just wanna tell u 2 choose the best for u.. The one that u really love.. N I wanted u 2 know.. Junho.. He loves u so much..(Junsu’s words being cut)

Junho : Hyung!! Stop it!! (pull Junsu)

Junsu : I just wanna tell the truth..

Junho : The truth?? Just stop it hyung.. U didn’t know what is my real feeling..

Dahyun : Junho..

Junho : Noona.. I don’t love u.. Stop loving me.. Hyung.. That is my real feeling.. U didn’t know that rite?? Now that u know.. So please noona.. Stop waiting for me..

Hyora : Ya, Lee Junho!! That’s rude!!

(Dahyun look at Junho.. Her eyes teary.. Both Dahyun n Junho look at each other for a while.. Dahyun cried n runs..)

Hyora : Unnie!! (followed Dahyun)

Junsu : (pushes Junho) Ya, why did u lied??

Junho : I can’t be with her, hyung.. Seungho hyung really suits her well.. I just want her to have a good life.. Please hyung.. I just wanna love her in silent.. That’s enough for me.. She deserves a good guy like Seungho hyung.. (Junho eyes suddenly become teary)

Junsu : (hold Junho’s shoulder) That must be hurt..

Junho : So much hyung..

(Dahyun arrives home..)

Hyora : Unnie!! Open the door..(knocked Dahyun room’s)

Seungho : Hyora?? What happen to Dahyun??

Hyora : She.. Junho breaks her heart.. Just now, he said that he didn’t love her.. That must be really painful 2 unnie.. Because she loves him so much..

Seungho : Lee Junho.. Hurt her once again.. N she keep crying because of him.. Hyora, u go back home.. Just leave her with me..

Hyora : Tell me if something happen ne oppa??

Seungho : I will.. Thanks..

Seungho : (bring a cup of coffee) Here.. Drink this.. (wipe Dahyun’s tears) He make u cry again.. Why didn’t u turn 2 me?? I always waiting for u sweety.. Still doesn’t enough?? Eventhough u love him, but u’re always cried because of him.. Is that what u want??

Dahyun : (sobbing) Stop it oppa! U didn’t know how it feels.. Really.. I love him so much.. So much that I didn’t care even he always makes me cry.. Please understand me oppa..

Seungho : Until when Dahyun? When will u look at me?? U know.. I’m hurts more seeing u like this.. Seeing the one that I love cry in pain.. Really makes me hurt.. (holds Dahyun hand) Dahyun.. Please give me a chance 2 show my love 2 u.. Please open your heart n let me be your special one.. I will never make u cry.. Trust me dear..

Dahyun : Mianhe oppa.. I just need some time..

Seungho : It’s ok dear.. (smile) Just please don’t cry because of him again.. U will hurt me too.. Your omma will be back.. Go wash yourself.. Or else, omma will think that I’ve bullied u again..

Dahyun : (hug Seungho) Gomawo oppa..

Text message:

Jagiya..Will u be with me this evening? I’ll play soccer n Key will be there.. I need u thereJ


Seungmi replied:

Did I need 2 be there??

(Jonghyun called Seungmi)

Hyun : Yeobseyo jagiya.. Are u alright?

Seungmi : I don’t know.. I still wanted 2 avoid Key..

Hyun : Seungmi.. Do u remember my duty?? U need 2 throw away that feeling.. Now just think about our story.. I will do my duty..

Seungmi : Gomawo oppa.. U’re so good to me.. Why do I need 2 be his girl before n not u??

Hyun : I just don’t wanna see u cry anymore.. Don’t worry, u’ll be with him again one day.. I promise that..

Seungmi : Oppa..

(Evening.. Seungmi n Jonghyun go to the field together.. They really looks like a sweet couple.. When Key’s coming..)

Key : Lolli? What are u doing here??

Hyun : Stop calling her that..

Key : Hyung.. She’s mine.. U know that rite??

Hyun : Ne.. I know.. But that’s before.. N now she’s mine..

Key : What?? Since when?? Park Seungmi! U love me rite??

(Seungmi becomes weak.. She can’t look at Key.. She really can’t go on acting like this.. But Jonghyun knows how 2 make her stronger.. He grabs her hand tightly.. Seungmi’s heart beating faster.. N strangely she becomes stronger.. Her tears didn’t fall down..)

Hyun : (whisper 2 Seungmi) Stay strong girl.. Stay with me.. I’ll never let u fall..

Key : Hyung!

Hyun : Don’t bother her.. She comes with me.. N she will be with me all this day.. Jagiya, let’s go.. (pull Seungmi)

Key : Jagiya?? Seungmi.. Why did your love easily change??

Hyun : Are u ok girl??

Seungmi : (take Jonghyun’s hand) I’ll be ok.. Just don’t let go of me..

Hyun : This is my girl..(smile)

Seungmi : Gomawo oppa.. Let’s make our story’s interesting..

(They really looks like a couple.. Both Jonghyun n Seungmi played their roles well.. While Jonghyun in a rest time,Seungmi wipe his sweat.. She opens the bottle for him.. N Jonghyun.. Give a kiss on Seungmi’s forehead.. Key..Suddenly he feels really bad.. He can’t look at them anymore.. His heart really in pain.. Not only that day, but they now also known as the best couple at the college.. They’re always together.. Jonghyun always there when Seungmi needs him..)

(Hyora’s alone at the café..)

Junsu : May I join u??

Hyora : Ah..oppa.. Of course..

Junsu : Kamsahamnida..

Hyora : I’m really lonely at the moment..

Junsu : Why did u say that?

Hyora : All of my best buddies.. Seems like they’re all have their own problems n we’re really don’t have time together.. It’s been a long time 4 me since all of us were together.. I miss them a lot.. All because of love

Junsu : Me too.. I don’t like seeing my dongsaeng’s hurt.. Why did this need 2 happens? Poor him..

Hyora : Junho?? Why? Didn’t he say that he don’t love Dahyun unnie??

Junsu : That’s not what’s in his heart.. He know that Dahyun’s family will not accept him.. He just don’t want Dahyun 2 be sad.. He also said that Seungho hyung will be able 2 make her live happily since he will has his own business.. He need 2 be that cruel so that Dahyun will forget him.. N only him will feel the pain..

Hyora : Such a good heart.. Unnie need 2 know this.. Let’s go meet her!

Junsu : U think so?? But what about Seungho hyung??

Hyora : Seungho oppa?? Why??

Junsu : He loves Dahyun also..

Hyora : What?? How did u know this?

Junsu : I’ve accidentally heard that.. Seungho hyung really loves her.. Since they both still children.. N he willing 2 do anything just 4 her..

Hyora : Aish.. Why would this happen?? Unnie.. She really loves Junho.. Only Junho can opens her heart back.. But why did Seungho oppa come at this moment?? Ah.. What should we do??

(Seungho’s family arrives at Dahyun’s house..)

Mrs. Kang : Dahyun’s really pretty.. That’s why our son asked us to come here..

Mr. Yang : Ne.. I wont regret if he choose her..

Mr. Lee : (laugh) He really has made a good choice.. I like him also.. I’m sure Dahyun will agree with this engagement since they’ve known each other for a long time n they’re really closed..

Mrs. Lee : Yes.. Me too.. I think Dahyun will accept him.. Both of u will be here until when??

Mrs. Kang : I guess.. Until we settled about our child’s engagement.. I really can’t wait 2 have a daughter in law..(excited)

(Just like that.. These 2 families agreed 2 engaged Dahyun n Seungho..)

(Junsu n Hyora walking at the park.. Suddenly..)

Junsu : Hyora-shii.. Isn’t that….?(pointing at someone)

Hyora : Unnie!! (quickly go n get Dahyun) Unnie! Did u cry?? Why unnie??

Dahyun : Oppa.. Where’s Junho?? I need 2 see him..

Junsu : Junho? But why?

Hyora : Ne unnie.. Are u alright?? (worried n holds Dahyun’s hand)

Dahyun : Appa.. N omma also.. They’ve all agreed 2 engage me n Seungho oppa..

Junsu : What??!

Hyora : Unnie?? Are u serious??

Dahyun : Yes.. Oppa’s parents are in Korea now.. They’ll be here until our engagement.. But I don’t love him.. Junsu oppa.. Help me please..(begging) I need 2 see Junho..

Junsu : Don’t worry.. I’ll help u meet Junho.. Hyora, stay with Dahyun.. I’ll go get him..

Hyora : Ne, oppa..

(After a while..)

Dahyun : Junho..

Junho : Noona.. What’s wrong?? Why did u cry??

Dahyun : Did u love me?? (look into Junho eyes)

Junho : (sigh) Noona..

Junsu : Dongsaeng.. Just tell her the truth.. Do u like seeing her like that??

Hyora : Junho.. Unnie really loves u.. I can’t bear seeing her suffering anymore..

Junho : (holds Dahyun hand) Noona.. Saranghae..

Dahyun : (hugs Junho) I love u too.. So much.. Why did u lie all of this time??

Junho : Mianhe noona.. I just want u 2 choose the best.. U deserve him noona..

Dahyun : But I don’t love him.. Only u can steal my heart.. I love u..

Junho : I know noona.. I know.. I can feel it.. So, can u tell me why did u cry??

Dahyun : Omma.. Appa.. They wanna engage me with Seungho oppa.. I don’t know what 2 do.. When I heard that, I’m only think about u.. I just wanna be with u.. Junho.. Save me please..(teary eyes)

Junho : Noona.. Please don’t cry.. Just tell me what should I do.. Please just don’t cry anymore noona.. That will hurts me..

(Junsu n Hyora just watching them..)

Junsu : I think.. We better leave them..

Hyora : I think so oppa.. Let’s make a move.. Unnie will be ok with Junho..

(Junsu leaves with Hyora.. Junho.. He’s really calm in front of Dahyun.. But inside him.. Just he knows how does it feel.. He know that he wouldn’t able 2 do anything 2 stop that engagement.. But when looking at Dahyun, he becomes stronger.. He’s willing 2 do anything just 2 make her happy..)

(Junho sends Dahyun back home.. They meets Seungho..)

Seungho : Ya, rabbit! Where did u go??

Junho : Don’t worry hyung.. Noona’s with me all the day..

Seungho : Ah.. Thanks 4 taking care of her..

Dahyun : Oppa.. Do u satisfied??(angry)

Seungho : Huh?? What did u mean?? (confused)

Dahyun : The engagement.. U planned that didn’t u??

Seungho : What did u say?? I don’t know anything.. This is between our parents..

Dahyun : Don’t lie oppa.. I know that u love me.. But I don’t love u oppa.. My heart is with him.. N forever will be his..

Seungho : (sigh) Listen here Dahyun.. I don’t know anything about this.. Ne, I do tell my parents 2 come here.. But I didn’t mention anything about engagement or something like that.. I know that u need time 2 love me.. I wouldn’t force u 2 love me.. If u don’t agree with this engagement, then I’ll go tell my parents.. I just want u 2 be happy, Dahyun..

Dahyun : Are u serious oppa??

Seungho : Ne dear.. If u do love him, n he also loves u, then I’ll be happy.. Seeing u like this is enough 2 make me happy.. Junho-shii, take a good care of her.. She’s my sweetie rabbit forever.. Don’t u ever make her cry again.. Promise me ne??

Junho : Hyung.. Gomawo.. I’ll take a good care of her.. Don’t worry hyung.. I promise that she will never cry anymore..

Seungho : Ya, rabbit.. Don’t be naughty with him.. He’s a good guy u know??

Dahyun : Oppa.. (teary eyes)

Seungho : Ya, don’t cry.. After this no one will bully u.. Since he’s with u.. I’ll tell appa 2 canceled our engagement.. Don’t cry anymore..

(Seungho.. He is crying inside.. He know that Dahyun really loves Lee Junho.. He’ll sacrifice his love just 2 make her happy.. He’s willing 2 do anything just 4 her..)

Seungho : (monolog) Be happy girl.. I know u will.. I’ll always love u.. Forever..

To Be Continued~

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