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The Second Option - Class 04


“I.. I.. save me please oppa..” she’s stutter. Panting.  “What happen? Come in first.” Joon help her in.


“Here” Joon gives her a cup of coffee. “Sorry for disturbing you this late.” She take a sip of her coffee.
“It’s okay. Come, let me send you home after this?”
“No! Just please don’t. Please oppa, let me be here for tonight.” she’s begging. Looking at him deep in his eyes.
“But.. But I’m living alone. How about I send you to Dahyunie’s place?”
“I don’t wanna trouble her and Jiahee unni. Please oppa, I promised I’ll just stay here silently without anyone knowing. I will just sleep here. In this living room. “ Desperately, Joon just can’t say no. So he just  gives a pillow and blanket to her. He really is in blank, well who’s not when suddenly a girl asked to stay in his place and there’s just two of them in there.


“In a month from now, our school will take part in couple dance competition, so we want to find a couple dancers who will represent our school. Me and Joon-ssi is in charge to trained and polish your talent after we found one.” Dahyun gives a short explanation to the students.

“But before that, what if we see couple dance from this experts? Lee Joon and Dahyun-ssi is the best couple dancer in their college before” Junghye suddenly comes from nowhere. Joon and Dahyun looking at each other but they couldn’t anything since that training room has become so loud, full of the students voices demanding for the couple dance by them both.

As the first beat of Orange Caramel’s song titled One Love started, both Dahyun and Joon looks so deep in their part. Their performance finally finished and the students were making so much noise because of their chemistry while they were dancing was so visible. Dahyun can feel that her face blushed, performing in front of her students after a long time with a guy that now is her fiancé.

Joon thinks that it just that, but that isn’t over yet. “I am also the best dancer in my college, so if you don’t mind, could you dance with me Lee Joon-ssi?” Junghye suddenly asked him in front of the students and also in front of Joon’s fiancée. That training room becomes silent at once. All of their eyes are now focusing at Joon to see what will be his reaction. Dahyun force herself to be calm. Joon isn’t able to give the answer. He slowly moves his eyes to Dahyun.

“Dahyun unni wouldn’t mind rite? This is just to show the students about the standard that we want.” Junghye continue and get closer to Joon.

At the other side, seeing Dahyun like that, he just couldn’t let it be. “Wait! It wouldn’t be nice if Dahyun noona just stay there. I will be her partner for this short while.” JR stepped in. He knows that Joon will be mad at him but he just couldn’t let this be. Seeing his favourite teacher, or to be precious, the woman that he fall for hurting like that in front of him, he really can’t just stay still.

Joon and Junghye dance full of enthusiasm. Like something has gotten into Joon. But Dahyun take it as just an act because of his jealousy.


“Ah~ so tired. Why should he be in my class? Aigoo.. Almost a week and he doesn’t even showed up. And now I need to be a busy body and find his details.” Jiahee is muttering alone while digging some information at the computer’s lab. But it stop when her phone beeping.

Hello Princess~

-Handsome G.O-
12:30 pm

As if the text message is a strong wind which can blown away all of her problems, she smile widely.

Is it night already?
I thought you said that you’ll just text me to wish good night? =p

12:32 pm

She is hiding the fact that she is actually always waiting for his text message. Now that she is refreshed and she feels like she is getting 100% energy gained.
Aigoo~ Waiting for night to come just feel too long. I am tired of waiting~ By the way, have you had your lunch?
-Handsome G.O-
12:34 pm
“Now what G.O-ssi? You wanted to ask me out?” she talked alone.
So now you will be texting me every meal time? Aigoo.. I am annoyed now. Can I turned to be a witch and spell you to buy me a meal everyday?
12:36 pm

That should be a punishment but for G.o is just turned to be his lucky day. Now he can proceed to the next move. By using the “spell” that she was talking about as an excuse, he can asked her out!
“Dahyun noona.. Can I come in?” JR asked after he knocked the door. Dahyun just smile and nodded.
“Kwenchana?” he asked.
“Ne?” she’s puzzled
JR smirks. He took a book from Dahyun’s table and sat in front of her. “I know I’m just your student but I am not just a student. I’m a guy too. I might not be the same as others. I hope everything between you and Lee Joon is going fine.” He said while looking at the book on his hand.
Dahyun froze for a while. She knows that JR is not the same as her other students, she really can sense it right when he said that he wanna be her dance partner just now. But she just can’t accept this fact and continue to act like she doesn’t.
“What are you talking about? Just get in your class now Kim Jonghyun.” She replied and continues her work.
“Noona, you’re not just a teacher to me. You know it right? The fact that starting from the time that I called you ‘noona’ and not ‘teacher’, you should know that I am not considering you as a teacher. But more than that.” He continues.
Dahyun takes a deep breath. “Thanks for taking care about me. But this is just not the right time. I have a class now. I need to go.” She arranged all the books in her table.
JR placed the book that he took before at the original place. He slowly walks out.
“Jonghyun!” Dahyun calls him. He smiled and turned back.
“Don’t skipped classes again this year.”
“And noona, please be my homeroom teacher to control that.” He replied and continue walking away.
Dahyun smiling alone and continue organizing things in her table.
“What’s with this noona stuff?” Joon comes in.
“Something is going on between you two right?”
“I don’t have time for this now. We’re still in a school time, so please hold it until we finished our work time. Please Lee Joon-ssi. Don’t make this thing worst as it is actually was.” Dahyun said and walking away without waiting for his replied.
“So you are Aron Kwak.. And was born in L.A? Just wait for a while, I’ll go meet you oversea boy~ Well, quite good looking..” Jiahee’s talking alone while looking at Aron’s photo on his record book.
But after staring at his picture for a while, “Wait, why did his face looks like G.O? Ahhhhh~ What’s wrong with my eyes now? I am the one who casted a spell, and why did I feel like I’m on his spell? Aigoo.. What has you do Prince G.o?”
To Be Continued..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kim Jo Han ft MBLAQ Lee Joon, Mir - Do You Remember (기억하나요) [Lyrics+Translation]


기억 하나요 우리 사랑을
그땐 서로의 아픔을 함께 했었죠
이젠 무엇도 남아있진 않지만
하얀 눈 내리던 그 날에
입맞춤을 기억해요첫눈 오는 밤
난 그대가 보여요
그대는 어디죠?
나만 사랑했었나요?
붙잡아줘요 그대 없는 밤은 외로워요
그대도 나만큼이나 아팠으면 해요
나 왜 그렇게 바보같이
굴었는지 모르겠다고
우리 싸운 그날에도 아직도
나 기억하죠 바보같이 투정부리건
내 진심이 아님을 그대 알아줘요

기억 하나요 우리 사랑을
그땐 서로의 아픔을 함께 했었죠
이젠 무엇도 남아있진 않지만
하얀 눈 내리던 그 날에
입맞춤을 기억해요

하염없이 눈물만 뚝뚝뚝
이젠 털어내야 해 툭툭툭
그래 일어서야 해 바보같이 굴지마
나 자신을 바라보며
이러는걸 원한적 없잖아 날 다독이며
바래왔던 거 우리 추억 다 밀어내고
그래 꾹 참자 근데 자꾸 니가 차올라
미쳐버릴 것 같아 돌아버릴 것만 같아
girl 너 없인 안될 것만 같아

기억 하나요 우리 사랑을
그땐 서로의 아픔을 함께 했었죠
이젠 무엇도 남아있진 않지만
하얀 눈 내리던 그 날에
입맞춤을 기억해요

나는 아직도 너를 잊지 못하고
매일 밤 니생각에
지금도 이 길을 나 홀로 걷고 있는데

터벅터벅 홀로 난
너는 지금 그 어딘가에서

내가 아닌
내가 아닌 누군가를
사랑 사랑하고 있을까
사랑하지마 그대여

기억하나요 우리 사랑을
그땐 서로의 아픔을 함께 했었죠
이젠 무엇도 남아 있진 않지만
하얀 눈 내리던 그 날에
입맞춤은 기억해요

그대는 바보
그대는 파도
내 맘은 흔들려도
그대 속에 살죠
그대는 바보
그대는 파도
내 맘은 흔들려도
그대 속에 살죠


giyeok hanayo uri sarangeul
keuddaen seoroye apeumeul hamkke haesseot-jyo
ijen mu-eot-do nama-it-jin anh-jiman
hayan nun naerideon geu na-re
ibmajchumeul giyeo-khaeyo
cheonnun oneun bam nan geudae-ga boyeoyo
keudae-neun eodi-jyo? 
naman sarang-haesseo-nnayo?
butjabajwoyo keudae eom-neun bameun wehrowoyo
keudaedo namankeumina apasseumyeon haeyo
na waeh keureohke pabo-gachi
ku-reo-nneunji moreuget-da-go
uri ssa-un geuna-redo ajikdo
na giyeokhajyo pabo-gachi tujeongburikeon
nae jinshimi animeul keudae arajwoyo

giyeok hanayo uri sarangeul
keuddaen seoroye apeumeul hamkke haesseot-jyo
ijen mu-eot-do nama-it-jin anh-jiman
hayan nun naerideon geu na-re
ibmajchumeul giyeo-khaeyo

hayeomeobshi nun-mulman ttukttukttuk
ijen teo-reonaeya hae tuktuktuk
keurae i-reoseoya hae pabo-gachi kul-jima
na jashineul parabomyeo
ireoneunkeol wonhanjeok eoptjanha nal dado-gimyeo
baraewaht-deon geo uri chu-eok da mi-reonaeko
keurae kkuk chamja keunde jakku ni-ga chaolla
michyeobeoril keot kata do-rabeoril keonman gata
girl neo eobshin antwehl keonman gata

giyeok hanayo uri sarangeul
keuddaen seoroye apeumeul hamkke haesseot-jyo
ijen mu-eot-do nama-it-jin anh-jiman
hayan nun naerideon geu na-re
ibmajchumeul giyeo-khaeyo

naneun ajikdo neoreuri-jji motha-go
mae-il bam nisaengga-ge
chigeumdo i gi-reul na hollo keodko i-nneunde

teobeokteobeok hollo nan
neoneun chigeum keu eodi-nkaeseo

nae-ga anin 
nae-ga anin nu-gunkareul 
sarang sarang-ha-go isseul-kka
sarang-hajima keudaeyeo

giyeokhanayo uri sarangeul
keuddaen seoroye apeumeul hamkke haesseot-jyo
ijen mu-eot-do nama it-jin anh-jiman
hayan nun naerideon geu na-re
ibmajchumeun giyeo-khaeyo

keudae-neun pabo
keudae-neun pado
nae mameun heundeullyeodo 
keudae so-ge sal-jyo
keudae-neun pabo
keudae-neun pado
nae mameun heundeullyeodo 
keudae so-ge sal-jyo


Do you remember our love?
Back then, we endured through our pain together
Although now, nothing remains
I still remember on that kiss
on that white snowy dayOn nights with the first snow,
I see you
Where are you?
Did you only love me?
Please hold onto me
nights without you are so lonely
I wish you were in as much pain as I am
I don’t know why I acted like such a fool
I still remember the days we fought
I hope you know that my foolish grumblings
weren’t what I truly meant

Do you remember our love?
Back then, we endured through our pain together
Although now, nothing remains
I still remember on that kiss
on that white snowy day

Endlessly, tears drop
Now I must brush them off
Yes, I need to stand up
I look at myself and tell myself not to be stupid
I comfort myself saying, “you never wanted this”
I push out all the things I hoped for, all of our memories
Yes, let’s hold it in – but I keep getting filled with you
I think I’ll go crazy, I think I’ll go insane
Girl, I don’t think I can go on without you

Do you remember our love?
Back then, we endured through our pain together
Although now, nothing remains
I still remember on that kiss
on that white snowy day

I still cannot forget you
And every night, with thoughts of you
I am walking on this path alone

Step by step, alone
Are you are somewhere else (somewhere else)

With someone else
(someone else)
that isn’t me
(isn’t me)
and in love?
Please don’t be in love

Do you remember our love?
Back then, we endured through our pain together
Although now, nothing remains
I still remember on that kiss
on that white snowy day

You are a fool
You are a wave
Though my heart shakes
I live in you
You are a fool
You are a wave
Though my heart shakes
I live in you

Hangul -
Rom -
Trans - pop!gasa

The Second Option - Class 03


“You’re already in front of my house?” Dahyun eyes widen and she turns to Joon. Hearing that, Joon’s heart seems to stop for a while. But he pretends to ignore Dahyun’s gaze. He keeps organizing foods for their dinner.

“Ne, am I disturbing you? Sorry for coming so suddenly but your house is not too far from mine so I can easily found the way here.”

“A..Anio. Just wait there, I’ll open the door.”

Before she could explain anything, Joon comes closer. “Seems like this surprise is not in the right time. I guess I need to leave now. You are busy right? Don’t forget to eat that with Jiahee.” Joon said everything without giving Dahyun chance to speak. He took his coat and leaves. Dahyun froze.

“Ah, so you’re here Lee Joon. I just” Seungho couldn’t finished his words because Joon is walking without even taking a single look at him.

“Sorry for making you wait so long.” Dahyun appears few seconds later. She’s trying being as calm as she can to make a good impression from this new friend. She couldn’t let him see that she’s having trouble with her fiancé.

“Is everything okay?” the first word from Seungho after he came in. Dahyun’s taken aback but still she acts calm. “Ani.. Would you like some drink?” she tries to run away from Seungho’s question. Seems he is suspecting something happens between them. Seungho’s smiling.

“If somebody makes this Cinderella cries, even her own Prince Charming, I would never let him go.” Childish promise but it really is deep. Dahyun’s moved. She can’t really looks into Seungho’s eyes or else her weak eyes will be filled by tears.


So, I’m ready for the punishment. T_T

10:13 pm

*sends* Dahyun flipped her phone in sighed. She should have tell him the truth about Jiahee’s car, about meeting Seungho in the middle of them having trouble, about Jiahee’s phone suddenly gone missing. And top of all is she should have told Joon that she is going out with Jiahee that evening. She hates herself for being so independent. She hates herself that cannot stands to tell the truth when Joon is in bad mood. Well, maybe Joon is wrong too for being too possessive and controlling her too much but as she agrees to be his fiancée, that means that she needs to accept him the way he is, and trying to live with that kind of guy.

Amidst of her flying in her own perceptions, the phone vibrates.

I’ll be waiting at the café after school.

10:16 pm

 Replying like this. He really is in a bad mood. Making her feels more regret.

On the other side, Jiahee spots something weird in her phone. “This.. this isn’t mine!” she really knows her phone chain well because she bought it with Dahyun to have the same phone chain together. The only different is hers is blue while Dahyun’s is red. How can her blue flower-shaped phone chain is now becoming blue key-shaped chain? She wanted to asked Dahyun but after thinking of what have her housemate gone through just now, making her to just forget it.


Hello princess.^^
Sorry for disturbing you this late but I just couldn’t sleep if I don’t wish you good night. And I will always sending good night wish for you starting from today. I hope you wouldn’t regret meeting me this evening.

-Handsome G.O-
12:24 am

Jiahee burst in laughter after reading his text message. ‘and he put Handsome G.O on his own? This guy really is something. Wonder when will he be serious.’

Hello ‘Prince’ G.O. You sure are fast. To not making me annoyed with your wishes, you need to treat me someday. Arasso?

12:26 am

G.O is jumping quietly in his room. He just don’t know where he get the courage from but he just couldn’t let time flies without him doing anything.

So just like that, they both started to replying texts because of G.O’s hilarious first try.


“J..Joon.. I’m here.” Worried cannot be hide anymore. She just stands beside the table. Waiting for Joon to greet her. Joon stand up, facing her. The space between them was only about 10cm. She clears her throat.

“Just give me time to explain.” Without looking at Joon she managed to push out those words. Joon put his finger to Dahyun’s lips. She’s taken aback. Widening her eyes and forcing her eyes to meet Joon’s. A smile curved on his face.

 “I know everything already. Do you really think that I’ll gonna go beat Seungho? I am not that crazy to start things without knowing the real truth first. He tells me everything.” His voice sounds so calm. Plus with his sweet smile and charming gaze, Dahyun automatically hugged him. So happy that she could see that expression again.

“But! You will still be punished because you are going out with Jiahee without me. How could Jiahee is in first list before me?” his childish reason, but this is his charm.

“So you are being jealous of Jiahee? Ok, now you become a girl and let Jiahee be the man. Can you?” She narrowed her eyes. To see what will be Joon’s reply.

“Me? Being a girl? Aish.. Do you wanted to see this muscle man in mini skirt and pink tube?” His face is so serious as if he should really be the girl. Dahyun’s eyes teary. Laughing too much imagining this guy wearing girls outfit.

“But wait. If I become a girl, then I could share a room with you rite?” his eyes become naughty looking at his fiancée. Dahyun could not say anything. But she can feel that her face blushed. Joon’s laughing. “Don’t worry, I don’t need to wear girl clothes since I’ll be sharing everything with you once we married” he whispered and get up to pay the bill.


He wanted to turn off the lamp but suddenly..

Knock Knock

“Junghye? What are you doing here this late?” 

To be continued..

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Second Option - Class 02


“Jiahee~ Let’s not cook for today? Feels like going out for eat. What say you?” Dahyun is making the most innocent face that she can to make Jiahee agree with her.

“What’s wrong? This bride-to-be don’t wanna practice today?” Jiahee teased her. Dahyun’s pouting followed by laughs from Jiahee. “Okay dear, if it is for you then it’ll always be okay.” Dahyun’s taken aback. That is what Joon always said to her. And how did Jiahee knows?

“Ya, did you date Joonie?” Dahyun looks suspiciously into Jiahee’s eyes. “Wae? Jealous?” Jiahee played with her.

 “Ohhhh~ Please don’t babe. You know how much I love both of you” Jiahee’s giggled. “Don’t worry babe, I’ve just overheard what Joon said to you that day. So do you wanna go out or not? Go get change!”


 After having their meals and walking around the shopping complex, both of them walked out of the mall to the parking space. Jiahee suddenly stopped.

“Ya, did you tell Joon that we’re going out together?”
“No, why?”
“I’m just worried that he will come to our house and when he see nobody there, then I will be the one he investigated for.”

Dahyun laughs. “Don’t worry, I hope he wouldn’t call until we arrived home.”
They continue walking to the car until.. 

“I’m not joking now” Dahyun can spot that Jiahee’s voice seems panicked.
“What’s wrong?”
“Molla, I couldn’t start the engine.”
“Let’s see what’s wrong first.” Dahyun suggested and both of them get off the car.

“So, I need to call Joon now?” Dahyun hesitated. Jiahee looks at her, she’s nodding in force. But then, “Dahyun? Jiahee?” a guy called them from behind.

“Seungho-shi?” Jiahee and Dahyun said in unison.
“Please drop the –shi thing and just comfortably call me Seungho. So, what’s wrong?” Seungho comes closer.
“I don’t know but suddenly the engine cannot be started.” Jiahee replied.

“Seungho-ah, don’t you wanna introduce me here?” his friend patted his shoulder.
“Ah, ye. This is my housemate, G.o.”

“Ok ladies. Just leave this guy here. He really is good in things like this. Come have a drink while he is doing his work.” G.o really is talkative. How could he be so warm even with the person that he just knows for about 5 minutes? But that is just to reduce the nervousness and panic in both of the girls feeling.

Seungho can’t stay still. He comes to both of them and drag g.o with him to see the problem. “I’m sorry on his behalf. Just make yourselves comfortable and ignore this guy.” Seungho said to them both in low tone but still can be heard by G.O.

“Ya! Talking bad on me?” G.O comes with his “serious” face. Dahyun and Jiahee laughs seeing both of them. “See! I’ve made them live again!” G.o proud of himself to reduce the nervousness and stressful looks in Jiahee's face and Seungho just let him be while he continue with his work.

“I’m done!” Seungho shouted. Dahyun quickly stands up. 

“Looks like you’re in rush to go home?” Seungho asked. “No, it’s just.. I need to go back early.” Lucky that she still can control her words. The truth is she worried that Joon will call her and asked where she is. “We have Cinderella here. She needs to return home before dinner time or else she will be in trouble.” Jiahee teased. Dahyun hit her lightly. Seungho just nodded, seems like he understands why.

“So, Jiahee-shi, you owe us a dinner rite?” G.O said without hesitation. Seungho pushed him after seeing Jiahee is in shocked. “No, mind this guy. I don’t want any paid.”

Jiahee and Dahyun burst in laugh, “Yes if you do G.O-shi. Let’s have dinner together someday.”

That might be a simple thanks from Jiahee but it means a lot to the guys.


Monday, January 2012.

Dear diary,
My first day on this semester went not as smooth as I wanted to but yeah, can I said that its better than what I’ve planned? Meeting him in person just boost my confident level to be close to him more. Can’t wait to see him again!


“Hyunie, have you seen my phone?”
“Nope. Wae?”
“I think I’ve misplaced it. Can you dial my number to check it?”

Dahyun calls Jiahee number but no replies. “Have you check it in your car?”
“I do, but nowhere to be found. I think I’ve lost it somewhere.”
“Wait, I’ll try call it again. You go check if you hear the ringtone.”

While searching in her room, Jiahee’s disrupted by Dahyun’s voice. “Hee-ah! Come here quickly!” Someone is answering the phone.

Yeobseyo?” Dahyun greet carefully.
Yeobseyo. Dahyun-shi?” a guy’s voice shocked them.
Ne. And who are you?”
“It’s me. Seungho. This belongs to Jiahee rite?”
“Ah~ Thank God its you. So let’s meet up somewhere?” Dahyun suggested.
“No, how can Cinderella be out at time like this. She would be in trouble rite?” Seungho teased her. Feels like something is hitting her head.
“Stop bringing up that thing oppa.” Jiahee’s eyes widen and Dahyun covers her mouth after realizing that she just called him “oppa”. That word just slipped out her mouth. She didn’t usually called someone as oppa when they’re still awkward with each other. And at the other end, he’s amazed too. But he acts like he didn’t care.

Don’t worry, I’ll make a delivery to your house. Just give me the address. And.. can I save your phone number Dahyun-shi?” there is hesitation in his voice even he already tried his best to hide his nervousness.

Dahyun’s heart skipped a beat. “Ne. It is easier for you to call me to find a way to our house.” She arranged her words carefully to not making her excitement become so obvious.

Ok, see you then. I’m hanging up now.” Seungho ends the conversation.
“So, how about Lee Joon oppa?” Jiahee suddenly talked. “Stop teasing me!!” Dahyun chased Jiahee around the house.


‘Knock Knock’

“Go open the door. Your Seungho oppa sure is quick.” Jiahee ordered Dahyun. “Wae? Why me? Its your phone so you should go open the door.” Dahyun replied as she don’t wanna missed her favourite tv program. “Aigoo this girl. It would be awkward if I welcomed him. So pleaseeee Dahyunie~” Jiahee pleading. 
She actually see how happy Dahyun is when he asked to save her phone number just now and she just wanna gave some time for her to get to know him. 

“Aish. Arasso. I will go. Just stay here silently.” Dahyun gives up and opened the door. But its not Seungho who’s waiting outside. It is “Joonie?”

“Surprise! You didn’t cook tonight rite? I know you because today is the first working day in this year. And I’ve made something for us to eat together.”

Dahyun still froze, why he must come here tonight. Why among all of the day, today is the day that Jiahee’s phone gone missing. Why must today she ask Jiahee to eat out.

“Don’t you wanna let me in?” Joon asked sweetly. “Ah, ne.. Come in. Why don’t you call me first?”

“Wae? Didn’t I said that this is a surprise? It wouldn’t be surprise anymore if I call you first rite?” Joon pinched Dahyun’s cheek.

A little later, Dahyun’s phone ringing. “Yeobseyo? Ne, Seungho-shi..

To be continued..

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Second Option - Class 01


“Annyeong haseyo” she said as she walks in.  Looking around the school after a long semester break, a lot of new faces can be seen anywhere. Some of them were looking so happy and cheerful while some also seems worried. Maybe because this is their first day coming here.

“Congratulations!” she sure will hear it a lot today. “Ah, sunbae.. kamsahamnida..” she said with a smile curve on her face and continue walking to her seat. “Dahyunnie~ Now you’ve move onto the new step before me. I’m so envy~” Jiahee comes and great her as soon as she sit. “It’s not me who’s moving fast, but it’s you who always running away from this matter~” Dahyun teased her bestfriend. “Stop saying things like that. I’m just so envy that you’re now is Lee Joon’s fiancée.” Dahyun laughs upon hearing that. Well to be truth, she is blushing. Never had she imagined that she could be fiancée to such a gorgeous guy. “Enough. We need to be in the meeting room now. Let’s go Jiahee dear~” she said to stop the teased from Jiahee.

“From this semester, we will have another new teacher here to help us improving the quality of this school. Please meet Seungho-shi here. Introduce yourself please?” head teacher is giving him signal to start his first speech. Dahyun’s eyes locked at him while he is talking and Joon can rapidly catch it, a few second later Dahyun’s phone vibrates. She flipped her phone;

Control your stare or else you’ll need to be punished by me.

08:25 am

Dahyun cough a bit after reading the text message from her fiancé.
 ‘Aish~ how can I not remember that my fiancé is right in front of me? And did he really see how am I staring at this Anyang guy? I’m in trouble!
 Dahyun can’t really focus on Seungho’s speech now. Nor can she take a glimpse at Joon. She’s just staring at her phone screen, thinking about what to reply. She knows that Joon is staring at her rite now. She can’t resist his killer gaze. It can be a gaze of seduction but also can be a scary gaze-depends on the situation.

How could you be so jealous when I am always in your frame? When I already am a step left to be your wife? This only to see how much you care for me :p

08:27 am

She observes Joon’s expression upon reading the text message. Dahyun relieved after seeing Joon’s grinned while looking at his phone screen. Now she can continue to focus on the next speech by the head teacher. And Seungho’s just end like that.

“Okay now as usual when the new semester begins we will have some trainee teachers. So let me introduce Mir, Seungmi and Junghye. Please take a good care of them.”All three trainees were looking nervous as they bowed to say hello to all the teachers there. “Exactly the same expression as when we were the trainee here” Jiahee whispers to Dahyun followed by giggled from both of them.

“And before we end the first meeting today, let’s congratulate Joon-shi and Dahyun for their engagement. We are hoping for the good ends for you both.” Everyone was clapping and shake hands with the couple before leaves the meeting room. Everyone, except for one person. Deep in her heart, she is feeling so down. She applied to come here just because of that person. Yes, just because of that one man. Just because of Lee Joon.


The first class for this semester, she is hoping that she can cope well with all her students. As usual when attending the first class, she needs to call her students name to make sure all of them come to class. Everyone seems to attend the class until.. “Aron Kwak?” silent. “Aron Kwak is here?” she repeated. But still no replies. She searches for an empty seat in that class. “Jonghyun, who is beside you?” she asked her student that sat beside the empty seat. “Molla. I heard there will be a new transfer student in this class. Maybe it’s him” Jonghyun replied. 
New student and already skipped the first class? Wonder what kind of kid he is’ Jiahee’s talking alone and continue her first lesson for that class.


Looking so clumsy. “Ottoke? I can’t found this class!” Junghye is talking alone while nervously looking at her watch. She really is late now. While running clumsily she bumped into someone. All of her books and stuffs were on the floor. “Mianhe.. Mianhe sunbae.. My bad for being so clumsy.” She continues talking and bowing without taking a single look at the guy in front of her. He just smiling looking at Junghye who is busy apologizing for things that she shouldn’t supposed to. 
“Hey, stop being so nervous. Chilled okay?” He holds Junghye shoulders and makes her looks into his eyes. ‘And why must I bump with this charming gaze guy. He should stop now before I lost in his gaze and start hugging him.’ That thought comes into her mind while she still froze looking at Joon eyes. 
“Er, did I scare you? Are you alrite?” Joon is worried seeing her frozen in front of him. He let his hand off her shoulder. “Miss Junghye?” he called her name to make sure that she is okay. “Ah, ne.. I’m okay. But this.. I am late.. And I can’t find my class.. and..” she stutters. Joon laughs a bit. He shouldn’t at this moment but he can’t help because this girl really looks like she is in trouble and very nervous now. Once again he hold her shoulder “Okay Miss, you just need to calm down. Let me help you with this.” He helps collecting all of the books and Junghye’s stuffs. “Here.” Joon passes the stuffs to Junghye. He looks at her schedule, “So your first class is 3-B? Come let me show you where it is.” Junghye just can nodded and follow him from behind. She really is embarrassed, how could she bumped with this guy? Why not someone else? What will his impression to her? She’s going crazy thinking of that.