Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Second Option - Class 01


“Annyeong haseyo” she said as she walks in.  Looking around the school after a long semester break, a lot of new faces can be seen anywhere. Some of them were looking so happy and cheerful while some also seems worried. Maybe because this is their first day coming here.

“Congratulations!” she sure will hear it a lot today. “Ah, sunbae.. kamsahamnida..” she said with a smile curve on her face and continue walking to her seat. “Dahyunnie~ Now you’ve move onto the new step before me. I’m so envy~” Jiahee comes and great her as soon as she sit. “It’s not me who’s moving fast, but it’s you who always running away from this matter~” Dahyun teased her bestfriend. “Stop saying things like that. I’m just so envy that you’re now is Lee Joon’s fiancée.” Dahyun laughs upon hearing that. Well to be truth, she is blushing. Never had she imagined that she could be fiancée to such a gorgeous guy. “Enough. We need to be in the meeting room now. Let’s go Jiahee dear~” she said to stop the teased from Jiahee.

“From this semester, we will have another new teacher here to help us improving the quality of this school. Please meet Seungho-shi here. Introduce yourself please?” head teacher is giving him signal to start his first speech. Dahyun’s eyes locked at him while he is talking and Joon can rapidly catch it, a few second later Dahyun’s phone vibrates. She flipped her phone;

Control your stare or else you’ll need to be punished by me.

08:25 am

Dahyun cough a bit after reading the text message from her fiancé.
 ‘Aish~ how can I not remember that my fiancé is right in front of me? And did he really see how am I staring at this Anyang guy? I’m in trouble!
 Dahyun can’t really focus on Seungho’s speech now. Nor can she take a glimpse at Joon. She’s just staring at her phone screen, thinking about what to reply. She knows that Joon is staring at her rite now. She can’t resist his killer gaze. It can be a gaze of seduction but also can be a scary gaze-depends on the situation.

How could you be so jealous when I am always in your frame? When I already am a step left to be your wife? This only to see how much you care for me :p

08:27 am

She observes Joon’s expression upon reading the text message. Dahyun relieved after seeing Joon’s grinned while looking at his phone screen. Now she can continue to focus on the next speech by the head teacher. And Seungho’s just end like that.

“Okay now as usual when the new semester begins we will have some trainee teachers. So let me introduce Mir, Seungmi and Junghye. Please take a good care of them.”All three trainees were looking nervous as they bowed to say hello to all the teachers there. “Exactly the same expression as when we were the trainee here” Jiahee whispers to Dahyun followed by giggled from both of them.

“And before we end the first meeting today, let’s congratulate Joon-shi and Dahyun for their engagement. We are hoping for the good ends for you both.” Everyone was clapping and shake hands with the couple before leaves the meeting room. Everyone, except for one person. Deep in her heart, she is feeling so down. She applied to come here just because of that person. Yes, just because of that one man. Just because of Lee Joon.


The first class for this semester, she is hoping that she can cope well with all her students. As usual when attending the first class, she needs to call her students name to make sure all of them come to class. Everyone seems to attend the class until.. “Aron Kwak?” silent. “Aron Kwak is here?” she repeated. But still no replies. She searches for an empty seat in that class. “Jonghyun, who is beside you?” she asked her student that sat beside the empty seat. “Molla. I heard there will be a new transfer student in this class. Maybe it’s him” Jonghyun replied. 
New student and already skipped the first class? Wonder what kind of kid he is’ Jiahee’s talking alone and continue her first lesson for that class.


Looking so clumsy. “Ottoke? I can’t found this class!” Junghye is talking alone while nervously looking at her watch. She really is late now. While running clumsily she bumped into someone. All of her books and stuffs were on the floor. “Mianhe.. Mianhe sunbae.. My bad for being so clumsy.” She continues talking and bowing without taking a single look at the guy in front of her. He just smiling looking at Junghye who is busy apologizing for things that she shouldn’t supposed to. 
“Hey, stop being so nervous. Chilled okay?” He holds Junghye shoulders and makes her looks into his eyes. ‘And why must I bump with this charming gaze guy. He should stop now before I lost in his gaze and start hugging him.’ That thought comes into her mind while she still froze looking at Joon eyes. 
“Er, did I scare you? Are you alrite?” Joon is worried seeing her frozen in front of him. He let his hand off her shoulder. “Miss Junghye?” he called her name to make sure that she is okay. “Ah, ne.. I’m okay. But this.. I am late.. And I can’t find my class.. and..” she stutters. Joon laughs a bit. He shouldn’t at this moment but he can’t help because this girl really looks like she is in trouble and very nervous now. Once again he hold her shoulder “Okay Miss, you just need to calm down. Let me help you with this.” He helps collecting all of the books and Junghye’s stuffs. “Here.” Joon passes the stuffs to Junghye. He looks at her schedule, “So your first class is 3-B? Come let me show you where it is.” Junghye just can nodded and follow him from behind. She really is embarrassed, how could she bumped with this guy? Why not someone else? What will his impression to her? She’s going crazy thinking of that.


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