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Melody Love: Sheet Five

Sheet 5: I like you..

“Waah.. The weather is so nice.. Thanks oppa for bringing me here..” Seungmi said while smiling to Thunder..

“I’m searching online and I found this place.. It’s good right?” Thunder asking her while spread out the mat and organizing the food and beverages that they bought..

“I’m the one who suppose to introduce u to the places here but it’s vice versa now.. I love this Jangchundan Park anyway oppa..” Seungmi keeps spinning around.. Suddenly.. “Ahh..”

“Seungmi-ah.. What’s wrong??” Thunder quickly get closer to her to see what happen..

“I don’t know.. I can’t open my right eye..” Seungmi complaining while trying to blink her eye.. “Ahh..”

“Wait..wait.. I need to see what is it..” Thunder slowly opens her eye and blow it..

“Feel better now?” Thunder asked her..

“Ne.. Gomawo oppa..” she can’t even look at him.. ‘My heart’s gonna explode if he’s doing that again’ Seungmi talked alone in her heart and continue helping Thunder..


“Ah..” G.O slowly open his eyes.. He looked around and he can see a girl sleeping on the sofa..

‘What’s she doing here? Is she with me all the night? After what’ve I said to her, yet she still waiting for me?’ G.O talking alone when he see Naz deeply in her sleep..

“She sleeps like an angel..” He keeps looking at her.. But suddenly she’s moving and opened her eyes.. G.O pretend that he’s still sleeping..

“Ah.. How long have I sleep? Is he still sleeping?” She wake up and walked closer to G.O to see his condition..

“Sleep well..” she said after touch his head.. Naz opened the window and change the water in the vase..

While she keeps arranging the flower, G.O pretends that he’s awake.. “Ahh..” he looked at Naz..

“U’re awake now?” she asked with a cold tone without looking at him..

“Ne.. Still mad at me?” G.O stuttering asked her but there is no answer.. Naz take some fruits and washed it at the bathroom..

G.O slowly sneaking to see what’s she doing and he quickly runs to his bed when she comes out..

“Life is so bored.. When are u planning to talk to me?” he continue talking even he knows there will be no answer from her..

“Eat this apples and take your medicine after that..” Naz ordered him just like a police inspector.. She placed the apples at the table beside him and she walked to the bathroom again.. G.O slowly followed her again.. But suddenly Naz show up in front of him.. He’s so shocked..

“What do u want?” Naz asked him..

“I.. I just.. I..” He stutter.. Naz pushed him and she wanted to go out from the room but she suddenly can’t balanced herself..

“Gotcha!” Naz fall on G.O’s lap..

“Do u still don’t wanna talk to me?” He asked her.. She’s so shy.. She can’t answer him at that time.. She try to pushed him but.. “Ouch! My leg..” “Ah.. Is it hurt?? Mianhe..” Naz replied..

She helped him up and bring him to his bed.. “I’m sorry.. And thank you for just now..”

G.O suddenly hold her hand.. “I’m the one that should say sorry.. Not u.. U supposed to be mad at me.. But u’re not hating me.. I feel so thankful.. And I think my choice will never be wrong..”

‘My heart beating so fast.. His choice? Am I his choice?’ Naz talking alone while G.O still holding her hand..

“Naz.. Are u alright?” G.O asked her when he see she’s stiffening..

“What? Ah.. I’m Ok..” She replied..

“I need to go to the college.. I’ll come again after the class finished.. Don’t skip your meals..”She said before leaving..

“Arasso.. Naz!”


“Ah.. Urm.. Nothing.. I’ll tell u later..” He said..

“Ne..” She continue walking..

“I like you..” G.O said but Naz can clearly heard it.. She feels so happy that day..


“Ya!! Wake up now!!!” Junghye shouted and pull his blanket away..

“What?? Aigoo..” Mir complaining..

“U need to be early to join the election..”Junghye said while trying to pull Mir from his bed..

“Aish.. I said I don’t want to!” Mir screaming..

“U need to!! Wake up.. Wake up!!” Junghye still didn’t want to give up..

“Ara.. Ara.. I’ll wake up now.. Aish.. How can u come into my room?”

Junghye just smile and winking at him.. “Go wash yourself quickly!!” She pushed him..


“Today we’ll have new election for the team.. U will go through on a harsh training before we can choose the best among all of u.. So, give your best.. The training will be in three days and we will choose the person that is of course know how to play soccer and also strong in physical and spiritual.. High in stamina will also be good.. So.. Good luck everyone..” Seungho give his first speech to the line of the new students that wanna be in the team..

“I don’t know until when will I endure all of this..” Mir said to Junghye

“What are u talking about? U’re in the main team when we’re in high school.. What’s wrong with u now??” Junghye asked him..

“I don’t know.. Feels like something is missing..”

“Ahah! I know what are u missing now.. Wait here.. Give me 10 minutes..” Junghye quickly runs to somewhere..

10 minutes later.. “Mirreeu-ah!” Junghye shouted.. “What?” Mir replied and turn to her..

“This is what u’re missing rite?” Junghye asked while pointing towards Seungmi..

Mir smile like there is no tomorrow.. “Junghye-ah.. Gomawo.. Saranghae..” Mir uncontrollably hugged her and he’s hugging Seungmi too..

“Now that I’ve both of u.. I will play harder..” He said.. At the same time, Junghye still in shocked.. Mir has never hugged her before.. Even hold her hand.. He never doing such things to her except Seungmi.. She feels something different now..

“Mir.. Hwaiting!!” Seungmi shouting as Mir run to his position on the field..

“He mean it..” Seungmi said without looking at Junghye..

“What? What did u said?”

“The hug.. I said he mean it.. He never do that to u before.. He needs u more now..”Seungmi explaining..

“But.. He lost his spirit without u..” Junghye replied..

“It’s just his usual.. But the truth is he needs u.. What will he do without u Junghye?”

Junghye keeps thinking what’ve Seungmi said to her.. And she agree a bit with her because Mir will never hugged her before this.. She can’t focus to the game now.. She has mixed feeling inside her..

“What’s wrong with Mir?” Seungmi asked..

“Someone harassed him..”Junghye said and quickly stand up..

“Junghye!! Don’t go!!” Seungmi shouted but it’s too late because she’s been in the middle of the field.. “Aish.. She always do this thing..” Seungmi complaining alone..


“Who are u?” Seungho asked her..

“Doesn’t matter who am I.. But I saw it.. It’s not his fault.. Its his..”Junghye said while pointing to someone..

“Junghye stop it..” Mir try to persuade her..

“I won’t until they punished him..”Junghye still didn’t give up..

“I hate girls here.. Who said that u can come inside here?” Seungho can’t hold his temper anymore..

“What will u do then?”Junghye daringly speaking to him..

“Hyung.. Cool down..”Joon try to make Seungho calm..

“Ah.. What’s wrong here?” Dahyun come in as she see all of the people gather in the middle of the field..

“Ah.. Unni.. Say something to your boyfriend here.. Even if he’s the captain, he can’t just do what he wanna do..” Junghye said to Dahyun..

“Captain?” Dahyun still didn’t get it..

Joon burst into laugh when he heard about that.. “Wait2.. What is your name young lady? They’re not a couple..”

“Why? But they’re the prom king and queen right?” Junghye also didn’t get it this time..

“Yes they are.. But this girl is mine..” Joon said holding Dahyun’s hand while staring at Seungho.. Seungho just leave them and Dahyun pushed Joon’s hand..

“Girl.. This is all about guys.. Let them be.. They’ll be more stronger if they keep being harassed and yelled at.. Come on.. Let them be..” Dahyun hold Junghye hand and bring her out from the field..

“Feel better now?”Dahyun asked after giving her the water..

“Ne.. Thanks unni..” Junghye said..

“Kwenchana.. I know how u feel.. I’ve been at your age before.. But as u grew up, U will learn more and more and u will realize something someday..”Dahyun talked to her..

“U’re so kind unni.. What is your name?”Junghye asked..

“Dahyun.. Lee Dahyun imnida.. And u?”

“Junghye.. Lee Junghye..”

“Junghye-ah.. I’m tired searching for u and u’re happily sitting here?” Seungmi complaining..

“Annyeong.. Is this your friend?”Dahyun asked Junghye..

“Ne, Seungmi.. Meet Dahyun unni.. If u can remember her, she’s the prom queen that night..”

“Annyeong Unni.. I’m Seungmi.. Park Seungmi.. Nice meeting u here.. Next time u can teach me how to be the prom queen also ne?” They’re all laughing with Seungmi’s demand..


“I need to meet her..”Seungho said..

“Excuse me? Are u talking to me?”G.O asked him..

“Who else in here.. It’s only u and me..”Seungho replied..

“But u’re not looking at me..” G.O teasing him..

To be continued..

Friday, June 25, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Four

Sheet 4: Injury..

“Yeah! The tournament has begin.. Let’s watch it this evening??” Junghye asked..

“Your taekwondo tournament? Isn’t it next month?” Seungmi asked her back..

“Nope.. It’s soccer time! Come Seungmi.. There will be a lot of good looking guys there!”Junghye move her eyebrow up and down..

“Naahh.. U guys always thinking about that..” Mir interpose..

“Ya! Open your mind.. This is one of your opportunities to be in the team too.. U will be as cool as them all.. Omo~” Junghye keep talking nonsense.. Seungmi’s cellphone suddenly ringing.. “Oh no.. Sorry Junghye.. I couldn’t be with u..”

“What? Waeyo?”

“It’s Thunder.. He also asked me to accompany him this evening..”Seungmi answered as she couldn’t raise up her head.. Mir just staring at her silently.. “Aaahhh~”Mir screamed.. “Junghye, I’ll go with u..” both Junghye and Seungmi widen their eyes..

“Come on let’s go home now..” he stand up and get his bag..

Both girls just can’t say anything and they just follow him silently..


“Hey.. U must make a goal.. For me..” Dahyun whisper before Joon’s going in the field.. He’s just smile and wink at her..

Dahyun slowly walked to find her seat.. “Ah, mianhe..”


“Naz? Luckily I meet u here.. U’re here for the vice president?” Dahyun teasing Naz..

“He’s the only guy that close to me.. So I think I need to be here for him.. How bout u? For Joon?”

“Well.. Yeah.. U know that he’s the only guy I know too so far..” they both laughing together while drinking their Coke..


As the game started.. The stadium become so noisy with all the fans shouting their own team’s name..

“Goaaalll!!” a whole stadium shouted when Sejong’s team make a first goal..

“Yeah! That’s my Joon!” Dahyun shouted..

“Ehem.. Your Joon? I smell something fishy here?”Naz teasing her..

“Err.. It’s just out of my control..” Dahyun smile shyly..

“kwenchana.. U both look great together anyway..” Naz continue watching the game..

“Ah..what’s wrong with them??”Dahyun ask as she see the game stops for a while..

“I don’t know.. But I think.. Someone’s injured..” Naz answered with a worry tone..


“Are u ok?” Seungho ask him while his hand is on G.O’s shoulder..

“I don’t know.. My ankle..”

“U’ll gonna be ok.. I’ll be back..” Seungho return to his position in the field..


“Ya! U want to watch the match or what?” Junghye lost her patience because Mir keeps stalking what’ve Seungmi and Thunder doing there..

“What? I’m here with u now.. What do u want??” Mir to hide his jealousy in front of Junghye..

“I know u Mirreu.. Please be nice today or else I’ll tell Seungmi everything..” Junghye threaten him..

“Hye-ah.. Please.. I’ll always be with you whenever u wanna watch the match.. So please, don’t tell anything to her..” Mir begging her..

“Arasso.. But please.. Stop staking her for now.. It’s not that u can’t see her anymore.. It just she has someone now and we need to give her some space.. I hope u understand that..”

“Fuhh.. Ne..”


‘I’m with Naz at the hospital..’

“Hyung, do u wanna see G.O hyung?”Joon asked..

“Ne..” Seungho answered shortly..

“This..well.. Can I go with u?”

“Come on..Let’s go..”


“Your ankle seems seriously injured.. I’m sorry to say that u need to rest for 5 weeks.. Means u can’t play soccer in this mean time..” Dr. Heo said to G.O and his coach..

“Thank you doctor.. I’ll make sure he’ll get enough rest before back to play..”Coach Lee said to the doctor..

“U rest first.. I’ll come again..” Coach Lee smile and leave them..

“Damn!” G.O kick the table beside him.. Both Dahyun and Naz shocked by his action..

“You.. What’s wrong? Are u alright” Naz try to comfort him..

“Leave me alone! Just leave me alone!!” G.O shouted..

Naz really don’t know that he would act like that.. She’s so disappointed with him.. She quickly run out of the room.. “Naz!” Dahyun try to chase her..

“Ahh.. Mianhe..” Dahyun bumped with someone and she falls..


“Joon?” Joon helps her up..

“Ah.. mianhe oppa..” Dahyun said to Seungho..

“Nevermind..” Seungho just leave them..

“Aish.. Handsome.. But arrogant.. I hate him! How can he can’t even say ‘Sorry’ for me?” Dahyun complaining.. Joon just laughing seeing her like that..

“Where are u going?” Joon asked her..

“I’m.. Ah.. Yeah.. I’m chasing her.. Naz! I got to go now.. Jyaa~” Dahyun quickly run to find Naz..

“Lol.. U always make my day Dahyunnie..” Joon smile and walk to see G.O’s condition..


“U’re here? I’ve been searching u anywhere.. Would u like some Coke?” Dahyun hand the Coke to her..

“I don’t know he could say that to me..” Naz complaining..

“Hm.. I know how u feel.. But we must understand him too.. U know that soccer is his life.. He need to rest for 5 weeks means he will missed all of this year tournament..”

“I know.. But I’m hurt.. It’s hurt seeing him like that u know..” tears fall down from her eyes.. Dahyun hugged her.. “Let’s go there now..


“Tell her to get out from here..” G.O said as he see Naz and Dahyun enter the room..

“But hyung..” Joon try to make an excuse..

“Don’t u hear me?? I said I don’t wanna meet anyone!”

“G.O.. Be calm dude.. She’s here for u.. U can’t avoid her everytime..”Seungho try to persuade him this time..

“Ahh!!” G.O just scream.. Naz quickly walk out from the room.. Dahyun followed her.. Joon also followed them..

“I’m sorry for my hyung’s behave..” Joon said to Naz..

“Dahyunnie, I hope u won’t take serious what’ve he said just now..”

“Ne.. I’m ok.. But her..” she look at Naz..

Suddenly Seungho come out.. “I’m sorry.. He really loves soccer.. And this is our last year so this must be really hurt for him as he will missed all of the important match this year.. I hope u understand.. He’s in depress so much.. Naz.. I’m sorry for his bad behavior..” He smile and walk back to the room..

“Ah.. Seungho!” Naz shouting..


“Gomawo.. I feel better now..” Seungho nodded and smile and continue walking..

‘He’s so cool.. I’ve never see him in this side.. So very cool.. That’s why he’s the president.. So understanding and a very good problem solver.. I like him!’ Dahyun talked alone in her heart.. She really captivated by him that day..

“Dahyun.. I’m going home now.. Would u come with me?” Naz asked her.. But Dahyun still reamin silent..

“Ya! Dahyunnie!” Joon hit Dahyun’s shoulder.. “Ne?” She asked..

“Lol.. Do u wanna go home with me??” Naz asked her again..

Dahyun look at Joon and he just nodded.. “Yes.. I will go with u.. Come on.. Joonie-ah.. Take care..” Dahyun and Naz walk together..


‘Election for the New Soccer Team Member’

“Mirreu~ U need to join the election!” Junhye shouted..

“Ya! For what? I don’t want to!!” Mir complaining..

To be continued..

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MBLAQ 10asia Photoshoot

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OMG.. Freakin' love all of these photos..
Love seeing them in military outfit..
Somehow look sexy and handsome as usual!
Go Blaqies~
(I'm doing this

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Melody Love: Sheet Three


“Will u be my partner??”

“What?”Dahyun shocked by his request..

“Hahaha.. Don’t make a face like that anymore..” Joon said while pinching her nose.. She hits Joon’s hand.. “Pabbo!” she’s sulking and walk away..

“Ara.. Ara.. Let me tell u the truth.. Will u be my prom partner?” He appear in front of her..

“Hm.. Let me see.. I need to see my list and I will tell u later..”


“Lol.. who else did I know here beside u Joonie-ah~ Of course I will..when is it?”

“I know it.. Its next week.. Make sure u make yourself pretty enough.. I wanna beat Seungho this time..”

“I’m always pretty..” she teased Joon..


“What? What makes u wanna go to the prom party this year?” Seungho asked him..

“Wae? Can’t I? This is our last year though.. I haven’t been there before.. And for the last time in here, I wanna be there..” G.O answered confidently..

“That’s what I mean.. U never been there before.. What makes u wanna go this time? Ah.. Wait.. I remember something.. U’ve promised to me since the first year.. U will never go to the prom party unless u’ve met your special girl.. Who is it?” Seungho try to dig his secret..

“Aigoo.. Why must I promised u before? Aish.. Ne.. I’ve found my ‘her’..”

“Finally! Who?? Who?”

“Ya, Seungho-ah.. Since when u’re being a busybody?” G.O try to avoid his question..

“I will never ask u anymore.. But make sure u will introduce her to me..”

“Lol.. Ne my soulbrothers~ But don’t be jealous because she sure is very pretty..”


‘Seungmi-ah.. Will u be my prom lady? I will be waiting for u at the entry..’

A card appear with a rose again.. But this time its red rose..

“Seungmi.. I’m jealous!” Junghye said..

“But I don’t know whether I need to accept his request or not.. Yes.. I do like his roses and cards I mean I don’t even know who is him..”Seungmi sighing..

“But this is the time u will meet him.. I’m sure he’s good because he dare to ask u to be his partner..” Junghye try to comfort her..

“So Seungmi, will u go with him?” Mir who is silent from the beginning finally asked her..

“Urm.. Junghye is right.. This is the time I’ll gonna know who is him.. I think I will be his prom partner..” Seungmi said..

“What if he’s a liar? Hm.. I guess u’ll stick with your decision.. Who will be my partner then?” Mir asked and both of them looking at Junghye..

“What? I don’t want to! I hate dresses..” she said and try to leave both of them but Seungmi quickly hold her.. “Please Junghye.. I need both of u to come too.. I’ll help u with dress..” Seungmi try to persuade her..

Junghye look at Mir and Seungmi.. “Phew.. I really can’t say no to u.. I will go but only this time.. Because I wanna know who is your secret admire..” Junghye said..

“Yes! But it must be awkward for me.. Being your partner..” he teased Junghye..

“Ya!” she hits him with her book.. “Ouch.. That’s hurt!” Mir complaining..

Seungmi laughing.. “Junghye-ah.. Please don’t act like this that night..”

“Yeah.. I hope she won’t.. Please be a girl once Miss Lee Junghye..~” Mir making a cute face in front of her..

Junghye just make a sulky face.. She continue reading her comic book..


“U love drawing?” he suddenly appear beside her..

“Ah.. Ne.. I don’t have any other talents but this..” she answered..

“U’re so talented.. I mean it..”

“Gomawo..” she smile and continue drawing..

“Erm.. Have u ever go to the prom party?” He wanna started the conversation again..

“Me? No.. I’ve never been there beside I don’t know who should I go with..”

“Really? Me too.. Let’s be there? Beside this is our last year.. Will u?” G.O try to persuade her..

“Are u sure u wanna go with me?” she asked him.. Still can’t believe what has he said just now..

“Yes.. I really mean it.. Please?” G.O asked her with a hopeful heart.. He really wanna be there with her.. He know that she is the on for him.. She stop drawing.. Looking at the scenery around them..

“There is a lot more girls that wanna go with u..” she calmly answered..

‘Ah.. I don’t want them! I just want you.. Why can’t u see?’ G.O shouted in his heart..

“Let them be.. I’ve the right to choose and I choose u.. Please Naz? Go with me? I’m begging u..”

“Well.. I guess I just need to say yes.. Right?”

“Do you really mean it?”he wants to make sure what he heard is real.. She’s just smile and nodded..

“Oh Yeah!” he’s so happy and jumped around like a kid.. Naz just smile seeing him and continue her drawing..


“Ah.. Shirro! I don’t want this!”

“Aigoo.. Lee Junghye.. Until when will we settle choosing your dress? That is 15th u know.. At least try it..” Seungmi complaining..

“I don’t know but I just don’t like it..”

“I don’t care.. I will just choose any dress that I think will suit u and u must agree with it.. Got it?”

“What?? Wae?”

“Just be quiet there..” Seungmi continue finding a dress for Junghye..

“Finally.. I found it.. This looks great! Its gonna be good on u Junghye.. Just try it once..”Seungmi give the dress to Junghye..

“I need to try it now?” Junghye asked..


“Arasso..” Junghye’s just following her order..


“Where is him?”Junghye asked..

“Why’re u so excited? I’m your partner here..” Mir hold Junghye’s hand..

“Ya!” Junghye hit him with his purse..

“Aigoo.. Junghye-ah.. Please don’t be like this..” Seungmi said..

“Aish.. Ara.. Mianhe.. Let’s get in..”Junghye answered..

“Seungmi, Seungmi.. That’s him!” Junghye pointing somewhere..

“Isn’t that?”.. “The Philippine prince!” Both Junghye and Seungmi shouted..

“What’s wrong with these girls.. Aigoo..” Mir complaining..

“U just stay silent..”Junghyesaid to him.. “Seungmi-ah.. Go,go.. He’s waiting for u..”Junghye pushed Seungmi..

But Mir suddenly hold her hand.. “Are u sure u wanna go with him? Will u be ok?” he asked..Seungmi look into his eyes and nodded.. He slowly released her hand..

Seungmi slowly approached him.. ‘He’s so handsome..’

“Park Seungmi.. Thanks for being here.. I guess u still didn’t know my name right? U can call me Thunder or Cheondung..”he greets her..

“Can I just call u oppa?”she asked..

He look at her.. Smiling and just nodded.. “Kajja..”he gives his arm and they both walk into the hall..

“They look so compatible..”Junghye said.. Mir just remain silent.. They also walk in..


“She’s beautiful.. Who’re u pretty girl?” Seungho asked..

“Don’t answer him..” G.O warned her.. “U really can’t see.. Don’t u recognize her?”G.O asked Seungho..


“This is my patner.. Our classmate Naz..” G.O introduce her to him..

“Really? I’m so sorry..”

“Kwenchana..”Naz just smile..

While they’re all anjoy chatting, Seungho eyes caught a couple on the entry..

“Isn’t that Joon?”Seungho asked G.O.. “Who’s with him?”

“She’s beautiful.. Just left it to me..”G.O said..

He together with Naz approach Joon and Dahyun couple..

“Naz?”Dahyun shouted whe she see her..

“Dahyun!”They hugging each other..

“U know each other?” G.O asked..

“Ne..”Naz answer shortly..

“Hyung..”Joon smile to G.O.. “This is our sunbae, Vice President G.O..”Joon introduce G.O to Dahyun..

“Annyeong.. Lee Dahyun imnida..”Dahyun smile to him..

From far Seungho is watching them..

“What are u looking at?” Soyeon asked him..

“Nothing.. Just remain silent ahjumma..”

“This ahjumma is your partner all of this time..”Soyeon sulking..

Everybody’s enjoying the night in their own way.. Except for two person.. Seungho and Mir..


“Now it’s here.. The time where everyone is waiting for.. For the prom title..”

“But this year we decided to give some gift to the sweetest couple.. And for the first time tonight, The Sweet Couple is Seungmi and Thunder! Please come up here..”

“They really are so sweet and compatible.. Now.. let’s go to the Prom King and Queen.. For your information, this title before is always being Seungho’s and his partner Soyeon..”

“And the winner for this year is.. Prom King is Yang Seungho! Give a big hand..”

“Our president really suit it well.. Ok now who will be the Prom Queen? Here it is.. Miss Lee Dahyun!”

Soyeon and Joon shocked with the result.. G.O smile widely seeing both of them together..

To be continued..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Two

Sheet 2: Secret Admire..

“Should I go there now? Are they still there? Is he still waiting for me??” Naz keep talking to herself that night.. She looks at her watch.. ‘It’s almost 12 a.m. now..’

‘Ah.. I should come.. They’re all back now..’ she sighing..

“I thought u wouldn’t come.. It’s worth waiting for u..” He come from her back and smile at her.. ‘He’s still waiting for me?’

“Why.. Why are u still here? Its late now u know..” She stutter..

“I don’t know why I’m still here but my heart told me to just wait.. And this is the answer..” he said while grab her hand to somewhere else.. She can’t do anything because her heart also don’t know what happens there.. She’s just following his footstep..

“I don’t want u to miss what’ve all of us done before..” he said while taking some firework from somewhere.. She still didn’t move from her place.. Still beside him..

He light the firework.. On that playground that night.. No one beside them.. The night is not dark as usual.. Its so bright that night.. Both of them forgot all of the problems they have that night.. “Beautiful” first word from her since he brought her there.. “Yes.. As beautiful as u”He said in slow tone.. He keep watching her while she’s enjoying the firework.. ‘I wanna see u smiling as bright as tonight everyday..’ he said in his heart..


“Kwenchana.. I’m really glad that u’ve come.. Hopefully we can spend our time together again next time..”

“Ne.. I’m really happy tonight.. Thanks again..” She bows before walked inside her house..

He’s watching her until her figure lost from his side.. ‘I’ll make sure that I will see your bright smile again Naz..’ He promised to himself..

‘Omo.. What’s this feeling? He’s so nice to me.. Andwae!’ She keeps thinking about what happens before until she lost in her dreamland..


“Let’s go for basketball!!”Junghye shouted after their class end..

“I don’t want to!” Seungmi said and leave them..

“Aish.. Mirreu..” She make a puppy eyes to Mir..

“What?” he ignore her and walk away..

“Ya, Cheolyong! U know I’m gonna win that’s why u don’t wanna play with me right?”she shouted.. She’s so happy that she can make he angry that time..

“Ya! I wouldn’t lose for u.. Don’t cry later cause I’m surely will win..”Mir answered..

“Yes!!”she satisfied because finally she has a partner to play with that day..


“This is Music room.. Usually the member of art club are using this after the class end..”

“Woah.. This so cool.. I love this room.. but can we who is not a member of music club using this?”Dahyun asked..

“I’m a member..” Joon said with a smile..

“Really?? So.. What are u good at?” She asked while walking around the room..

“I don’t really good with instruments but I can sing well.. How bout u”

“I’m used to play piano when I’m in Singapore.. In the middle school..”Her hand opens the piano cover.. She sit in front of the piano and she started play a song.. Joon’s mesmerized by her talent.. Without they knowing.. Someone is watching for them.. ‘She’s so good!’he said in his heart.. He slowly enters the room..

“Ah.. Hyung..” Joon said when he realize that Seungho is in there.. Dahyun quickly stopped playing when she heard that and she turns to them.. “Mianhe..” she said..

“What are u doing here? U know that non-members are not allowed to come in here without any reasonable excuses..”Seungho said to Joon and walk away.. “Ah.. Hyung!”Joon try to explain to him but its no use anymore because he already leave..

“I’m sorry..” she said to him..

“It’s ok.. Don’t worry too much ne? Everybody here know how’s him.. He’s too bold when talking but he sometimes don’t mean it.. I know him well..” Joon try to comfort her..

“But I feel bad because I’m new here..”

“Shh.. Stop it.. I know he likes your piano skill too.. That’s why he didn’t said anything and just come in just now..”

“Ne..”she said and walk away from the room.. Joon chase her.. “If u wanna play again, I’ve secret place for u..” He said and smiling..

“U’re just too good to me u know.. I don’t know how could I survive here if I don’t know u..”

“Nope.. It’s your luck because I feel like wanna be with u everyday.. Let me send u home now..”


She shoot.. Shoot.. And shoot again.. “Yeay! Hahaha.. What’s your excuses now??”Junghye said while make a teasing face to him.. He’s sulking and leave her in middle of the court..

They sit beside Seungmi at the corner who’s concentrate with her music sheet.. “I’m intentionally lose because I don’t play with a girl..”he said and drink his isotonic drink..

“U just can say anything but I’ve win..”Junghye still want to teased him..

“Ouch..” Mir and Junghye shouted.. “Ya! Who throw this to me??”Junghye said in angry tone.. “How could Seungmi didn’t get thrown..” Mir said while rubbed his head.. “Where is it come from?”Seungmi asked.. Both Mir and Junghye turn back.. The pointing toward a tree.. “Wait.. I don’t think there’s something under that tree before.. Right?”Junghye asked.. “Ne.. Let’s take a look..”Mir suggested..

‘Park Seungmi, will u be friend with me?’

Three yellow roses with a card specially dedicated to Seungmi but the card didn’t mention about the sender.. “Is this what people usually call as secret admire?”Junghye asked..

“Maybe..”Mir uninterestedly answered..

“Ya, did u jealous or what?” Junghye teased him again and quickly runs with the flower towards Seungmi..

“It’s for u..” “Who is it from?” “Molla.. But I guess he must be really handsome..”Junghye winking her eyes to Seungmi.. “Stop goofing around..”Seungmi take a look at the card.. “I hope it’s the Philippines prince”She said while hugging the card.. “Stop dreaming.. I hope its from the nerdy from our class..”Mir said arrogantly.. “Just said u’re jealous..”Junghye eat her snack.. “U should find a girl too..” “I have two girls with me now.. Upps.. No.. I’ve a girl and half..”He teased Junghye.. “Ouch! Ya! That’s hurt..”Junghye throw his bag to Mir.. “Lol.. Stop it.. Let’s go home.. It’s late..”Seungmi said..


‘Thanks for spending your time with me that night.. Would u like to have lunch with me?’

She looks at G.O after reading the notes.. He smile at her.. She wanted to just say yes but she know that he’s so famous.. His fans will mad at her if they see she with him.. She just remain silent at her place..

‘I’m really hope that u’ll say yes..’ he said.. He’s still watching for her.. But his focus being disrupted by Seungho.. “Should we make a piano competition?” “What for?” “Nothing.. I just wanna add some members to our club..”Seungho said and sit beside him..

“Have u made a meeting with our members about this?”

“No.. Not yet.. And I don’t think I should..”

“I know something is wrong when u’re acting like this.. What is actually happen?”

“Fuh.. I guess I can’t hide anything from u..”

“Good if u know that.. Tell me what is it? Because of Soyeon?”

“Nothing with her.. But yesterday there’s a girl played a piano on our room.. She’s so talented.. But I couldn’t see her face..”

“U’re acting like usual? Oh gosh.. U’re always like this.. Why can’t u be friendly sometimes?”

“I don’t know..”

“But we can’t make sure that she will take part in the competition..”

“Joon.. She’s his friend..”

“Hm.. Ara.. If that is what u want Mr. President..” He teased Seungho.. He turned back to see her again but she’s already missing.. ‘huh..’


‘Have a nice day Park Seungmi..’

A flower and a card again appear for her that day.. Even she don’t know who is it from but inside she’s so happy when thinking of it.. On her first year, she already has her secret admire.. She just feel good about it..

“Again?” Junghye said and take a look at the flower..

“The handwriting is the same..”Seungmi said.. “I really wanna know who is it from..”

“U’re just wasting your time paying attention to such things..”Mir said and leave both of them..

“What’s wrong with him these days??” Junghye asked..

“I don’t know too..”

“I’ll gonna asked him.. Do u wanna go with me?”

“No.. I can’t.. I’ve piano practice after this..”

“Arasso.. I go first~”


“Ya.. I’m searching for u all around.. But u’re here?? Aish..”

“Why are u here?”Mir asked and bumped the ball to Junghye..

“I’ve a feeling that something is wrong..” She bumped the ball and try to shoot but Mir defend it..

“Nothing is wrong with me..” he stole the ball and try to shoot but Junghye appear in front of him and he can’t balance himself.. They both fall to the ground.. “U’re jealous right?”Junghye asked him.. He look deeply in her eyes without saying anything.. He quickly stand up and help Junghye up..

“I don’t know why but I don’t like Seungmi’s secret admire..”

“Hm.. Maybe u have fall for her too..”

“No!”He denied and continue playing the basketball..

“Lol.. I know who u’re Bang Cheolyong.. This u when u’re jealous..”Junghye talked alone and stand up to play with him..

From that day, Seungmi keep receiving flowers and cards everday..


“Will u be my partner??”

“What?”Dahyun shocked by his request..

To be continued~