Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Three


“Will u be my partner??”

“What?”Dahyun shocked by his request..

“Hahaha.. Don’t make a face like that anymore..” Joon said while pinching her nose.. She hits Joon’s hand.. “Pabbo!” she’s sulking and walk away..

“Ara.. Ara.. Let me tell u the truth.. Will u be my prom partner?” He appear in front of her..

“Hm.. Let me see.. I need to see my list and I will tell u later..”


“Lol.. who else did I know here beside u Joonie-ah~ Of course I will..when is it?”

“I know it.. Its next week.. Make sure u make yourself pretty enough.. I wanna beat Seungho this time..”

“I’m always pretty..” she teased Joon..


“What? What makes u wanna go to the prom party this year?” Seungho asked him..

“Wae? Can’t I? This is our last year though.. I haven’t been there before.. And for the last time in here, I wanna be there..” G.O answered confidently..

“That’s what I mean.. U never been there before.. What makes u wanna go this time? Ah.. Wait.. I remember something.. U’ve promised to me since the first year.. U will never go to the prom party unless u’ve met your special girl.. Who is it?” Seungho try to dig his secret..

“Aigoo.. Why must I promised u before? Aish.. Ne.. I’ve found my ‘her’..”

“Finally! Who?? Who?”

“Ya, Seungho-ah.. Since when u’re being a busybody?” G.O try to avoid his question..

“I will never ask u anymore.. But make sure u will introduce her to me..”

“Lol.. Ne my soulbrothers~ But don’t be jealous because she sure is very pretty..”


‘Seungmi-ah.. Will u be my prom lady? I will be waiting for u at the entry..’

A card appear with a rose again.. But this time its red rose..

“Seungmi.. I’m jealous!” Junghye said..

“But I don’t know whether I need to accept his request or not.. Yes.. I do like his roses and cards I mean I don’t even know who is him..”Seungmi sighing..

“But this is the time u will meet him.. I’m sure he’s good because he dare to ask u to be his partner..” Junghye try to comfort her..

“So Seungmi, will u go with him?” Mir who is silent from the beginning finally asked her..

“Urm.. Junghye is right.. This is the time I’ll gonna know who is him.. I think I will be his prom partner..” Seungmi said..

“What if he’s a liar? Hm.. I guess u’ll stick with your decision.. Who will be my partner then?” Mir asked and both of them looking at Junghye..

“What? I don’t want to! I hate dresses..” she said and try to leave both of them but Seungmi quickly hold her.. “Please Junghye.. I need both of u to come too.. I’ll help u with dress..” Seungmi try to persuade her..

Junghye look at Mir and Seungmi.. “Phew.. I really can’t say no to u.. I will go but only this time.. Because I wanna know who is your secret admire..” Junghye said..

“Yes! But it must be awkward for me.. Being your partner..” he teased Junghye..

“Ya!” she hits him with her book.. “Ouch.. That’s hurt!” Mir complaining..

Seungmi laughing.. “Junghye-ah.. Please don’t act like this that night..”

“Yeah.. I hope she won’t.. Please be a girl once Miss Lee Junghye..~” Mir making a cute face in front of her..

Junghye just make a sulky face.. She continue reading her comic book..


“U love drawing?” he suddenly appear beside her..

“Ah.. Ne.. I don’t have any other talents but this..” she answered..

“U’re so talented.. I mean it..”

“Gomawo..” she smile and continue drawing..

“Erm.. Have u ever go to the prom party?” He wanna started the conversation again..

“Me? No.. I’ve never been there beside I don’t know who should I go with..”

“Really? Me too.. Let’s be there? Beside this is our last year.. Will u?” G.O try to persuade her..

“Are u sure u wanna go with me?” she asked him.. Still can’t believe what has he said just now..

“Yes.. I really mean it.. Please?” G.O asked her with a hopeful heart.. He really wanna be there with her.. He know that she is the on for him.. She stop drawing.. Looking at the scenery around them..

“There is a lot more girls that wanna go with u..” she calmly answered..

‘Ah.. I don’t want them! I just want you.. Why can’t u see?’ G.O shouted in his heart..

“Let them be.. I’ve the right to choose and I choose u.. Please Naz? Go with me? I’m begging u..”

“Well.. I guess I just need to say yes.. Right?”

“Do you really mean it?”he wants to make sure what he heard is real.. She’s just smile and nodded..

“Oh Yeah!” he’s so happy and jumped around like a kid.. Naz just smile seeing him and continue her drawing..


“Ah.. Shirro! I don’t want this!”

“Aigoo.. Lee Junghye.. Until when will we settle choosing your dress? That is 15th u know.. At least try it..” Seungmi complaining..

“I don’t know but I just don’t like it..”

“I don’t care.. I will just choose any dress that I think will suit u and u must agree with it.. Got it?”

“What?? Wae?”

“Just be quiet there..” Seungmi continue finding a dress for Junghye..

“Finally.. I found it.. This looks great! Its gonna be good on u Junghye.. Just try it once..”Seungmi give the dress to Junghye..

“I need to try it now?” Junghye asked..


“Arasso..” Junghye’s just following her order..


“Where is him?”Junghye asked..

“Why’re u so excited? I’m your partner here..” Mir hold Junghye’s hand..

“Ya!” Junghye hit him with his purse..

“Aigoo.. Junghye-ah.. Please don’t be like this..” Seungmi said..

“Aish.. Ara.. Mianhe.. Let’s get in..”Junghye answered..

“Seungmi, Seungmi.. That’s him!” Junghye pointing somewhere..

“Isn’t that?”.. “The Philippine prince!” Both Junghye and Seungmi shouted..

“What’s wrong with these girls.. Aigoo..” Mir complaining..

“U just stay silent..”Junghyesaid to him.. “Seungmi-ah.. Go,go.. He’s waiting for u..”Junghye pushed Seungmi..

But Mir suddenly hold her hand.. “Are u sure u wanna go with him? Will u be ok?” he asked..Seungmi look into his eyes and nodded.. He slowly released her hand..

Seungmi slowly approached him.. ‘He’s so handsome..’

“Park Seungmi.. Thanks for being here.. I guess u still didn’t know my name right? U can call me Thunder or Cheondung..”he greets her..

“Can I just call u oppa?”she asked..

He look at her.. Smiling and just nodded.. “Kajja..”he gives his arm and they both walk into the hall..

“They look so compatible..”Junghye said.. Mir just remain silent.. They also walk in..


“She’s beautiful.. Who’re u pretty girl?” Seungho asked..

“Don’t answer him..” G.O warned her.. “U really can’t see.. Don’t u recognize her?”G.O asked Seungho..


“This is my patner.. Our classmate Naz..” G.O introduce her to him..

“Really? I’m so sorry..”

“Kwenchana..”Naz just smile..

While they’re all anjoy chatting, Seungho eyes caught a couple on the entry..

“Isn’t that Joon?”Seungho asked G.O.. “Who’s with him?”

“She’s beautiful.. Just left it to me..”G.O said..

He together with Naz approach Joon and Dahyun couple..

“Naz?”Dahyun shouted whe she see her..

“Dahyun!”They hugging each other..

“U know each other?” G.O asked..

“Ne..”Naz answer shortly..

“Hyung..”Joon smile to G.O.. “This is our sunbae, Vice President G.O..”Joon introduce G.O to Dahyun..

“Annyeong.. Lee Dahyun imnida..”Dahyun smile to him..

From far Seungho is watching them..

“What are u looking at?” Soyeon asked him..

“Nothing.. Just remain silent ahjumma..”

“This ahjumma is your partner all of this time..”Soyeon sulking..

Everybody’s enjoying the night in their own way.. Except for two person.. Seungho and Mir..


“Now it’s here.. The time where everyone is waiting for.. For the prom title..”

“But this year we decided to give some gift to the sweetest couple.. And for the first time tonight, The Sweet Couple is Seungmi and Thunder! Please come up here..”

“They really are so sweet and compatible.. Now.. let’s go to the Prom King and Queen.. For your information, this title before is always being Seungho’s and his partner Soyeon..”

“And the winner for this year is.. Prom King is Yang Seungho! Give a big hand..”

“Our president really suit it well.. Ok now who will be the Prom Queen? Here it is.. Miss Lee Dahyun!”

Soyeon and Joon shocked with the result.. G.O smile widely seeing both of them together..

To be continued..

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