Friday, June 25, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Four

Sheet 4: Injury..

“Yeah! The tournament has begin.. Let’s watch it this evening??” Junghye asked..

“Your taekwondo tournament? Isn’t it next month?” Seungmi asked her back..

“Nope.. It’s soccer time! Come Seungmi.. There will be a lot of good looking guys there!”Junghye move her eyebrow up and down..

“Naahh.. U guys always thinking about that..” Mir interpose..

“Ya! Open your mind.. This is one of your opportunities to be in the team too.. U will be as cool as them all.. Omo~” Junghye keep talking nonsense.. Seungmi’s cellphone suddenly ringing.. “Oh no.. Sorry Junghye.. I couldn’t be with u..”

“What? Waeyo?”

“It’s Thunder.. He also asked me to accompany him this evening..”Seungmi answered as she couldn’t raise up her head.. Mir just staring at her silently.. “Aaahhh~”Mir screamed.. “Junghye, I’ll go with u..” both Junghye and Seungmi widen their eyes..

“Come on let’s go home now..” he stand up and get his bag..

Both girls just can’t say anything and they just follow him silently..


“Hey.. U must make a goal.. For me..” Dahyun whisper before Joon’s going in the field.. He’s just smile and wink at her..

Dahyun slowly walked to find her seat.. “Ah, mianhe..”


“Naz? Luckily I meet u here.. U’re here for the vice president?” Dahyun teasing Naz..

“He’s the only guy that close to me.. So I think I need to be here for him.. How bout u? For Joon?”

“Well.. Yeah.. U know that he’s the only guy I know too so far..” they both laughing together while drinking their Coke..


As the game started.. The stadium become so noisy with all the fans shouting their own team’s name..

“Goaaalll!!” a whole stadium shouted when Sejong’s team make a first goal..

“Yeah! That’s my Joon!” Dahyun shouted..

“Ehem.. Your Joon? I smell something fishy here?”Naz teasing her..

“Err.. It’s just out of my control..” Dahyun smile shyly..

“kwenchana.. U both look great together anyway..” Naz continue watching the game..

“Ah..what’s wrong with them??”Dahyun ask as she see the game stops for a while..

“I don’t know.. But I think.. Someone’s injured..” Naz answered with a worry tone..


“Are u ok?” Seungho ask him while his hand is on G.O’s shoulder..

“I don’t know.. My ankle..”

“U’ll gonna be ok.. I’ll be back..” Seungho return to his position in the field..


“Ya! U want to watch the match or what?” Junghye lost her patience because Mir keeps stalking what’ve Seungmi and Thunder doing there..

“What? I’m here with u now.. What do u want??” Mir to hide his jealousy in front of Junghye..

“I know u Mirreu.. Please be nice today or else I’ll tell Seungmi everything..” Junghye threaten him..

“Hye-ah.. Please.. I’ll always be with you whenever u wanna watch the match.. So please, don’t tell anything to her..” Mir begging her..

“Arasso.. But please.. Stop staking her for now.. It’s not that u can’t see her anymore.. It just she has someone now and we need to give her some space.. I hope u understand that..”

“Fuhh.. Ne..”


‘I’m with Naz at the hospital..’

“Hyung, do u wanna see G.O hyung?”Joon asked..

“Ne..” Seungho answered shortly..

“This..well.. Can I go with u?”

“Come on..Let’s go..”


“Your ankle seems seriously injured.. I’m sorry to say that u need to rest for 5 weeks.. Means u can’t play soccer in this mean time..” Dr. Heo said to G.O and his coach..

“Thank you doctor.. I’ll make sure he’ll get enough rest before back to play..”Coach Lee said to the doctor..

“U rest first.. I’ll come again..” Coach Lee smile and leave them..

“Damn!” G.O kick the table beside him.. Both Dahyun and Naz shocked by his action..

“You.. What’s wrong? Are u alright” Naz try to comfort him..

“Leave me alone! Just leave me alone!!” G.O shouted..

Naz really don’t know that he would act like that.. She’s so disappointed with him.. She quickly run out of the room.. “Naz!” Dahyun try to chase her..

“Ahh.. Mianhe..” Dahyun bumped with someone and she falls..


“Joon?” Joon helps her up..

“Ah.. mianhe oppa..” Dahyun said to Seungho..

“Nevermind..” Seungho just leave them..

“Aish.. Handsome.. But arrogant.. I hate him! How can he can’t even say ‘Sorry’ for me?” Dahyun complaining.. Joon just laughing seeing her like that..

“Where are u going?” Joon asked her..

“I’m.. Ah.. Yeah.. I’m chasing her.. Naz! I got to go now.. Jyaa~” Dahyun quickly run to find Naz..

“Lol.. U always make my day Dahyunnie..” Joon smile and walk to see G.O’s condition..


“U’re here? I’ve been searching u anywhere.. Would u like some Coke?” Dahyun hand the Coke to her..

“I don’t know he could say that to me..” Naz complaining..

“Hm.. I know how u feel.. But we must understand him too.. U know that soccer is his life.. He need to rest for 5 weeks means he will missed all of this year tournament..”

“I know.. But I’m hurt.. It’s hurt seeing him like that u know..” tears fall down from her eyes.. Dahyun hugged her.. “Let’s go there now..


“Tell her to get out from here..” G.O said as he see Naz and Dahyun enter the room..

“But hyung..” Joon try to make an excuse..

“Don’t u hear me?? I said I don’t wanna meet anyone!”

“G.O.. Be calm dude.. She’s here for u.. U can’t avoid her everytime..”Seungho try to persuade him this time..

“Ahh!!” G.O just scream.. Naz quickly walk out from the room.. Dahyun followed her.. Joon also followed them..

“I’m sorry for my hyung’s behave..” Joon said to Naz..

“Dahyunnie, I hope u won’t take serious what’ve he said just now..”

“Ne.. I’m ok.. But her..” she look at Naz..

Suddenly Seungho come out.. “I’m sorry.. He really loves soccer.. And this is our last year so this must be really hurt for him as he will missed all of the important match this year.. I hope u understand.. He’s in depress so much.. Naz.. I’m sorry for his bad behavior..” He smile and walk back to the room..

“Ah.. Seungho!” Naz shouting..


“Gomawo.. I feel better now..” Seungho nodded and smile and continue walking..

‘He’s so cool.. I’ve never see him in this side.. So very cool.. That’s why he’s the president.. So understanding and a very good problem solver.. I like him!’ Dahyun talked alone in her heart.. She really captivated by him that day..

“Dahyun.. I’m going home now.. Would u come with me?” Naz asked her.. But Dahyun still reamin silent..

“Ya! Dahyunnie!” Joon hit Dahyun’s shoulder.. “Ne?” She asked..

“Lol.. Do u wanna go home with me??” Naz asked her again..

Dahyun look at Joon and he just nodded.. “Yes.. I will go with u.. Come on.. Joonie-ah.. Take care..” Dahyun and Naz walk together..


‘Election for the New Soccer Team Member’

“Mirreu~ U need to join the election!” Junhye shouted..

“Ya! For what? I don’t want to!!” Mir complaining..

To be continued..

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