Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Mine~

I just can't hide my excitement!!Lol~
Just wanna share this super-hot Y album^^
*Still can't believe i've own it..*
And the very best thing is I love the poster!!

This is the poster.. Wonder how big it is? Soo~big..keke~

Now i understand why they're posing with that motorbike.. The concept is that.. Just look at the CD.. I love it:)

Backside of the album..

Photoalbum+CD.. Gonna be one of my precious collection^^

This is the album and as u can see the background is my beloved A+ tee!! Thanks to Woo Taehee^^


My hubby's soul twin.. G.O..


Pretty Thunder..:)

My sweetest maknae Mirreuu~

I've searched bout ordering this album since they're releasing their teaser..
Lastly decided to buy at ebay..^^
Go get your copies now~~
Blaqies ftw!♥


nas_luv_choc said...

waaa~~u r so lucky^^*jeles2*

Dahyun said...

demi oppa..huhu..