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Melody Love: Sheet Five

Sheet 5: I like you..

“Waah.. The weather is so nice.. Thanks oppa for bringing me here..” Seungmi said while smiling to Thunder..

“I’m searching online and I found this place.. It’s good right?” Thunder asking her while spread out the mat and organizing the food and beverages that they bought..

“I’m the one who suppose to introduce u to the places here but it’s vice versa now.. I love this Jangchundan Park anyway oppa..” Seungmi keeps spinning around.. Suddenly.. “Ahh..”

“Seungmi-ah.. What’s wrong??” Thunder quickly get closer to her to see what happen..

“I don’t know.. I can’t open my right eye..” Seungmi complaining while trying to blink her eye.. “Ahh..”

“Wait..wait.. I need to see what is it..” Thunder slowly opens her eye and blow it..

“Feel better now?” Thunder asked her..

“Ne.. Gomawo oppa..” she can’t even look at him.. ‘My heart’s gonna explode if he’s doing that again’ Seungmi talked alone in her heart and continue helping Thunder..


“Ah..” G.O slowly open his eyes.. He looked around and he can see a girl sleeping on the sofa..

‘What’s she doing here? Is she with me all the night? After what’ve I said to her, yet she still waiting for me?’ G.O talking alone when he see Naz deeply in her sleep..

“She sleeps like an angel..” He keeps looking at her.. But suddenly she’s moving and opened her eyes.. G.O pretend that he’s still sleeping..

“Ah.. How long have I sleep? Is he still sleeping?” She wake up and walked closer to G.O to see his condition..

“Sleep well..” she said after touch his head.. Naz opened the window and change the water in the vase..

While she keeps arranging the flower, G.O pretends that he’s awake.. “Ahh..” he looked at Naz..

“U’re awake now?” she asked with a cold tone without looking at him..

“Ne.. Still mad at me?” G.O stuttering asked her but there is no answer.. Naz take some fruits and washed it at the bathroom..

G.O slowly sneaking to see what’s she doing and he quickly runs to his bed when she comes out..

“Life is so bored.. When are u planning to talk to me?” he continue talking even he knows there will be no answer from her..

“Eat this apples and take your medicine after that..” Naz ordered him just like a police inspector.. She placed the apples at the table beside him and she walked to the bathroom again.. G.O slowly followed her again.. But suddenly Naz show up in front of him.. He’s so shocked..

“What do u want?” Naz asked him..

“I.. I just.. I..” He stutter.. Naz pushed him and she wanted to go out from the room but she suddenly can’t balanced herself..

“Gotcha!” Naz fall on G.O’s lap..

“Do u still don’t wanna talk to me?” He asked her.. She’s so shy.. She can’t answer him at that time.. She try to pushed him but.. “Ouch! My leg..” “Ah.. Is it hurt?? Mianhe..” Naz replied..

She helped him up and bring him to his bed.. “I’m sorry.. And thank you for just now..”

G.O suddenly hold her hand.. “I’m the one that should say sorry.. Not u.. U supposed to be mad at me.. But u’re not hating me.. I feel so thankful.. And I think my choice will never be wrong..”

‘My heart beating so fast.. His choice? Am I his choice?’ Naz talking alone while G.O still holding her hand..

“Naz.. Are u alright?” G.O asked her when he see she’s stiffening..

“What? Ah.. I’m Ok..” She replied..

“I need to go to the college.. I’ll come again after the class finished.. Don’t skip your meals..”She said before leaving..

“Arasso.. Naz!”


“Ah.. Urm.. Nothing.. I’ll tell u later..” He said..

“Ne..” She continue walking..

“I like you..” G.O said but Naz can clearly heard it.. She feels so happy that day..


“Ya!! Wake up now!!!” Junghye shouted and pull his blanket away..

“What?? Aigoo..” Mir complaining..

“U need to be early to join the election..”Junghye said while trying to pull Mir from his bed..

“Aish.. I said I don’t want to!” Mir screaming..

“U need to!! Wake up.. Wake up!!” Junghye still didn’t want to give up..

“Ara.. Ara.. I’ll wake up now.. Aish.. How can u come into my room?”

Junghye just smile and winking at him.. “Go wash yourself quickly!!” She pushed him..


“Today we’ll have new election for the team.. U will go through on a harsh training before we can choose the best among all of u.. So, give your best.. The training will be in three days and we will choose the person that is of course know how to play soccer and also strong in physical and spiritual.. High in stamina will also be good.. So.. Good luck everyone..” Seungho give his first speech to the line of the new students that wanna be in the team..

“I don’t know until when will I endure all of this..” Mir said to Junghye

“What are u talking about? U’re in the main team when we’re in high school.. What’s wrong with u now??” Junghye asked him..

“I don’t know.. Feels like something is missing..”

“Ahah! I know what are u missing now.. Wait here.. Give me 10 minutes..” Junghye quickly runs to somewhere..

10 minutes later.. “Mirreeu-ah!” Junghye shouted.. “What?” Mir replied and turn to her..

“This is what u’re missing rite?” Junghye asked while pointing towards Seungmi..

Mir smile like there is no tomorrow.. “Junghye-ah.. Gomawo.. Saranghae..” Mir uncontrollably hugged her and he’s hugging Seungmi too..

“Now that I’ve both of u.. I will play harder..” He said.. At the same time, Junghye still in shocked.. Mir has never hugged her before.. Even hold her hand.. He never doing such things to her except Seungmi.. She feels something different now..

“Mir.. Hwaiting!!” Seungmi shouting as Mir run to his position on the field..

“He mean it..” Seungmi said without looking at Junghye..

“What? What did u said?”

“The hug.. I said he mean it.. He never do that to u before.. He needs u more now..”Seungmi explaining..

“But.. He lost his spirit without u..” Junghye replied..

“It’s just his usual.. But the truth is he needs u.. What will he do without u Junghye?”

Junghye keeps thinking what’ve Seungmi said to her.. And she agree a bit with her because Mir will never hugged her before this.. She can’t focus to the game now.. She has mixed feeling inside her..

“What’s wrong with Mir?” Seungmi asked..

“Someone harassed him..”Junghye said and quickly stand up..

“Junghye!! Don’t go!!” Seungmi shouted but it’s too late because she’s been in the middle of the field.. “Aish.. She always do this thing..” Seungmi complaining alone..


“Who are u?” Seungho asked her..

“Doesn’t matter who am I.. But I saw it.. It’s not his fault.. Its his..”Junghye said while pointing to someone..

“Junghye stop it..” Mir try to persuade her..

“I won’t until they punished him..”Junghye still didn’t give up..

“I hate girls here.. Who said that u can come inside here?” Seungho can’t hold his temper anymore..

“What will u do then?”Junghye daringly speaking to him..

“Hyung.. Cool down..”Joon try to make Seungho calm..

“Ah.. What’s wrong here?” Dahyun come in as she see all of the people gather in the middle of the field..

“Ah.. Unni.. Say something to your boyfriend here.. Even if he’s the captain, he can’t just do what he wanna do..” Junghye said to Dahyun..

“Captain?” Dahyun still didn’t get it..

Joon burst into laugh when he heard about that.. “Wait2.. What is your name young lady? They’re not a couple..”

“Why? But they’re the prom king and queen right?” Junghye also didn’t get it this time..

“Yes they are.. But this girl is mine..” Joon said holding Dahyun’s hand while staring at Seungho.. Seungho just leave them and Dahyun pushed Joon’s hand..

“Girl.. This is all about guys.. Let them be.. They’ll be more stronger if they keep being harassed and yelled at.. Come on.. Let them be..” Dahyun hold Junghye hand and bring her out from the field..

“Feel better now?”Dahyun asked after giving her the water..

“Ne.. Thanks unni..” Junghye said..

“Kwenchana.. I know how u feel.. I’ve been at your age before.. But as u grew up, U will learn more and more and u will realize something someday..”Dahyun talked to her..

“U’re so kind unni.. What is your name?”Junghye asked..

“Dahyun.. Lee Dahyun imnida.. And u?”

“Junghye.. Lee Junghye..”

“Junghye-ah.. I’m tired searching for u and u’re happily sitting here?” Seungmi complaining..

“Annyeong.. Is this your friend?”Dahyun asked Junghye..

“Ne, Seungmi.. Meet Dahyun unni.. If u can remember her, she’s the prom queen that night..”

“Annyeong Unni.. I’m Seungmi.. Park Seungmi.. Nice meeting u here.. Next time u can teach me how to be the prom queen also ne?” They’re all laughing with Seungmi’s demand..


“I need to meet her..”Seungho said..

“Excuse me? Are u talking to me?”G.O asked him..

“Who else in here.. It’s only u and me..”Seungho replied..

“But u’re not looking at me..” G.O teasing him..

To be continued..

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