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Melody Love: Sheet Two

Sheet 2: Secret Admire..

“Should I go there now? Are they still there? Is he still waiting for me??” Naz keep talking to herself that night.. She looks at her watch.. ‘It’s almost 12 a.m. now..’

‘Ah.. I should come.. They’re all back now..’ she sighing..

“I thought u wouldn’t come.. It’s worth waiting for u..” He come from her back and smile at her.. ‘He’s still waiting for me?’

“Why.. Why are u still here? Its late now u know..” She stutter..

“I don’t know why I’m still here but my heart told me to just wait.. And this is the answer..” he said while grab her hand to somewhere else.. She can’t do anything because her heart also don’t know what happens there.. She’s just following his footstep..

“I don’t want u to miss what’ve all of us done before..” he said while taking some firework from somewhere.. She still didn’t move from her place.. Still beside him..

He light the firework.. On that playground that night.. No one beside them.. The night is not dark as usual.. Its so bright that night.. Both of them forgot all of the problems they have that night.. “Beautiful” first word from her since he brought her there.. “Yes.. As beautiful as u”He said in slow tone.. He keep watching her while she’s enjoying the firework.. ‘I wanna see u smiling as bright as tonight everyday..’ he said in his heart..


“Kwenchana.. I’m really glad that u’ve come.. Hopefully we can spend our time together again next time..”

“Ne.. I’m really happy tonight.. Thanks again..” She bows before walked inside her house..

He’s watching her until her figure lost from his side.. ‘I’ll make sure that I will see your bright smile again Naz..’ He promised to himself..

‘Omo.. What’s this feeling? He’s so nice to me.. Andwae!’ She keeps thinking about what happens before until she lost in her dreamland..


“Let’s go for basketball!!”Junghye shouted after their class end..

“I don’t want to!” Seungmi said and leave them..

“Aish.. Mirreu..” She make a puppy eyes to Mir..

“What?” he ignore her and walk away..

“Ya, Cheolyong! U know I’m gonna win that’s why u don’t wanna play with me right?”she shouted.. She’s so happy that she can make he angry that time..

“Ya! I wouldn’t lose for u.. Don’t cry later cause I’m surely will win..”Mir answered..

“Yes!!”she satisfied because finally she has a partner to play with that day..


“This is Music room.. Usually the member of art club are using this after the class end..”

“Woah.. This so cool.. I love this room.. but can we who is not a member of music club using this?”Dahyun asked..

“I’m a member..” Joon said with a smile..

“Really?? So.. What are u good at?” She asked while walking around the room..

“I don’t really good with instruments but I can sing well.. How bout u”

“I’m used to play piano when I’m in Singapore.. In the middle school..”Her hand opens the piano cover.. She sit in front of the piano and she started play a song.. Joon’s mesmerized by her talent.. Without they knowing.. Someone is watching for them.. ‘She’s so good!’he said in his heart.. He slowly enters the room..

“Ah.. Hyung..” Joon said when he realize that Seungho is in there.. Dahyun quickly stopped playing when she heard that and she turns to them.. “Mianhe..” she said..

“What are u doing here? U know that non-members are not allowed to come in here without any reasonable excuses..”Seungho said to Joon and walk away.. “Ah.. Hyung!”Joon try to explain to him but its no use anymore because he already leave..

“I’m sorry..” she said to him..

“It’s ok.. Don’t worry too much ne? Everybody here know how’s him.. He’s too bold when talking but he sometimes don’t mean it.. I know him well..” Joon try to comfort her..

“But I feel bad because I’m new here..”

“Shh.. Stop it.. I know he likes your piano skill too.. That’s why he didn’t said anything and just come in just now..”

“Ne..”she said and walk away from the room.. Joon chase her.. “If u wanna play again, I’ve secret place for u..” He said and smiling..

“U’re just too good to me u know.. I don’t know how could I survive here if I don’t know u..”

“Nope.. It’s your luck because I feel like wanna be with u everyday.. Let me send u home now..”


She shoot.. Shoot.. And shoot again.. “Yeay! Hahaha.. What’s your excuses now??”Junghye said while make a teasing face to him.. He’s sulking and leave her in middle of the court..

They sit beside Seungmi at the corner who’s concentrate with her music sheet.. “I’m intentionally lose because I don’t play with a girl..”he said and drink his isotonic drink..

“U just can say anything but I’ve win..”Junghye still want to teased him..

“Ouch..” Mir and Junghye shouted.. “Ya! Who throw this to me??”Junghye said in angry tone.. “How could Seungmi didn’t get thrown..” Mir said while rubbed his head.. “Where is it come from?”Seungmi asked.. Both Mir and Junghye turn back.. The pointing toward a tree.. “Wait.. I don’t think there’s something under that tree before.. Right?”Junghye asked.. “Ne.. Let’s take a look..”Mir suggested..

‘Park Seungmi, will u be friend with me?’

Three yellow roses with a card specially dedicated to Seungmi but the card didn’t mention about the sender.. “Is this what people usually call as secret admire?”Junghye asked..

“Maybe..”Mir uninterestedly answered..

“Ya, did u jealous or what?” Junghye teased him again and quickly runs with the flower towards Seungmi..

“It’s for u..” “Who is it from?” “Molla.. But I guess he must be really handsome..”Junghye winking her eyes to Seungmi.. “Stop goofing around..”Seungmi take a look at the card.. “I hope it’s the Philippines prince”She said while hugging the card.. “Stop dreaming.. I hope its from the nerdy from our class..”Mir said arrogantly.. “Just said u’re jealous..”Junghye eat her snack.. “U should find a girl too..” “I have two girls with me now.. Upps.. No.. I’ve a girl and half..”He teased Junghye.. “Ouch! Ya! That’s hurt..”Junghye throw his bag to Mir.. “Lol.. Stop it.. Let’s go home.. It’s late..”Seungmi said..


‘Thanks for spending your time with me that night.. Would u like to have lunch with me?’

She looks at G.O after reading the notes.. He smile at her.. She wanted to just say yes but she know that he’s so famous.. His fans will mad at her if they see she with him.. She just remain silent at her place..

‘I’m really hope that u’ll say yes..’ he said.. He’s still watching for her.. But his focus being disrupted by Seungho.. “Should we make a piano competition?” “What for?” “Nothing.. I just wanna add some members to our club..”Seungho said and sit beside him..

“Have u made a meeting with our members about this?”

“No.. Not yet.. And I don’t think I should..”

“I know something is wrong when u’re acting like this.. What is actually happen?”

“Fuh.. I guess I can’t hide anything from u..”

“Good if u know that.. Tell me what is it? Because of Soyeon?”

“Nothing with her.. But yesterday there’s a girl played a piano on our room.. She’s so talented.. But I couldn’t see her face..”

“U’re acting like usual? Oh gosh.. U’re always like this.. Why can’t u be friendly sometimes?”

“I don’t know..”

“But we can’t make sure that she will take part in the competition..”

“Joon.. She’s his friend..”

“Hm.. Ara.. If that is what u want Mr. President..” He teased Seungho.. He turned back to see her again but she’s already missing.. ‘huh..’


‘Have a nice day Park Seungmi..’

A flower and a card again appear for her that day.. Even she don’t know who is it from but inside she’s so happy when thinking of it.. On her first year, she already has her secret admire.. She just feel good about it..

“Again?” Junghye said and take a look at the flower..

“The handwriting is the same..”Seungmi said.. “I really wanna know who is it from..”

“U’re just wasting your time paying attention to such things..”Mir said and leave both of them..

“What’s wrong with him these days??” Junghye asked..

“I don’t know too..”

“I’ll gonna asked him.. Do u wanna go with me?”

“No.. I can’t.. I’ve piano practice after this..”

“Arasso.. I go first~”


“Ya.. I’m searching for u all around.. But u’re here?? Aish..”

“Why are u here?”Mir asked and bumped the ball to Junghye..

“I’ve a feeling that something is wrong..” She bumped the ball and try to shoot but Mir defend it..

“Nothing is wrong with me..” he stole the ball and try to shoot but Junghye appear in front of him and he can’t balance himself.. They both fall to the ground.. “U’re jealous right?”Junghye asked him.. He look deeply in her eyes without saying anything.. He quickly stand up and help Junghye up..

“I don’t know why but I don’t like Seungmi’s secret admire..”

“Hm.. Maybe u have fall for her too..”

“No!”He denied and continue playing the basketball..

“Lol.. I know who u’re Bang Cheolyong.. This u when u’re jealous..”Junghye talked alone and stand up to play with him..

From that day, Seungmi keep receiving flowers and cards everday..


“Will u be my partner??”

“What?”Dahyun shocked by his request..

To be continued~

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