Saturday, June 5, 2010

Joon's Message at Fan Cafe (100603)

Thank you...

Thank you for always cheering us, spending nights with us, waiting outside for us and for loving us.

We know that everything you gave made us number one today.

Since last week, all the help you brought to us was really touching.

We've heard the words 'sorry' from you as well, and it really hurts my heart.

But now you don't feel sorry anymore right? ^^ We regret and apologize for not being able to take care of all of you, each fan individually.

You cherished us as much as you cherished your heart.

And I think that the very most important thing is to give you a great show.

Although a number is a number one, but we feel that as long as we show everyone a cool performance and everyone is satisfied with it, that is our all.

I'm really thankful for your 24 hours cheering. I will never ever forget. Today ... ...

From now on we will stand in front of everyone and show a better image. We will not let your support go to waste, we will continue to work hard.

We'll do our best!

A+ I love you ^^

PS You say I'm not touched because I didn't cry, not happy ... ... I hope you will not think like that ^^~

Source: MBLAQ Official Fancafe
Translation: kenoa@AbsoluteMBLAQ + 娇身惯养@MBLAQCHINA (edited from Chinese translation)

1 comment:

Dahyun said...

u're so pure baby..
dont feel sorry for us cuz we're not dear^^
all of this time we're always cheering for u and forever will..