Sunday, July 25, 2010

My prescious~

Yeah~ I'm 22 now..(Why am I so happy??lol)
24/7 is my birthday.. This year is one of my best birthday ever..
I've met someone that shares birth date with me for the first time and we meet up on our birthday!
I don't know what should I give her.. Lastly decided to buy her 3packets of chocolates..Hope she likes it.. She is my lovely dongsaeng: Nessa..
And i got a Teddy named Nessy from her.. Nessy has a twin named Yunyun.. And Nessa owns Yunyun..
Also.. I got 2pm phone strips from Seulli.. Love it soooo very much cuz I got to see 2PM everytime and everywhere.. Thanks Seulli.. Saranghae~
Then when i came back, friends gave me cakes and muffins.. Thanks so much friends.. Love u all.. Lastly thanks for all the wishes fellas.. I've a great day~

Cakes from Wani, Ziela and Adah.. Oishii~

Phone strips from Seulli..

This is my lovely Nessy..
(It suits well with Mir's photo..keke~)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Eight

Sheet 8: Rumors..

Naz just arrive on her campus..

“Did u hear that he is dating a noona?”

“What? Our Mir is dating a noona? Doesn’t he’s with Seungmi and Junghye?”


“Who’s that noona? Did u think she make a first move?”

“I think so too.. Mir is pure.. He would’t do such thing as dating older girl at first place..”

Naz walk faster passed a group of girls..

‘Is dating younger boy is that great? Don’t u have anyone else? Or maybe he’s the ONLY guy that asked u on a date..’ That phrase is clearly wrote on the whiteboard..

She freeze at the front.. Her head down when everyone in the class suddenly stop talking and look at her.. She quickly runaway from the class and bumped into Seungho..

“Are u alright?” Seungho asked her..

They eyes meet.. She didn’t say anything and just runaway..

Seungho walked into the class.. He saw the whiteboard.. “Who did this?” Seungho asked while still looking at the whiteboard.. Nobody answer him and the class now become totally quiet..

“I will ask for the last time.. WHO DID THIS?!” His voice become higher.. Everyone scared when he’s angry.. Nobody dare to answer or try to calm him..

“This.. Actually it already there when I arrived.. I’m the first one arrived today..” Gyuri answers slowly.. Seungho look at everyone in that class and then go out..

“Seungho-ah.. Class will start soon!!” Soyeon shouted but he didn’t even turn to her.. He keep walking faster and faster to find Naz..


“Hey..” He come closer..

“What are u doing here? Leave me alone!” She said without looking at him..

She know that voice.. Not only know.. She really recognize and always waiting for that voice all of this time.. But that voice also breaks her heart..

“Please listen to me.. I need to clarify that.. I just want u to know that I feel miserable without u.. I am missing something..”

“There’s nothing to be explained about.. Just go!”Naz pushed him and leave him alone..

“Naz!!” He shouted

“Ahh.. Did she just runaway?” Seungho just arrived..

“Ne.. I don’t think it will be better..” G.O said to him..

“Ya! Are u a man? Don’t give up till the end dude.. That’s what u always said before..”Seungho replied and hold his shoulder..

G.O just nodded.. “Kajja.. Class will be started.. I’ll help u with her..”Seungho said and walked to the class..

‘I won’t give up.. Naz.. I won’t give up on u.. Whatever happens I will make u come back to me..’ G.O said in his heart and runs to Seungho..


“Annyeong..” she slowly approaches him..

“Seungmi.. What do u want?” Mir answer coldly..

“What? Can I be with u?” Seungmi said while sitting in front of him..

“It’s not good if everyone see just me and u here now..”

Seungmi remains silent for a while.. Mir keep reading his comic..

“Are u dating her?” Seungmi decided to asked him herself..

“What? Even if its true.. What do u want to do?” Mir still talk coldly with her..

“Mir.. Why are u being like this with me? Is it because of Thunder oppa?”

Mir stands up.. He get closer with Seungmi.. Their nose are almost meet together.. Seungmi really nervous.. She can feel that her heart beating like crazy.. Their eyes catch each other.. Seungmi slowly move backwards but Mir keep closer to her.. “It’s not him.. Its just u.. Can’t u be honest at least to your own heart?” Mir whisperings.. Seungmi just stay silent as if she is freezing.. Mir gaze at her for a while and then leave her alone..

‘I.. feel something different.. My heart aches.. Why?’ Seungmi can feel the changes of her heart..


“Dahyunnie.. Do u wanna go back first? Or u wanna wait for me?” Joon asked her..

“Wae? Did u have something to do?” Dahyun asked him back..

“Ne.. There’s a meeting for the soccer team.. But I don’t know hoe long it will take..”

“With the captain?” Dahyun asked again..

Joon turn to her and stay quiet for a while.. “Ne..” he answered slowly..

“Ah.. I’ll wait for u then..” Dahyun said while smiling to him.. “Go now! U’ll be late to your meeting..” Dahyun pulls him..

She waits outside the room.. As she walks back and forth in front of the room, Seungho arrived.. Dahyun automatically stopped walking when she see him.. She becomes numb by shocked.. Seungho also freeze at that moment.. They both looking at each other without any words coming from their mouth..

“Ah, captain.. U’re here already.. Please come in..” Minho said..

“Ah.. Ne.. U go first..” Seungho answered.. He once again glimpse at Dahyun and walked to the room.. She still didn’t move from her position before..

“That.. Are u the guy in the music room that day?” that words coming out from her mouth without she planned.. Seungho stopped.. “In order to play piano again.. I accept your challenge..” Dahyun added.. Seungho smiling alone and walked into the room..


‘Knock.. Knock’

“Noona.. Annyeong..” Mir greets her..

“Ann.. Annyeong.. What are u doing here?” Naz asked him back..

“Urm.. Did u have time?”

They both walked to the nearest park..

“Mir.. Do u wanna say something to me?” Nas started the conversation because Mir didn’t even say a word while they walked together..

Mir stop walking and stare at the pond.. “I felt guilty.. Noona..” he looked at Naz..


“U’re so pure noona.. Don’t u mad at me?” Mir asked her..

Naz smiling and sit at the bench.. “For what?” she asked..

“That.. Aish.. Why can’t I say this?” Mir sit beside her..

“About the rumors that spreading at the college? Well.. It’s hard for me actually..” she explained..

“Mianhe.. Mianhe noona.. I don’t know who started the rumors..” Mir said..

“Its not your fault.. U know peoples always see what we did wrong but they never realizes their own mistakes..”

“Gomawo noona.. Ah.. I found this.. Here, one for u..” Mir gives a small rock to Naz..

“Wae?” Naz didn’t understand what he wanna do..

“Come on..” He grab her hand and pull her nearer to the pond..

“U have a lot of problems in your mind right? Now let’s throw away all of them..” Mir explained..

“With this rock? How?” She still confuse..

“Watch me do this.. First, take a deep breath.. Then close your eyes.. Think about all of the problems that keep disturbing u.. And lastly put all of your strength into this rock.. Throw it with a loud scream.. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!” Mir scream and throw the rock into the pond..

“Can u do it?” Mir look at her..

“Hmm!” she nodded.. She follows all the things that Mir do just now and.. “AAAAHHHHH!”

“Great! Feel better now?” Mir Asked her..

“Hah.. Feels great! Gomawo..” She looked at Mir and smile..

“Good.. Noona, let me send u home..” Mir said..

“So this is the reason why u don’t even look at me anymore?” someone said to them.. They both turned to that voice..

“I thought the rumors isn’t true..” he walked closer to Naz.. She didn’t move nor look at him.. She just remains silent..

“Hyung.. This is not it..” Mir try to explained..

“No need for an explanation.. I trust her.. Even if she will never turns to me anymore, I will still trust her.. Because she is her..” G.O said and leave them..

Naz still didn’t move.. She kneeled down.. “Noona?”

“Will u fulfill my wish?” Naz asked him..

“What is it noona?”

“Stop seeing me.. I hope u understand..” Naz replied.. She can’t even look at him..

Mir looked at her.. He stand up.. “Arasso..”

“Its not that I hate u.. I also don’t ever blame u for what has happened but I just wanna us both live like before.. It’s just..” before she can finished her words, Mir cut..

“Anio noona.. Its ok.. I really don’t mind.. Jyaa.. I make a move first? Take care noona..” Mir said and walked away..

Without she knowing, the tears started to fall down.. Her tears and the sunset falling down together..


“What is it Seungmi? Are u going with us on summer vacation?” Junghye excitedly asked her..

“Suddenly asked us to gather here.. Make sure it is important enough..” Mir still acts coldly with her.. Seungmi look at him but he keep looking elsewhere..

“Sorry for calling all of u here so suddenly.. Its about the summer vacation but I’m not going with u guys..” Seungmi said it calmly..

“But why?” Junghye asked.. Both of them look at Seungmi.. Waiting for an excuse from her..

“I.. Actually I’m going to the Philippines..” She replied..

“What?” Mir stand up.. “With that some what u call as ‘prince’?” he stare at her and walk away..

“Are u for real Park Seungmi? Are u going with him?”

To Be Continued..

Friday, July 16, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Seven

Sheet 7: “I love your melody”

“S.. Seungmi-ah..” Junghye suddenly stopped..

“Annyeong-haseyo..” he bows..

“An.. Annyeong..” Junghye stutter..

“Oppa! What are u doing here? Didn’t I asked u to go back first?” Seungmi said..

Thunder just smile to her.. “So.. Is this Junghye?” Thunder asked..

“Ne.. Ne, I’m Junghye..”

“Seungmi-ah.. Let’s eat something? I’m going to Philippines tonight.. Something comes up.. So, I wish to spend my time with u today..” Thunder explained..

“Well..” Seungmi looked at Junghye..

“Junghye, let’s go together?” Thunder asked her..

“Kwenchana.. I have something to do later.. So, I guess I’ll go first Seungmi?” Junghye said..

“Mianhe Junghye..” Seungmi hold her hand..

“Kwenchana.. I’m used to walked alone now.. Have a good time.. Jyaa~” Junghye leave both of them..


“Don’t be too closed to Lee Joon..”she said..

“Ne?” Dahyun asked her..

“We’re here now.. What will u do if I said that this room u is yours for today?” Soyeon said when both of them enter the music room..

“What? Unnie.. What’s this? I really don’t understand.. Really.. Why are we here?” Dahyun said while looking at Soyeon..

“I don’t have answers for all of your question.. Just wait here.. And remember, this room is yours for this whole day..” Soyeon said while opening the piano’s lid..

Dahyun still don’t know what should she do.. Her gaze just fixed on Soyeon’s action..

“Well.. I guess I need to go now..” Soyeon walked away..

“Unnie! Can I asked Joon to wait with me?”

“Lee Dahyun.. It’s not about him.. So don’t involved him.. Just wait and do whatever u wanna do because.. This is my last time saying this.. This room is yours for today.. I’ll go now..” Soyeon leave her..

“What? Unnie! Wait!” Soyeon walked away without turning back..

“Aish.. I really don’t understand.. What’s all this? Why me?? Aigoo.. What should I do now?” Dahyun complaining alone..


“He’s so good to me.. Only him.. Among all of the girls in the class.. He’s choosing me.. I feel so happy.. But I guess I don’t really know him yet.. I see them.. In front of my eyes..” Naz can’t continue her words..

“Noona.. Are u alright?” Mir sit closer to her..

From far.. “Seungmi-ah.. Do u wanna come in or not?” Thunder asked her when he see Seungmi didn’t move a bit..

“Ne? U said something oppa? Well.. Can we go to another café?” Seungmi asked him..

“But why?” Thunder asked her back but Seungmi didn’t look at him.. Her gaze is on a couple in that café.. “Arasso.. Let’s go to another café then..” Thunder said and grab Seungmi’s hand..

Mir realize something.. He can feel that someone’s looking at them just now.. “Noona, I’m sorry.. Can we go back now?” Mir asked her..

“Ah.. Now? Ne.. Let’s go..” Naz just following him..

“That’s my house..” Naz said while pointing somewhere..

“Ah.. So u live here.. By the way, thanks for today noona..” Mir smile to her..

“Ne.. Thanks to u too.. For being a listener..”

“Kwenchana.. We’re the same anyway..”Mir replied..

“Well.. I go in first..” Naz said..

“Noona! Let’s go out together again next time..” Mir shouted..

“Sure.. Thanks again Mir..” Naz said and walked to her house..


Junghye walks alone.. “Should I play basketball?” she asked herself.. Basketball is one of the way that can make her less stress other than taekwondo..

She keeps bumping the ball and then she throw the ball far away but.. “Ouch.. It’s hurt..”

“Ah.. Mianhe.. I didn’t mean it..” Junghye quickly runs to that guy.. She bows and get her ball..

“You?” He asked..


“U’re the girl that day.. In the middle of the field.. Do u remember me?” Joon asked her again..

Junghye thinking for a while.. “Ahh.. Dahyun unnie.. Now I remember u.. U’re his namja chingu right?” Junghye asked..

“Anio.. She’s not actually my girl but maybe one day..” Joon winks..

“Really? I thought u guys are couple.. U both look great together..” Junghye said while bumping the ball..

“U look great with Cheolyong too..” Joon replied.. Junghye stopped for a while.. ‘He’s not looking at me even once..’ Junghye complaining in her heart..

“Oppa, where is Dahyun unnie?” Junghye try to change the topic..

“She got something to do.. So I guess I just need to wait for her.. That’s why I’m wandering around.. Anyway, do u always playing basketball here?”

“Ne.. This is one of the way that can make me forget all of my problems..” Junghye answered..

“But I’m gonna lose my basketball partner soon..” her voice’s lower.. Suddenly Joon take the ball from her hand.. “Let’s play!~” Joon said while shoot the ball..


“Aigoo.. It’s been 10 minutes and I’m just sitting here without knowing why.. But.. What does she mean by this room is mine?” Dahyun’s talking alone.. She walked around the music room, seeing all the instrument in there.. And lastly she reached the piano.. “She opens the lid.. Did she want me to play this?”

Dahyun carefully sit in front of the piano and she opens the music sheet.. The sweet melody of the piano then surrounded the music room.. She absorbed in her world of music.. He that is waiting from the beginning now smiling alone and admit that she’s really special and talented.. He too absorbed in the sweet melody that is played by her..

“Ding” the last note played by her.. He unintentionally kicked the table in front of him.. “Who’s there?” Dahyun asked..

“Your fan.. I love your melody.. U should join our club..” He said..

“I’m sorry.. But can u show yourself?” Dahyun asked him again..

He just remain silent.. Dahyun really wanna know who is him.. She get up and walked to the small room at the back.. “I will show myself after u play another song..” he said before she get to open the door..

“Another song?” she asked..

“Ne.. Just another one..” he replied..

Dahyun go back to the piano and she start playing again.. He slowly get out from the small room and walking to her.. As she press the last note, he sits beside her and play the piano.. She’s so shocked yet she still can’t recognize him because the the room is somewhat a bit dark.. Just depends on the sunlight that is being filtered by the curtains.. She can’t move a bit, her eyes just wanna look at him while listening to his song..


“Mr. Jung Byunghee.. I have a good news for u..” Dr. Heo smile at him..

“Wae doctor?”

“U can be discharge today.. But remember, don’t be so stubborn.. U can’t join the soccer team yet.. Don’t even try to kick the ball..” Dr. Heo continuously advising him..

“Ne doctor.. Arasso.. I’ll just resting then..” G.O said to the doctor then both of them are laughing..


Junghye trying to seize the ball from Joon.. She suddenly slipped and both of them fall on the ground.. The position is a bit uncomfortable.. Junghye is at the top of him.. She quickly get up.. “Mi.. Mianhe oppa..” she said and help him up..

“Kwenchana..” Joon just smile..

“Joonie-ah! What are u doing here? I’m searching for u all over the place u know?” Dahyun scolded him..

“Ah, unnie.. U’re here?” Junghye get closer to Dahyun..

“Junghye? U’re here too? Ya! What are u doing with this girl?” she stare at Joon..

“We’re just playing basketball together.. I’m bored waiting for u alone in the class so I came here..” Joon explained..

“Wae unnie? Jealous?” Junghye teased her..

“Anio.. What for? It’s just I’m worried he will do anything bad to u.. By the way, did u guys know each other before this?” Dahyun asked..

“To tell u the truth.. I still don’t know her name..” Joon said..

“What? U’ve been playing together and still doesn’t know each other’s name? Aigoo..”

“I’m Joon.. Lee Joon..” Joon said while smiling to Junghye..

“Annyeong-haseyo.. I’m Lee Junghye..” Junghye replied..

“Don’t get too close with him.. He’s not a good guy..” Dahyun whisper to Junghye..

“Ya! I’m not that bad!” Joon shouted and chase Dahyun..


“She really closed with him.. Doesn’t she?” Soyeon asked.. She keep watching them from the window..

“Shut up..”

“Waeyo? Are u jealous already? This is not Seungho that I know since 8 years ago.. What’s wrong with u?” Soyeon asked while looking at him.. His gaze still fixed on her down there..

“I’m gonna go to the hospital.. G.O is being discharge today..” Seungho just walked without looking at Soyeon..

‘Seungho-ah.. I’m feeling insecure now..’ Soyeon’s talking in her heart.. She continue monitoring the three of them..

“How can u grab the attention of these two top guys in my heart?” she sighed..

To be continued..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Six

Sheet 6: The Feeling..

“Ahh.. It feels different now..” Mir said and sit at the corner..

“Of course its different.. we’re missing one member now..” Junghye continue playing the basketball..

Mir looking around and sighing.. “Do you missed her?” Junghye sit beside him..

“Ne?”Mir asked her back.. “Nothing.. Lets go..” Junghye pull Mir..

“Ah.. Annyeong-haseyo..” Junghye greet them.. Mir still stiff.. He’s so shocked seeing both of them in front of him.. “Annyeong..” Thunder replied with a smile while Seungmi also didn’t know what to do..

“Well.. Nice meeting both of u.. But we have something to do.. See u next time..” Junghye said to both Seungmi and Thunder and drag Mir with her..

“What are u doing??” Mir pull Junghye after Seungmi and Thunder lost from their side..

“What did u said?? I’ve just saving u and u ask me what I am doing??” Junghye just said anything in her heart right now..

“Argghhhh!!” Mir screaming and sat on the bench.. “Mirreu-ah.. Be honest to me.. U like her don’t u?” Junghye asked him straight away..

“Wha..What?? No I’m not..” Mir denying.. “Arasso.. I just wanna help u but it’s ok since u said that..” Junghye leave him alone.. “Ahh.. What have I do?? I’m gonna lose both of them now.. But I really don’t understand my own feeling now.. Did I really love her?? Gosh.. Me myself can’t give the answer.. Arghhh!!!” Mir’s talking alone..


“What? U want me to help u again?? Seungho-ah.. Stop doing that.. U’re gonna hurt more girls..” Soyeon said..

“It’s different this time.. I can tell by his behavior.. I know this girl isn’t the same with another girls before..” G.O said while Seungho still remain silent on the chair..

“Whatever.. What do u want me to do this time?” Soyeon asked him..

Seungho stand up and get out from the room.. “Aish.. He always like that..” Soyeon complaining.. “As if u don’t know him..” G.O said to her..

“Ah, I cut myself..” Soyeon said..

“How can u cut yourself while u’re cutting apples.. Aigoo.. Let me see..” G.O said and take a look at Soyeon’s finger.. “Not so serious..” He said..

While G.O keep looking at Soyeon’s hand, someone opens the door and then.. “Bum!” the books fall from her hand.. She quickly runs from the room.. G.O quickly release Soyeon’s hand..

“Who’s she?” Soyeon asked.. G.O didn’t answer her.. he tried to stand up and run to chase her.. But he falls on the ground and Soyeon quickly help him up.. Seungho show up at that time.. “What are u two doing here?” He asked..

“Seungho-ah.. She’s here.. Help me please.. I can’t go get her now.. She’s misunderstanding us..” G.O asked for Seungho help.. Soyeon still can’t understand anything..

“What’s this?” She asked.. “Just stay quiet! This is all your fault!!” G.O really can’t hold it..

“Soyeon.. Please understand him.. Let me send u home now..” Seungho said..


“Waa.. U’re really good at dancing..” Dahyun said after Joon’s show his new dance move to her..

“Gomawo.. U’re the first person seeing this u know..”He said..

“Really? That makes me really special then..”Dahyun laugh..

‘Yes u do.. Hope u will know it someday..’ Joon said in his heart..

“Come on.. Let me teach u one of my favourite step..” Joon grab her hand and started dancing..

“Wait.. Wait.. I can’t dance!” Dahyun complaining..

“Just follow me..~” Joon said while his hand still holding her hand.. Dahyun’s trying hard to follow Joon and then Dahyun can’t balanced herself but luckily Joon quickly hold her.. Joon’s hand is on Dahyun waist.. They both freeze in that position for a moment.. Their eyes are looking for each other..

“Dang!” someone unintentionally closed the door.. Dahyun quickly push Joon’s hand from her waist.. “Mianhe.. Mianhe.. I don’t know that both of u are here..” Mir stutter..

“Kwenchana.. We’re just practicing anyway..” Joon said to him..


“Today is the day.. I’m sure all of u have been waiting for this day all of this time.. There’s only three persons that qualified for our team among all of u.. Who didn’t make it this time please don’t give up.. Try harder next time.. Now I’ll call our new members.. Choi Minho, Jung Jinwoon and lastly Bang Cheolyong.. Congratulations..” Coach Lee end his speech that day..

“Welcome to the team.. I’m Yang Seungho.. Glad that all of u have made it.. We’re choosing u among all of the trainers so please don’t disappoint us..” Seungho said to the new soccer team members..

“Ne.. Gomawo captain..” Minho, Jinwoon and Mir said to Seungho..

“Hey.. Congrats!” Junghye said as Mir come out from the field..

“Gomawo..” Mir replied..

“U’re.. Not that happy?” Junghye asked him..

“I don’t know..” Mir sighing..

‘He’s missing Seungmi again..’ Junghye’s heart tells her..

“Urm.. I guess u’ll gonna be busy after this.. U’ll have training every evening.. I’m gonna lost my basketball partner..” Junghye try to change the feel..

“We will still can play basketball together.. Plus u’ll be busy with your taekwondo training too after this..” Mir said without any feeling..


“Ahh.. Finally.. Weekend is coming!~” Joon’s shouted..

“Ya! What’s wrong with u?” Dahyun asked him..

“Let’s go out together?” Joon asked her back..

“What? I don’t want to!” Dahyun packing her things and stand up..

“Dahyunnie.. Please?” Joon grab her hand but before she gives the answer, someone is knocking their door..

“May I know which one is Lee Dahyun?” She asked..

“Soyeon noona.. What’s wrong?” Joon asked her..

“Nothing.. I just wanna meet Dahyun.. Is she here?” She asked back..

“It’s me.. Waeyo?” Dahyun get closer to Soyeon..

“Follow me..” Soyeon said to her.. Dahyun look at Joon..

“Excuse me noona, can I go too?” Joon asked..

“Anio.. U don’t need to.. Just her..” Soyeon said and pull Dahyun with her..

“I’ll wait for u here!” Joon shouted..


“Hey.. Congratulation..” Seungmi try to talked to him..

“Ah.. U’re here.. Why don’t u go back yet?” Mir asked her while packing his bag..

“Why did u asked me that? We’re always walked home together ne?” Seungmi replied..

“Well.. Urm.. Thunder.. Isn’t he waited for u today?”

“I wanted to walked with u and Junghye today.. I miss both of u..” Seungmi said..

“I guess u don’t need us anymore..” Mir said and leave the class..

“Ya!” Seungmi shouted..

“No need to shout now.. He’s just in bad mood I think..” Junghye just come back to the class..

“Why is he acting like that?” Seungmi asked..

‘U should asked yourself..’ Junghye talked in her heart..

“Ya Lee Junghye! Are u gonna ignore me too?” Seungmi hit Junghye’s shoulder..

“Ne? What did u say?” Junghye shocked..

“U’re always with him.. U must know why is he acting like that to me.. Don’t u wanna say anything to me?” Seungmi said..

Junghye just sighing.. “Come on.. Let’s go home..” Junghye replied and walked away from the class..

“They’re both weird now.. Aigoo..” Seungmi complaining.. “Junghye-ah! Wait for me!!”


“Ah.. Are u ok?? Mianhe..” Mir bumped with someone on the stair..

She didn’t say anything and wanna runaway from Mir.. Unfortunately in her hastiness, she can’t balanced herself and she almost fall.. Luckily Mir was there.. He grab her from falling on the stair..

“Noona.. U’re not ok.. Let me bring u down..” Mir said..

“Are u free now?” Mir asked her..

“Me? Why do u asked me that? U didn’t even know me..” Naz replied..

“I just need someone to talk with.. And I guess u’re now in the same state as me..”Mir said to her..

“What? Why are u trusting me so much?” Naz asked him..

“Err.. Forgive myself noona.. I’m sorry if I make u uncomfortable..Well.. Be careful on your way back..” Mir said and walked away..

“Wait!” Naz shouted..

“Ne?” Mir stopped and turn to her..

“I have time..” she said


“Are u with him?” Soyeon asked..

“Ne?” Dahyun asked her back..

“Lee Joon.. Are u with him now?”

“Ah.. Anio.. We’re just bestfriends.. May I know why?” Dahyun asked..

“No question please.. Just answer my question..” Soyeon said without looking at her..

‘She’s scary..’ Dahyun said in her heart while following Soyeon..

“Er.. Unnie.. Where are we going?” Dahyun asked her again.. Soyeon just walked silently..

“Aish.. What’s wrong with me.. Mianhe unnie..”

To be continued..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kan Mi Yeon- Going Crazy MV Ft. MBLAQ's Lee Joon & Mir [HQ]

Freaking love this video..
I've never know her before..(err..mybe i do..but i don't remember her..)
I've just got an info that Kan Mi Yeon is the member of Baby VOX before?
Thanks to Mir and Joon that have make me like this song..
Joonie's acting is just daebak and Mir baby's rap is so cool..
But Mirreeuu.. So much skinship
I'm eager for the lyrics.. I will search it until i found it..
Enjoy the video fellas!^^