Saturday, July 10, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Six

Sheet 6: The Feeling..

“Ahh.. It feels different now..” Mir said and sit at the corner..

“Of course its different.. we’re missing one member now..” Junghye continue playing the basketball..

Mir looking around and sighing.. “Do you missed her?” Junghye sit beside him..

“Ne?”Mir asked her back.. “Nothing.. Lets go..” Junghye pull Mir..

“Ah.. Annyeong-haseyo..” Junghye greet them.. Mir still stiff.. He’s so shocked seeing both of them in front of him.. “Annyeong..” Thunder replied with a smile while Seungmi also didn’t know what to do..

“Well.. Nice meeting both of u.. But we have something to do.. See u next time..” Junghye said to both Seungmi and Thunder and drag Mir with her..

“What are u doing??” Mir pull Junghye after Seungmi and Thunder lost from their side..

“What did u said?? I’ve just saving u and u ask me what I am doing??” Junghye just said anything in her heart right now..

“Argghhhh!!” Mir screaming and sat on the bench.. “Mirreu-ah.. Be honest to me.. U like her don’t u?” Junghye asked him straight away..

“Wha..What?? No I’m not..” Mir denying.. “Arasso.. I just wanna help u but it’s ok since u said that..” Junghye leave him alone.. “Ahh.. What have I do?? I’m gonna lose both of them now.. But I really don’t understand my own feeling now.. Did I really love her?? Gosh.. Me myself can’t give the answer.. Arghhh!!!” Mir’s talking alone..


“What? U want me to help u again?? Seungho-ah.. Stop doing that.. U’re gonna hurt more girls..” Soyeon said..

“It’s different this time.. I can tell by his behavior.. I know this girl isn’t the same with another girls before..” G.O said while Seungho still remain silent on the chair..

“Whatever.. What do u want me to do this time?” Soyeon asked him..

Seungho stand up and get out from the room.. “Aish.. He always like that..” Soyeon complaining.. “As if u don’t know him..” G.O said to her..

“Ah, I cut myself..” Soyeon said..

“How can u cut yourself while u’re cutting apples.. Aigoo.. Let me see..” G.O said and take a look at Soyeon’s finger.. “Not so serious..” He said..

While G.O keep looking at Soyeon’s hand, someone opens the door and then.. “Bum!” the books fall from her hand.. She quickly runs from the room.. G.O quickly release Soyeon’s hand..

“Who’s she?” Soyeon asked.. G.O didn’t answer her.. he tried to stand up and run to chase her.. But he falls on the ground and Soyeon quickly help him up.. Seungho show up at that time.. “What are u two doing here?” He asked..

“Seungho-ah.. She’s here.. Help me please.. I can’t go get her now.. She’s misunderstanding us..” G.O asked for Seungho help.. Soyeon still can’t understand anything..

“What’s this?” She asked.. “Just stay quiet! This is all your fault!!” G.O really can’t hold it..

“Soyeon.. Please understand him.. Let me send u home now..” Seungho said..


“Waa.. U’re really good at dancing..” Dahyun said after Joon’s show his new dance move to her..

“Gomawo.. U’re the first person seeing this u know..”He said..

“Really? That makes me really special then..”Dahyun laugh..

‘Yes u do.. Hope u will know it someday..’ Joon said in his heart..

“Come on.. Let me teach u one of my favourite step..” Joon grab her hand and started dancing..

“Wait.. Wait.. I can’t dance!” Dahyun complaining..

“Just follow me..~” Joon said while his hand still holding her hand.. Dahyun’s trying hard to follow Joon and then Dahyun can’t balanced herself but luckily Joon quickly hold her.. Joon’s hand is on Dahyun waist.. They both freeze in that position for a moment.. Their eyes are looking for each other..

“Dang!” someone unintentionally closed the door.. Dahyun quickly push Joon’s hand from her waist.. “Mianhe.. Mianhe.. I don’t know that both of u are here..” Mir stutter..

“Kwenchana.. We’re just practicing anyway..” Joon said to him..


“Today is the day.. I’m sure all of u have been waiting for this day all of this time.. There’s only three persons that qualified for our team among all of u.. Who didn’t make it this time please don’t give up.. Try harder next time.. Now I’ll call our new members.. Choi Minho, Jung Jinwoon and lastly Bang Cheolyong.. Congratulations..” Coach Lee end his speech that day..

“Welcome to the team.. I’m Yang Seungho.. Glad that all of u have made it.. We’re choosing u among all of the trainers so please don’t disappoint us..” Seungho said to the new soccer team members..

“Ne.. Gomawo captain..” Minho, Jinwoon and Mir said to Seungho..

“Hey.. Congrats!” Junghye said as Mir come out from the field..

“Gomawo..” Mir replied..

“U’re.. Not that happy?” Junghye asked him..

“I don’t know..” Mir sighing..

‘He’s missing Seungmi again..’ Junghye’s heart tells her..

“Urm.. I guess u’ll gonna be busy after this.. U’ll have training every evening.. I’m gonna lost my basketball partner..” Junghye try to change the feel..

“We will still can play basketball together.. Plus u’ll be busy with your taekwondo training too after this..” Mir said without any feeling..


“Ahh.. Finally.. Weekend is coming!~” Joon’s shouted..

“Ya! What’s wrong with u?” Dahyun asked him..

“Let’s go out together?” Joon asked her back..

“What? I don’t want to!” Dahyun packing her things and stand up..

“Dahyunnie.. Please?” Joon grab her hand but before she gives the answer, someone is knocking their door..

“May I know which one is Lee Dahyun?” She asked..

“Soyeon noona.. What’s wrong?” Joon asked her..

“Nothing.. I just wanna meet Dahyun.. Is she here?” She asked back..

“It’s me.. Waeyo?” Dahyun get closer to Soyeon..

“Follow me..” Soyeon said to her.. Dahyun look at Joon..

“Excuse me noona, can I go too?” Joon asked..

“Anio.. U don’t need to.. Just her..” Soyeon said and pull Dahyun with her..

“I’ll wait for u here!” Joon shouted..


“Hey.. Congratulation..” Seungmi try to talked to him..

“Ah.. U’re here.. Why don’t u go back yet?” Mir asked her while packing his bag..

“Why did u asked me that? We’re always walked home together ne?” Seungmi replied..

“Well.. Urm.. Thunder.. Isn’t he waited for u today?”

“I wanted to walked with u and Junghye today.. I miss both of u..” Seungmi said..

“I guess u don’t need us anymore..” Mir said and leave the class..

“Ya!” Seungmi shouted..

“No need to shout now.. He’s just in bad mood I think..” Junghye just come back to the class..

“Why is he acting like that?” Seungmi asked..

‘U should asked yourself..’ Junghye talked in her heart..

“Ya Lee Junghye! Are u gonna ignore me too?” Seungmi hit Junghye’s shoulder..

“Ne? What did u say?” Junghye shocked..

“U’re always with him.. U must know why is he acting like that to me.. Don’t u wanna say anything to me?” Seungmi said..

Junghye just sighing.. “Come on.. Let’s go home..” Junghye replied and walked away from the class..

“They’re both weird now.. Aigoo..” Seungmi complaining.. “Junghye-ah! Wait for me!!”


“Ah.. Are u ok?? Mianhe..” Mir bumped with someone on the stair..

She didn’t say anything and wanna runaway from Mir.. Unfortunately in her hastiness, she can’t balanced herself and she almost fall.. Luckily Mir was there.. He grab her from falling on the stair..

“Noona.. U’re not ok.. Let me bring u down..” Mir said..

“Are u free now?” Mir asked her..

“Me? Why do u asked me that? U didn’t even know me..” Naz replied..

“I just need someone to talk with.. And I guess u’re now in the same state as me..”Mir said to her..

“What? Why are u trusting me so much?” Naz asked him..

“Err.. Forgive myself noona.. I’m sorry if I make u uncomfortable..Well.. Be careful on your way back..” Mir said and walked away..

“Wait!” Naz shouted..

“Ne?” Mir stopped and turn to her..

“I have time..” she said


“Are u with him?” Soyeon asked..

“Ne?” Dahyun asked her back..

“Lee Joon.. Are u with him now?”

“Ah.. Anio.. We’re just bestfriends.. May I know why?” Dahyun asked..

“No question please.. Just answer my question..” Soyeon said without looking at her..

‘She’s scary..’ Dahyun said in her heart while following Soyeon..

“Er.. Unnie.. Where are we going?” Dahyun asked her again.. Soyeon just walked silently..

“Aish.. What’s wrong with me.. Mianhe unnie..”

To be continued..

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