Friday, July 16, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Seven

Sheet 7: “I love your melody”

“S.. Seungmi-ah..” Junghye suddenly stopped..

“Annyeong-haseyo..” he bows..

“An.. Annyeong..” Junghye stutter..

“Oppa! What are u doing here? Didn’t I asked u to go back first?” Seungmi said..

Thunder just smile to her.. “So.. Is this Junghye?” Thunder asked..

“Ne.. Ne, I’m Junghye..”

“Seungmi-ah.. Let’s eat something? I’m going to Philippines tonight.. Something comes up.. So, I wish to spend my time with u today..” Thunder explained..

“Well..” Seungmi looked at Junghye..

“Junghye, let’s go together?” Thunder asked her..

“Kwenchana.. I have something to do later.. So, I guess I’ll go first Seungmi?” Junghye said..

“Mianhe Junghye..” Seungmi hold her hand..

“Kwenchana.. I’m used to walked alone now.. Have a good time.. Jyaa~” Junghye leave both of them..


“Don’t be too closed to Lee Joon..”she said..

“Ne?” Dahyun asked her..

“We’re here now.. What will u do if I said that this room u is yours for today?” Soyeon said when both of them enter the music room..

“What? Unnie.. What’s this? I really don’t understand.. Really.. Why are we here?” Dahyun said while looking at Soyeon..

“I don’t have answers for all of your question.. Just wait here.. And remember, this room is yours for this whole day..” Soyeon said while opening the piano’s lid..

Dahyun still don’t know what should she do.. Her gaze just fixed on Soyeon’s action..

“Well.. I guess I need to go now..” Soyeon walked away..

“Unnie! Can I asked Joon to wait with me?”

“Lee Dahyun.. It’s not about him.. So don’t involved him.. Just wait and do whatever u wanna do because.. This is my last time saying this.. This room is yours for today.. I’ll go now..” Soyeon leave her..

“What? Unnie! Wait!” Soyeon walked away without turning back..

“Aish.. I really don’t understand.. What’s all this? Why me?? Aigoo.. What should I do now?” Dahyun complaining alone..


“He’s so good to me.. Only him.. Among all of the girls in the class.. He’s choosing me.. I feel so happy.. But I guess I don’t really know him yet.. I see them.. In front of my eyes..” Naz can’t continue her words..

“Noona.. Are u alright?” Mir sit closer to her..

From far.. “Seungmi-ah.. Do u wanna come in or not?” Thunder asked her when he see Seungmi didn’t move a bit..

“Ne? U said something oppa? Well.. Can we go to another café?” Seungmi asked him..

“But why?” Thunder asked her back but Seungmi didn’t look at him.. Her gaze is on a couple in that café.. “Arasso.. Let’s go to another café then..” Thunder said and grab Seungmi’s hand..

Mir realize something.. He can feel that someone’s looking at them just now.. “Noona, I’m sorry.. Can we go back now?” Mir asked her..

“Ah.. Now? Ne.. Let’s go..” Naz just following him..

“That’s my house..” Naz said while pointing somewhere..

“Ah.. So u live here.. By the way, thanks for today noona..” Mir smile to her..

“Ne.. Thanks to u too.. For being a listener..”

“Kwenchana.. We’re the same anyway..”Mir replied..

“Well.. I go in first..” Naz said..

“Noona! Let’s go out together again next time..” Mir shouted..

“Sure.. Thanks again Mir..” Naz said and walked to her house..


Junghye walks alone.. “Should I play basketball?” she asked herself.. Basketball is one of the way that can make her less stress other than taekwondo..

She keeps bumping the ball and then she throw the ball far away but.. “Ouch.. It’s hurt..”

“Ah.. Mianhe.. I didn’t mean it..” Junghye quickly runs to that guy.. She bows and get her ball..

“You?” He asked..


“U’re the girl that day.. In the middle of the field.. Do u remember me?” Joon asked her again..

Junghye thinking for a while.. “Ahh.. Dahyun unnie.. Now I remember u.. U’re his namja chingu right?” Junghye asked..

“Anio.. She’s not actually my girl but maybe one day..” Joon winks..

“Really? I thought u guys are couple.. U both look great together..” Junghye said while bumping the ball..

“U look great with Cheolyong too..” Joon replied.. Junghye stopped for a while.. ‘He’s not looking at me even once..’ Junghye complaining in her heart..

“Oppa, where is Dahyun unnie?” Junghye try to change the topic..

“She got something to do.. So I guess I just need to wait for her.. That’s why I’m wandering around.. Anyway, do u always playing basketball here?”

“Ne.. This is one of the way that can make me forget all of my problems..” Junghye answered..

“But I’m gonna lose my basketball partner soon..” her voice’s lower.. Suddenly Joon take the ball from her hand.. “Let’s play!~” Joon said while shoot the ball..


“Aigoo.. It’s been 10 minutes and I’m just sitting here without knowing why.. But.. What does she mean by this room is mine?” Dahyun’s talking alone.. She walked around the music room, seeing all the instrument in there.. And lastly she reached the piano.. “She opens the lid.. Did she want me to play this?”

Dahyun carefully sit in front of the piano and she opens the music sheet.. The sweet melody of the piano then surrounded the music room.. She absorbed in her world of music.. He that is waiting from the beginning now smiling alone and admit that she’s really special and talented.. He too absorbed in the sweet melody that is played by her..

“Ding” the last note played by her.. He unintentionally kicked the table in front of him.. “Who’s there?” Dahyun asked..

“Your fan.. I love your melody.. U should join our club..” He said..

“I’m sorry.. But can u show yourself?” Dahyun asked him again..

He just remain silent.. Dahyun really wanna know who is him.. She get up and walked to the small room at the back.. “I will show myself after u play another song..” he said before she get to open the door..

“Another song?” she asked..

“Ne.. Just another one..” he replied..

Dahyun go back to the piano and she start playing again.. He slowly get out from the small room and walking to her.. As she press the last note, he sits beside her and play the piano.. She’s so shocked yet she still can’t recognize him because the the room is somewhat a bit dark.. Just depends on the sunlight that is being filtered by the curtains.. She can’t move a bit, her eyes just wanna look at him while listening to his song..


“Mr. Jung Byunghee.. I have a good news for u..” Dr. Heo smile at him..

“Wae doctor?”

“U can be discharge today.. But remember, don’t be so stubborn.. U can’t join the soccer team yet.. Don’t even try to kick the ball..” Dr. Heo continuously advising him..

“Ne doctor.. Arasso.. I’ll just resting then..” G.O said to the doctor then both of them are laughing..


Junghye trying to seize the ball from Joon.. She suddenly slipped and both of them fall on the ground.. The position is a bit uncomfortable.. Junghye is at the top of him.. She quickly get up.. “Mi.. Mianhe oppa..” she said and help him up..

“Kwenchana..” Joon just smile..

“Joonie-ah! What are u doing here? I’m searching for u all over the place u know?” Dahyun scolded him..

“Ah, unnie.. U’re here?” Junghye get closer to Dahyun..

“Junghye? U’re here too? Ya! What are u doing with this girl?” she stare at Joon..

“We’re just playing basketball together.. I’m bored waiting for u alone in the class so I came here..” Joon explained..

“Wae unnie? Jealous?” Junghye teased her..

“Anio.. What for? It’s just I’m worried he will do anything bad to u.. By the way, did u guys know each other before this?” Dahyun asked..

“To tell u the truth.. I still don’t know her name..” Joon said..

“What? U’ve been playing together and still doesn’t know each other’s name? Aigoo..”

“I’m Joon.. Lee Joon..” Joon said while smiling to Junghye..

“Annyeong-haseyo.. I’m Lee Junghye..” Junghye replied..

“Don’t get too close with him.. He’s not a good guy..” Dahyun whisper to Junghye..

“Ya! I’m not that bad!” Joon shouted and chase Dahyun..


“She really closed with him.. Doesn’t she?” Soyeon asked.. She keep watching them from the window..

“Shut up..”

“Waeyo? Are u jealous already? This is not Seungho that I know since 8 years ago.. What’s wrong with u?” Soyeon asked while looking at him.. His gaze still fixed on her down there..

“I’m gonna go to the hospital.. G.O is being discharge today..” Seungho just walked without looking at Soyeon..

‘Seungho-ah.. I’m feeling insecure now..’ Soyeon’s talking in her heart.. She continue monitoring the three of them..

“How can u grab the attention of these two top guys in my heart?” she sighed..

To be continued..

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