Sunday, July 25, 2010

My prescious~

Yeah~ I'm 22 now..(Why am I so happy??lol)
24/7 is my birthday.. This year is one of my best birthday ever..
I've met someone that shares birth date with me for the first time and we meet up on our birthday!
I don't know what should I give her.. Lastly decided to buy her 3packets of chocolates..Hope she likes it.. She is my lovely dongsaeng: Nessa..
And i got a Teddy named Nessy from her.. Nessy has a twin named Yunyun.. And Nessa owns Yunyun..
Also.. I got 2pm phone strips from Seulli.. Love it soooo very much cuz I got to see 2PM everytime and everywhere.. Thanks Seulli.. Saranghae~
Then when i came back, friends gave me cakes and muffins.. Thanks so much friends.. Love u all.. Lastly thanks for all the wishes fellas.. I've a great day~

Cakes from Wani, Ziela and Adah.. Oishii~

Phone strips from Seulli..

This is my lovely Nessy..
(It suits well with Mir's photo..keke~)

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