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Melody Love: Sheet Nine

Sheet 9: Vacation.

“Why are u decided to join this club so suddenly?” Joon asked her while waiting for the meeting to start..

“Me? I just wanna involved in more activities here..” Dahyun replied..

“Thanks for coming here everyone.. Firstly we wanted to greet all of the new members here.. Especially students in year 1.. Welcome to our club.. I am vice president, Han Ga In..”

Joon is still observing Dahyun.. He feels like he know why is she here.. Meanwhile the president, Seungho didn’t even say a word at that meeting.. He’s typing something on his notebook and once in a while he’s whispers to Gain while pointing to his notebook..

“We will have a MT next week.. New members are compulsory to involve.. There’s nothing to worry about because this is just like an orientation for our new members so that u guys can know us better.. Well, I think that’s all for now.. Thanks for coming and have a great day guys.. Thank you..” Gain ends her speech.


“Dahyun? U’re a member?” Dahyun bumped with Naz outside the music room..

“Ne.. I’ve just joined the club.. U too?” Dahyun asked..

“Well, I’ve been a member since the first year but I’m not active..” Naz replied..

“How about the MT? Will u join it?”

“Well.. I don’t know yet.. I’ve never been there before..” Naz said..

“What?” Dahyun feels weird..

Naz smile.. “It’s not compulsory for new members before.. I wonder why this year they make it compulsory.. It’s good for u..”

“Really? Hope so.. But I really hope that u will go too.. Please Naz? For me..” Dahyun begging her..

“Ah.. I’m weak when someone’s begging me.. I guess I need to go too.. Plus, this is my last year..” she replied..


Summer vacation has come.. Everyone is busy preparing for their vacation.. Same goes with Dahyun and Seungmi.. They’re both nervous with what will happen.. Just the different is the situation and location..

Incheon National Airport..

“Seungmi-ah.. Are u alright? U looks worried..” Thunder hold her shoulder..

“I do feels nervous since this is the first time I’m going abroad without Junghye and Mir.. Plus, I’m gonna meet your family.. Don’t know what will they think about me..” Seungmi covered the nervousness inside her.. She can feel his hand on her shoulder.. He pulled her closer.. She keeps looking at her shoes to avoid an eye contact with him.. “You wouldn’t be alone..” he whispers..

“Seungmi-ah!!” A very familiar voice shouted her name.. Am I dreaming? Seungmi turns and she can see both Junghye and Mir smile at her.. Seungmi runs and hug Junghye and Mir.. Thunder just smile looking at them.. He looked at Mir.. Mir give a short smile and continue talking to Seungmi and Junghye..


“Is everyone here?” Ga In asked..

“Seungho isn’t here yet..” Soyeon answer..

“Also one of our member still not arrive..” G.O continued..

“I see.. But the bus will start moving on 10 a.m.. No matter what..” Ga In said and give an instruction to all the members to start get on the bus..

G.O looks worried and on the other side Joon keep staring at Dahyun.. He can see Dahyun looks like somehow a little uncomfortable.. She keep looking around.. “Dahyun-shii.. Don’t u wanna go in yet?” Dahyun seems to hide something from him..

“Ah.. Ne.. Lets get on the bus..”

They both get inside the bus and Dahyun feels weird because Joon is still standing and looking around..

“Joonie.. What are u doing?” she asked..

“Anio.. I wonder if I can sit here..” he said..

“What? Why are u like this?”

“I think this seat is for Mr. President..” He said and nearly leave Dahyun alone but she quickly stand up.. She grab his arm and hold him.. “What’s wrong with u?” Her voice is a bit higher.. Everyone in the bus looking at them..

“No romance.. No fighting.. No any other couple things here.. It makes me wanna puke..” Soyeon come to them and she moves Dahyun’s hand from Joon’s..

“Lee Joon, u can sit here..” Soyeon pointing to the seat next beside them.. “Ah.. Anio noona.. We’re not fighting.. It’s just small misunderstanding.. I will sit here.. Beside her.. Joon immediately push Dahyun to sit and he sit beside her.. Soyeon expression is a bit bitter..

“The bus will start moving now.. Everyone please get ready..” Ga In announced..

As the bus started to leave the gate, there’s a couple ride on a bike.. Suddenly.. “Stop the bus!” G.O shouted..

“What’s wrong?” Ga In asked him.. “It’s them..” G.O said and move back to his seat with a blank face.. “I shouldn’t worried about them..” G.O talked alone on his seat but Dahyun can clearly hear him at the back..

“Sorry.. We’re late..” Seungho leading Naz on the bus..

“Lee Joon.. Come sit with me..” G.O give an orders so that Seungho or Naz won’t sat beside him.. “But hyung..” Joon didn’t want to move but G.O stands and stare at Joon.. “This is an order..” Joon look at Dahyun and then he glanced at Seungho.. “Naz noona, come sit here..” he said before leaves Dahyun..

Naz and Seungho still didn’t move.. Seungho and Dahyun looking at each other.. Naz’s head down.. Soyeon’s watching over them.. “U better sit with her Naz..” Soyeon said while looking at the window.. Seungho slowly walked to Soyeon’s seat and Naz followed him.. Dahyun grab her hand.. Naz glance at her.. Dahyun smile and pull her to the seat..

“Don’t create more trouble..” Soyeon said to Seungho as she see he still focused to the next seat.. Seungho uninterestedly sat beside her.. Once in a while he glare at Dahyun next to them.. Joon and G.O silently observing them..

The mood in the bus are not as lively as it could be.. Just silent and awkwardness follow their journey that day..


“Oppa.. U silently invited them also?” Seungmi asked..

“Ne.. I think it would be nice if your best friends could go on a vacation as u do..” he explained.. “Wae? U just wanna go with me?” he teased her.. She slap his thigh lightly.. They both laughing together..

Meanwhile.. On the corner, Mir is looking at them with a sulky face.. “Ya! Don’t make such a face.. Luckily he invited us.. So that u can always look after her..” Junghye disrupted his attention by hitting his shoulder..

“Junghye-ah.. If looking at someone’s happiness making our heart aches, what is that?” an unexpected question comes from Mir surprising her.. She becomes numb inside.. Her gaze fixed on Mir who is still looking at Seungmi.. “I can feel it..” Junghye said slowly.. Yes, she do understands the feeling because she also hurting now.. “What did u said?” Mir look at her.. Their eyes met.. Junghye can’t move and they’re exchanging gaze.. “Hye-ah..” Mir puts his hand on her head..

“Ya! I’m not sick!” she pushed his hand.. Somewhat she feels like her face is reddening.. Is she blushing? She can’t look at Mir.. “U’re weird today.. Let’s take a nap..”he said while laying his hand on her shoulder.. She still can’t talk and just let him sleep that way.. She usually don’t let Mir’s hand touched her but today.. She really can’t do anything.. Also her heart rate are abnormal.. She can feel it beating faster..


“We’ve arrive here.. Now for the rooms, I’ll let Mr. President decide how are we gonna divide..” Ga In said and gave the the name list to Seungho..

“Well.. We have 6 rooms and I guess I’ll just let u choose your own roommates.. 6 persons per room.. And don’t mix males and females.. If u’ve enough roommates, come take a key with Soyeon..

“All 4 rooms have been taken.. Only 2 rooms left.. I think we can just take whoever left can’t we?” Ga In asked..

“Ne.. Joon, G.O, Jo Kwon, Junsu, Wooyoung will be with me.. And Ga In will be with Soyeon, Dahyun, Naz, Hyora and Seulmi.. Would it be ok?” Seungho said and looking at all the members..

“Well, I guess if that’s not ok we still need to be in that way doesn’t we? I’ll make sure I can get along with all the members in my room..” G.O said coldly and walked alone..

Everyone’s didn’t say a word.. They just look at G.O who’s walking without Seungho.. “With that, our room is divided.. I hope all of u will have a great day here.. After this go to your room, prepare for tonight activities.. Make sure u always update with the schedule.. I don’t want anyone missing in our activities.. So, I’ll end my speech here.. Thank you..” Ga In end her speech and all of the members are busy taking their own stuffs..


“Seungho hyung, where am I supposed to place all this?” Jo Kwon asked as he together with Junsu and Wooyoung are carrying some boxes to help Seungho with tonight activities.. “There..” Seungho pointing somewhere while he’s busy organizing other stuffs..

“Hyung.. Can I help u too?” Joon who is just come in asked him.. “Don’t be too kind to him.. Just take care of Dahyun..” G.O cuts Seungho..

Seungho quickly stand up and hold his shoulder.. “What’s with u?” he asked..

“I just say the truth.. I guess u’re trying to help me.. Is being close to her is what’ve u said as helping me with her? From now on, I don’t need any help to get her.. I’ll do it on my own.. I’ll get her, Yang Seungho..” he moves Seungho’s hand on his shoulder and he walked to the front door.. All the room members just looking at them silently.. They can’t do anything on that stressful situation.. Seungho quickly grab his arm..

“U don’t know me yet.. I guess we’re soultwin..” Seungho said disappointedly..

“My soultwin will never messed up with me especially when I’ve found the girl of my life.. Yes, I’m really don’t know who u are now.. How come u end up ride with her.. Are u trying to get all the pretty girls in the college? Isn’t Lee Dahyun is enough?” G.O almost shouting.. Joon’s freezing hearing the last sentence..

Seungho can’t hold his temper anymore.. He punched G.O’s face.. G.O falls to the floor.. “If u don’t know anything, then don’t do anything..” Seungho bumped the door roughly and left..

“Kwenchana?” Junsu quickly get close to G.O to make sure he’s alright.. Wooyoung and Jo Kwon continue doing their work pretending as if nothing happens but inside them only God knows how scared they are..

“Here.. Ice..” Joon give an icepack to G.O.. “Thanks..” G.O replied while sticking the ice pack at the end of his lips..

“That.. Is that true?” Joon asked while looking at the floor..

“About Dahyun? I shouldn’t said this but u really need to try your best if u like her..” G.O stand up and take his towel.. “Thanks for this..” G.O throw the ice pack to Joon and go into the shower..


“Finally! We’ve arrive here.. Yeay!~” Junghye shouted when they’re all come out from the Philippines National Airport.. Two cars are waiting for them..

“Oppa! I miss u so much..” a girl from one of the car run towards them and hugged Thunder tightly.. Thunder awkwardly looks at Seungmi.. Seungmi pretends to smile and move her side somewhere else..

Junghye look at Seungmi and then she glanced at Mir.. Mir quickly walked to Seungmi.. He holds her hand.. “I’m here..” he wishpers.. Seungmi’s tears almost fall at that time..

“Oppa! Who is this?” Junghye asked him to make the awkward atmosphere gone.. But before Thunder could say anything, that girl cuts him.. “I’m his fiancé.. Victoria..”..

To Be Continued..

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