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Melody Love: Sheet Eleven

Sheet 11: The Real G.O is..?

“Mir? What are u doing?” Junghye asked when she see Mir get busy packing his stuffs..

“I’m going back..” he answered shortly without looking at her.. Still busy packing his luggage..

“What? Why? Our summer vacation is still on the line.. Did something happens?” she continue asking as she still didn’t satisfy with his answer..

Mir stop for a while.. He turns to her.. Staring her with his powerful gaze.. Without saying anything.. He continue his work.. Junghye knows it.. She really know what’s his answer when he staring at someone like that.. Without anything coming from his mouth.. Without he needs to explain anything..

‘I know u Cheolyong.. Just said that u’re hurt.. Just said that u love Seungmi..’ She's talking in her heart.. She still can remember Mir’s face that morning while he see Thunder confessing for Seungmi.. ‘I wish I could wipe your tears just now..’ while she still fixed looking at Mir.. “I’m hurt too..” Junghye said in low tones..

Mir’s taken aback with her confession.. “Does it mean that u like Thunder too?” with his position still in front of his luggage, he asked her..

“Ah.. Anio.. I will go back with u..” she awkwardly runs to her stuffs and started packing them in order to avoid further questions from Mir..


It’s the last night at the MT.. All the members have been gathering at the hall for the last activity there.. Talent Time.. In order to divide the members into groups with their specialize talent, new members need to show their talents that night..

The night has been started with Seungho’s amazing piano skills and G.O’s sweet voice.. Then all the new members presented their talents and lastly Dahyun comes up with singing.. She got applause from all the members except Seungho.. He stand up.. All of them looking at him and waiting what will coming out from his mouth..

“This is not the real talent.. I wanna see your piano skill..” G.O that sits beside him also shocked.. They both are the judges together with Soyeon and Ga In.. They usually just accept the talent as the member presented but today it’s different..

Dahyun also don’t know what to do.. Joon just crossing his arm looking at both Seungho and Dahyun expression.. He can feel that something is happening between them.. He suddenly walked to the stage.. “Does it mean that u wanna see another talent that she got? How about dancing?” Joon said while his eyes are meeting Seungho’s.. All the members clap because they know that Joon is the dancing machine.. They're all waiting for his charismatic dance performance..

Seungho creased his forehead.. He and Joon still exchanging glances.. Joon claps.. The music started.. Dahyun don’t know what should she do in that situation.. She awkwardly stands at the corner while Joon’s started dancing with enthusiasm.. He go with Justin Timberlake’s song, My Love.. At the middle of the song he approached Dahyun and make her dance with him.. At one part they’re looking at each other’s eyes and Joon suddenly lost his focus and his step messed up.. That hall now becomes extremely quiet..

Ga In stand up and clap.. She wanted to make the awkward situation vanished.. Luckily the members are also clapping.. Seungho come up to the stage.. He get closed to Joon.. “I just wanna see her piano talent.. Not the couple dance..” He said coldly.. He stare at Dahyun.. And before he comes down.. He whisper to both of them “Are u guys worried about the kiss? It’s just my usual kiss.. Nothing special.. No feeling at all..”.. Joon’s eyes widen.. Dahyun just can’t control her feeling anymore.. Out of her control, she slapped him and leave the stage.. “Dahyun!” Naz shouted but Dahyun just runaway from that hall..


“U know what, Cheundong oppa changed a lot when he’s going to Korea.. I’ve always wondered why is he not calling me anymore.. Seeing him back here with u, I guess I know why is he being like that..” Victoria said to Seungmi as both of them sitting at the rooftop.. Seungmi feels something is not right.. She look at her.. But she just give a rotten smile.. Victoria stands and get close to the barrier..

“He’s my first love.. I don’t know anyone while we first moved here.. My parents both are very busy.. They always leave me here.. Only Cheundong oppa treat me well.. When I’m in bad mood, he will sing for me.. When I’m mad at someone, he will dance for me and when I’m missing my parents, he will hugged me warmly.. I just can feel the love only from him..” she continue talking..

“But when they said that he’s going to be transferred to Korea, I know that something will happen.. I wanted to go there with him but my parents are opposing me.. I know that he never love me before.. It’s hard to touch his heart.. But in a short range of time, u could make him opposed his family.. U’ve made him a strong person.. He said that he will tell his family to cancel our engagement.. It’s all because of u!” Her voice suddenly changed.. She take out a knife and point it to Seungmi.. Seungmi stuck at her place.. This is so sudden.. She can’t think of what should she do..


“Hah.. finally I found u.. U know that everyone is worried about u?” Naz said..

“Where’s Joon?” Dahyun asked while her eyes are still fixed on the beach in front of them..

“He.. What happen actually? What did Seungho tells u?” Naz asked her..

“I should not playing with the fire..” She stand up and leave Naz alone.. “What?” Naz still gasping for breath.. “Aish this girl.. I’ve been searching and worrying about her but she just leave like that?” she complaining..

While she’s trying to get up.. She see a group of guys walking to her.. She can feel that something bad gonna be happen again tonight.. ‘Ah.. Why should they come now..’ She trying to escape by running but a girls ability can’t be better than a guy.. They can catch her step..

“Where are u going now young girl?” One of them said.. He grinned.. ‘I’m in trouble again..’ Naz said in her heart.. “Don’t touch me!” She shouted while pushing them..

“Ya! What are u doing?” a voice shocked them.. “Ah.. He’s here finally..” a guy said while looking at G.O..

“What do u mean?” Naz asked..

“What? U don’t know that your boyfriend is a gangster before?” He asked her back..

“What?” She still don’t understand..

“He’s our comrades before.. But he betrayed us.. We used to stealing together but one day he stab us in the back.. We supposed to robbed a bank that day.. But he didn’t appear.. And at the end, we see him together with the police.. He’s save while we’re all end up at the jail..” He said.. Naz is looking at G.O.. He still look calm..

“We just wanna meet him.. Just an old friend wanted to look at his progress.. He send us to the jail as a juvenile and we come out as a guy.. We’re all grew up as the prisoner and he could be in a normal life as all the teenage wanted.. Even he turn out as good as today.. With this beautiful lady as his girl..” another guy continue..

“He used to be bad guy as we do.. He used to touch a girl like we do.. He used to disturb girls like u see what we’re doing..” They continue talking about G.O’s past.. Naz really can’t accept the truth.. She walked close to G.O.. His head down.. Without she realized, her eyes are already filled with tears..

“Are u really like that? Is that true?” Her voice really slow.. Almost whisperings.. He didn’t either said yes or no..

“Now that u know what is he really are.. Do u still wanna be with him?” One of them suddenly come closer to Naz.. He take her to them..

“Remember the old days.. On how the chief really likes u.. He always give something good to u first before us.. But then, u betrayed him too..” He said to G.O..

“Let us take her.. We would not seek revenge on u anymore..” One of them said while holding Naz’s hand..

G.O suddenly grab his collar.. “U can do whatever u wanna do with me.. U can beat me.. U can kill me.. But not her.. Not someone that has nothing to do with our past..” his eyes strongly look at him..

"What are u saying? We used to touched many innocent girls before.. What's wrong with her?" He quickly grab Naz and pushed her away.. “Now let’s begin..” He said as Naz still on the ground.. She know that they will started a fight.. She didn’t know that G.O’s a fighter on his past..


“Are u ready to tell her that we’re leaving?” Junghye asked him..

“I don’t think that she need to know..” Mir answered..

“What?” Junghye didn’t agree with him.. While Junghye and Mir’s planning to get out from the house, suddenly.. “ANDWAE!!”

They both looking at each other.. “Seungmi!!” Her name come out from their mouth simultaneously..

“I think it from the rooftop..” Mir said and he’s in the lead to find Seungmi.. ‘U really care about her even u’re mad at her..’ Junghye said alone while smiling and she quickly following Mir..

“Seungmi? What happen?” Mir asked as soon as he arrived on the top..

“Seungmi-ah.. What has u do?” Junghye shocked seeing Victoria’s bleeding..

“I.. I.. I didn’t do anything.. Really.. This.. She..” Seungmi can’t end her words.. She really in shocked..

Thunder also arrived soon.. He didn’t know which one should he save.. He look at Seungmi.. He then look at Victoria.. “Oppa..” Victoria called her in his weak voice..

“Oppa.. I didn’t do anything.. Really..” Seungmi’s eyes teary.. Mir look at Thunder.. He’s waiting for him to go and calm the shocked Seungmi but he didn’t.. Mir can’t stand it anymore.. He get down and hugged Seungmi..

Thunder’s and Victoria’s family then come.. “Vic!” her grandma called her.. All of them seems clueless on what has happen but they’re all then saw a knife behind Seungmi

“A girl that makes u wanna cancel the engagement is her?” His father asked with a high tone..

“Save Vic!” his sister pushed him to Victoria.. He look at Seungmi.. He can see the faith in her teary eyes.. He then see at the weak bleeding Victoria.. “Take her to the hospital.. now!” her mom ordered him.. He really has no choice now.. He quickly lifted her and take her out from that stressful situation..

“All of u can get out tonight.. U too Junghye.. I don’t need your jokes anymore..” Thunder’s grandma strictly ordered them..

They’re all leave.. The three of them still freeze in their position..

“Oppa..” Seungmi’s calling for Thunder in Mir’s embrace.. Mir slowly released her from his arms.. “Mir..” Seungmi calling for him as she see he’s further from her.. But he just stand up without looking at her.. “Seungmi!” Junghye shouted suddenly.. Mir quickly go back to them..

“She’s not well..” Junghye said while touching Seungmi’s head.. Mir lifted her up.. “Packed all of her stuffs.. I’ll take her to hospital..” He said and runs with Seungmi on his arms..

To Be Continued..

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