Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chocolate Candy [Finale]

Chocolate and Candy: My fate is him..

“Unnie, oppa! Tomorrow is summer festival.. Let’s go together?” Junghye started a new plan to set up her sister with Junho..

“Ne? Anio.. I can’t go with u.. I will go with Seungho oppa..” Dahyun replied..

Donghae’s shocked.. “Do u think that u can ignore your dongsaeng after having a boyfriend?”

“Ya! Why are u like this? He’s my boyfriend.. It’s normal if wanna go with him!” Junghye shake her head now.. “They’ve started fighting again..” she’s complaining alone..

“Ya! It’s not only u that has a boyfriend.. I’m pretty sure, it will only lasted in a week..” Donghae replied..

“Waeyo? It’s my boyfriend.. Doesn’t have anything to do with u.. Why are u saying that?”

“Arrgghhh!! Stop it! We won’t go there.. Aigoo.. Why have I come up with this idea..” Junghye said..

“Junghye-ah.. I will go with u!” Donghae said while staring at Dahyun..


On summer festival..

“It feels weird with only us two.. Usually we’re trio..” Donghae said while walking with Junghye..

“Yeah.. But don’t worry, I’ll make u happy oppa..” Junghye said happily.. Today is her day.. Only her with Donghae, a guy that she loves..

Suddenly, his phone beeping..

‘I’ve just break up..’

Donghae look at Junghye with anxiety.. Junghye smile at him.. “Just go oppa..”

“Really?? I’ll come back after comforting her.. Wait for me..” Donghae said and quickly runs to see Dahyun’s condition..


“Kwenchana?” he quickly asked her when he arrives..

“Oppa? U’re so quick..” Dahyun comes out from the kitchen with a smile..

“What? U could kill me u know.. I thought u’re not ok..”Donghae shocked seeing her..

“Why should I? It’s not that I could die if he wanna break up with me.. I’m just lonely..”

“Lee Dahyun.. Don’t do this to me anymore.. Don’t call me just because u’re lonely.. U know that I’ve been with your sister don’t u? I’ve worried so much about u..” Donghae said firmly..

“U shouldn’t be worried about me.. It’s just usual break up as before.. I could find a new one in a week..” she said confidently..

Donghae get close to her.. His face is just a centimeter from her.. “It’s because your love is cheap..” he said and staring at her strongly..

“What do u mean?”

“U’re easily fall in love and easily get bored too.. The guys just wanna play with u.. U will never find true love if u continue like this..” he said..

“I don’t need your opinion about me!” she pushed him..

“All of the guys that has been with u don’t appreciate u much.. U don’t know how to love and how to be in a relationship..” Donghae continue saying everything that he wanna say that night..

Dahyun approaches him.. She look deeply in his eyes.. “Show me true love then.. Be my boyfriend..” she said daringly..


“Junghye? Are u alone? What are u doing here?” Junho get close to her..

“I’m waiting for oppa.. He’s going back to comfort my unnie.. He said that he’ll come back..” Junghye answered while looking around to search Donghae..

“Don’t be a fool.. He will not come back..” Junho sit beside her..

“I trust him.. I will wait for him..”

“What are u doing now? Being with the one that he loves.. Do u think that he will leave her for u here? Especially when she needs him so much at this time.. She’s just break up.. Think more Junghye..” he replied.. Junghye agree with him also.. Her head down..

“Come on! Let me cheer u up.. What’s the purpose I’m here if I don’t make u happy..” Junho said and grab Junghye’s hand..

Donghae who just arrived there see them both holding hands.. He smile alone..


“Junghye-ah.. Tell your unnie to come to my match if she still waiting for my answer about that night..” Donghae said to her..

“Ne..” she answered shortly.. She’s really down right now.. Her sister asking him to be his boyfriend.. Really out of her expectations..


D-day.. Donghae and Junho are in the same team for their basketball match.. They’re now at the changing room.. Junghye waiting outside.. Thinking what should she tells Donghae about Dahyun..

“Oppa..” She started..

“Ah, Hye-ah.. Where’s your unnie? We could win with her here.. U know that I really love her right?” He pat Junghye’s shoulder with a wide smile..

“But why don’t u said that u love her?” Junghye asked him..

“I can’t show my weak side to her.. So, today I will win for her and tell that after I’ve win this match..”

“But oppa.. Unnie don’t come.. U knows her right? She wouldn’t let her ego down.. Means that, she doesn’t love u anymore..” Junghye said slowly..

Donghae look at her without a blink.. He still can’t believe that she wouldn’t come.. He lost his spirit at that time.. He then walked slowly leaving Junghye behind.. Junho just watched both of them from far..


As soon as the match started.. Junghye pay full attention to Donghae.. It worst! Really.. He can’t play as usual.. He lost focus.. All the mistakes make by him make an opponent leading the game.. She feels miserable at that time.. Seeing Donghae playing in that situation really hurts her.. At that time, she also thinking about her sister.. She must be waiting for him too..

Its not just both of them suffering, but she’s also feel the suffer.. She decide to tell him the truth..

“Oppa! I lied!!” Junghye shouted.. Donghae and Junho shocked.. They look at her.. Waiting for her explanation..

“I lied about unnie.. I asked her to wait at the wrong place.. I didn’t tell her that u asked her to come here.. I wanna split both of u..” Junghye regret her attitude that time..

Donghae quickly come to her.. “Where is she?” he asked.. “At the park.. Behind our house..” she replied while looking at the ground.. He runs after hearing that..

“Hyung!” Junho shouted but its just a waste because Donghae really into it now.. He leave the game at once..

Junghye sneakily followed to see what happens between Donghae and Dahyun..


When she arrives, both of them already kissing.. She can’t bear it anymore.. Her tears fall down.. Suddenly someone covered her eyes with his hand.. She’s taken aback..

“They’re made for each other.. Perfectly match..” he said while turning her to him..

He quickly hugged her and kissed her without a warning.. She really don’t know that he would do that..

“U said that I need to approach someone that I love roughly.. That is what I am doing now..” He said.. She stay still.. Don’t know what should she said to him at that time.. She really touched by him..

“After being close with u for a while, I know that I love u more than I love your unnie.. You both have your own charm.. One is like a chocolate.. And another one is like a candy.. Both have their own attractiveness.. And as for me, I love chocolate more than candy..” he ends his word and continue kissed her..

The End^^

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