Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something is Wrong with me??TT

Thanks a lot to those who's support me during my 1st fanfic, Journey of Hearts.. Eventhough the ending is just a bit *** Mianhe2*bows*..
Very2 sorry for Afie cuz i need 2 kill Junsu..keke.. And Seulli also.. Me too.. Now I know what's the feel when we didn't get the one that we love.. *Junho~~saranghae~* Btw Park Seungmi, are u happy or what when i killed both of them and replaced them with Mirrreuu??hek2..

Ok2.. Enuff said.. Think gonna write short ff.. Specially made for.. Guess who?? MIRRRRR~~
Oh yeah.. What's wrong with me??TT_TT
Somebody please take me back to where I am.. The place that supposed to be mine.. Not Mir..
Not my dongsaeng-in-law.. Still thinking how can he steal my heart?? I love your hyung Mirreu~

No matter what, I'm gonna started writing one shot ff for my sweety maknae, Mir..
Hoping that he'll just be my favourite dongsaeng.. Not more than that..*Ness, Nas.. Mianhe~*


Dahyun said...

for the very 1st and last time..Bang Cheolyeong..Saranghae~

Anonymous said...

saja u pngtahuan unni ^^ mir my first crush lam mblaq..p skang tgh pning antra mir or joon