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Journey of Hearts (Chapter 9)


Junho : Annyeong noona..

Dahyun : Ann-yeong??(feeling weird)

Junho : Mianhe noona.. He force me to bring him with me to see you.. Dunno what did he want..

Junsu : Annyeong Dahyunnie~

Dahyun : Ah, kwenchana.. Annyeong Junsu-shii..

Junsu : Are u busy now??

Dahyun :Anio.. Just get ready to see Seungmi and Key’s condition.. I heard they’ve found blood that compatible to Key.. Just hoping everythings will be alright..

Junho : Ah, noona.. Seungho hyung??

Dahyun : He’s not coming with me.. His flight is at 2pm..

Junho : ..and u’re not sending him there??

Dahyun : No need to I think.. (smile) Btw Junsu shii.. What’s the matter??

Junsu : Are u sure u don’t want to send him to the airport??

Dahyun : I don’t want to.. Just don’t ask me why.. Please..

Junho : Hyung..(look at Junsu)

Junsu : Arasso.. Dahyunnie.. I need to ask u something important.. About a girl..

Dahyun : A girl?


Wooyoung : Who’re u??

Hyukjae : Seulmi’s fiancé.. Didn’t I ask u to stop seeing her??

Woo : We’re not seeing each other.. (Ignore Hyukjae and start leaving)

Hyuk : Ya, we’re not done yet! (grab Wooyoung’s shoulder)

Woo : What do u want?? She’s your fiancé.. So what??

Hyuk : U’re bothering our relationship now.. Know what? She’s changing a lot since she know u.. What are your reason now??

Woo : Me?? Changing her?? I guess u’re the one who can’t change her as u want.. Then u’re now accusing me.. She just wanna be free.. And I’m just giving it.. That’s all..

Hyuk : What are u talking about?? So, she said that I’m controlling her?? Hah.. U’re just said that to protect yourself didn’t u? (stare at Wooyoung)

Woo : Whatever.. (Push Hyukjae’s shoulder and walk away)

Hyukjae lost control and suddenly.. “Dush!”

Wooyoung’s fall to the ground.. Hyukjae keep hitting him.. He really can’t get himself together..

“Ya, Lee Hyukjae!! Stop it now!!”

He stop hitting him because of that voice.. Wooyoung still laying on the ground.. His mouth’s bleed..

Seulmi : Ya, what do u want with him??

Hyukjae : I want u back to me..

Seulmi : By punching him??

Hyukjae : Why are u so much into him?? Are u really that easy??

Seulmi slapped him..

Seulmi : Oppa.. The answer of your question.. From now on, I’m not your gf anymore.. (help Wooyoung up and leaves)

Hyuk : Ya! Seulmi-ah! (grab Seulmi’s hand but Wooyoung quickly push him)

Hyukjae almost punch him again but quickly stopped by Seulmi..

Seulmi : Stop it oppa.. Everything that happen to us doesn’t related to him.. Stop bothering him and stop looking for me..

Hyukjae : Is that what u really want?? Arasso.. But for me, everything is because of him.. U (pointing at Wooyoung) watch yourself..

Seulmi just ignore him and pull Wooyoung to her car..

Hyukjae : Damn!


While Key is in operation room..

Nurse : Miss Park Seungmi??

Seungmi : It’s me.. Waeyo??

Nurse : Someone ask me to give this to u..

Seungmi : A letter?? Thanks.. (smile)

Dear My ‘Girl’ Seungmi,

My blood now is running on Key.. yes, I’m the donator.. Since I wouldn’t be able to be with u, let my blood run with Key.. I’m sure he will be a good guy for you..

Actually.. I’m not acting.. I’m really in love with you.. Long before u know Key.. But I can’t be with u.. I’ve diagnosed with brain cancer and now it is critical and that is why I’ve decided to give u back to him.. Only if u could know my heart, then u will know how much I am happy when I’m with u.. Even just for a very short period.. That is the happiest moment in my life.. Thanks for being my ‘girl’..

From now on, U will not able to see me again.. I’m gonna spend my last moment with my family at States.. Just praying that you will be mine on our next life.. A very real good bye here.. Saranghae my baby.. Stay strong with Key dear..

-Kim Jonghyun

Seungmi : (teary eyes) What’s this now??

Seungmi quickly runs to the nurse that give that letter to her..

Seungmi : Where’s him??

Nurse : Him? Who??

Seungmi : The one that give this letter to me..

Nurse : He’s discharge from here and gonna continue his treatment in States..

Seungmi : He’s been here before??

Nurse : Yes.. He had his treatment here all of this time.. But his cancer now is in last stage.. So, he decided to spend his last moment with his family there..

Seungmi : Andwae! Why can’t I see?? Why don’t I have any sense before?? Oppa!!

Seungmi is crying as much as she wants.. She know that she loves him too.. Her heart really hurt after knowing the truth.. But life must go on.. She still have Key in here.. He needs her..


Hyora’s house..

Mr. Kim : Fine! Just go wherever u want..

Mrs. Kim : Why are u acting like this now?? U haven’t trust me.. Never!

Mr. Kim : Everyday I keep hearing the same thing.. Everybody think I am not a good husband and now u’re asking me to go there?? Why can’t u just focused on our family??

Mrs. Kim : U know I love my job so much.. This is my last trip before I’m quitting.. But u still like this.. Can u please trust me once??

Mr. Kim : Whatever.. Listen here.. If u go there, then our marriage is off!

“Bang!”.. The book from Hyora’s hand dropped.. She really shocked hearing that word from his father.. They’re always fighting but today it seems serious.. She hates it when her parents quarrel.. But this always happen.. This is why she never fall in love before.. “ I hate being here!!”.. She runs out from the house..

“Should I lend my shoulder to you?”.. Hyora turns to that voice.. He sit beside her..

Hyora : Why should they married if they don’t trust each other?!

Junsu : Marriage is not as easy as we think of..

Hyora : How did u know that I’m here?? This is my secret place..

Junsu : Well.. I’m stalker.. *wink* I know a place that can make u release your stress.. Wanna go with me??

Hyora : If u force me, then I’ll go..

Junsu : Lol.. Lets go.. (grab Hyora’s hand)

Hyora : Oppa.. Where’s this??

Junsu : My mini studio.. I love music so this is the place that I’ll go whenever I’ve a problem.. Want me to play a song for u??

Hyora : I’m glad to..

Junsu : Wait here for a moment..

While Hyora’s looking around.. “Saengilchukka hamnida~ saengilchukka hamnida~..”

Junsu comes with his guitar while Junho and Dahyun comes with a cake and presents.. Hyora’s touched by them.. Even her parents didn’t remember her birthday..

Dahyun : Make a wish dear..

Hyora : Unnie.. Gomawo.. Saranghaeyo.. (hug Dahyun)

Junsu comes closer and wanna hug both of the girls but Junho quickly pull him.. Junsu end up hugging Junho..

Junho : Behave yourself hyung..

Junsu : Ah.. Mianhe.. So happy seeing them hugging each other.. (naughty smile)

They all laughing..

Dahyun : Oh my.. It’s late now.. I need to see Seungmi.. Junho, come with me..

Junho : Arasso.. We go first.. Jyaa~

Hyora : Unnie! Wait for me!!

Junsu quickly hold her hand.. “Listen to me..”

Hyora : What?

Junsu : I need u to listen to my song first before you go anywhere..

Hyora : Hurm.. Ok..

He prepare his guitar and start playing..

“..girl, come a little closer

let me show you what you've never felt before

the time for just the two of us has come

i've waited for this day more than anyone else

today, i'll show you my heart that no one has known before

now, relax as i hold you in my arms close your eyes, and count..

one, two, three, four as you count to ten,

i'll take you to my room all night long, baby.

all night long,

take me until the sun rises,

i want to be with you (baby, i'm yours) here,

right here, hold me give me permission into your heart

(girl, you're mine)..”

Hyora’s mesmerized by his voice.. Voice from the heaven.. She just can’t say anything right now..

Junsu come closer..

Junsu : How was it??

Hyora : How.. what?? Ah.. The song.. is.. great..(stutter)

Hyora suddenly feeling so nervous with Junsu beside her.. She hope that he can’t hear her heartbeat.. Her heart beat so fast..

Junsu just smile seeing her like that..

Junsu : Don’t worry Hyora-shii.. That is just a song.. Do u wanna go home now?? (looking into her eyes)

Hyora : Ah.. Ne.. (avoiding eye contact with Junsu)

They arrived at Hyora’s house.. As soon as Hyora wants to open the door Junsu grab her hand.. Without looking at her.. “ That song is specially made just for you..”.. Hyora turns to him..

Junsu : Yes, I do.. The song that I’ve played before is to confess my feeling towards you.. You’re the first and only girl that I’ve sing to..

Hyora just remain silent.. She didn’t know what should she do.. She’s so shocked by his confession just now..

Junsu : I know it’s hard for you to involve in love matters but please.. Just once, trust me Kim Hyora.. If you’re ready to be in love, answer me.. I don’t want the answer now.. I’ll move to States in three days.. If I don’t get any answer from you these three days, I’ll be expected that you’ve rejected me and I will never bother you again.. Never ever.. Thanks for today anyway.. Sleep well Hyora-shii.. (smile and slowly released her hand)

Hyora slowly step out from the car.. She just walk without turning back.. She really don’t know what should she do.. She hates war between her parents but she likes being with him..Her step stopped.. “ Kim Junsu saranghae!!”

To Be Continued~

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