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Journey of Hearts (Chapter 1)

CHAPTER 1: Gee..

Lunch time..
Dahyun n her best buddies are going 2 the cafe..they're known as female f4 at that university..They're always surrounded n be observed by many people..
(while they passed by one table to another at the cafe..)
Yuki: Dahyun unnie, come n join us?(hoping)
Seunghyun: Anio noona,come join us..We've ur favourite choc cake here.. (smile)
Dahyun: Mianheyo..i've something to do with my buddies.. mianhe*bow*.. (answer with a smile)

(Dahyun n her buddies sit at the special table at the corner of the cafe..)
Seunghyun:Damn,i got rejected again.. *sigh*
Daesung:I told u, she won't joined us..she's so famous here..What makes u think that Dahyun noona n her frens will look only at us?
Seunghyun: We'll see..(monolog)

(At Dahyun's table..)
Hyora: Unnie, u've so many fans here..i'm really envy of u..
Dahyun: Don't say that when u're also being chased even when u're in the toilet..(teasing)
All of them were laughing when Dahyun mention about that..All of them remember back when one day,Hyora can't get out from a toilet as the boys waiting for her in the outside until she need to call Dahyun to save her..

Hyora: Stop it unnie..I think all of the boys wanted to see you..That's why they're chasing me..(denied)
Seulmi: Lol..I'm so proud being a friend with such a famous girls here..
Seungmi: Arrgh..stop all of this..i know that i'm a maknae n i'm not as famous as all of u..but,my stomach's calling for the food..hehe..unnie..can i eat now?(shining eyes)

Dahyun,hyora, n seulmi laugh together..they know that their dongsaeng really luvs to eat..That is how they spend their lunch time together..even though they're all not in the same age,but they can mix well..all of them are so talented in music n really likes 2 play music together..they've decided 2 form a music club together..

At the music room..Dahyun requested seulmi to hear her new song..
Seulmi: Unnie..u really are talented..u can play piano well n u also can create a song..btw,do u have a lyrics?
Dahyun: Nope..not,how's my 1st creation?
Seulmi: Well,u know unnie..i always like to hear when u play ur u want me to add the lyric?
Dahyun: Huh?u want to write a lyric?that's gonna be good..well..i know u're in love with,the person who're in love must have many things to say ne?*wink*(teasing Seulmi)
Seulmi: (Blushing)Unnie!!
Dahyun: So,u have the title?(Hugs seulmi from the back)
Seulmi: No,not yet unnie..well,i think i'm gonna ask..(looking at Dahyun with a smile)
Dahyun: Hyukjae!(naughty face)
Seulmi: Stop it face will be red as tomato n i don't like it when my face become red..
Dahyun: Oke dear..(smile)
Seulmi: Unnie,don't u wanna have a bf?
Dahyun: What?Aigoo..nobody want to be my bf..
Seulmi: Stop being funny unnie..u know that many boys like u..n u can just choose one..that Lee Seunghyun boy also like u so much..he never know to give up although u're always rejected him..
Dahyun: *sigh*Seulmi shi..u know me rite?i don't like all of the guys that chasing me..about Lee Sunghyun..he's much younger than can i take him as my bf?i don't like being noona to my bf..hate that thing..
Seulmi: Ne unnie..but,u must open ur heart too..u're not too young too unnie..its the time for u to think bout you future..

(Dahyun remains silent..she knows that what seulmi said's true..deep in her heart,she also wants someone that she can laid to..someone that can protect her..someone that will makes her heart shines with love again)

Seulmi: Unnie..u still can't forget Donghae sunbae rite?Don't waste your time thinking bout him..he's happy with his life now..n he never turned back to u..
Dahyun: (Dahyun eyes become teary..)Stop that Seul..i know that's my fault..i'm too stupid at that time..i fall in love easily n never have an idea that he'll just dumped me!!
(Hyora n Seungmi who's just arrive were shocked..they both trying to calm Dahyun..)

Seulmi: Mianhe unnie..i didn't mean to make u sad..i just want u to forget him..that jerk..he chooses glass over the diamond..he'll regret it someday..unnie,i want u to be happy coz u're deserve to..
Dahyun: Sorry..sorry(stutter)..actually,i've completely erased him from my heart..but,i didn't think that i will be happy again..My first love was being dumped..n i still can't believe in guys..
Hyora: Seulmi,i think better we not talk more bout this..Let's have a dinner at my uncle's cafe together?
Seungmi:That will be good..agreeeee!!!
(Dahyun n Seulmi smiling looking at their lovely dongsaeng..they're all hugging each other..)

At the Cafe..
Seungmi: Unnie,i need to go to the bathroom..
Hyora: But seungmi,can't u wait for the waiter to take the order?
Seungmi: Anio unnie..i need to go now..just ordered me as usual k?jyaa..i go now~~
Seulmi: (laughing)That kid will always give us smile..
Waiter: Excuse me beautiful senorita,can i have your order? (smile)
(Seulmi n Hyora looking at the menu but not Dahyun)
Dahyun: (monolog)This guy..How can a guy be so pretty?Is he from heaven??Where does he lives?How old was he?N..omo~why's my heart beating so fast..I’m trembling!!

(Seulmi n Hyora finished their order..they both looking at Dahyun who's freezing looking at the waiter..n they smiling to each other)
Waiter: Beautiful lady,is there anything that i can do for u? (asking with a smile)
(Seulmi kick Dahyun's leg..)
Dahyun: (stutter)Give me..give me..err..

(Seulmi n hyora laugh seeing their sunbae like that)
Hyora: Mr.Handsome waiter,just give her a slice of choc cake n a cup of moccha..she really luvs that.. (smile)
Waiter: Oke ladies..just wait for a while..i'll be your slave..Just call me if u want anything..especially u senorita.. (reffered to Dahyun)
(Dahyun can't ever look at his face anymore..she's so shy n suddenly her face become red..The waiter leaves them..)

Seulmi: Unnie!!u like him! (excited)
Dahyun: Meh?Noo!!! (denied)How can i fall in love with someone who easily called all of the women here as beautiful lady n senorita?
(Seulmi n Hyora laughs)
Hyora: Unnie,this is special cafe for womens where all the waiter here are pretty guys n they've trained to give a service like in the palace..
Seulmi: N unnie,i've never seen ur face being as red as just now..keke..i smell l.o.v.e. here~~

(The waiter comes again with their order)
Waiter: Here are your order there anything that u want me to do?
Dahyun: Nope,thanks..just go away from here.. (didn't even look at the waiter)
Waiter: Enjoy your meals beautiful ladies.. (leave with a smile)
(Seungmi comes back)
Dahyun: What makes u take so long?
Seungmi: Er..actually Key's calling me..n i want to talk to him privately.. (smile with all her front teeth shown)
Hyora: Btw Seungmi,u've missed the best incident for today.. (moves her eyebrows up n down to Seulmi)
Seulmi: Ne..our lovely unnie's falling in love..Ouch! (being pinched by Dahyun)That's hurt unnie!
Seungmi: Really??Noo~..Why didn't u guys recorded that time?
(Dahyun comes closer to seungmi)
Dahyun: Seungmi dear,u must be hungry rite?Let's just eat n ignore these two chicks..
Dahyun being teased by her dongsaengs until the end of the night..

Next day at the music room..When all of them were practising,hyora's phone suddenly ringing..
5 minutes later..

Hyora: Guys,guess who's our waiter last nite?
Dahyun: (excited)Who's he??
Seulmi: Calm down unnie..i know what it feels like when falling in love.. (teasing)
Dahyun: (shy)What?i don't care who is he!!.. (blushing)
Hyora: Lol..well,last nite after our dinner,i've ask my uncle bout the waiter..n just now my cousin told me bout that guy..he's part timer at that cafe n just started working there a week ago..he is junior here.. (Dahyun cuts)
Dahyun: What!!Junior??!
Seulmi: Ne unnie..he's,u still don't want to have a younger bf?? (teasing)
Dahyun: (blushing..)!!
Seulmi: U can lie 2 us..but not ur face unnie..we know u better..ur face can't lie unnie.. *wink*
Seungmi: (hug Dahyun from the back)What's his name unnie?
Hyora: Lee Junho..
Seungmi: (Shocked) Lee Junho??!
All: What's wrong with u?
Seungmi: Hyora unnie,did u just said bout Lee Junho??
Hyora: Ne seungmi dear..Did u know him?
Seungmi: Omo..He's in my class!!
Dahyun: What?How can i cannot realize bout that prettyboy in your class?? *sigh*

(Everyone looks at Dahyun suspiciously..Dahyun covered her mouth..)
Dahyun:!!i can such a guy worked at that place..he's young..he need to study..
Seungmi: Wait..wait..Dahyun unnie,do u really like him?U know what,that guy..he never talks to me..i don't think u can be close to him..while another guys in my class always be closed 2 me 2 know bout all of u unnies..but not him..he's so weird in class..Hyora unnie,are u sure that he's Lee Junho??
Hyora: Ne,my cousin said that..
Seulmi: Finally!
Hyora: What?
Seulmi: Dahyun unnie,he's ur style!He didn't chase u..n he..makes ur heart shines with love once again..I've never see u as excited as today unnie!
Seungmi: N he's the master of dancing..He's totally ur taste unnie! (smile brightly)..u need 2 seduce him!!(Naughty face)
Dahyun: Seungmi!!(shy n blushing)
Hyora: Er..but,i wonder bout Dahyun unnie's family..bcoz my uncle said that he's an orphan n he need to work to lives..

All of them agree..Dahyun family really stricts when it comes to status..Dahyun totaly can't hide her feelings anymore..her best buddies always know everything bout her..n she also can't denied her feeling towards that Lee junho guy..she wanted to be close to him..n now she didn't mind bout the age gap..what she knows is she's so in love with the guy named Lee Junho.. Kim Junsu's house..

Mrs.Kwon: Junsu son,where's ur dongsaeng?Is he back yet?Tell him 2 eat with us..omma cook his favourite seafood tonight..
Junsu: Ne omma..he's in my room..i'll call him now.. (while his hand grabbing some food)
Mrs.Kwon: (push junsu's hand)Don't eat yet!!I make this 4 ur him now..
Junsu: Allright omma.. *sigh*
(Junsu's room)
Junsu: Ya Lee Junho!come downstairs now!!
Junho: Hyung... (smile)..thanks..
Junsu: Aish this boy..come on now..or else..omma will pinch my pretty ears..
Junho: No,i'm serious hyung..thanks 2 u n ur lovely family..especially mrs.kwon..all of u really treat me well..dunno what can i do 2 repay back all of ur kindness hyung..
Junsu: (smile)Small matter my dongsaeng..i'm the only son in this house..really boring..untill u came,this house become shines again..n u will always be my dongsaeng..promise?
Junho: (teary eyes..)Hyung..gomawo.. (hug Junsu)
Junsu: Ya!don't cry!!Omma will kill me..
(both of them laugh..)
Mrs.Kwon: Junsu!!Junho..come on down now!!before i go there get both of u..(calling from downstair)
Junsu: Aish..i tell u..come now..if not,both of us will be pinched by her..
Junho: Ne hyung.. (following Junsu)

Kim Junsu is Lee Junho best buddies..n now become his hyung..they've known each other since childhood when Junho's family is staying at that place..but his father's being deceived n his company bankrupt..from that day,his father's missing n his mother need 2 work hard..Junsu's family take her mother 2 work at their house until she's died from cancer..Junho don't has anybody else..from that time,they've decided 2 make junho as their son..

Mr.Kim: Junho son,how's ur work?
Junho: Everything's allright Mr.Kim..
Mr.Kim: many times i need 2 tell u??don't call me me appa..or i will stop eating now..
Junho: Ah..Mianhe appa..(shyly smile)
(everybody's laughing)
Mrs.Kwon: Junho-shii..why don't u stop working n just focus on ur study?did money that appa give 2 u doesn't enough?
Junho: Anio omma..everything's in this house is perfect 4 me..i just wanna earn my own money..please support me omma,appa..
Mr.Kim n Mrs.Kwon: Ne son..(smile)
Junsu: (teasing)He wants 2 save some money so that he can married early omma.. (kicked by Junho)Ouch!
Mrs.Kwon: What's wrong son?
Junsu: Nothing omma..(stare at Junho)
Mr.Kim: Junho son,is that true?do u have someone in ur heart now?
Junho: (shocked)Anio appa..not yet..

Dahyun house..
Maid: Miss,it's time 2 eat..ur parent's waiting 4 u..
Dahyun: (laying on the bed)Tell them 2 eat first..i'm not hungry yet.. (smile)
Maid: Ne miss..
Dahyun: (monolog)Lee Junho..ahh..what's wrong with me?Everytime..everywhere..only his name that i can remember..i keep thinking bout heart beating faster when seeing him n I’m..trembled!!Aigoo..i don't like this!!

To be continued..~~

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