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Journey of Hearts (Chapter 6)


(Early morning.. Seulmi’s ready to go to the hospital.. When she arrives..)

Seulmi : Annyeong(smile).. Are u alrite today??

Woo : Much better than before.. I think I’ll be able 2 return home.. U’re so good 2 me all of these time.. No one come n visit me here except u.. Don’t know how can I repay your kindness..

Seulmi : Ah.. Don’t say that.. I’m doing this sincerely..

(Dr. Ma comes..)

Woo : Annyeong doc..

Dr. Ma : Annyeong(smile).. I’ve a good news 2 both of u..

Seulmi : What is it doctor?

Dr. Ma : Wooyoung condition is really good today.. He’s recovered.. I’m glad 2 say that u can return home today.. After u finished packing, take a medicine at the counter n quickly call me if anything’s wrong..

Woo : Really?? Thanks so much doc.. Thanks for everything..

Dr. Ma : It’s ok.. I’m always take a good care of all my patients..(smile n leaves)

(Wooyoung becomes uneasy.. Seems like something is wrong..)

Seulmi : Woo..what’s wrong with u?? U should be happy because u’re able 2 return home now..

Woo : (sigh) I don’t have anyone in my home.. I feel happier when I’m here..

Seulmi : Why did u say that??

Woo : Nothing.. Thanks for being with me all this time Seul.. (trying hard 2 smile)

Seulmi : Kwenchana.. I’m relieved that u’re recovered now.. Want me 2 send u home??

Woo : It’s ok seul.. U’ve helped me a lot.. Don’t wanna troubled u more..

Seulmi : Stop saying that.. We’re now friends n what’s purpose of a friend if we can’t help them?? Don’t talk anymore.. I’ll send u home.. Quickly wash yourself.. I’ll help u packed your things here..

(Dahyun’s house.. As usual Seungho knocked her door early in the morning..)

Dahyun : Aish.. He again.. Ya, oppa!! Stop it!!(shouting)

Seungho : Wake up now my little bunny!! (continue knocking)

Dahyun : Ah.. I hate him so much.. (open the door) What do u want??

Seungho : Ya, let’s go out.. I’m bored.. (pull dahyun’s to the bathroom)

Dahyun : Ah.. Why do u need 2 bother my weekend?? Where do u wanna go??

Seungho : Please dahyun.. My last wish before I return back 2 canada.. Spend a day with me,please??(begging)

Dahyun : What??(shocked) When will u go back there?? Has it be a month since u comes here??

Seungho : Ne dear.. (pinched Dahyun’s cheeks) Next week I’ll return 2 Canada..

Dahyun : (pull seungho out) Wait outside.. I’ll quickly get ready..

(while waiting 4 Dahyun, Seungho recall his conversation with their parents last nite..)

Mr.Yang : What are u talking about??

Mrs.Kang : Ne son.. Didn’t u love her??

Seungho : Mianhe omma, appa.. I can’t be with her.. I’ve someone else in my heart.. (head downs)

Mr.Yang : Ya, Seungho!! Dahyun is really a good girl.. How can u just cancel this engagement just because u already has someone else?? Did she good enough compared 2 Dahyun?? (almost slap Seungho but quickly stopped by Mr.Lee..)

Mr.Lee : Stop it Mr.Yang.. I’m sure he has his own reason 2 cancel this engagement.. No matter what, our friendship will still be like before.. Don’t worry..

Mrs.Kang : I’m so sorry.. (bow) Didn’t expect this 2 happen.. Me too really wanna have Dahyun as my daughter in law but what can we do..

Mrs.Lee : Kwenchana..(smile) I’ve known Seungho since he’s still a child.. N everything he do, he has his own reason.. He won’t do things without thinking bout it first.. He just like my own son..

Seungho : Gomawo ommo-nim.. Mr.Lee, I’m so sorry.. Dahyun is really a good girl..

Mr.Yang : I still can’t believe u canceled this.. I’m sorry both of u.. We’re so ashamed of what happen..

Mr.Lee : Kwenchana.. Whatever happen, I’m just hoping that we’re always be like a family..

Mr.Yang : Yang Seungho, make sure u can find a girl better than Dahyun.. If not, I will not let u get married!

(Seungho’s dad really angry with him..)

Dahyun : Oppa! (hit seungho’s shoulder) Lol..what are u thinking about??

Seungho : Aish.. Rabbit!! U almost make me got heart attack u know?? (complaining)

Dahyun : Kekeke.. Let’s go oppa.. What do u want 2 do today?? Ah, where are your parents?? (looks around)

Seungho : My parents?? They’ve return Canada early morning..

Dahyun : What?? Why are they so fast??

Seungho : Nothing.. They just happy because u won’t be their daughter in law.. (whispered 2 himself.. but dahyun still can clearly heard that..)

Dahyun : (Hold Seungho’s shoulder) Oppa.. tell me the truth.. Your parents mad at u rite?? What did u said?? Why don’t u just said that I am the one who wanna cancel the engagement?? Why are u the one who will be blame on??

Seungho : Hey my lil bunny.. Why are u worried so much?? Nothing happens dear.. Come, let’s go.. We will be late n I’ll regret if I can’t spend much time with u.. (wink n grab dahyun’s hand)

(Seungho just didn’t want Dahyun feels guilty.. He himself can go through all alone.. He just want dahyun be happy with her choice.. Without they knowing, someone hears their talk just now..)

(Dahyun and Seungho spend their time at amusement park that day.. They both so happy n seems like they’re back 2 their childhood time.. Someone snap their happy time together silently.. They never know what will happen after this..)

At ice cream stall..

Seungho : Rabbit, wanna taste mine?? (offer his strawberry ice cream 2 Dahyun)

Dahyun : Oppa.. U know that I didn’t like strawberry rite?? (continue licking her ice cream)

Seungho : What?? After 8 years u still doesn’t like strawberry?? I guess u never try them have u?? Ya, since this is our last outing, don’t u wanna try mine just once??

Dahyun : Aish.. U never know 2 give up.. aigoo.. Yes, I will try yours..

(Seungho hold his ice cream 4 dahyun 2 taste it but suddenly..)

Dahyun : Ya!! This is why u want me 2 taste yours?? Don’t run!! I’ll go get u!! (chasing seungho)

Seungho : Lol.. Ok2.. mianhe jagiya~~

Dahyun : Who’s your jagiya?? Ya, look at me.. Aish~

Seungho : Kekeke.. Rabbit.. U’re so cute with those ice cream on your cheeks..

Dahyun : Ya,stop it.. U will spoil my mood oppa!

Seungho : (quickly take a tissue n wipe ice cream on dahyun cheeks) Keke.. mianhe rabbit.. but seriously, u look so cute! I should take a photo of u just now.. (continue laughing)

Dahyun : Ah.. I don’t wanna go anymore.. U go walk alone.. (sulky face)

Seungho : Ok.. I’ll go first.. Take care of yourself Miss Lee Dahyun~ (merong)

Dahyun : Ya!!

(Seungho continue walking..)

Dahyun : Ah!! I hate him!! So annoying.. aish.. (sitting alone on the bench)

Hyora : Unnie? What are u doing here?? Are u with Junho??

Dahyun : Hyora shii.. Anio.. I’m with Seungho oppa.. But he’s so annoying.. Aigoo.. Really hate him.. If I know this would happen, I won’t go out with him.. Btw, are u alone??

Hyora : Me?? I’m with.. (Junsu’s coming)

Junsu : Here your choc-vanilla ice cream..

Hyora : Gomawo oppa..

Dahyun : Wah.. u look great together!

Hyora : (shy) Unnie! Why did u said that??

Junsu : Really?? No wonder every stall that we go said that we’re couple.. Don’t u like me Hyora shii?? (teased hyora)

Hyora : Stop it!! (Blushing)

Dahyun : Hehe.. How sweet.. he knows how 2 treat a girl.. not like seungho oppa.. Always make me annoyed..

Hyora : We’re not a couple unnie!! Aigoo.. please stop teasing me..

Dahyun : Why not?? Both of u still single rite?? Why don’t u let Junsu shii become your first love hyora??

(Seungho suddenly comes n grab dahyun’s hand.. He runs with Dahyun..)

Dahyun : Where do u want to take me??

Seungho : Just follow me..

(only Junsu n Hyora remains there..)

(Junsu get closed 2 hyora..)

Junsu : (whisper 2 hyora) Should I try 2 take your heart??

Hyora : (completely shocked) What.. what are u talking about?? (try 2 avoid junsu) Just forget about what’ve Dahyun unnie said before.. She’s just teasing me..

Junsu : Keke.. U know what Hyora shii?? U looks so sweet when u’re blushing.. Should I make u blushed more?? (Waving his eyebrow with naughty smile)

Hyora : (Covered her face) Ah! I hate u oppa!! (Leaves Junsu)

(Junsu chased Hyora.. He grab her hand.. Hyora becomes nervous.. Her heart beating crazily.. She just don’t know what happen with her heart.. She never experienced love before..)

Junsu : I know the place that can make u feel less stress.. (continue walking while holding hyora’s hand)

(Hyora just remain silent.. She don’t know what to do.. But she also feel strange because she feel so comfort with Junsu holding her hand.. She just hope that this day will never end..)

Dahyun : Ya! What did we do here??

Seungho : Let’s participate in the games??

Dahyun : What?? These couple games?? I don’t want to..

Seungho : Please Dahyun.. Just this one.. U will never know when will I come back here again.. (begging)

Dahyun : Ah.. Why my heart is easily melts with u?? Aigoo..

Seungho : Yes!! Let’s go~

Dahyun : What should I do??

Seungho : U just need 2 stay at the haunted house.. I’ll go through all the obstacles n then if I managed 2 passes all the obstacle n arrive at your place, that means we’re good 4 each other n the best couple will get couple necklace n a romantic dinner..

Dahyun : Wait.. wait.. Where do I need 2 wait 4 u??

Seungho : Haunted house there.. (pointing at the old buildings on top of the hill)

Dahyun : What?? Andwae!! I don’t want to!!

Seungho : Dahyun please.. I’ll make sure I arrive at your place as soon as possible.. Trust me my dear.. I won’t let anything happen to u..

(Dahyun still remain silent staring at the old buildings there..)

Seungho : Trust me Dahyun.. (hold Dahyun’s hand) I will do the best for u..

Dahyun : (Look into seungho eyes) huh.. I trust u oppa.. Do your best.. If anything happens I will quickly scream n u must come no matter what ne??

Seungho : lol.. Yes mem!! I will do anything 4 u..

(As the game started.. Dahyun was tied inside the buildings.. There are many more couple participate but the girls are all in different rooms.. Every girl was able 2 watch what have the boys passes through with the tv there..

(Dahyun were very scared.. She just hope that Seungho will safely come to her.. She can see how much Seungho tried his best in there.. Without she realize, her heart now open a bit for that guy.. As seungho falls down, “Oppa! Stay strong oppa..”.. )

(while Dahyun watching Seungho struggle 2 save her, Hyora also struggle with her feelings.. She keep denying her feels towards Junsu..)

Hyora : That things really make me less stress Junsu shii.. Gomawo~

Junsu : What?? Don’t u feel dizzy??

Hyora : Nope! I like it because I can scream a lot up there.. Feels like all of my problems fly away with my scream just now..

Junsu : Yeah.. U do scream a lot just now.. lol.. Wanna scream more??

Hyora : Huh?? Where is it this time??

Junsu : Come with me.. (Grab Hyora’s hand)

(“Arrggh!!” Hyora scream when something flying above them.. Junsu just smile looking at her reaction inside there..)

Junsu : How was the haunted house??

Hyora : I do scream a lot but that place just make me heart attack.. I didn’t expect that it will be that horror inside there..

Junsu : U know what.. U’ve hold my hand so tight in there.. (showing his hand)

Hyora : Ah, mianhe oppa.. I don’t realize what’ve I done because I’m really scared.. Let me massage it a bit.. (feels guilty)

(Junsu just let her massage his hand.. He keep staring at that girl.. Hyora realize that n quickly release Junsu’s hand..)

Junsu : Hyora shii.. U’ve hugged me once inside there.. (naughty face)

Hyora : Ah.. I’m so sorry oppa.. I didn’t mean 2 do that.. (blushing)

Junsu : Lol.. Doesn’t mind.. I like it! (Whishper)

Hyora : (Clumsy) Ah.. I wanna go home.. Annyeong.. (quickly walk but she can’t balanced her step..)

Junsu : Ah.. Why are u so clumsy?? Do u scared of me?? (Look straight into hyora’s eyes)

Hyora : Oppa.. Let go of me.. (Junsu quickly remove his hand on hyora’s waist)

(Both of them were so shamed.. They walked together without a single word come from their mouth..)

“And the winner for couple games today is….. Yang Seungho and Lee Dahyun couple!! Let’s give them a big hand!! Seungho has passed through all the obstacles n arrived 2 saved Dahyun with the fastest time.. U both really great!!”

Dahyun : Yeay!! U’re really great oppa!! Saranghae!~ (Hug seungho)

Seungho : (monolog) If it 4 u, I will able 2 do anything.. Hopefully she can see it one day..

Dahyun : Oppa? U didn’t want this necklace??

Seungho : No, it’s ok.. Just give this 2 Junho..He’s the one in your heart rite?? (smile)

(Dahyun lost her words.. She keep thinking “Why was his heart is so pure?? Ah, Junho save me now! My heart will be opened 4 him if he continued this”..)

Seungho : Dahyun, are u alrite?? Let’s go home.. It’s midnight now..

Dahyun : Oppa, remember what we do on midnight when we’re still a kid??

Seungho : Hm?? Firework?? But don’t u think its too late now?? Your parents will be worried rabbit..

Dahyun : Oppa, u know how much omma trust u rite? They wouldn’t worry if I’m with u..

Seungho : Are u sure??

Dahyun : Ne oppa.. Let’s go! (Grab Seungho’s hand)

(They both really happy that nite.. Totally becomes like when they’re still young kids.. They played all nite together at the top of the school n watching scenery of the town.. Playing fireworks together.. So much fun that nite.. They totally forgot about their problems..)

To Be Continued~

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