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Journey of Hearts (Chapter 7)


(Late at night.. Seulmi arrives home.. As soon as she comes out from her car..)

Hyukjae : Ya,where did u go?? Don’t u know what time now??

Seulmi : Hyukie.. What are u doing here at this time?? I’m not a kid n I know how 2 take care of myself.. (sulky)

Hyukjae : Seul.. U’re my gf.. Of course I have a rights 2 know where did u go n with whom.. I want 2 make sure everything is alrite..

Seulmi : Don’t worry too much.. I’m not a kid anymore..

Hyukjae : Why are u keep telling that?? U know what?? I’m here since evening.. Why didn’t u pick up my calls?? U with that guy rite??

Seulmi : (sigh) I’m tired now.. Don’t wanna fight with u.. Let’s talk tomorrow.. (walks to her house)

(Hyukjae quickly grab her hand..)

Hyukjae : Ya, what’s wrong with u?? (whishpering) U know that I really love u rite?

Seulmi : (Seulmi becomes nervous.. Her heart suddenly beating faster) Let me go!

Hyukjae : (Holding Seulmi’s hand tightly) I won’t until u tell me about Jang Wooyoung.. Please Seul.. Tell me who is him.. N what is your relationship with him jagiya??

(Seulmi didn’t has any choice.. She tells Hyukjae everything about wooyoung..)

Hyukjae : So, u don’t have any feelings toward him Seul??

Seulmi : Stop it! I’ve said that before.. He’s just my friend.. I’m really tired now.. Let me go please, oppa..

Hyukjae : Mianhe jagiya.. I’m really love u n I don’t want 2 lose u.. Go sleep now.. Let’s talk more tomorrow.. Saranghae Seul.. (released Seulmi’s hand)

Seulmi : Nite oppa..

Next day.. At the music room..

Hyun : Why did u bring me her?

Seungmi : Nothing.. I just miss this place.. This is our 2nd home before.. But now nobody comes here.. I really miss my unnies n our times here..

Hyun : Really?? I didn’t know that all of u are talented in music..(walking towards the piano)

Seungmi : U know how to play it??

Hyun : Well, actually one of my wish if I have a gf is I wanna play this with her.. So, should we??

Seungmi : (smile) Of course oppa..

Jonghyun’s really happy.. It’s been a month since he’s become her “namja chingu”.. As the first note started, they both absorbed by the music they played.. Suddenly..

Krystal : See!! This is the girl that u’re waiting for??

Both Jonghyun n Seungmi were shocked while looking at Krystal.. N also Key..

Key n Seungmi looking at each other without any words coming out.. Jonghyun quickly grab Seungmi’s hand.. He knows that she will become weak everytime Key’s looking at her..

Krystal : Look at her.. Happily sitting n playing with him.. Even she’s holding his hand.. What is so special about her??

Key : (slap Krystal) Ya! This is none of your business!! (leaves)

Krystal also leaves.. Seungmi quickly stands and want to chase Key.. But Jonghyun is grabbing her hand.. She look at him..

Hyun : I can feel it.. Your heart is really for him.. n I think now is the time.. Go back to him.. He is what u’re looking for all this time.. Now I want u 2 know that Key is really change.. Yes, he was a playboy before.. But since he meets u, he’s changed a lot.. He becomes a new person.. all because of u.. Now go.. Find him.. Tell him that u only belongs 2 him..

Jonghyun slowly released Seungmi’s hand.. He can’t even look at her anymore.. This is the first time his eyes tearing 4 a girl.. His head downs and his heart really aches..

Seungmi : Oppa.. (teary eyes)

Seungmi grabs both of his hand..

Hyun : As u can see the truth of him..My duty is over.. We’re no longer a couple anymore.. It was really nice being with u girl.. (fake smile)

Seungmi : oppa.. I really hope that I know u before him.. So that u will be my first love.. I don’t know why but I would like to hear u say that u love me.. Not just acting but your heart really love me.. (head down) Because I think I’ve fall for u oppa..(low tone)

Hyun : (wipe Seungmi tears) Hey girl.. stop crying.. or else others will say that I’ve bullied u.. (smile) U know what, I’m also afraid that this will happen.. I’m afraid that u will really love me.. I just wanna help u and Key.. Both of u are my dongsaeng n I know that u really love each other so much.. N I will never steal my dongsaeng’s girl..

Both of them looking at each other..

Seungmi : Oppa.. Gomawo..

Hyun : Ya, stop crying.. Go get him.. Before that witch do something.. (smile)

Seungmi released his hand and slowly step backward.. She’s giving her last smile to him and runs to find Key..

Jonghyun kneeled down.. He’s crying!

Hyun : (monolog) I do love u so much Park Seungmi.. Me too.. Hope u will be happy with him.. Your first love..

Hyora walking around the corridor..

Hyora : huh? Why the door is opens?? Is someone there??

Hyora slowly walking to the music room.. While pushing the door..

Hyora : Dahyun unnie?? Seulmi?? Seungmi??(Hyora saw Jonghyun beside the piano) Ah, I’m sorry?? What’s wrong??

Hyora walks toward Jonghyun and try 2 calm him down.. But he’s quickly get up and leaves..

Hyora : Ya! Aish.. Why did I feel like I’ve meet him before? Seriously.. who is him ne?? Ah.. Seungmi!! That is Jonghyun!

(Meanwhile.. Lee’s resident..)

Mr. Lee : Lee Dahyun.. Tonight u’ll have 2 accompany me to a dinner..

Dahyun : Me? Dinner?? Wae appa??

Mr. Lee : U’ll take care of the company soon.. Since u still didn’t want 2 marry anyone, then u’ll be taking off my company once u’ve finished ur study..arasso??

Dahyun : Appa.. But u know that I didn’t like 2 take care of ur company n what so ever.. Let me be with my own choice appa..

Mr. Lee : Your own choice?? What? Do u know how 2 make a choice?? U simply abandoned Seungho just 4 a guy named Lee Junho.. Didn’t u??

Dahyun : (Shocked) did u know??

Mr. Lee : Is that really your choice?? Is that a really good choice 4 u?? Lee Dahyun.. I know u’ll choose music.. I almost think that I’ll just let u go with it.. But when u’re rejecting Seungho, that makes me think that u’re still like a kid.. U didn’t even know what is the best 4 u..

Dahyun : (still in shocked) but appa..(stutter) I.. I..

Mr. Lee : Now u choose.. If u’re still seeing that boy, then I’ll make sure u n him can never meet anymore.. either u or him will be suspended from college..

Dahyun : (kneeled down) wae.. (cries)

Mr. Lee : Wonder why u choose that boy over Yang Seungho.. Make sure u’re ready 4 the dinner tonight..(leaves)

Dahyun’s really hurt.. She didn’t expect that his father will be as drastic as that.. Now she really didn’t know what should she do.. She really loves musics n also.. Lee Junho.. But 4 Junho’s future, she must follow her father.. She must be the director of the company.. She needs 2 throw away her dreams of music.. Why did this happen 2 her?? She keep wondering.. How can her father know everything bout her?? Thinking of that, her tears just keep coming down.. Suddenly someone offers his shoulder 4 her..

Dahyun : It’s not suppose to be like this..

Seungho : I’ve heard everything.. Just how.. How could Mr.Lee know bout this??

(Dahyun suddenly get up.. She pulls seungho up too..)

Dahyun : Oppa, help me 4 tonight?? U go accompany appa instead of me??

Seungho : But, where do u wanna go tonight??

Dahyun : I need 2 meet him.. He should know this.. Before things get worst.. please oppa?? U know appa will not mad at u..

Seungho : I’ll try.. but.. I’m worried.. Something could happen 2 u Dahyunnie.. I’m not there with u tonight..

Dahyun : Don’t worry oppa.. I have Junho.. Remember that?? I’m sure he’ll be taking care of me just like u do.. Just please help me out of this house before tonight..

Seungho : I know.. but I’m not feeling good bout this.. u know your appa ne? He’ll know everything u do.. I’m curious.. How did he know everything.. I’m thinking about a ‘spy’.. His ‘spy’ must be following u everywhere Dahyun..

(Dahyun sighing.. She also agree on what had Seungho just said.. Her appa can do anything he wants.. She can’t think of anything right now.. Just Junho in her head..)

Seungho : Hey rabbit.. what’s with that face?? I’ll help u as far as I could.. Didn’t I said that I’ll do anything just 4 u??(smile)

Dahyun : Oppa??

Seungho : Now go wash yourself.. We’ll go 2 Kim’s resident.. I’ll ask Junsu 2 help me take care of u instead.. arasso??

Dahyun : Oppa.. Saranghae!! (hugged Seungho)

(Seungmi.. Still seeking 4 Key.. “Where could he been?? It hasn’t be so long since he’s going just now.. Even Krystal also isn’t anywhere..” her eyes keep searching 4 Key,she sees there’s a group of people on the roadside..)

Seungmi : Why are they there?? Is there an accident??

(She slowly walks near them.. Wants to see what’ve happen.. But..)

Seungmi : Wha… KEYYY!!!

(She walks forward n hold him.. Key is bleeding like crazy.. His head, his mouth.. Bloods just coming everywhere.. She didn’t think about that running blood.. She just don’t wanna lose him..)

Seungmi : Key!! Open ur eyes!! Keep holding on my dear.. Wait!! Isn’t anyone call an ambulance?? Can’t u see that he’s damn injured here??(shouting)

Key : (half awake) Jagiya..(low tones)

Seungmi : Key??(cries)Don’t say anything.. I’ll be here with u.. no matter what will happen, I won’t let u go.. Just keep holding on.. I can’t see u suffering like this..(hug Key) Ya!! Could someone send us to the hospital?? How long does u think he’ll survive like this??(crying)

Suddenly a group of men come.. “we’ll help u.. Don’t worry girl.. Everybody move aside!”..

Byunghee : Guys.. Bring him in.. (Help Seungmi up) Are u ok?? Let’s get in..

Seungmi : Thanks everyone.. Even u didn’t know us.. (holding Key’s hand tightly)

Joon : Kwenchana.. Don’t talk too much.. Keep encouraging him.. He needs spirit at this moment.. Just don’t let him close his eyes completely..

Seungmi’s looking at Key.. She really can’t stand seeing him like that.. She feels so bad that she didn’t tell him that she really n only love him so much..

Seungmi : (lower her head n whispering 2 Key) Kibummie..stay strong..I love u so much.. Jeongmal saranghamnida..Please don’t leave me like this.. I need u.. I miss u so much all of this while.. Keep fighting 4 me.. Prove me that u love me.. Please..~

Seungmi’s tears fall 2 Key’s face.. He can feel it.. He thinks that he really need 2 prove her that he really love her.. He can’t go just like that.. But he just can’t open his eyes.. Feels like something’s holding his eyelids.. He feels like he’s in dreamland.. He see a very charming place.. A big beautiful park.. N he’s now following the light..

Seungmi : KEYYY!!!!!


Seungho n Dahyun arrives there.. At Kim Junsu’s place..

Junsu : Ah hyung.. I know why u’re here.. (looking at Dahyun)

Seungho : Well.. I didn’t expect anything..(smile) Just..can u let us meet Junho 4 a while?? Did he home??

Junsu : I don’t know how 2 tell this actually.. But Junho isn’t here.. Me too didn’t know where he goes.. since yesterday I can’t get in contact with him.. N he left this.. 4 u Dahyun..(hand over a letter 2 Dahyun)

Seungho : Are u 4 real?? Then, would u tell him 2 meet Dahyun when he’s back? Or at least give her a call then..

Junsu : I will hyung.. (sigh) I wonder what’s the problem now..

Seungho : What did u said??

Junsu : Ah, nothing hyung..(smile)

Dahyun : Junsu-shii..Are u sure he isn’t here??(suspicious)

Junsu : (stutter) wha..what do u mean by that?? Aish.. Just.. He just left that letter n ask me 2 give it 2 u.. I don’t really know what is going on actually.. But I’m just hoping that he’ll doing good..

Seungho : Let’s hope that everything will gonna be alright.. Oh my.. Dahyunnie, it’s almost 6.. Let’s go home before ur dad’s find out that u’re here..

Dahyun : aish.. Really..hate this..

Seungho : Thanks for everything Junsu.. Let’s drink together someday..

Junsu : Ne,hyung.. Let’s hangout together before u go back there.. N Dahyunnie,take care of yourself.. That’s from Junho..

Dahyun : Kamsahamnida.. I’m really missing him..

(in the car..)

Seungho : Are u really not gonna read that letter??

Dahyun : Nope.. Until the dinner tonight.. I know that I’ll be shocking after reading this.. So 2 prevent my bad mood 4 the dinner tonight I’ll not read this..

Dahyun keep thinking.. “Until I know why Junsu’s lying..”..

Seungho : What?? Do u wanna go with your dad tonight?? Will u be alright then??

Dahyun : I know something is wrong here.. I also know that Junho’s missing because of this arranged dinner.. Appa is involved in this..

Seungho : How did u know??

Dahyun : Junsu’s awkward expression.. He really can’t lie.. Looks like he know something.. But I think I need 2 know what will happen at the dinner tonight.. I’m really curious about appa’s game.. Oppa,will u go with me tonight?? Be there whenever I need u..Would u??

Seungho : Hurm.. If it’s for u, u know that I can’t say no rite?? I’ll be there..Make sure u tell me rite away if something is wrong..

Dahyun : Arasso..(smile)u’re really my guardian angel oppa..


Junsu : Ya! Why did u ask me to lie?? Almost got caught by her.. So close..

Junho : Nothing.. Don’t u see that she looks good with him??

Junsu : Ya Lee Junho!! What’s now?? Do u think that keeping anything alone is the best way?? At least tell me why.. N what’s with that letter??

Junho : Hyung.. Please.. Let me handle my own life.. I don’t want u to get involve in this kind of thing.. Her family can’t never accept me..

Junsu : Wae?? Just what is it now Junho?? Aish..

Junho : Nothing.. I just feel like I need 2 let go of her.. I have nothing hyung.. Compared to those guys around her..

Junsu : Junho.. Are they blackmailed u?? Tell me who is it..

Junho : Ah, hyung.. Just let go of it.. Seungho hyung will take a good care of her..

Junsu : What? Ya, Junho! Are u a man?? Will u just let her go like that??

Junho : My flight is at 5 tomorrow..

Junsu : (shocked) What?? Where will u go??

To Be Continued~

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