Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All About Me^^

Well.. First of all let me introduce myself.. I am Adi or my korean name is Dahyun.. Malaysian and still studying.. Crazy bout Suju,2PM n MBLAQ.. As u can see my layout, i'm totally addicted to kpop.. No one can change me

Next.. Let me introduce my hubby..
He is Lee Junho.. Totally in love with him and his killer eye smile.. *Fainting~*
Everyone wanna see his abs but please baby, don't show it to just anyone.. Don't do it anymore.. Only me can see it..kekeke..
Actually, I never wanna have a crush on younger guys but he changed everything.. He's my first love that I can't call oppa.. But love isn't about age rite?^^

Secondly is my oppa.. Forever oppa.. He is my first love..
I know kpop because of him and SuJu..
So, Suju and Lee Donghae will forever be in my heart.. I maybe a bit late knowing them.. But hopefully SuJu will always succeed..;)

Then my dark prince.. Yang Dark leadho..Yang Seungho..
At first, when hearing their name.. me: " What?? M-Blaq?? What a weird name.. I wouldn't fall for them..".. But love is not easy.. (so much LOVE in here..keke).. The more we run, the more it will chase us.. Dunno when, my eyes captured that face.. When he's dancing in Oh Yeah.. While everyone saying that they love Mir and Joon, I'm really not interested in them but him.. Only he capturing my eyes at that time and I know, love grows for him..

And I think.. Only that for my intro now.. This is the story of a silly girl that is an A+ hottest ELF..^^

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