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Melody Love: Sheet Ten

Sheet 10: Your Black Knight..

Naz and Dahyun are enjoying the morning scenery by walking together at the seashore.. Suddenly Seungho rushes to them.. He stopped in front of Naz and stare at Dahyun without a word.. Both Dahyun and Naz also lost at word seeing him so suddenly..

“Come with me for a while..” He grabs Naz’s hand and leave Dahyun alone..

“What’s wrong with u now Mr.President?” Dahyun’s talking alone and continue walking but inside, she really is curious about what has happened between them.. To be more precise, since yesterday.. She really wanna know what is going on.. Not because she worried about them but.. Her heart.. She feels something in her heart seeing them being too close.. She is jealous! But what for?


“What is it?” Naz asked him when he stop.. Gasping for breath, he look deeply in her eyes..

“U need to get out of here.. If u want, I can send u home.. Is it ok?” He asked..

Naz is really shocked hearing that.. Her eyes widen as she still looking at him.. “But.. But why?” she stutter.. Wants an explanation from him..

Seungho turns around.. “Ah.. What’s wrong with your neck?” she can see it clearly.. “Did u fight again?”

He turns to her and just smile.. “That’s why I want u to go home.. They might searching for u again..” he said calmly..

She feels bad for what has happened to Seungho.. He don’t have anything to do with them but he protected her.. Still fresh in her mind on how Seungho has saved her yesterday.. She recall yesterday’s incident while she’s on her way to college..

“Ya! What are u guys doing? Let go of her!!” he runs to her when he see she’s been surrounded by the guys..

“Wohoo~ Who’s this? Your new bf?” one of them said while gently strokes her hair.. Naz pushed his hand roughly.. “That makes me like u more..” another guys said and suddenly a punched come to his face.. “Your hand didn’t deserved to touch her..”Seungho said and bring her to his bike but the guys aren’t satisfied.. They come and hit him.. Luckily he’s martial arts follower.. He managed to defend himself and fight against the four guys..

“I’ll let u go this time girl.. But remember.. There will always be another time..” One of them said before they leave..

“Seungho, are u alright?” she asked..

“I’m ok.. Come on ride with me.. We’ll gonna late for the MT..” Seungho said..

Back to reality, she stare at him.. “Did u just fight for me again? No! I won’t go home.. Something might happens to G.O also..” she said and wanna leave..

Seungho quickly grab her.. “G.O? What did he have to do with them?” he confused..

“That guys.. They actually seeking for G.O.. But I lied to them so that he will not be bothered by them.. In the end they keep following me..” she said with slow tone.. “I just don’t want anything happens to him..” her head down.. Seungho hold her shoulder.. “I’ll make sure G.O will always be alright.. I’ll help u and him with this.. But first I need to find out why are they searching for him..” he said..

Before Naz could say anyting.. ‘Dush!’ G.O’s fist laid on Seungho’s face.. G.O grab his collar.. “What are u doing with her?” He asked in angry tone.. Seungho removed G.O’s hand on his shirt.. They both exchanging gaze.. Seungho walked and leave them..

“Running away after making trouble to someone else.. Is u really are like that? I regret that I trust u so much Yang Seungho..” G.O said and as soon as he finished, she slapped him..

“U’re too much!” Naz’s almost shouting.. G.O look at her.. Their eyes met.. “Do u also.. Do u like him that much?” he asked.. Seungho didn’t move.. Just look at them..

“What if I like him? What if I wanna do something to protect him? What are u gonna do? Where are u when I needed u so much? Don’t u dare to touch him again..” without she planned, all the words flowing from her mouth just like a river.. Seungho almost stopped her that time but he see Dahyun at the other side.. He can see her face changes..

Meanwhile, Dahyun feels like something is cutting her heart hearing what has Naz said before.. She still didn’t realize that Seungho is looking at her..

“Why are u.. Why are u like this? Naz.. Since when did u like him?” G.O is still unclear on what is she wanna tell him.. Naz didn’t answer him.. She stare at Seungho silently.. “He’s been my Black Knight..” Naz said without looking at him..

“Ya! What is this now.. Seungho.. Don’t just stay silent.. What is this now?” G.O lost his patience.. He feels like he’s betrayed by both of them.. While G.O and Naz waiting for Seungho’s answer.. “G.O oppa!” all of them turn to that voice..

“Dahyun?” Naz shocked seeing her..

“I’m just wondering.. Are u really his friend? Why can’t u trust him? U know what, he’s risking his life just to save your girl yesterday and what’re u doing? U’re hitting him in return..” Dahyun daringly talking to him.. “Dahyun, stop it!” Naz wanted to stop her.. “I can’t just stay silent about this..”Dahyun replied and she still looking at G.O..

“What..?” G.O feels guilty.. “But why are they..” Before he can continue his word, Dahyun cuts.. “The guys is bothering Naz.. What are they looking for is actually yo..” Seungho quickly runs to her and he kissed her lips so that she can’t finished her words.. They’re all freeze with Seungho’s unexpected action.. Dahyun’s taken aback by his kiss and she just can’t do anything.. “Seungho!” G.O shouted his name.. Seungho finally removed his lips slowly.. With his face still closer to Dahyun, he whisper to her.. “Was it your first kiss? I’m sorry..”.. Dahyun stay still.. No words coming from her.. Seungho slowly released his hand and walked nearer to both G.O and Naz..

“U really wanna know what has happened between us yesterday rite? Yeah, I’ve been saving her from some useless guys.. That’s just it.. Not more than that.. There’s no way in the world that I would do such terrible thing like stealing my best friend’s girl..” he smiled to G.O.. He takes both G.O’s and Naz’s hands and put them together.. “I approved her.. She’s the best girl for u..” he said to G.O and leave them.. G.O really feels touched..

He look deeply in Naz’s eyes.. “I’m really sorry that I can’t be there when u really needs me.. I’m sorry for what have I said before.. I’m so sorry..” He said while lower his head.. Naz’s eyes slowly starts teary.. He hugged her.. “From now on, I’ll be your Black Knight.. I promise..”


After the dinner.. Mir is wandering around Thunder’s house.. ‘I didn’t know that his house could be this big..’ he said in his heart while looking at the surrounding.. When he arrived at the balcony, he can see Seungmi standing alone in there.. He walked closed to her..

“If I know, I would never agree to come with him..” she said while still looking at the environment..

“Me too.. If I could hold u before..” Mir said slowly.. Seungmi turns to him.. Her gaze fixed on him.. “But I know that u will never listened to me because u have him..” he added..

“Yo! What are u guys doing here? Planning to leave me alone?” Junghye come with cheerful tone while handed a can drink to each of them.. “U get along well with his family..” Seungmi said as all of them sitting together..

“Naah.. It’s just they like my happy-go-lucky personality..” Junghye replied and drink hers..

“I miss our time together.. I’m sorry for abandoning all of u.. I’m such a bad friend..” Seungmi said.. Junghye and Mir both looking at her.. “If u really think that we’re your bestfriends, stop saying all that nonsense things..”Mir hit her shoulder slowly.. “Ya! Don’t cry here..” Junghye said and they all laughing together..


“Hello everyone.. Now we will move to our next activity.. It’s Treasure Hunt! I’m sure all of u are excited when it comes to Treasure Hunt right? I’ll randomly divided u into groups.. This time it gonna be special because our President will also joined the game.. I will now throw the ribbons.. Take one each.. And gather with all of the person that get the same color as u do.. we will divided the groups into 6 different colors..”

“Ok, now as all of u have your own ribbon.. Go to the starting point in groups.. Take the envelope that represents the color of your group.. That will be your first clue.. U need to find 5 different music not using all the clues given to complete the song in the last puzzle.. ” Ga In give an instruction to all the members..

“Dahyunnie.. Red?” Joon asked her..

“Ne.. U?” she asked him back.. Joon smile widely and show his red ribbon to her.. He holds her hand and run to the starting point.. Joon’s happiness didn’t last longer when he see Seungho also holding red ribbon and walking slowly to both of them.. Same feeling shared by Soyeon.. Her smile faded when he see Dahyun also in the same group with her.. Later Naz and G.O also come to them.. They’re all in the same team..

While they’re all walking to find out about the second clue, Soyeon stops and she pulled Joon with her.. “Unnie? Wae?” Dahyun asked and all of them just looking at both Joon and Soyeon cluelessly.. Joon is also confused.. “Seungho, go with them first.. I have something to do with him for a while.. Just give us 5 minutes..” Soyeon said.. Seungho walked first and the others just followed him..


Morning in Philippines.. Seungmi walked outside to search Junghye who is missing since she wakes up.. While walking around she bumped with Thunder that is just get back from jogging.. Their eyes catching each other and freeze looking at each other.. After a while, Thunder’s walking towards her.. She moves her eyes and looked somewhere else..

“Did u sleep well?” He asked.. She still didn’t look at him.. She just nodded..

“I’m sorry.. I should tell u earlier.. I think I could settle this earlier but I can’t.. U can think whatever u want.. U can blame me.. U can hate me.. U can just say anything about me but I wanted u to know that.. I didn’t approve this engagement.. This is just between my family and her family.. I can’t do anything.. And to be honest, I can’t love her..” Thunder carefully said word by word..

“Kwenchana..” Seungmi smile and walked slowly leaving him.. “Park Seungmi!” Thunder shouted.. She stopped without turning to him.. “I can’t love her because my heart is with u!” he said clearly.. She feels like everyone can hear his words clearly.. That silent morning filled with Thunder’s sweet voice saying that he loves her.. Seungmi turns around.. Thunder focusing only on her without care about the surroundings.. He walked to her.. Seungmi almost cried.. “Oppa..” he hugged her tightly..

“No matter what happens, I just wanna be with u Seungmi.. I love u..”

Mir stuck at the front gate.. He can moved inside.. Feels like he’s paralyzed.. His step stopped.. He can truly feel the pain.. His heart break seeing her in Thunder’s embrace..Without he realize, his tears started to fall down.. “This is really hurt..”


“Lee Joon, go with Dahyun to that side.. Me and Soyeon will search there.. G.O and Naz search there..” Seungho said while pointing somewhere..

“Arasso..” G.O and Naz answered together and walked to the placed that Seungho ordered them to.. “Why don’t u and Dahyun search there.. I’ll be ok with Soyeon noona..” Joon said without looking at Seungho.. Cold.. Seungho stare at him.. He then just walked with Soyeon without saying anything..

“Ya!” Dahyun hit his shoulder.. Joon just look at her and walked alone.. His expression is bitter.. This is he first time Dahyun see Lee Joon act coldly with her.. No smile.. No aegyo from him.. She followed him from the back..

“Why are u following me? I can do this alone..” Joon coldly said to her when he see Dahyun get closed to help him.. “What is it now Lee Joon?” Dahyun grab his arm and turns him to her.. She really can’t stand it anymore..

“He kissed u doesn’t he?”

To Be Continued..


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