Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bcuz Of U~

"Every day I shock (shock) Every night I shock (shock) I’m sorry jebal naege dasi dorawa jullae Every day I shock (shock) Every night I shock (shock) nan neo ttaemune amugeotdo hal su eomneunde oh~"

This post has nothing to do with Shock or B2ST.. Its juz 'now playing' song..keke..
So freakin missing to write sumthing here.. Still didn't have time n feel to write sheet 11..

Well.. Dunno what should i highlights here.. Gosh.. for this whole week.. I didn't on9! What a shock! lol..(just leave if u dont wish to waste your time over a-silly-fangirl here..)
As soon as I open the web browser, I seek for the update of abmsubs.. Automatically it opens MBLAQ @ oykoT oY Ep.1 2_3 and guess what, leader's voice is the first thing i heard.. It melts me!
I got some sort of feels that i've not feel for a this whole week.. Seungho oppa.. U're always ahead to melts me..keke..
I miss my BLAQIES!~

Ah, another thing is.. I'm crazy over F.Cuz.. Get-Get-Getting Jiggy~~
Mesmerized by their song, Because of U.. Neottaemune~
So crazy that i've become a member of their international forum..
Dunno how but they've catched my eyes and heart..
LeeU is mine~

And for the very first time.. I think i've started to open my heart for girl groups.. I'm so into After School now..
Mybe not as great as i love boy band but I'm started to like them.. I like their style and songs.. Gahee.. Nana.. Joyeon.. Uee.. these four attracts me.. And i think i like Nana the most.. Playing Orange Caramel everyday.. I just think that song is cute.. 4minutes's songs also locked me up.. HUH and I MY ME MINE is just my style!

Fuhh.. Enuff for now.. lol..
and last but not least, I love 2PM and Junho still as ever..


nas_luv_choc said...

whoa~~gettng jiggy~jiggy ehh??kiki
hbes la...1 lg grup tmbh lam list unni kan..hehe
pas neh fcuz list no 3...lalala
nas ske nana the most lam a.s..dya sngt comel...huhu

Anonymous said...

wah unni kta sme taste..eyh pun ska gler sma dier la eyh brtmbh mnt AS.

Dahyun said...

nas: oh yeah baby!~(er..still xleh nk buang oh yeah..keke)..getting jiggy~
haha..taw xpe..mmg da msuk list da pn fcuz nih..suke sgt tgk dorg..
yup2..nana cute..n cara die mmg wat kte rase nk suke die kn..sgt cumel..

eyah:yup2..nana cute n innocent je image die..unni start suke die mse tgk dorg kt IA mblaq..

nas_luv_choc said...

haha...gbung la unni...yeah jiggy~~jiggy~~keke
btol2...prangai dya wat org ske...hoho

Dahyun said... plek je nk gune oh yeah jiggy jiggy..keke