Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chocolate Candy [Part 1]

Chocolate and Candy: Oppa is my first love..

“Krriiiiinggggg” she shut the alarm clock and go back to sleep..

30 minutes later.. “Arrgghh!!” she shouted when she see the time now is 5p.m..

She rushed and get ready quickly.. As soon as she come out from her house, she can see a guy waiting for her outside the gate.. “Late again?” he asked with a smile..

“What do u mean with that smile? Aish..” she complaining and rushed to her school..

He followed Junghye with his bike.. “Let me send u to your school.. You’ll be late for your basketball training..” he said.. In this situation, she don’t has any other choice.. She quickly get on his bike.. “Palli! Palli!!” she rushed him..


Lee Junghye, a high school student.. Active in sports.. Her neighbor, Lee Donghae is a college student.. They’ve been close since they both still a child..


When the they stopped at the traffic light only about 500m from her school, his phone ringing..

“Yeobseyo? Hyunnie?”

“Oppa! I’m going home but the train now has a problem and I don’t know when will it be ok.. Come pick me up now..”

“Ah.. Where are u now?”

“Still at the subway near the college..”

“Arasso.. Wait for me..”

He turned to Junghye.. “Waeyo?” she asked..

“Your unnie.. I need to pick her now.. Could u walk to your school from here?” he answered..

‘Always like this.. He will always said ‘yes’ if its for unnie..’ she said in her heart sulkily..

“Ne..” she answered shortly with a sigh.. She quickly get off from his bike and running to her school..


Lee Dahyun is Junghye’s sister.. They live together since two years ago because their parents need to move to States because of business matter.. Donghae is always helping both of them from then..


“Ya! Why are u following me home?” she mad at him..

“Junghye-ah.. Don’t be mistaken.. I came here to meet your unnie.. She’s so pretty~~” he said..

“Don’t ever dream that she will meet u, stalker!” she shouted.. Dahyun opened the door..

“Why are u so loud?” she asked her..

“Noona!” He shouted as soon as he see her.. “Who’s this?” Dahyun asked her with a weird face..

Before Junghye could say anything, he approached Dahyun.. “I’m Lee Junho.. Her classmate.. I really like u noona..” Dahyun’s taken aback with his confession..

“Unnie.. Just let him be.. Just ignore him..” Junghye said and pushed her sister inside the house..

“Noona! Please let me show u that I really like u!” He shouted once again.. Dahyun stopped.. Junghye’s sighing.. Dahyun approaches Junho slowly with a smile..

“I usually don’t like younger boys.. Come to me after u’ve become a man..” she said and leave him just like that..

“See? I’ve told u before.. Don’t ever dream that she will accept u.. Just go back now..” Junghye said to him.. Junho lifted his head.. He’s smiling widely.. “That’s just my style.. Why don’t u be like her? Put a make up and grows your hair.. U could be as beautiful as her.. I’ll make sure that she’ll like me one day..” he said and went back home happily..

“What? Aigoo.. I don’t understand him.. Still liking her after what she said before? Ahh.. I don’t care anymore..”


Lee Junho is Junghye’s classmate.. Like Dahyun after he see Junghye with her on their school on school festival.. Been in the same team as Donghae in a basketball team club..


“Junghye-ah.. I really.. Really like your unnie.. Please help me?” Junho said after their class end that day.. Junghye just shake her head while packing her stuff..

“Arasso.. Let’s make a deal.. I know u like Donghae sunbae.. I’ll help u with that.. So, please help me with your unnie.. Could u?” He said.. Junghye stopped packing as soon as she hears that from his mouth.. “Are u for sure?” He smile and nodded..

“Ara.. Next week is her birthday.. We usually will go out eat together also with Hae oppa.. So, if u could come that day, we will started our plan..” she said seriously.. Like she had a plan for a war..


“Unnie.. Saengil chukahae!” Junghye said while holding Dahyun’s favourite chocolate cake..

“Gomawo..” she said and hugged her sister..

“Unnie.. Junho will joined us to celebrate your birthday..” Junghye started her plan..

“Junho?” Dahyun asked her.. She can’t remember that name..

“Junho.. The boy that said he like u that day.. Do u remember?” she explained..

“Ah.. That boy..” Dahyun nodded..

“How do u think about him unnie?” she asked, according to her plan to let Dahyun realized his appearance..

“Junghye? Finally.. U asked me about a boy.. Do u like him?? Do u? Do u? I’ll help u then..” Dahyun teased her..

‘Gosh.. This has become upside down now.. What should I do??’ Junghye complaining in her heart..

When Junho arrived in front of their house, Junghye quickly approaches him.. “Ok, let’s move to the next plan.. I will make her followed us to the store backyard and i will lock u up with her.. Come..” she explained and bring him in her house..

“Unnie, where is my childhood box?” Junghye asked..

“At the store backyard..” she said and started walking to the store.. “Ah, unnie.. Junho will help u to search for that..” Junghye said and they’re all walking to backyard..

While Junho is searching for it, Junghye feels something is not right there.. She really nervous thinking how can she lock her sister there only with Junho.. But suddenly.. “Dush! Bump!” “Ouch! Unnie!!” Junghye shouted..

“Junghye-ah.. hwaiting! U can do it!” Dahyun shouted from outside.. She pushed Junghye just now and lock her with Junho there..

“Unnie!! No.. This is not right! Unnie!! Open the door!” Junghye shouted while hit the door.. Dahyun just smile thinking that she has help her sister.. ‘Tell him that u love him now Junghye..’ she talks in her heart..


“Andwae.. Unnie will go out just with oppa now.. Andwae~” Junhye sighed alone..

“U like him that much?” Junho asked her..

Junghye nodded.. “Ahh.. I’m going crazy thinking what would they do together without me now.. How can she misunderstand me??” Junghye still complaining.. She really don’t like that situation because she know that Donghae love her sister..

“Just confess to him..” Junho said calmly..

“Your sister.. Not an easy girl.. How can I get close to her?” Junho use that opportunity completely..

“Just approaches her roughly.. Give her an attack.. Like a sudden kiss and tell her that u love her after that..” everything just come out from her mouth without much thinking because she only worried about Donghae and Dahyun now..

To Be Continued..

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