Friday, August 27, 2010

What is Chocolate Candy??

Here it comes!
My 2nd one shot fanfic.. Suddenly missing my lil Junho..
So.. The line up will be Lee Junho, Lee Donghae, Lee Dahyun and Lee Junghye..
Wait.. All are from Lee's family?? Doesn't matter anyway..
Still thinking to match up who with who..
And.. Who will be the antagonis one..
My idea just keep coming from nowhere.. But, I just don't wanna waste my time on typing at the moment.. Maybe later.. I'll upload this fanfic;)


nas_luv_choc said...

haha...sume lee...
well..cant wait 4 dis ff...
nk tgk sape antagonis...keke

Dahyun said...

hoho..2la..kalo wat family pn bleh je nih..hek3..urm?xtaw la xbpe nk jd antagonis je..keke..

nas_luv_choc said...

haha..neway hwaiting!!keke