Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Eyes On You: Chapter One

Chapter 1

“Ah.. It’s him! With his latest girlfriend.. But they seems like fighting?” Dahyun whisperings alone behind the wall.. Just like a stalker, she followed him that day.. “I need to know why..” she continue talking alone and slowly walking nearer to hear what are they talking..

“Oppa! But why?? What did I do??” Jiyeon said..almost shouting to him..
“Okay, you want me to tell the truth? I will tell you now.. I’m sick of you.. That’s all.. So, let’s just break up!” he answered her arrogantly..

‘MWO?? Break up!! AGAIN??’ she talked alone while hiding behind the door..


“Junghye?” a voice greet her.. But it’s not the voice that she wanted to hear.. ‘Why is he here??? Aish!’ she said in her heart.. “What do you want?” she turned to him..
“Are you asking me now? You’re the one who ordered me to come here..” he said gently and take a seat beside her..

“Ya! Why are you sitting here? It’s not yours!” Junghye suddenly shouted..
“Ne?? Shhh.. All the customer here are looking at us.. lower your voice..” he said and then apologizing to others in front of that café.. “Err.. Sorry.. I said stand up!” she lowered her voice..

“Why? Is this seat taken? But I don’t see anyone’s name here~ Waiter!” he called the waiter..
“Mwo? Ya! I have a date okay! So please move from there!” Junghye can’t control her temper anymore..
“Hahaha.. Are you embarrassed or what? After confessing and asking me to come here, and now you want me to just go away??” he said to her while scanning the menu.. “So, your treat today?” he asked..
“Wait.. Did I just misheard? What are you talking about? Confession?” her curiosity grown..


“Gahhhh! I’m late!!” she shouted while running into the train.. “Fuhh~ Luckily I’m still can catch this train..” she feel releaved..

She then saw a seat on one corner and quickly runs there.. While she is busy taking out her mp3, someone suddenly fall onto her shoulder.. She’s shock but she hold her mouth from shouting because he..he’s fall asleep! She then take a close look at the person beside her.. Wait.. It’s him! She quickly pushed his head.. Dang!! His head knocked the crossbar on the other side..

“Uppps!” she covered her mouth while every single person on that coach is looking at her.. She smile shyly.. And she then look at him again but he still sleeping?? “Aigoo.. Did he dead already??” she talked alone..


“Mocha please..” he said to the waiter and then he move her chair closer to Junghye.. 
“Ahh~ you must be kidding right? I know you love me from the beginning.. But why are you just wasting your money on this card? Your house is just beside my house by the way.. Just tell me straight away..~” he explained and yes.. Junghye’s shocked.. She spitting all the coffee that she’s just drink just now.. “Wha.. Why you? Wait, what is your locker’s number?” she asked after wipe her mouth with a tissue..

“Hm? Haha~ you’re so funny~~ That’s why I like you~” he pinched Junghye’s cheek..
“Ya! Answer me now!!” she pushed his hand roughly..
“Err.. Lower your voice~ okay.. okay.. 224.. You’ve just put this card into my locker and now you’re asking me my locker’s number? Oh please Hye-ah~~” he said gently while using the card to fan him..

“WHAT?? I put it into your locker??? This isn’t a dream right? Aigoo~~” she slapped her face.. He just shook her head and look at her with a thousand meaning.. She feels annoyed and she grabs the card from his hand..

“Listen! This is actually a mistake.. This should be in 225.. Not 224.. So, just forget all about this okay?? Jyaaa~~” she runs away from that café..

“Aish.. How can it be him?? How come I misplaced this precious thing when I did it with full of care and love plus all the hardtime I faced while making this card.. And the most important is.. Why him?? SHIM YEJUN!!!!” she throw the card into the river on her way back..


“But oppa.. You know that I really love you right? How can you do this to me??” Jiyeon said to him again.. She started crying and her hands hitting his shoulder..

“Ya!! Stop it!” he pushed her hands.. “Did you think I really fall for you? You know how many girls that has become my gf before right? So, don’t expect that you’re that special because for me, you’re just one of them..” he replied again coldly..
“I hate you!!!!!” she screamed and runaway quickly from him..

“Ahhhh~ So annoying..” he said while packing his things..

‘okay! This is my chance now.. He’s available and I will confess today!!’ Dahyun whispered slowly.. In her excitation, she unintentionally pushed the window.. ‘Anio.. Why did this window is here? Aish~’ she talked alone again..

“Yah! You again? What are you doing here? Are you really have fun following  me?” suddenly a voice come to her.. ‘Nooo.. I’m dead!’ she said in her heart.. But she pretend to not knowing anything.. She quickly stand up and facing him.. “What?? I.. I’ve just passed by here..” she stutter..

“Stop it.. I know u’ve been following me from the café just now don’t you? So just tell me what do you want? Do you wanted to give me a gifts?” he said to her selfishly.. “Ne? No.. I don’t have any gift for you today.. But I will make it tomorrow ne?” she replied cheerfully..
“Ahh.. When will you stop? Didn’t you sick of me?” he said again..
“Nope! A fangirl will never know when to give up!” she replied again..
“Nahhh~ up to you then..” he said and pick up his bag.. Started walking to leave..

“Me.. Err.. Seunghyun-ah!” she shouted.. He turned.. “What again?”
“You.. Just break up right?” he sighed..“So what??” he asked..

“Let me be with you? I would like to confess.. I like you!!” Dahyun said everything at once..
“WHAT??” he’s shocked.. So do she.. She also didn’t believe that she would say that to him.. But she really know how to fake a smile.. She hide all of her nervousness and nodded while her smile never fade from her face..

“I bet you know that all my girlfriend will be heartbreak at the end right? And I bet you also know that all my relationship will be last less than a month ne? So, just give up..” he said and walked away.. Ignoring her who is still in the class..

‘No.. This is my chance! I can’t just let it go!!’ she said in her heart and chased him.. She stopped in front of him.. “What??!” he raise his voice.. “Can’t you give me a chance? Just once?” she still didn’t give up..

He lower his face to the same level of her face.. He smile while looking at her in that position.. ‘KYAAAAA!!!~ His smile will kill me!!’ Dahyun shouted in her heart.. Her face becomes red.. It’s just too close and she had a hard time breathing that time..

“You’re cute~ Marked my words.. I will NEVER like you.. NOONA~” he poke her head and left.. “Okay, that is too harsh Seunghyun-ah.. But I will never give up!! Yosh!” she talked alone and again her smile curved on her face..


Dahyun get into the house..
“Okay.. What’s wrong with this one.. Seungmi come back with a gloomy face, Junghye back with anger and then this one come back with smiling wide.. Aigoo~ What’s wrong with all of this girls today??” Jiahee mumbling while sweeping the floor..

“Kyaaaaaa~~ I will sleep with a smile tonight~~” Dahyun pinched both of Jiahee’s cheeks.. “Ya!! It’s hurt!!” she shouted and lift up the broom on her hand.. “Go take a bath! Today is our turn to make a dinner.. Palli!!” Jiahee said to her and Dahyun still with a smile on her face she quickly run upstairs.. “Arasso~~”

“Seungmi! Junghye! Go get washed too!!” Jiahee shouted from the front door.. But them both still absorbed in their own world.. They stay still in front of the tv without any move.. But then..
“Ahhh!! Unni!!!”Seungmi shouted.. “Stop it unni!! Ara.. Ara.. I will washed myself now.. Aigoo~” Junghye whining.. “I’m thought you guys are sleeping.. That’s why I sprayed you both with water..” Naz said and go to the kitchen..

“Why must I sleep with my eyes wide open? Aish.. I’m all wet unni..” Seungmi sighing.. “If you’re not sleeping then why are you staring at the tv without switching it on??” Jiahee’s voice can be heard from the kitchen..

“Ne? Did we??” Junghye asked Seungmi and they both then look at the tv.. Then both of them burst into laughter because the tv is OFF.. “Ya! Still not move? Should I bring more water there?” Jiahee warned them again..
“Ahh.. Anio.. We go now!!~” Seungmi and Junghye then run upstairs too..

To Be Continued..