Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So Focus!

Another fanfiction will be flooded here! Lol..
This time it will be for my second top bias.. F.CUZ!! So, ready to focus!^^
I’ve a hard time in choosing the title and I hope U guys will like my writing this time too..
So, because their name is F.Cuz, I decided to have a title that can be related to their name.. Something like camera, lens, and then I got something about eyes and focus so this is it! The title is My Eyes On You!
This is my third long fanfic.. I hope my writing skills will get better by time..
So, let me introduce the characters here.. I wouldn’t tell the details about each character, if you wanna know how the real they are, yes.. U need to follow my this ff.. Let’s go~~

Lee Seunghyun (Lee U) – 22years old
Choi Younghak (Kan) – 21 years old
Lee Dahyun – 24 years old
Park Seungmi – 21 years old
Shim Yejun – 20 years old
Kim Jinchul (Jinon) – 23 years old
Lee Junghye – 21 years old
Lee Jiahee (Naz) – 24 years old

I think that’s all for now.. Done for the main character but as usual, there will be some other names for cameo.. You guys will find it as the story started just like my previous ff..
But since my classes will also started, I will not be able to update this ff every time.. So, just wait for it.. Thanks~ 

(ps: Ness, saye suke gune so focus 2..Thanks to u dear:D)


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