Saturday, December 4, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Twenty One

Sheet 21: Heart’s confusion..

Dahyun wakes up.. She looked around.. “Where are u going to take me?” she asked..
“Somewhere..” he answered shortly..
“Are you kidding? Where is this place? Bring me back..” she continued..

Seungho stopped the car.. Only their car was there and around them were only trees and hills..
“What are you gonna do now?” Dahyun asked and her eyes still looking around..
Seungho look at her.. “You asked me to bring you somewhere.. And you keep sleeping in my car.. So, I just continue driving.. Who should be blame now?” he asked..

She turned her eyes from him.. She might looks calm but in deep in her heart, as a girl, she still has a lot of worrisome because he still a guy.. Being alone with a guy, anything can be happen.. She’s so anxious..

“I wanna go back home!” she yelled and get off the car.. She walked slowly leaving Seungho’s car..

“Ya! Come back here!” he called her.. “Anio!” she replied without looking at him..
Seungho followed her.. At one place, she stopped.. “Wae? What happen?” he asked and immediately fled approaching jer..

Dahyun looked at him, “I.. I don’t wanna ride with u!!” she replied and continue walking slowly while looking around..
“Aish.. What are u doing? Did u know what time is now?” he said to her.. But Dahyun just ignoring him..

“Okay then.. It’s almost 2am.. I heard that there was a horrible accident has happened here a year ago.. Most of the dead victims bodies were shattered.. And maybe some of the organs still be here..” he told her while his eyes looking around.. She stopped walking and nervously watching around..

“But you don’t wanna ride with me right? Be careful on your way back because 2am is the time where the ghosts and spirits roamed to find for their detached organs.. Jyaa.. I go first..” he continue and walked to his car..

She still observing around.. A cold wind touches her.. “Wait!!!” she shouted and ran towards him.. “Don’t leave me alone..” she said and hang on his sweater.. He smirk and bring her to the car..

“I will bring u somewhere.. Don’t worry.. U will like this place..” he said and continue driving..


“Naz unni?” Junghye called her from the door.. She feels weird seeing Naz kneeling at the gate..
“Are u still awake?” Naz said and turned her face around to avoid Jnghye from seeing her tears..
“Um.. Ne unni..” she replied slowly and walked closer to Naz..

“Are u alright unni?” she asked her..
“Ne.. Nothing is wrong.. Come, let’s go in..” she replied with a fake smiles.. She lead Junghye inside the house..

“I.. I need tp sleep now.. U sleep early too..” she said without looking at Junghye and quickly walked to her room..

Junghye knows that she’s not okay because she accidentally heard Naz and G.O’s conversation just now.. She feels that she can’t just leave her alone like that.. She ventured to ask her about just now..

‘knock knock knock’
She knocked her room.. But Naz doesn’t seem to replied.. Junghye closed her eyes and opened the door.. She can see Naz is sitting in front of the mirror..

“Un.. Unni.. Mianhe.. Are u.. Are u alright?” she stutter and still standing at the door..
“He didn’t love me anymore!” Naz started crying as soon as her words come out..

Junghye accost her.. “Just tell me everything unni..”
 Naz hugged her.. “I don’t think I can go on with this.. It’s really hurt.. I never imagined that he would forget me completely.. I don’t know what should I live for anymore.. I really, really love him so much.. Why did I left him back then? Yes, it’s my mistake at first.. But why don’t he tell me the truth that night? Why did he just let me go? And how can he released me just like that?” she expressed everything in tears..

“Unni.. U really loves him right?” Junghye started talking slowly..
Naz looked t her.. “Because u can’t hate him don’t you? Whatever he do, deep in your heart you’re still waiting for him.. But because of this, u can’t laugh too..” Junghye continued..

“Crying is the only way because u can’t know what is in his heart.. But he still didn’t give any clear answer wether he still loves you or not.. I don’t think this is the time for you to just give up.. Unni, you’re strong right? I believe in you unni.. I also believe in him.. Please don’t give up unni..” Junghye end her words..

Naz nodded.. She slowly wiped her tears.. She looked into her eyes.. “I never thought that u’re the person that can soothe me.. You really changed a lot.. Thanks Junghye.. Thanks so much.. I feel better now..” she smile.. They’re hugging each other..
“For sure unni.. U’re just like my own unni.. I can’t just let u down..” Junghye replied..


Early in the morning.. Birds chirping wakes her up that morning.. She opens her eyes slowly.. It feels so refreshing with no sound of traffic.. Just the sound of the nature like the sound of waves pounding the beach.. Wait? Beach?

 She widened her eyes looked outside the car.. Yes, They’re in front of the beach.. She tried looked at her right, he’s not there!

She get off the car and looked around.. And her eyes catches a body which is still deep asleep on the bench not far from the car.. She smiled.. At that time, she feels guilty for suspecting him last night.. She took off her muffler and covered him..

 ‘He’s just like a baby when sleeping’ that thought coming from her hearts.. She keeps looking at his face.. The face that looks so tired nowadays.. His eyebags get bigger.. But so calm for whoever looking at him..


“Six cupcakes take away please..” Mir ordered..
“Thank you, please come again..” the girl at the counter said to him after he paid for it.. Mir just give his sweet smile for her..

He’s walking to see her.. Seungmi saw him from far.. She ran towards him..
“Mireu!” she shouted..
“Seungmi? Where are you going at this time?” he asked..

“I.. Just exercising.. And you? With this cupcakes?” she asked him back..
“I.. Nowhere.. Just feel like eating cupcakes at this time so suddenly..” he reply with hesitation.. Seungmi seems to understand why is he like that..

“I heard last night u hit Joon oppa..” Seungmi said..
“That’s just something that out of my control..” Mir replied..
“U become out fo control because of Junghye.. Right Mireu? I know u since we’re both still a child.. U can’t lie to me..” Seungmi continued..

Mir just look down..
“U’re going to see Junghye right? Like I don’t know that you can’t eat cupcakes more that one at a time.. Its weird to see you bought it this much.. And Junghye and I loves cupcakes so much.. Can I go with you?” Seungmi asked..

“Just do what you wanna do..” he replied and walked from her..
“Cheolyong-ah! She’s someone else wife now! You should accept that fact!” she shouted as she see he’s slowly moving far from her.. He just nodding and continue walking without turning back..

“I need the old you my Cheolyong..” Seungmi said in her heart..

To Be Continued..

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