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Melody Love: Sheet Twenty Five [Finale]

Sheet 25: My last love..


Her sleep being disrupted.. She turns the alarm off.. “Nice day~” she said to their wedding photo beside her bed.. She then walked to the window.. But then.. “What is this? Smells nice..” she talked alone and walked downstairs..

“Morning..” Joon said with a smile and continue doing his work in the kitchen..
‘He cooked something?’ Junghye said in her heart.. He looks like a prince in the anime.. Even with an apron, his looks still didn’t messed..

“Okay, done!” he said after organizing the table.. He then walked closer to Junghye.. He grabs her hand.. With her eyes wide because of shocked, she followed him..
“I made this special for you.. Let’s have breakfast together?” He said and prepare her seat.. He then sit in front of her.. Junhye slowly started eating..

“How is it?” Joon curiously asked her.. Junghye just nodded.. “If you want, I could make our breakfast every morning..” Joon said and continue eating his breakfast..


“You.. The confession that day.. Did you really mean it?” Mir started their conversation that day..
Seungmi a bit shocked but she still remains cool.. “Mireu.. Did you asked me out just to ask about this?”
“Well.. Not really.. Forget it.. Actually.. I wanted you to try my favourite ice cream here..” excited Mir said to her..

A large glass of ice cream comes to their table.. “Mireu? You might be kidding right? Do you really want me to eat all of this?” Seungmi asked after the waiter leave.. Mir nodded with his sweet smile..

“Okay, seriously.. Do you wanna see me gain weight? Aigoo.. I can’t finished this..” Seungmi whined..
“I won’t disturb Junghye and Joon hyung anymore if you can finish that..” Mir said arrogantly..
“Mwo? Ahh.. Why must me? Why must this thing? You will help me right?” Seungmi tried to persuade him..  Mir shook his head.. “I don’t think so because my trainer said not to eat ice cream until my comeback..”
“I’ll be here with you.. So.. Go on~” Mir said and Seungmi forcedly started to eat..

After a while.. “Ah.. What is this?” Seungmi asked when she see something strange on her ice cream.. Mir suddenly stand up.. “I’m sorry.. I need to go there for a while..” Mir said and quickly leaving..

Seungmi feels something is wrong.. She took out a small box from that glass.. She opened it and.. “Park Seungmi, will u be by my side forever?” Mir kneeling beside their table with a bouquet of flowers.. Seungmi’s taken aback.. She can’t say anything.. “I will stay like this until you said something..” Mir continue while laughing..

Seungmi’s really touched.. She still can’t talk.. She’s just nodded slowly while her eyes started to filled with tears unknowingly.. Mir stand up and hugged Seungmi tightly.. “You’re my first love.. And now I can say it confidently.. U’re also my last love Seungmi..” he whispered to her..


“Dahyun? Where are you going?” G.O asked her..
“I’m waiting for someone.. And you’re alone?” Dahyun asked him back..

“No.. I’m with..” before G.O could end his words, someone touch Dahyun shoulder gently.. “Hyunnie?”

Dahyun then turned to him.. “You.. Seunghyun?” Dahyun said and he just nodded while smiling to her..
“Ya! How many times did I need to tell you? You’re younger than me! Don’t call my name like that!” Dahyun said while hitting his shoulder..

“Well.. I think I should leave now..” G.O said to them both..
“Ah.. I’m sorry.. By the way are you alone?” Dahyun asked him again..
G.O shook his head.. “Nope.. I’m waiting for him just now..” he said while pointing to Seungho..

“Hyunnie.. Don’t you wanna introduce me to them both?” Leeu asked her..
“Well.. This is G.O and Seungho oppa.. We’re in the same college before..” Dahyun hesitated said to Leeu.. He then smile and shake hand with both of them.. “I’m Leeu..” he said..

“I.. I think we need to excuse ourselves now.. See you guys again..” Dahyun said and grabs Leeu’s hand while walked away together with him..

“Did she dating him now?” G.O asked Seungho.. Seungho shook his head.. “I don’t know but they looks quite perfect for each other..” he said and look away..
“What? After that incident, don’t you meet her? Haven’t you said anything to her?” G.O asked again..
“Nope.. She’s the one that don’t wanna see me.. You can see how much she wanted to avoid me just now right?” Seungho replied..

“I don’t know that you could be this weak when it comes to her.. Let me tell you this.. While you’re still unconscious, she’s the one who took care of you.. And I said to come when u’re awake but she said that she don’t wanna see you faces with trouble anymore.. That’s why she don’t wanna meet you again.. But I think, you need to tell her how much you likes her..” G.O explained to him..

“What makes you guys take so long? I’m tired of waiting alone in the car..” Naz suddenly comes to them..
“Nothing.. Let’s go..” Seungho said and walk first.. Leaving only Naz and G.O behind..

“What’s wrong with him?” Naz asked..
“We bumped into Dahyun just now.. By the way, did you know anything about Leeu? Has she said anything to you about him?” G.O replied..
“Leeu? Did you meet her with him just now? Aigoo.. You should call me.. I’m really wanted to see him.. His real name is Lee Seunghyun.. Dahyun’s cousin that live in Singapore.. There’s no way they are dating each other because I know her really well..” Naz clarify..


“Hyunnie~ See you again tonight.. You must show me some places more to me since I will be living here soon..” Leeu said when they arrive at her home..
“Ahh.. Stop calling my name like that! This boy..” Dahyun said to him..
“Lol.. Our age gap are not that big.. I’m just 2 years younger from you~ Bye Hyunnie~” he teased her again.. “I don’t wanna talk to you anymore!” she get off from the car and walked to her house but then.. 

“Is your heart still available?” someone’s asked her..
“Ne? You?” Dahyun shocked seeing him behind her..

“I.. I don’t know what should I say but..” he said and Dahyun cuts him “Do you think that I would accept the one that steals my first kiss and then saying that it’s just nothing..” she replied and look away..
“Ne? That.. I..” he stutter..

“I don’t know that Mr.President has a weakness too.. And you’re his weakness Dahyunnie..” Naz suddenly comes..
“He always looks cool but in front of this girl you’re stuttering?” G.O then come to them..

“What.. What are you guys doing here?” Dahyun asked all of them..
“Let me tell about that kiss.. As the one who’s really closed to him, I wanna say that it’s not just for you but it’s also his first kiss.. And he’s acting like that just to make you feel comfortable and be able to face him without any burden.. He’s that kind of person..” G.O explained..

Dahyun look at Seungho.. Their eyes met.. “I.. I’ve fall for you since the first time.. Do you still have a place for me in your heart? Because I can’t stand seeing you be with another guys.. It’s hurt..” he confessed..

“I.. I..” “I don’t mind if I need to face with many more trouble when being with you as long as I have you in my side..” he cuts her.. They’re exchanging gaze for a while and Dahyun then walked close to him.. “From before.. Now.. And forever.. My heart is always yours..” she said and he hugged her..

“Done! We’ve been their cupid now~” Naz said to G.O and he hugged her too..


2 months later..

“It’s only you now.. And don’t let that bouquet falls to anyone else..” Mir said to Seungmi and all of them laughed.. “Seungmi-ah~ Ready?” Dahyun asked and she throw the flowers..

“Yeay!” Mir unintentionally hugged her.. And he quickly released her from his embrace when everyone’s looking at them..

Thunder smiling alone and walk outside alone.. “Thunder?” a girl’s voice call for him.. He turned and try to recognize her..

“Ally?” he asked her.. She’s nodded.. “Omo.. It’s been so long.. What are you doing here?” he asked again..
“I’m Dahyun’s friend too.. We’re studying in the same college at Japan before..” she explained..
“Such a coincidence to meet you again here..” Thunder said to her.. Ally is his childhood friend and she moved to Japan with her family when he’s 15 years old.. She’s also his first love..


“Well.. I can’t wait for the time we’re being bride and groom..” Mir teased Seungmi while they both walking out..
“Stop dreaming.. It’s still long way too go.. We need to wait for Thunder oppa first..” Seungmi argued..
“Seungmi-ah.. Look.. I think he won’t wait longer..” Mir said to Seungmi while pointing to Thunder that is happily talking to Ally at another side.. “Ne? But still.. We need to wait until I finished my study first.. Then I will continue my study and you have no choice but just to wait~” Seungmi pinch his cheeks..
“Ya! Don’t run!!” he chased for her..


“Oppa..” Junghye called for her but suddenly.. “Junghye!!” Joon quickly run to her when she suddenly falls.. He touched her forehead.. “Ah.. She’s not well!” Joon bring her to the room..

Junghye’s awake.. She feel that her head’s hurt.. But she then see Joon’s sleeping beside her with his hand tightly hold her hand.. She looks at him closely.. That face is now her husband.. That dream guy is now just beside her.. And he suddenly wake up.. “Ah.. I’m sorry.. Did you feel better now? I’ve cook for you.. Do you wanna eat?” he asked her gently.. Junghye shook her head..

“I think.. I should leave now.. Have a nice rest..” he said and slowly walking out..
“Oppa!” Junghye shouted his name..
“Ne?” Joon asked her..
“Where do you wanna go?” she asked him back..
“I.. Back to that room..” he replied..

“Don’t go..” she said slowly.. “This is your room.. This is our room.. Let’s just use this room together..” Junghye continued.. Joon then went back to her.. “Thanks Junghye..” he said..

Her heart now can slowly accept him as her husband and she will accept the fact that he’s her last love..


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