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My Eyes On You: Chapter Three

Chapter 3

“Hyunnie-ah~ Where do you wanna go?” Jiahee shouted when she see Dahyun rushed somewhere after the class end.. “I need to deliver this.. You go first.. Jyaaa~” she said and missing from the class at once.. “She what? Aish.. Why is she always has something for that boy? I don’t know her anymore..” she’s sighing.. When she wanted to get out from the class, someone’s blocking her on the front door..

“Why you?? Get away! Don’t block my way!!” she said roughly.. “Ne? Okay.. Okay.. I will get away but let me demand you something..” Jinon said hesitated.. He know that she is a bit hot tempered but he still wanted to be close to her.. He don’t know what makes he be like that but he can feel that this girl has something that he don’t..

“I.. Can you come to my house tomorrow?” “What? We not even friends yet and you already want me to come to your house??” she replied.. Jinon looks a bit scared.. “No.. No.. Let me finished my words.. Tomorrow night, there will be a small party with my close friends and I want you and Dahyun to attend too..” he said slowly.. “What for?” Jiahee still don’t has any interest.. “It’s just to celebrate my winning last month.. But if you don’t want to come, there’s nothing I can do..” Jinon said and she can feel his disappointment..

 “I will be there..” Jiahee’s voice a bit gentle.. “Really??” he excited.. “But.. I will take my dongsengs too.. I got to go.. So, move away from the door..” she said without looking at his eyes.. “Can I send you home?” Jinon suddenly said again.. Jiahee turned to him.. She stare on him strongly.. Jinon’s taken aback.. “Err.. Okay.. Okay.. We’re not even friends yet.. So, take care on your way back..” Jinon stutter.. Jiahee then just walked away ignoring him..

“I think I’m crazy.. Since when did I dare to get close with this kind of girl? Fuhh~” Jinon said alone after she disappeared from his side..


“Surprise!!” she shouted when he come out from his changing room.. “Neeeehhh??” he’s shocked seeing her in front of the room.. “What are you doing here?” he asked while looking around..
“Do you still need to ask why? Here.. I bring your favourite cupcakes here.. I made it myself as usual~” she said again.. He take the box and put it on the table.. “Now, go.. Before anyone see you in front of guys changing room..” he said and wearing his shoes.. She smile widely.. “Well.. Since when did you care for me?” she asked while lifting her eyebrows up and down.. He just ignore her.. “Ah.. I have another one.. This..” she give another box for him.. “What now?” he asked while packing his stuff.. “Tshirt.. With a leopard print.. I have one too.. We will use it together as our couple shirt~~” Dahyun said excitedly.. LeeU just make a weird face.. ‘This girls is weird.. She wouldn’t know the word give up right?’ he’s thinking while still looking at her..

“Seunghyun-ah.. Don’t forget about.. DAHYUN?? What are you doing here? In a guys changing room??” Jinon’s suddenly arrived there.. “Eh? No.. I.. I go first.. Seunghyun-ah~ See you~~” she said sweetly and quickly runaway.. “Why is she here??” Jinon asked Leeu.. “This.. She wanted to give me this..” Leeu said while showing the cupcakes to Jinon.. “Wait.. You eat it??” Jinon feels strange seeing him started eating the cupcakes.. “Ne.. Why? Nothing  is wrong right?” he asked back while still excitedly eating the cupcakes one by one.. “Yes.. If its you then its wrong.. I thought you never accept all the gifts that your fans give you?” Jinon take a sit beside him while observing the cupcakes.. “Ne?? Er.. Yes.. I’m always throw away all the gifts and love letters but I don’t know why I can feel her sincerity in all of her presents.. I just can’t throw it away.. By the way.. I love her cupcakes~~” Leeu grinned.. “Okay, this is surprising Lee Seunghyun.. But why don’t you just make her as your girlfriend? You can eat her cupcakes everyday then.. And you’re single now right?” Jinon said and wanted to take one of the cupcakes.. Leeu then pushed his hand.. “This is mine!! Hahaha..” he laughed.. “Aish.. Looking at this making me hungry too..” Jinon replied.. “Well, I don’t wanna have a relationship with noona~” Leeu said and Jinon just nodded..


“You will come tomorrow night right??” Yejun suddenly show up beside her.. “Wae?? Since when you’re here??” Junghye said in shock while her hands on her chest.. Seungmi covered her mouth to hold her laughter seeing Junghye like that.. “Haha.. I said that I will always be with you.. You can’t runaway from me~~” Yejun said and that makes Junghye annoyed.. She showed a sulky face to Yejun.. “By the way Yejun, tomorrow night? Why?” Seungmi asked and Junghye make an eye sign to Seungmi to not talk to Yejun.. But Seungmi just pretend that she didn’t see her.. Seungmi hold Yejun’s arm.. “I know you guys will come too because Jiahee and Dahyun noona is invited.. So, they will bring you both for sure..” Yejun replied with a smile.. Junghye shook her head seeing Seungmi and Yejun talked happily to each other..

“Ya! Stay away from him!” Junghye said and pull Seungmi’s hand on Yejun’s arm.. “Wae? Are you jealous??” Yejun asked with a naughty expression and this time Seungmi can’t hold her laughter anymore.. She burst into laugh seeing both of them.. Somehow, they looks so sweet.. “Ya! You there.. Don’t laugh like that..” Junghye stare at Seungmi.. Seungmi quickly stopped.. “Hye-ah~ What will you wear tomorrow night?? We should match out outfit together~~” Yejun said.. “I will never do that with you!” Junghye shouted and walk faster leaving them both.. “Junghye-ah!!” Seungmi shouted but she just walked away.. 

“Noona, you need to help me.. Tell her to wear blue..” Yejun said almost whisperings to Seungmi.. “But why??” she wanted to know.. “I can’t tell you now.. But it’s good for her..” Yejun answered and wink to Seungmi.. “Ara.. Ara.. And me? Don’t you wanna ask me to wear what colour?” Seungmi asked him again.. “Err.. Okay.. I think you should wear black.. I go first..Jyaaa~” Yejun quickly running from her.. “He’s soooo cute.. I wonder why Junghye don’t like him..” Seungmi said and smile alone..


“Dahyun-ah! What are you doing?? We’re gonna be late!” Jiahee shouted from downstairs.. “5 more minutes!! Almost done!” Dahyun replied back from her room.. “Aigoo.. What makes her take so long??” Jiahee mumbling alone in front of the tv..

“Tadaaaaa~” Dahyun suddenly show up in front of them with her pink dress.. She turning around in front of them.. Jiahee’s eyes widen.. She didn’t believe that this girl will wear that.. “Err.. Unni.. Don’t you think that you’re a bit too much?” Junghye asked slowly.. “Hm? Nope!” Dahyun replied with a smile widen on her face.. “okay, unni.. I think you got the wrong idea.. We didn’t go for a beauty pageant.. You should know that..” Seungmi said straight away.. “Ah? Really? But I know that too Seungmi-ah~” Dahyun replied and pinch both of Seungmi’s cheek.. “Why are you in this dress? With your make up like that?? Where do you think we will be going??” Jiahee finally spoke.. “We’re going to Jinon’s house.. And I intentionally wear all of this just for my Seunghyun~~” Dahyun said and quickly pull all of them to the front door.. “WHAT?” all of them shocked.. “How do know that he will be there?” Jiahee asked her while still standing confused.. “Because they’re bestfriend~ I know everything about my prince charming.. Ya! What are you guys waiting for? Palli!! Wear your shoes! We’ll be late!” Dahyun suddenly ordered all of them..


“Uwaaahhh~ His house is sooooo huge! You should date him!” Dahyun poke Jiahee on her side.. “Aish.. Stop talking nonsense!” she said and they’re all walked inside the house..

“So you come.. Welcome Lee Jiahee.. You looks great tonight..” Jinon greet her with a smile on his face..
“Well.. I think he only see Jiahee on his eyes.. Let’s go somewhere else..” Dahyun said and grab both of her dongsengs arms.. Jiahee then pinch Dahyun’s arm.. “Ouch!” she shouted and smile shyly to Jinon.. “Okay, I come because you invite me.. And this is our dongseng Junghye and Seungmi..” Jiahee said while pointing to both of them.. They bowing to each other.. “Jinon..” Jinon said to both of them..

“Hyung! I ask for your permission to borrow this two, can I?” Yejun suddenly show up from nowhere.. Junghye’s coughing due to shock of seeing him.. Seungmi hold her laughter.. She don’t know why but she think that they both really are destined together.. “Hm? Are you guys okay with him?” Jinon asked both of them.. Junghye just make a blank expression while Seungmi is nodded excitedly.. “Okay then.. Take a good care of our dongseng..” Jinon said and Jiahee widen her eyes.. Jinon just pretend that he didn’t realize her expression.. “Thanks hyung!~” Yejun said and pull both of them with him.. Junghye can’t runaway because Seungmi also pulled her too..

“I thought you’re gonna wear blue?” Seungmi suddenly asked Yejun.. “No.. Not for me.. You guys just wait here..” Yejun said while leaving both of them on the sofa..


“Dahyun? What are you searching for?” Jinon asked when he see Dahyun keep looking around.. “I.. Did he come?” Dahyun asked in hesitation.. “Hahaha.. You’re so into him.. Seunghyun? Yeah.. Just wait a while..” “Kyoungjae! Asked LeeU to come here!” Jinon shouted to someone.. “Ne, hyung..” he replied from far..

“Dahyun? Why are you so daring?? Asking about a boy??” Jiahee whispered to her.. Dahyun just grinned.. “Why hyung?” Leeu then showed up in front of them.. Jinon smile and pointing to Dahyun who shyly smile in front of him.. “You..” Leeu can’t finished his word.. He’s stunned seeing her that night.. She just smile.. “Ah, by the way let me introduce you both to my youngest brother.. Kyoungjae! Come here!” he called for him.. Then a guy come.. ‘Wait.. Am I in heaven now? Why is he looks so charming?? Kyaaaa~ Both of these gorgeous guys are in front of me.. I can’t breath properly!’ Dahyun talked inside..

“This is Kim Kyoungjae.. He’s just comeback from China..” Jinon said to both Jiahee and Dahyun.. “Ah.. Hyung.. Just tell them to call me Eli..” he said.. They shake hands with each other.. But Jinon can see that her dongseng seems interested in Dahyun.. “Well, she’s still available.. But not Jiahee..” Jinon whispered to Eli..
“Ehem.. I’m still here..” Leeu suddenly said when he see Dahyun and Eli looking at each other for a quite too long.. “Ah.. Ne..” Dahyun back to reality.. ‘Oh no.. Am I blushing just now? But I just can’t help because he’s so handsome and the way he stare at me just.. kyaaaa~~’ Dahyun’s jumping happily inside..


“Hye-ah~ Look who’s coming to you now~” Yejun whispered to Junghye and she’s frozen.. ‘Is he really Myungsoo? Did he walk to me? Uh~ I can’t breath!!’ Junghye’s eyes still locked on L.. He walked to her just like a prince from a fairy tale.. “Noona, you looks beautiful..” he arrived in front of frozen Junghye.. “I.. I..” ‘Ahhhhh!! What should I say now?? Mayday!!’ Junghye’s struggling inside.. “Seems like your outfit match each other..” Seungmi then teased them.. Junghye still can’t move.. “Seungmi noona, if you don’t mind, can I take Junghye noona to walk around?” he asked Seungmi and Junghye’s eyes widen.. ‘He what?? Seungmi~ Just say yes!!’ she looks at Seungmi.. Seungmi really understands her.. “Well, no reason for me to say no.. I have Yejun with me here..” Seungmi replied while holding Yejun’s arm.. “So, should we?” L asked Junghye while give his arm to her.. Junghye just nodded and quickly grabs his arm..

“By the way noona, I don’t say that I will stay with you here?” Yejun look at Seungmi after Junghye and L leave.. “What do you mean?” Seungmi’s surprised.. “I have many more things to do so.. Jyaaaa~” Yejun escaped from Seungmi.. “Ya!! Aigoo.. I’m all alone now.. What should I do? I don’t know all of them here..” Seungmi’s mumbling alone..

“Park Seungmi?” he called her name.. Seungmi turned to that voice.. “Ne?” She’s shocked seeing him again.. “Yejun said that someone here match my clothes and I only can see you with black here..” Kan said to her.. ‘What? Our clothes matched?? SHIM YEJUNNNN!!!’ she’s screamed inside.
To Be Continued..

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