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Melody Love: Sheet Twenty Two

Sheet 22: Seungmi’s confession..

“Noona, Junghye still here?” Mir asked as soon as Naz opened the door..
“Yes, come inside.. I will call her..” Naz replied..

After a while, Junghye comes out..
Mir stood up.. “I.. Can we walk outside together? I bring your favourite cupcakes here..” he said.. Junghye just nodded..

But when she opened the door, someone’s outside.. “Where are you going? Let’s go back home..” Joon said while standing in front of Junghye..
Junghye turned her side to Mir.. She can see that Mir’s eyes staring at Joon.. And she looked back at Joon.. Oh, no.. This is bad.. She can feel that they both exchanging a weird gaze.. Looks like they said something by their eye contact..

Then Seungmi and Thunder comes.. Mir see her.. “Park Seungmi.. This is your plan right?” he asked suddenly.. Seungmi’s in lost.. “What do you mean? I just wanna see Junghye here..” Seungmi replied but she can’t look directly into Mir’s eyes..

“Stop it now..” Thunder push Seungmi gently to the side before Mir do something..
“Hyung.. I think you better go back first.. Junghye, you too.. Joonie hyung comes to take you back home..” Thunder continue..
“Mireu.. Please beck to your sense.. They’re husband and wife.. It’s not a crime if Joon hyung wanna meet her or take her somewhere.. Please Mireu..” Thunder said gently to Mir..

Mir get close to Junghye..  He hand off a box of cupcakes.. He then walked outside and hit Joon’s shoulder.. Joon just let him be.. He then just leave.. Seungmi runs followed him..

“Thanks oppa..” Junghye said while looking at Thunder..
“Not at all.. So, I excuse myself first..” Thunder said and slowly walked away..


He walked along the riverside.. He realized someone is following him.. He stopped.. “What do you want? Didn’t you have enough after ruining my plan just now?” Mir shouted..

Seungmi stiff.. “I.. I just wanted to make sure that you’re alright..” she stutter..
“Well.. Didn’t I look ‘alright’ now? So just leave me alone..” he replied..

They both silent for a while.. Seungmi looked at him.. But he move his side somewhere else.. Suddenly, she runs and hugged him..
“Please Mireu.. This is not you.. I want the old you.. The you before we meet Thunder oppa..” Mir’s taken aback by her sudden act.. “What.. What are you talking about?” his voice becomes gentle..
Seungmi lift up her head.. She looked into Mir’s eyes.. “I can’t hold it anymore.. I love you Mireu.. All of this time.. From the day we met, this love never change..” Seungmi confessed daringly..
Mir becomes numb by shocked.. He’s freezing.. Nothing comes out from his mouth.. He just in shock.. “But.. Thunder..” Mir slowly talking.. He hesitated to hold her because he still confused..

“Finally you’re saying the truth..” a voice then startled them..
Seungmi quickly released her hands off from Mir.. “Oppa..” she can’t look at Thunder..
“Mir, she’s telling the truth.. She do loves you from before but she pretend to love me since Junghye likes you too.. She wanted to see you both together but then Junghye involved in that arranged marriage.. I think it’s the time for her to get her love back..” Thunder’s looking at Mir..

“Oppa, stop it!” Seungmi feels guilty hearing all of that from him..
Thunder comes closer.. He hold Seungmi’s shoulder.. “This is what I wanna hear from all of this time.. Even it’s not for me, I’ll be if you’re happy with your choice.. And I learn something, time can’t change our hearts.. Love can’t be forced.. From today, I let you go Park Seungmi.. Go, settle everything with him..” he said with a smile..

Seungmi’s eyes started watering.. Such a gentle heart, and she still hoping for another person.. She’s a bad girl.. Watching he walked away like that really burdened her..


“Ouch! It’s hurt!” she screamed..
“Stay still.. Didn’t I remind you to be careful? Aish..” he complanied..
“Aigoo.. I know.. Stop babbling ahjussi~” she’s teasing him.. He just ignore and continue massaging her feet..

“Done, try standing” Seungho ordered her..
“Thank you.. Just let me be.. I don’t need your help..” she pushed his hands and try standing alone.. “Why are you being so stubborn? Come let me help you..” he said and try to hold her but she refused..

“I said I can do this alone.. You go first..” she said arrogantly and started walking but “Ahh..” she fall down..

“Look at you now.. Now follow my order.. I’ll carry you up whether you like it or not.. Come quikly..” he said.. She’s ashamed for being so stone-headed before.. “Thanks oppa..” she said in a low tone..

“Don’t get a wrong idea.. I’m hungry, if I just let you walked alone I don’t know when will I get to eat..” he replied coldly.. Dahyun just snout her mouth.. “Take me to somewhere that have a nice foods..” she said again..

“But you must paid for me since I’m carrying you..” he replied..
“Ya, are you complaining now? You’re the one who offered to carry me..” she said..
“I don’t know that you’re this heavy..” he teased her.. “Ya! Take me down now!” she hit his shoulder..
“Quiet.. I don’t wanna missed my breakfast just because of you..” he said coldly.. She’s just remain silent..


“Unni.. We go first.. Thanks for allowing me to stay here last night..” Junghye thanks Naz..
“It’s nothing.. Just come here anytime you want.. Beside, I’m alone last night.. Wonder where is Dahyun now..” Naz replied with a smile..
“Joon, want a cup of coffee?” she asked..
“Kwenchana noona, I’ve something to do after this.. Next time I will..” Joon replied..
“Okay, then.. Take a good care of Junghye..”
“We go first unni.. See you again.. Send my regards to Dahyun unni..” Junghye replied and she together with Joon left..


“Seungmi?” Mir finally can talk after being silent for a while.. Seungmi didn’t reply.. She still feeling down from what Thunder said before..

“I don’t expect anything from you.. U can just leave me now..” Seungmi replied in a low tone..
“I never know that.. Did u really never love him?” Mir trying to dig it up..

“You can call me a bad girl but I really can’t love him as much as I love you.. No matter how hard or how long I try.. And I understand if you don’t wanna see me anymore after this..” Seungmi talking with her head down..

“But.. You makes me wanted to guard you more..” Mir replied.. Seungmi looks at him.. Mir touches her face.. He lift up her chin.. “I will accept the fact that Junghye is not available anymore and I won’t disturbed them anymore..” he said gently..
“This is Mireu that I know from before..” Seungmi replied and without she realized, she hugged him.. Mir slowly respond to her hug..

 Thunder watching from far.. He smiled.. And that day, his man tears fall for a girl for the first time.. It’s hard for him because he really loves her but he let her go for her own happiness..


“U’re coming back at last.. Where are you Dahyunnie?” Naz said when she see Dahyun and Seungho in front of her house..
“He kidnapped me..” Dahyun said while giving a strong gaze to Seungho.. Naz laughed seeing both of them..

“Well, I think I should excuse myself now.. Don’t forget to come to our wedding next week Dahyun.. And you’re?” Jaejoong asked Seungho..
“Seungho.. Yang Seungho..” he replied and they both shaking hands..
“Ah, come to our wedding with together with Dahyun.. Jagiya, I go first.. Don’t skip your meals and take care..” he said and leaving..

“What.. Is it true? Naz, doesn’t you said that your wedding wouldn’t be done until next year?” Dahyun asked.. Naz sighing..

“It should be that way.. But he suddenly got an offer from States.. So, he will moved there by the end of this year.. So, our family agrees to quicken our wedding day.. And I will follow him to States then..” she replied weakly..

“What about him?” Seungho interposed.. Naz give him a fake smile.. “I don’t know what about his feeling.. I don’t have any idea about him now..” she replied..
“And are you really will just go on with this wedding without saying anything to him?” he asked again..

“I don’t know what to do.. I think I will just go on with this..”
“Are you really wanted to give up?” Dahyun then said to her..
“That’s the best way for now.. I think he will find someone better than me..”

To Be Continued..

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