Saturday, December 18, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Twenty Four

Sheet 24: A kiss..

‘Yeobseyo?’ Joon answered the call..
‘Joonie-ah.. Help me.. I’m at the..’
‘Ya! Hyunnie? Where are u? Yeobseyo??’
The call suddenly being cut..

“Hyung? What’s wrong?” Mir come and asked him..
“That.. Dahyun.. She asked for a help but suddenly the call is being cut..” Joon replied with a worry..

“Let’s go find her now..” Mir said but then Seungmi comes..
“Seungmi? Why are u here?” Mir asked her..

She wanted to talk but she can’t.. Seems like she had just running fast..
“Calm down Seungmi.. Catch your breath..” Mir said when seeing her trying hard to talk while gasping for a breath..

“I.. Joon oppa, Junghye.. She can’t go back home.. Your fans been gathering in front of your home with a placards forcing u to leave Junghye.. She might be in trouble now..” Seungmi explained..

Mir and Joon looking at each other.. Mir nodded.. “This time, if you wanna search for Dahyun noona, I understand.. I will help Junghye together with Seungmi..” Mir said while holding Joon’s shoulder..

Joon’s face down.. After a while he look at both Seungmi and Mir.. “I.. I am her husband.. I should make her as my priority.. For now, I will be with Junghye.. You guys please help Dahyun.. Tell Seungho hyung about this too.. I go first..” Joon leaves them..

“Mir? Seungmi? What’s wrong?” G.O asked them after comes out from their waiting room together with Seungho and Thunder..


“Oppa.. Sorry for making u worried..” Junghye said when they both get into the house..
“It’s okay.. My duty is to protect u..” Joon replied shortly and get into his room..
‘Suddenly I feel like she’s so cute..’ Joon’s smiling alone in front of the mirror and he continue washed his face..

But then he heard something in the kitchen.. He rushed there.. And he’s shocked seeing a fire on the stove with Junghye freezing in front of it.. He quickly pushed Junghye away and try to remove the fire. Luckily it was just burn a small part of the stove..

Joon then turns to Junghye.. “I.. I’m sorry oppa..” she stutter..
Without saying anything, Joon just walked coldly..
“Oppa! I.. That was just something.. I just wanted to make u some dinner.. You must be tired coming back from your schedule and I really wanted to make u feel better at home.. But.. I .. I really don’t know it will turn out like this.. It was just.. just..” she talked non-stop.. Stammering..

Seeing her like that, Joon can’t stand it anymore.. He move closer to her.. With a quick step.. She’s went numb by shock.. She can’t move anywhere.. Just closing her eyes and waiting for what will he do.. Yes, she deserve to be blame.. ‘Did he wanna hit me?’ she keeps thinking.. But then something happens..

Junghye’s eyes widen.. He kissed her! Junghye stay still.. She don’t know what to do.. She didn’t either reply or move away.. Out of control, she feels calm..
“Did u feel better now?” Joon asked her with their face are only 0.1 meter apart.. “I.. I’m..” “Shhh.. Don’t say sorry.. It’s not your fault..” Joon said and smile to her.. “Don’t worry about dinner.. Go change your clothes.. Let’s eat out tonight..” he said before walked away from her..

Junghye still freeze in her position.. Still in shock.. Is this a dream? She shook her head and slapped her face.. Can’t believe that he will do that so suddenly.. While Junghye is still trying to deny what has happen just now, Joon call for her.. 
“Do u wanna go out with me? Or should I just buy something to you?” he asked..
“Ahh.. I.. Just buy whatever you want..” stuttering.. Joon just smile and nodded..


“Soyeon! What are you doing?” G.O asked as soon as they arrived there..
“Did u called all of them?” Soyeon just ignore G.O’s question and asked Dahyun..
“I.. No..” Dahyun answered with a weird face..

“Yes, she do call me.. So what?” Seungho said to Soyeon.. Soyeon smirk..
“In just two years, you completely forget your childhood friends and turn to this girl? And still.. U’re willing to do anything for her.. I used to be one of the most important person to you before.. And you too Byunghee.. But you guys just pushed me aside after meeting all of these girls?” Soyeon said everything that she wanna say that day..

“What have they done to you? And why are you doing all of this useless things?” G.O asked again..
“Are u idiot or what? U still didn’t get it? I love Seungho.. And I love how you guys used to treat me as a princess.. Only the three of us in our world.. But what happens when she come? When that Naz comes? U’ve slowly started to ignore me and now I guess I am already vanished in your heart.. This is why I need to get rid of her..” she replied and staring at Dahyun..

Seungho seems shocked.. He get close to Soyeon.. “This is not the way..” he said to her..
“U could have been caught for kidnapping.. Get back to your sense Soyeon-ah..” G.O try to persuade her..

Soyeon just shook her head.. She don’t wanna give up.. “I won’t stop until I know what he really feels..” Soyeon look at Seungho..
“If you love me, stay away from her..” Seungho said coldly..
“See! Still.. U’re still making her as your priority and ignoring me.. I hate you Yang Seungho!” she screamed..

“Soyeon! Wake up! We’re not a child anymore.. All of that has become our history!” Seungho said while pushing her hands..
“Be real please Soyeon-ah.. Yes, we do treat u special before because u’re a girl.. And because we’re friends from middle school.. But then, u changed.. We’re not your boyfriends and we need our own space.. You could find some other guys that much better than us.. Yes u will if u try to open your heart to other person too..” G.O still trying to calm her down..

“At this rate, if I couldn’t get you.. Then nobody can get you too..” Soyeon said to Seungho..
“Guys! Beat him!” Soyeon ordered and suddenly a group of guys come in.. They walked towards Seungho with an iron rod..

“Wha.. What is this? Soyeon unni!! Stop it!!” Dahyun shouted and wanna runs there but Soyeon quickly hold her.. “Unni! Please.. Don’t do this..” she appealed but Soyeon just stay still..

“Let he faces with some trouble because of you.. Let you see how much he suffering for not choosing me.. Let us see how much would he sacrifices for you..” she said without looking at her.. At that time, only tears flowing on Dahyun’s face.. She really didn’t expect that Soyeon would go this far.. And this is why she didn’t call him.. This is why she asked for Joon to save her.. Not him..


“Stop this now! U’re under arrest!!” policeman enters with Mir, Thunder and Seungmi and stop the attack..

“Noona.. I don’t know you would do this..” Mir said as soon as Soyeon passed him with a handcuff..

“Unni!” Seungmi shouted and runs toward Dahyun who is still kneeling on the ground with tears..
“He shouldn’t come..” Dahyun said in a weak voice.. Seungmi hugged her.. Seeing the one that she consider as her own unni in that condition really cuts her heart.. “He will be alright unni..” she said slowly.. Without she realized, her eyes also started to tearing..

“Byunghee!” Naz shouted as soon as she arrived..
“I’m okay but he..” G.O can’t continue his words.. Naz hugged him tightly.. “I don’t wanna loose you..” she said to him.. G.O then look at both Thunder and Mir..

“What takes you so long? Couldn’t you come faster??” G.O shows his anger towards them..
Mir just stay still.. “This couldn’t happen if you guys come earlier..” G.O said weakly.. He sit beside Seungho.. “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you..” he said and slowly his eyes filled with tears..

To Be Continued..

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