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My Eyes On You: Chapter Four

Chapter 4

“Well.. Dahyun.. I think you should follow Eli to our backyard..” Jinon said to Dahyun.. ‘Ahh.. Thanks hyung for helping me~’ Eli’s expression really can be understands by Jinon.. “Ne? For what??” Jiahee asked back.. ‘No.. I won’t let her go and leave me alone with him here!’ Jiahee’s thinking.. “Hm? Do you think that I’m bad?” he grinned and Jiahee just make an expression that she didn’t agree with Jinon.. “No.. The reason is I heard that Dahyun loves pink and there’s a lot of pink flowers there.. Just want her to take a look~” Jinon continued.. “PINK?? Yes! Yes! Let’s go!~” Dahyun suddenly excited upon hearing what Jinon just said and Eli just smiling wide.. “Ya! Dahyun-ah!!” Jiahee hold her but Dahyun is so excited not because of the flowers to be precise but to be with Eli.. “I’m sorry Hee-ah~ I won’t take long..” she said and walked together with Eli leaving Jinon, Jiahee and Leeu there.. “Do you wanted to follow them?” Jinon then grabs Leeu’s arm when he see Leeu started to move along.. “Ne? Ah.. No.. I wanted to.. Hah! I wanted to go back to Lizzy and Nana who’s waiting for me beside the pool..” he feel relieved because he can find an excuse to go to backyard..


“Can I sit here with you?” Kan started after them both silent for a while.. “I don’t see anyone’s name here so you don’t need to ask for my permission..” Seungmi said without looking at him.. ‘Why do this boy always there when I’m alone?’.. Kan then sit beside her.. Seungmi wanted to put the empty glass on her hand back to the small table not far from them.. She then walked to the table and without she realized Kan also went there to refill his drink.. And when Seungmi turns to her back, she’s surprise to see Kan also standing there behind her.. The position now is a bit awkward.. The gap is so small until she can smell his fragrant clearly.. They’re now facing each other and before they could move suddenly.. Puff! The lights goes off.. ‘Blackout? In my situation and him like this? Oh.. I can’t see anything.. He wouldn’t move right? I hope he didn’t move..’ Seungmi’s hoping.. ‘Oh wait.. Her hair.. Smells nice.. And what am I thinking now? Wake up Younghak!!’. Seungmi can feel his breathing.. Yes, they both didn’t move.. For no reason, Seungmi feels calm..

 “Ahhhh!!” Jiahee screamed a bit when the lights off and she unintentionally hug Jinon.. He’s puzzled.. “I’m scared..” she said slowly and Jinon can feel that her heart beating fast.. Yes, she really is scared of dark.. He hesitated whether he should hug her back or not.. ‘Yah! What are you thinking? She’s afraid and it’s your job to makes her calm.. Just hug her back to make her feel better..’ he heard a voice inside his head and slowly he put his arms on her shoulder.. At that time Jiahee can’t think of anything.. What she know is just to closed her eyes and wait for the lights to on again.. And with her in Jinon’s embraced, she know that she’s save..

“What happen?” Dahyun asked.. “Well.. I think there’s some problem with the current supply.. You just wait here.. Let me take a look..” Eli replied and he rushed inside.. “I’m cold.. It’s weird to be alone in the dark like this..” Dahyun said while still standing on that place.. After a while she can feel that someone is grabbing her hand.. “Eli? You’re here already?” Dahyun asked in the dark and the answer from is just “Yes..” “I thought you’re gonna to take long.. But now I feel calm with you here..” Dahyun said again but there’s no reply from him.. ‘Is he really Eli? Wait.. He must be him.. Who else could it be if it’s not him right?’

“Ah! I can’t see anything!” Junghye shouted and she fall to the ground.. Then someone is holding her shoulder.. Helping her to stand up again.. “Are you alright noona?” he asked.. In a very low tone.. “Ne.. Thanks L..” she replied and he released her..


Seungmi and Kan still freeze in that position.. Somehow they hope that the lights will not goes on again.. Then suddenly she can feel that he moved closer.. Her heart thumping.. All of sudden, a kiss then comes to her forehead but she didn’t really can feel his lips because he just kiss her lightly on her fringe.. But then lights turn on again.. Their eyes meet and Seungmi quickly turned her side somewhere else and walk away from him.. ‘What has happen? Did he really kiss me??’ Seungmi still can feel the warmth of him in front of her..
“Why are you hugging me?” Jiahee seems shocked with their position like that and she pushed him a bit.. “I.. Molla..” Jinon stutter.. “Wait.. Thanks..” Jiahee suddenly change her tone.. ‘So, this is her weakness..’ “Don’t think anything about what has happen.. I’m not doing that on purpose..” Jiahee continued but she can’t look into his eyes anymore.. She really embarrassed for what had happen just now..

“Yejun?? What are you doing here?” Junghye asked because Yejun suddenly there with them.. “I’m just wandering around in the dark and suddenly when I arrived here the lights suddenly fixed back..” he replied..


Their room that night suddenly silent.. Because they’re all acting weird especially Seungmi and Dahyun.. As for Seungmi, she keep thinking about how will she faced Kan in their class tomorrow.. ‘Ahh~ Seriously.. Why did he do that? He did kiss me right? I don’t think it’s just my feelings because I can feel it’.. She closed her eyes, trying to sleep.. Hoping that this is just a dream so that when she wakes up, she will forget all of this and she will go to school as usual..

‘If he’s not him than who’s he? And why did he release my hand before the lights being fixed?’ Dahyun’s questioning herself.. She recall back what had happened.. “Eli?? Where do you wanna go again?” she asked but he didn’t reply.. ‘maybe he has something to do.. Yeah.. This is his house..’ Dahyun keep thinking positive.. Not long after he released her hand, the light is on again.. But she didn’t see Eli anywhere.. “Noona? Are you alright?? Sorry I take too long because I have something to fix back then..” Eli seems out of breath a lil bit.. “Did you just running?” “Well.. Yeah.. How could I just leave you here for so long? I’m worried..” he replied with a smile on his face..

‘I’m thinking about his face again? Kyaaa~ He’s too hot to let him go just like that..’ “Oh yeah! Tomorrow I’m gonna asked for Eli’s phone number from Jinon!” she suddenly shouted.. “Unni??!!” Junghye called her and all of them look at her.. They really don’t understand her..


‘Why do I feel this? And her hand.. It didn’t feel like this when I’m holding another girls hand before.. But this time its weird.. What aura that she has? And she really looks great in pink..’ he keep thinking alone and he don’t know when he fall asleep..


“Seungmi-ah! What are you doing?? Don’t you wanna go to school??” Junghye asked because Seungmi doesn’t seem like she will get on the train.. Seungmi looks confused.. She looks around and she peep inside the train because she don’t know how to face him if he’s also on that train.. “Ya! What are you waiting for? Palli!!” Junghye shouted and pull her inside.. “What’s wrong with you??” Junghye asked but Seungmi just shook her head and smile.. Enough with only her and him know what had happen last night.. She then continue observing the passenger on that coach and she exhale her long breath because she didn’t spot him there.. But her relieved didn’t stay long.. “Seungmi-ah, isn’t that our classmate? Kan is it?” Junghye asked her suddenly.. She stare at him and yes! That is Kan.. “Did he change his hair colour? He looks great in black-haired isn’t he?” Junghye continued.. Seungmi tried as she could to hide herself.. She don’t want him to see her.. She purposely stand behind Junghye and lower her head..

To Be Continued..

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