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My Eyes On You: Chapter Two

Chapter 2

“okay, now before going to bed.. I think I need to know why all of you are weird today..” Naz suddenly spoken.. The three of them looking at each other.. “First.. I wanted to know the reason why this girl is smiling until now..” she continued and take a seat on Dahyun’s bed while holding Dahyun’s shoulder..

With a smile Dahyun then said while looking outside the window.. “He smile at me..Ahhh~ how can a boy be that sweet?” Junghye and Seungmi showing an excited gaze to each other.. “Unni! Nugu?? Nugu??” both of them quickly jump off from their bed and holding Dahyun’s arm.. “Lee Seunghyun~” she replied while her mind is still not there..
“Ouch! Ya! You’ve ruined my hair!!” Jiahee suddenly throw a pillow right on Dahyun’s face..
“I need to do that before your disease becomes worst..” Jiahee said while preparing their bed..
“Yes.. I’m sooooo into his syndrome now~” Dahyun back to her world.. 

“Err.. I think this unni really is in serious condition now..” Junghye then said to Seungmi.. Seungmi just nodded and she slowly walked to Jiahee.. “Unni~ Do something or else, she will be like that for a week..” she said to Jiahee..
“Let her be like that for a while.. At least she won’t disturb us with her singing.. And now Junghye.. Why are you so angry back then?” Jiahee turned to Junghye.. “Neehh? Me?? I.. Ahhhh!! I just can’t think about that incident.. It will makes me more annoyed and how will I face him again??huk~” Junghye complaining.. “What has happen?” Seungmi asked her.. “That boy on the next door.. How could I put the card on his locker?? And now he thinks that I’ve fall in love with him.. That will be more points for him to disturb me everyday.. Gaaahhhh~ Why didn’t I realize that I’ve put it into the wrong locker? Aigoo..” she’s sighing..

“Wait, did you just said that you wanted to confess to someone?” Dahyun suddenly interpose.. “Unni? I thought you wouldn’t hear what we said anymore..” Seungmi said to her.. “That word is sensitive.. Because I’ve confessed to him too~~” Dahyun said and hop to her bed beside Jiahee.. “WHATT??” all of them said in unison.. “So, what is his answer??” Seungmi lift her eyebrows.. She’s really curious to know the answer.. “He said that he will never fall for me~”  “Neeeee????” Seungmi and Junghye said together due to shocked.. Jiahee just shake her head.. “Okay, you’re weird.. How can you still become like this after being rejected? Aigoo.. I don’t know what have gotten into her..” Naz whinning.. But Dahyun seems to lost in her world again..

“Err.. Let’s just ignore her for now..” Junghye said almost whisperings.. “And wait.. You just said boy next door? The boy that is always chasing and bothering you?? Shim Yejun??” Seungmi asked to confirmed.. Junghye then look at her with messy look.. She nodded slowly.. “Pffft.. Hahahaha” Seungmi burst into laughter because she know how much Junghye feel annoyed with that boy for always disturbing her..

“And.. Who is actually the card for?” Naz asked while making a naughty face.. “Teheehe.. SECRET!” Junghye said shyly and quickly jumped to her bed.. She covered all her body with blanket to avoid them asking more.. Seungmi then make an eye sign to Jiahee.. Jiahee nodded and they both hugged Junghye tightly on both side..
“YA!! I can’t breath!! Stop this now!!” Junghye’s screaming while struggling to released herself from them.. “We will never stop until you tell us who~~” Seungmi said teasing her.. “Ahhhh~~ Okay.. Okay.. I will tell you guys.. Now let me go!!” she finally give up.. She know she can’t kept a secret from them at all..

“So who??” Jiahee’s eyes shining just like a cat who see a fish in front of her.. “Aigoo.. Let me catch my breath first..” Junghye said and put away the blanket uncover her body.. She look at Jiahee on her left and Seungmi on her right side.. Seungmi’s eyebrows up and down.. waiting for her answer.. She can’t runaway anymore.. “Myung Soo!” she said at once and quickly lie down with her face on the pillow to covered her face from becomes red in front of them.. “L??” Seungmi asked again and keep shaking Junghye to know more about that.. 

Jiahee just smile looking at her dongsengs action that night.. And she then walked to her bed while she take a look a Dahyun.. She makes a naughty face..
“Yah!! Wae??” Dahyun shouted.. She pushed the hair dryer and throw a ‘patrick star’ on her hand to Jiahee.. “I just wanted to help you with your hair back~” she replied and lie down while hugging Dahyun’s patrick star.. “Aish.. Give me back my ‘Pat-Pat’!!” “I won’t~~” Jiahee said and turned to other side.. Dahyun then becomes hyper.. “Ya!” she shouted and pull Jiahee’s blanket.. “Err.. Unni??” suddenly Seungmi called them.. Jiahee and Dahyun look at them with a position where they hold a blanket on opposite side.. They all look at each other and they all laughed together.. That is how they live everyday.. Always full of teasing and laughing..


As usual.. Seungmi get into the train to her college that day.. She then looked around to find him but frustrated because she didn’t spot him on that coach that day.. “Seungmi? Are you alright?”Jiahee asked when she see something’s wrong on her face.. “Ahh.. Anio.. I’m just tired..” she lied..

But on her mind, she keeps thinking about him.. ‘Did he late again today? Did something happens to him? He’s alright ne?’ all that questions keeps repeated on her mind.. She remembered back what happened yesterday on her way to her piano class.. Kan.. Her classmate and he also had his basketball practice yesterday.. Because of her, he need to run around the field for ten times.. She felt guilty towards him.. She flashback..

‘we’re almost there.. Should I wake him up?? Should I??’ She hesitated.. But when she remembered what has he done everyday, she suddenly think that she shouldn’t wake him up.. ‘Ahhh.. He always teased me in class.. I will just let him be.. So that he will be punished for not coming today!hahaha~’ she laughed inside.. She then get off the train without waking up Kan..

On the college.. While her teacher asked them to find something for their lesson yesterday, she can see that he’s running fast to the basketball court.. She slowly following him.. She don’t know why she did that but she suddenly feels bad for him.. And he had his punishment for coming late.. He need to run around the 2500 square feet field that evening.. ‘Did I just make him lost his coolness all of this time? I’ve ruin his image!’ she said alone with a regret..

“Seungmi-ah!!” Junghye shouted her name and Seungmi’s back into reality.. “Wae?” she asked back.. “Aish.. Don’t you wanna go to school? We’ve already arrive and you keep sitting here.. Luckily I saw you.. Palli!” Junghye said and pull Seungmi’s hand.. Jiahee and Dahyun are already outside the train..


“Today, our school will receive someone who’s really talented in Korea.. The son of the chairman of this school.. And also the winner for National Dancing Competition 2010.. Let me introduce Kim Jin Chul!” Mr. Choi introduced him to all of the student in that class.. But Jiahee still don’t have any interest in him.. “Chairman’s son huh? Whatever~” she didn’t even look at him.. She keep drawing a character on her Biology text book.. 

After a while someone’s greet her.. “Hello.. Is this seat available?” he asked but she still absorbed in her drawings.. “Ouch! What?” she’s being poke by Dahyun who sit behind her.. Dahyun then pointing at Jinon.. Jiahee turned to him.. “Ah.. Who are you?” she asked suddenly.. Jinon just make a weird face..

“Miss Jiahee? Anything is wrong??” Mr. Choi suddenly asked her.. “Ne? No sir.. Nothing is wrong..” she replied immediately.. “If not, why don’t you ask him to sit? The seat beside you is on vacant right?” Mr. Choi continue.. “He will sit here??” Jiahee seems shocked.. “Yes, is there any problem?” Mr. Choi replied her.. “Ne.. No.. Nothing’s wrong..” she replied and quickly pull his arm to sit.. Almost whisperings “Why don’t you just sit from the beginning??” she show her anger to him.. Jinon just shake his head.. He looks like a rat in front of a cat.. “Don’t bother me even if you sit beside me!” she said and continue her drawings..
Jinon just nodded quickly.. ‘This girl is scary.. But for some reason.. She’s cute!’ he talked in his heart..


“Ya!! Where do you wanna go??” Junghye shouted when Seungmi suddenly running to the opposite side.. “Somewhere~ I have something to do.. So you go eat first..~” Seungmi replied and continue running.. “Aish.. what’s wrong with her today?” she complaining.. And she then look at the foods on her tray.. “And now who will finished all of this.. PARK SEUNGMI-yah!!” she screamed..

While she’s drinking her cola, suddenly someone showed up in front of her.. “Jagiya~” he called her with a smile and she spitted her cola on him because of shock.. “What do you want??” Junghye asked him.. “Aish.. You spit on me..” he’s sighing.. “Serve you right.. Now go away.. I want to enjoy my meals in peace here..” she replied while taking out the sandwich from its wrapper..
“Ne? I know you need me here right? I know Seungmi leave you alone and that’s why I’m here for you~” Yejun replied and taking another sandwich on her tray.. “Ya!!” she hit his hand..
“Wae? Seungmi isn’t here so I will eat for her..” Yejun said to her..

“Shim Yejun.. Tell me what do you want now.. Why are you keep disturbing me? You really makes me annoyed you know?” Junghye asked him.. “I just.. I just wanted to see you because I know you like me too~~” he teased her.. “Ngaaaaaa.. Why must him?? Leave me now!!” Junghye almost shouted..

“Cool down Hye-ah.. Ara.. Ara.. I will not disturbed you anymore but in return, I will tell the whole school that you like him.. Deal?? Hahahahaha..” he replied with an evil laugh..
“Ya!! Shim Yejun!!!” she grabs his arm.. “So how?” he look at her with a naughty expression.. “Ahh.. I’ve lost.. Okay, just sit here but please don’t tell anyone that I like him..” Junghye replied weakly..
“That’s it! I just wanted to be with you.. It’s not that bad.. So, can I eat this sandwich now?” he seat back and asked her.. With a force, she nodded.. There’s nothing she can do now because her biggest secret is with him..


“I think I’ve saw him just now but where’s him now??” Seungmi keep looking around.. But suddenly someone’s touching her soulder.. She turned back.. 

“Wha.. What are you doing here??” she asked in a shock.. “Didn’t that suppose to be my line??” he asked back.. “Ah.. But since when?? Did you stalking me?” she asked again.. Kan then burst into laughter hearing her words.. “And that one suppose to be mine too.. Why are you following me? What do you want?” he asked..

“I.. Ah.. Nothing..” Seungmi stutter.. Kan just smile looking her like that.. “I never saw this side of you in our class.. Why are you so nervous in front of me? Do you like me? Do you?? Do you??” he asked while lifting his eyebrow up and down.. Seungmi shook her head.. 

“I..I’m going now~” she said but Kan quickly grabs her..
“Following me until here.. There must be something.. Tell me what is it?” Kan whispered to her.. She’s frozen.. She closed her eyes and shake her head.. “You’re always this stubborn?” Kan asked her.. “Do I need to give a kiss for you to tell me why are you following me?” he continue.. ‘He what?? Kiss??’ Seungmi’s really nervous now.. “I DIDN’T WAKE YOU UP ON THE TRAIN YESTERDAY EVENING!!” she suddenly said everything loud.. She can’t stay any longer with him like this..

“You what??” he asked.. She’s nodded and didn’t look straight into his eyes.. “Because of you I have to run around that field yesterday you know??” his voice is a bit higher..
“I know!! I know!! That’s why I’m here.. I.. I’m sorry..” she replied him.. He look at her.. “Do you think I will just forgive you like that?” Kan asked her.. “Do I need to face with your punishment too?” she asked and he suddenly stare into her eyes while walking slowly towards her.. “Just say what’s your punishment!!” she shouted to avoid him to come nearer.. “Well.. Let me see..” he said while staring at her from head to toe.. 

“Ya! Palli!!” Seungmi shouted again.. Kan covered his mouth to hold his laughter because her face now becomes red.. “Call me oppa..” he said.. “What??” Seungmi act as she didn’t hear it..
He then stare at her again with his gaze fix on her eyes.. “Ara.. Ara..” Seungmi can’t stand it anymore.. Kan is smiling.. Seungmi slowly walking to the door.. “You.. I will NEVER call you that!” she show her tongue and quickly runs from there.. Kan just smiling and shaking his head.. “She is special..” he said alone..

To Be Continued..

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