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SS501 Mini Album Lyrics Translation

01. Let me be the One (그게 나라고..)


FIRST THING FIRST, the words I want to tell you. Although I don’t know where I should start,
I’ve been quite anxious Even now I’m feeling a little shy… (OH LOVE)
I’ll try to gather up more courage. You know that I can’t say these types of awkward phrases
Once in a lifetime, I think that time is now.
I’ll start here BABY please listen

* LET ME BE THE ONE, the only one for you. I want it to be me (LET ME BE THE ONE)
LET ME BE THE ONE, the entire day, I only think of you (OH LOVE)
LET ME BE THE ONE, I’ll promise you, that I’ll live for you (LET ME BE THE ONE)
LET ME BE THE ONE, for eternity, I’ll love only you (OH LOVE) *

Meaningless thoughts become the wind, tears overflow to form the sea
An insufficient man like me, by meeting you I FEEL SO SPECIAL
AND GIVE LOVE, it feels like a miracle. AND LET ME, please accept my heart


The only one in the world that makes me shine
Among the many stars in the world, the one place where I can rest easy
My happiness, sadness, smiles, and tears, they are all only for you.
If I am with you I don’t have anything to be afraid of

LET ME BE THE ONE, I exist because of you
LET ME BE THE ONE, the only one in the world, LET ME BE THE ONE WHO CARES.
LET ME BE THE ONE, It won’t change, even if I am born again

LET ME BE THE ONE, the only one for you. I want it to be me (LET ME BE THE ONE)
LET ME BE THE ONE, the entire day, I only think of you (That person is me)
LET ME BE THE ONE, I’ll promise you, that I’ll live for you (LET ME BE THE ONE)
LET ME BE THE ONE, for eternity, (WOULD YOU LET ME BE) I’ll love only you (OH LET ME BE)


Translation Credit: Destination SS501 (


02. Love Ya


* It hurts when I look at you, I fall short of breath, now hold my hand
Why, when that person does not love you?

Risking my everything, I cast this spell, ‘WE CAN BE SO PERFECT’
Even if the world becomes my enemy It can’t be
It can’t be anyone but you

I’ve been waiting all this while
Sorry I’ve been sincerely desiring for
your long-time relationship, that pushed me aside, to cruelly end
Forget that person, now erase him
He was not a good match for you anyway


At first I wished for your happiness
Even if it was by that person’s side I believed that if you were happy without me, that was enough
But I see your tears. I see your sadness.
I try to hold back but it’s no use. Now I’m worn out, crazy
This is our destiny YEAH


Why don’t you know? Why is it that person of all people?
Your painful love, I can’t bear to see it
Forget that bad love that bruised your heart
Now forget it PLEASE! I will save you, who is in pain
When your tears that are reflected in the mirror flow without a sound, without any meaning
My heart becomes completed ripped apart, I CAN CROSS OVER THE SEA
Please believe me, I’ll call the heavens as my witness
We will be our final love YEAH

It hurts when I see you.
I fall short of breath.
My heart hurts
Why, when that person doesn’t love you?

Risking my everything, I cast this spell, ‘WE CAN BE SO PERFECT’
Even if the world becomes my enemy It can’t be
It can’t be anyone but you BABY LET ME

It can’t be,
It can’t be,
Without you…

Translation Credit: Destination SS501 (


03. Crazy 4 U


Another (BYE, BYE, BYE) I can’t believe it
(TELL ME WHY, WHY, WHY) Your trembling voice
DON’T TRY TO SAY IT, I don’t want to hear any excuses

You’re always saying that we can’t be together
What can I say in front of you if you are like that
My heart is telling you
What more is necessary to be said

* Yeah I’m crazy, crazy
I’m crazy for you, crazy
No matter how much I try to get out, I can’t see anyone but you
(To me you are… MAYBE,MAYBE,MAYBE)
The destiny that the heavens have decided
(To me you are… BABY,BABY,BABY)
My everything for you
(To me you are… LADY,LADY,LADY)
Please be by my side (CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY) OH BABY

How (HOW, HOW, HOW) I thought that you were different
(Again TRY, TRY, TRY) How can love change?
Blame me rather. Me, who can’t accept anyone else but you…

No matter what is said, it can’t be helped
Even if you curse at me, I’ll say it once again
The one person in the world,
That person is you…


Even when I close my eyes, in front of me… (CRAZY)
Even when I close my heart, inside me… (CRAZY)
Whereever I go you are in my memories… (CRAZY)
You are inside me


I have fallen in love with you
I want you
I’m crazy

I have fallen in love with you
I want you
I’m crazy


Translation Credit: Destination SS501 (


04. 영원토록 (Forever)

Do you know that from the moment I saw first saw you
It was you Let’s walk together on the road in front of us

A beautiful day is spread out in front of us

I promise you under the sky
I will protect you
For eternity
Can you see it, my heart
Please breathe beside me
For eternity
I love you
I love you *

Do you know that you are my happiness
I will confess my love, forever please
Be by my side


Any challenge that comes our way
Let’s overcome it with our love

** Please look at me for eternity
Please hold me for eternity
Love me for eternity
So that we’ll be happy
Looking at only you for eternity (Forever)
I pray that we’ll be happy **


I promise you under the sky
I will protect you
For eternity
I hope that our love will be happy
Let’s create by ourselves
Beautiful days
I love you
For eternity

Translation Credit: Destination SS501 (

Their new songs is so good for me..

My ears can accept them all and being added to my playlist since the day I fisrt listen to them..

Sounds so calm and sweet..

Really like Love Ya and Crazy 4 U so much^^


This is truly RANDOM! haha.. Keep reading if u've a lot of time or else just leave!~
What's wrong with me now?? Phew~
I've missed so many things because i'm leaving just for +-2days..TT
Suppose to write a fanfic here but end up talking nonsense.. (really..sumthing is wrong with me??)
Idk.. Just wanna write everything..

First thing is about twitter.. Is it really Junho?? Keep thinking bout it because Junsu didn't mention anything bout him..(or did i missed it?) Plus, Khunnie didn't follow him.. Hmm.. Whatever it is.. I'm gonna love him forever.. My forever baby==Lee Junho

Secondly.. I'm so don't have time on TV now.. Why?? Dunno~ How can i missed Dream Team?? Aigoo.. Regret it sooo very damn much.. I'm rooting for after school+DT.. When will i be able 2 watch it again? (really wanna watch it in TV because lappy's screen is not that big..TT)

And.. What else?? haha.. I'm really going crazy now.. With twitter thing that seem so hard for me.. to tell the truth.. I HATE it!! lalalala~
I'm so glad that my mood now is back again for 2pm.. (Junho is permanent!)
Even so, still love blaqies as ever..

Ahh.. What should i doing now?? Go to sleep?? Naah~ I can't sleep..
Got 2 find some idea for my new ff.. Who'll gonna be the main male characters?? Suggest me if you want to.. And also.. Thinking to make ff based on Kpop MV.. Sounds good ne??

Okay.. That's all from me now..(gonna write again if i feel to write..keke~)
Sayonara.. I
♥JunhoSeungho to death~

p/s: This boy is just sweet~

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MBLAQ at PKL's Starry Night

Lol.. Joon's surrounded by womens..
Seungho and Mir.. Just sweeeeetttt~~

Mir look so... Pretty??

Now it's Mir hugging Seungho.. Like3!!

G.o with glasses?? Cute!

Love them as usual~
Blaqies hwaiting!!~

Source: MBC Radio | Starry Night's twitter
Re-upload: aGoGo @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

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It's You

This fanfic is specially made to express my feeling for my sweetest maknae ever.. Mir.. Enjoy~^^

"Let her go!!" he comes and push that guy's hand on her arm.. "Who are u young boy??" That guy ask him.. "I'm her namja chingu.. What do u wanna do with her??" He asks back.. That guy wanna punched him but Dahyun quickly show up in front of him.. He hold Dahyun's hand.. Push her to his back.."Just go!! Or I'll call the police now!" He shouted.. That man stare at both of them.. Make a hand sign that he will come again some day..

"Thanks.." Dahyun said in slow tone.. She just scared at that time and suddenly he comes.. She didn't even know who is he.. "It's ok.. Luckily I saw u just now.. Where is your house?? Let me send u??" He asked.. "It's ok.. I'll just take the train.." Dahyun answered.. "Let me send u to the station then.. Not far away from here.. Besides,he might come back.." "Ne.." Dahyun answered.. She still in shocked.. They just walk without any word coming out from their mouth..
"I'm going now!~"
"Ya! Take your meal first!"
"It's ok omma.. I'm late.. Jyaa~~"
"Aish this girl.. Dahyunnie.. U're not going to work??"
"I'm not feeling well omma.." Dahyun answer to her mom.. "Oh my.. What's wrong with u dear?? u got a fever?" "Anio..I'm just not feeling well omma.. Don't worry too much.."
"Ah.. Wae??" Junghye just sit at her place while everyone else has return home.. She keep staring at her math paper.. "What should I do??~"
He sneaker behind her back.. Then.. "Got it!"
"Ah.. Andwae!! Give it back to me!!"
"What? U just got 50 for your math?? Aigoo~ Catch me if u can~~" He said while runaway from her.. "Ya!! Bang Cheolyong!! Give it back to me!!" She shouted while chasing him..
"Ahh.. Take this.. Don't wanna play with u anymore.." He give up.. "Ya, is this the reason why u don't wanna go home yet?" He asked.. "Ne.. U know that omma will always compare me with unnie.. I know she's good at study but not me.. I just love music.. And this is the result i got from loving music too much.." Junghye tell everything to him.. They're best friend.. Both of them know each other since the first day they registered at that college.. Her mom will totally mad at her if she can't do well in her exams especially math because her unnie specialized in math.. "Lol.. Why don't u just study with your unnie then?" Mir asked her.. "I don't like studying with her! U know what, she's so advanced.. I'm only asked a simple question but she teaches me everything!".. "Urm.. Wanna study with me?? After that we can play music together.."
"Really??" "Yeah.. We can use my practice room to study.." He smiled.. "Jya.. Let's go home.. Your omma will be worried.."
'That boy.. Ah.. I keep thinking of him.. Why didn't I asked his name that night?? Even until now I still can't find him..Lol Dahyunnie.. U're so funny.. How can u find him if u didn't even remember his face??' Dahyun keep talking in her heart..

Junghye comeback from her college.. "Omma!! Unnie!! Look at my results now!!" Junghye runs into her house without care of anything.. "Ya!! At least take off your shoes first.." Her mom nagging.. "Mianhe omma.. I'm just so excited.. See.. I can make it even with music.." "Wow! Great! Want me to treat u dear??" Dahyun asked her with a wide smile.. "What?? Ne!! I'll love it unnie.. Btw.. Could u treat someone else too unnie??" Junghye asked.. "Who?? I'll only allowed boys k?" She said with naughty face.. "Unnie!" Junghye poked her.. "Wae?? Btw, who is it??"
"My classmate.. He help me with my study.. I wanna thanks him so could u unnie??" Junghye asked.. "Urm.. Let me see.. What if I treat him only??" Dahyun try to make her dongsaeng angry.. "Omma.. Look at unnie!!" "Lol.. ok2.. So.. This weekend? We gonna have dinner ne?"
"Yeay! Okay unnie!! Saranghae!!" Junghye hugs her unnie..

"Yeobseyo?" "Junghye-ah.. Can u come here by yourself??" "Wae unnie??" "Something comes up at my workplace so i can't go home early.. Is it ok if I just wait for u at the restaurant??" "Ne unnie.. Besides I'll go there with my friend.. So, I'm gonna be ok unnie.." "Arasso.. Quickly give me a call if anything's wrong k?" "Ne unnie.."
'That girl is just sweet.. I can see her clearly that night.. Just when will I met her again?' He said while laying on the bed..

"Mirreu.. Let's go now~"

"Hye-ah.. Is she your unnie??" Mir said while pointing towards Dahyun.. Junghye just nodding and walk towards her.. 'It's her!!'

"Unnie, meet Mir.. My classmate.." Junghye introduce Mir to her unnie..
"Annyeong haseyo noona"
"Annyeong" Dahyun just smile.. They shake hands.. 'This hand!' Dahyun shocked but she just keep it in her heart..
'Feeling her hand once again.. I'm nervous so very much.. Her expression changed.. Did she feel my heartbeat?'

"Mirreu.. What's wrong with u??" Junghye asked when she see her bestfriend suddenly silent..
"Ah..ani..I'm ok.. Nice meeting u noona.." He wanna makes the awkward atmosphere vanished..
"Me too.. Let's eat now.." Dahyun said with a smile..
"Mir?? Why are u here??"
"Ah.. Me?? Nothing.. Just walk around.. Do u wanna go home?"
"Ne.." Dahyun just walked away..
"Noona!" He shouted..
"Hmm.. Let me send u home.."
"Kwenchana.. I'll be ok.." She said and leave.. Mir following her.. He just don't know what is he doing but he keep following her far behind.. Until she arrived at her house..

'Stop being nice to me!!' She just shouted in her heart.. This is not right.. 'He's just the same age as my dongsaeng.. Why would i feel this feeling?? Andwae!'

"Ya, that's not how u play it.. "
"Wae?? I did it right!"
"Anio.. Look at me.." He played his guitar.. "This is it.. Now u try.." Junghye started playing hers.. "Anio.. That's not it.." Mir come closer to her.. He stand beside her.. Adjust the placement of her fingers.. "Now try it once again.." Still in shocked.. She know that she will not be able to play well as long as he's beside her.. "Hye-ah.. U want me to throw my guitar to you or what??" He's joking when she looks so nervous at that time.. "I will not eat u.. Come on.. Let me help u.."
His hand now on her hand.. She just follow his hand.. Don't know what's wrong with her but she like to feel the warmth of his hand.. She's so comfort with him at that time and she wish that it will never end..
"Unnie.. Have u been in love?" Dahyun's shocked with her little sister question.. "Now what's wrong with u??" "Anio.. I just wanna know how it feels like.." Junghye answered without looking at her sister.. Dahyun just remain silent.. She has lost that feeling long time ago.. The moments when she and her love being separated forcefully.. Her parents doesn't want she fails her study.. "It hurts.." she said in slow tones..

"Noona?? Wae??"
"Ah.. Nothing.. I'm going now.."
"Noona wait!" He hold her shoulder.. "Just tell me everything that u want to..and.. Just cry noona.. If it could make u feel better.." she cries on his shoulder..

"How are u now noona?" He asked while bringing a cup of coffee to her.. "Mir.. Gomawo.." She said while look into his eyes.. "It's ok noona.." He just smile.. "Do u like it??" He asked.. "Ne.. This reminds me of someone.." "Should I play it to u??" Dahyun turns to him.. She smile and he nodded while asked her to sit in front of him.."But noona.. I can't sing.."
"Kwenchana.. I'll just listen to your playing.."
'He really the same! Oh my god.. Please help me.. This is so calm.. Just like the feel that oppa gave me before..'

"..Even though darkness wraps around me
Even though I can't see one inch before me because it's so dark
The hurt heart heart heart of hers that got wounded
I will wrap around I promise I'm gonna be down.."

His husky voice really suit with that sweet melodies.. He totally shake Dahyun's heart.. While Mir is deeply in his playing, suddenly.. "STOP!" Dahyun shouted and she runs out..

"Noona wait!" He shouted and chasing her..
"U could get a cold.." he managed to catch her.. They both standing in a rain..
"I love u.." She said in low tone but he can catch it clearly..
"Noona.." She didn't even look at him.. He hold her tightly in his embrace.. To warmth her..

"UNNIE!!" She shouted and runaway..
They both shocked and Dahyun quickly pushed him.. "Junghye!! Wait!!" Dahyun try to chase her.. But he grab her hand.. "Let her be.. She will understand soon.." He said..

Since that day, Junghye didn't talk to both of them.. She really hurts.. Seeing her own sister in his embrace.. She really can't forgive them.. How can Mir fall with the woman that is older than him.. And most important is, how can her own sister steal her love?? She really can't forget that day..

"Hye-ah.." he try to sit beside her..
"Go away!" she stands and leaves him..

Mir is always trying to repair their relationship but Junghye just can't accept it.. She keeps running away..

"Are u sure Yunnie??"
"Ne.. I'll just accept whoever u choose for me.. I'm gonna be ok.."
"What's wrong with u dear?? With your job and personality, u can easily make your own choice.."
Dahyun just smile to her mom.."Omma.. Your choices will be the best.."
"Yunnie.." They hugging each other..

'Unnie's gonna married omma's choices??'

"Unnie.. Mianhe.."
"Hye-ah.. Anio.. I'm the one who should say sorry.. I know how u feel.."
"Unnie.." She cries and hug her unnie..
"Junghye.. There's one thing I wanna tell u.."
"What is it unnie??"
"Mir.. He really loves u.. At that day.. What have u see that day is not me and him.. It's me and Seungho oppa.. He just wanna save me.."
"Unnie??" She shocked by her confession..
"Yes.. I don't see him as Mir.. All I can see in front me at that time is Yang Seungho.. Not him.. His piano skill is just like him.."
"I don't how hard was it for u unnie.. I'm sorry that I can't really understand what have you been through all of this time unnie.." She cries.. Her unnie just smile and hug her..
Mrs Lee just come back from somewhere.. "Dahyunnie.. Get ready.. Your appa will bring your groom-to-be here.."
"Mworago?? Now?? Ahh.. What should i wear omma?? Why didn't u tell me earlier??" Dahyun's complaining to her mom..
"U're already pretty in whatever dear.. I'll be waiting outside.. Looks like your appa is back home.."
Dahyun just sighing.. She didn't know if this is the best way.. "Nothing.. I'll get ready now.."

"Omma.. Appa.. Where's he??"
"He's waiting for u outside.." Mr Lee answered her and just smile..
'Oppa's choice is the best..' Dahyun keep that in her mind but only God knows how much she missed Seungho at that time..

"Annyeonghaseyo.." She greats.. He turns back.. "Oppa!" She cries and hugged him.. "It's been a long time.. And u're still pretty as ever.. I want u to know that my love for u never fade away.. Saranghae Lee Dahyun.."
"Me too oppa.. I keep thinking of u untill i've give up and just let my parents draw my fate.. But we're meant for each other.. Saranghae oppa.."

At Dahyun's wedding ceremony..
"Noona is so pretty.." Mir said.. Junghye turns to him.. "Everyone must have fall for her.. But her heart is only for him.." she said.. "Me too.." Mir replied.. Junghye shocked.. "It's not your fault to fall for her.." She said and then walk away from him.. 'It's hurt.. You're true unnie.. It's hurt when we're so much in love..' Junghye said in her heart..
"But my heart is not for her.. It's for you.. It's you Lee Junghye.. And forever will be you.. Will you accept my heart?" Mir asked her while hold her hand tightly.. She just can't say anything at that time.. She totally feel an electric shocked.. Just one word comes from her mouth.. "Saranghae.." He hugged her tightly and whisper to her "Thanks.. I love you more Junghye.."

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MBLAQ at M-Wave Recording

They look great!
Btw.. Seungho looks like a bit thinner??
Is it just me?? I think he lost weight.. He looks skinnier..
LeadHo please stay healthy..~

CREDIT as tagged, AbsoluteMBLAQ


Seungho is just sweet.. Hahahaha.. No matter what did he do, I just thinking that he's just so sweet..
Joonie's part.. How cute they're all trying 2 imitate Joon..
It gonna be more funny if Teuki+Hyukkie doing that
Wait for more MBLEAST moments!~

Something is Wrong with me??TT

Thanks a lot to those who's support me during my 1st fanfic, Journey of Hearts.. Eventhough the ending is just a bit *** Mianhe2*bows*..
Very2 sorry for Afie cuz i need 2 kill Junsu..keke.. And Seulli also.. Me too.. Now I know what's the feel when we didn't get the one that we love.. *Junho~~saranghae~* Btw Park Seungmi, are u happy or what when i killed both of them and replaced them with Mirrreuu??hek2..

Ok2.. Enuff said.. Think gonna write short ff.. Specially made for.. Guess who?? MIRRRRR~~
Oh yeah.. What's wrong with me??TT_TT
Somebody please take me back to where I am.. The place that supposed to be mine.. Not Mir..
Not my dongsaeng-in-law.. Still thinking how can he steal my heart?? I love your hyung Mirreu~

No matter what, I'm gonna started writing one shot ff for my sweety maknae, Mir..
Hoping that he'll just be my favourite dongsaeng.. Not more than that..*Ness, Nas.. Mianhe~*

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Journey of Hearts (Chapter 10)


Dahyun : Yeobseyo?

Hyora : Unnie!! Let’s go to Junsu’s house now!

Dahyun : Hah? Now?? It’s 2am.. I’m sleepy.. Just go there tomorrow ne? I’m hang up now~~

Hyora : Junho’s going oversea tomorrow!!

Dahyun : What??

Hyora : U didn’t know that?

Dahyun : He never said bout going anywhere to me.. How did u know??

Hyora : Junsu.. He said that they’re gonna move to States tomorrow.. I need to say something important before he leaves..

Dahyun : Really? But this is weird.. I’m gonna call Junho now..


Seulmi : Wooyoung-ah.. Are u ok?? (as she see Wooyoung fall on the floor)

Wooyoung : Ah.. It’s hurt.. My back.. (moaning)

Seulmi : Let me send u to the hospital.. (help Wooyoung get in her car)

“I love u..”

Seulmi : What did u say??

Wooyoung : I love u Lee Seulmi.. Jeongmal saranghamnida..Ahh.. (he moaned again)

Seulmi : Stop talking nonsense.. Let me send u to the hospital first..

When they arrived.. Wooyoung grab Seulmi’s hand..

Wooyoung : I’m worried that I’ll not have enough time to tell this to u.. I really love u Seulli.. I’ve fallen for u since the first time I saw u.. Whatever happen after this I’ll not have any regret anymore since I’ve said it to u.. I really wanna be with u.. Wanna protect u but I can’t.. Ahh.. (he continue moaned but this time its louder)

Seulmi eyes start tearing.. She can’t see him like that.. She hurt so much after knowing the truth from him..


Junsu : Ah.. Its hurt.. Junho-ah.. Help me!

Junho : Lol.. Moving to States?? Why didn’t I know everything bout that?? Just accept it hyung..

Dahyun : She makes me heart attack when she said that u’re gonna move there..

Junho : Why should I?? u’re here.. No need for me to go anywhere else..

Dahyun and Junho continue laughing seeing Junsu being chased and pinched by Hyora..

Hyora : I hate u!! I hate u!! I hate u Kim Junsu!!

Junsu : Ya.. Ya, stop this.. I could die like this jagiya~

Hyora : Who’s your jagiya?? (sulky)

Junsu : Lol.. I’m doing that because I love u.. U will answer me faster if I said that.. Ah.. I’m tired.. Do u still wanna punish me??

Hyora didn’t answer him.. She didn’t even look at him..

Junsu : I’m gonna be ok even if u kill me now because I know that I’m not in one-sided love.. I know that u also love me.. So just do whatever u want Kim Hyora.. Listen here everyone! I am Kim Junsu is now so in love with this girl!! I will love her forever!

Everyone there looking at them..

Hyora : Ya, Why are u doing that??

Junsu kneeled down in front of Hyora..

Junsu : Miss Kim Hyora.. Would u be my wife?? (while holding an opened red box with a ring inside there)

Now the crowd surrounded them.. “say yes!! Say yes!!”.. Everybody’s hoping for the answer from Hyora..

Dahyun : Junho-ah.. What are they doing there?? (pointing to the crowd)

Junho : Ne?? Isn’t there.. Hyora and Junsu hyung?? Why are they surrounded them?? Let’s go..

When they arrive..

Hyora : yes.. I do..

Junsu quickly get up and hugged her.. He’s so happy because the girl that he chase all of this time is now his.. But suddenly.. “Bang!”.. “Hyung!!”

Junsu falling to the ground.. “Someone wanna shoot u.. Luckily I saw him.. So that I can protect u my dongseng..” Junsu smile and said in low tones.. Only Junho can hear him..

Hyora hold and hug him..

Hyora : Oppa!! Don’t leave me now!! Saranghae oppa.. (crying)


Dahyun : Junho-shii.. Annyeong..

Junho : It’s been a month since Junsu hyung left us..

Dahyun : Poor Hyora..

Junho : Poor his family too noona.. They only have him.. I will not forgive whoever that shoot him that day..

Dahyun : Junho-ah..

Junho : Noona.. It’s over.. We’re over.. I will not marry u..

Dahyun : Wae?? Why are u being like this since the day Junsu died??

Junho : I know who killed hyung.. He’s your father’s man.. I saw him clearly after he shoot him.. I will not involve with the family that kill my brother..

Dahyun : What?? But I don’t know anything.. (start crying) I love u so much..

Junho : I know noona.. I love u too.. But that memory is just too hard for me.. I can’t accept your family anymore..

Dahyun : Andwae!

Junho come closer.. He hugged Dahyun..

Junho : I know noona.. This is hard for me too.. Saying that I couldn’t be with u, is the worst thing that I’ve ever do.. But this is the best for us.. I love u.. I love Junsu hyung.. Junsu hyung have been killed.. I’m worried that some other day u could be killed too.. I don’t want it to happen noona.. Enough with hyung sacrifies himself for me.. I don’t wanna be burden to anyone anymore.. Really.. I blame myself for loving u as the cause of his death..

Dahyun : Anio.. Why should this be.. I don’t wanna loose u.. I love u so much..

She keeps crying and hold Junho tightly.. Junho slowly released her.. He gives his first and last kiss to her..

Junho : Mianhe noona.. I shouldn’t let u love me before.. If I could turn back times, I wish that u never saw me.. I will never show myself in front of u anymore.. Stay healty noona.. Hope u will find someone much better than me because u’re deserve to.. and for the last time.. Saranghae noona.. Good bye..

Seeing Junho walks out from the music room without looking back.. She really weak at that time.. She kneeled down.. She feels like wanna kill herself.. “Appa.. U win..”

Starting from that day, she never received any news from Junho and she also can’t find or call him anymore.. They have moved and nobody knows where they are..

Its been 7 years.. I’ve never see all of my unnies since that time.. Ah.. I forget to tell about Seulmi Unnie.. Wooyoung left her that night.. He faces with complication because of Hyukjae.. He originally have lung disease and Seulmi never know before.. Because him involved in the fighting, his disease become worst and he left her that night.. I heard that Seulmi Unnie now take over his father’s broadcasting company and she never want to fall in love again.. While Hyora unnie travels over the world.. She’s a photographer now.. She forget music completely in order to forget his dark memory of Junsu oppa.. While Dahyun unnie becomes a composer.. Her father let her be in music as he promises because she and Junho didn’t get together.. This is the story of our life..

Seungmi : Kibum dear.. Wake up now~

Her husband stare at her..

Seungmi : Lol.. Are u jealous of our child??

Her husband just smile and hug her..

Mir : He’s just 2 month old but I keep jealous of him..

Seungmi : I love you..

Mir : I know jagiya.. Saranghae.. Lets eat now? I’ve cooked for u..(smile)

And that is my husband.. Mir.. He’s one of the guys that help me and Key that day.. Key?? He left me too.. He faces with complication after the blood transfer.. No matter what, Kim Kibum and Kim Jonghyun will forever be in my heart.. My precious memory.. My husband give our child that name because he knows everything about me.. I’m lucky to have such an understanding guy as my husband.. Hope all of u will love my book..Keep supporting me^^..The end..

-Park Seungmi

“This place is very calm..I should take more photos here..” Hyora said in her heart.. But suddenly.. “ouch!”.. “ah.. Mianhe.. Did I hurt u??”..

“So.. u’re a photographer too??” “Yeah..” He said while smiling to her.. ‘I’m gonna melt with his smile..’ Hyora said in her heart.. “ I’m Joon.. Lee Joon..and u??” “Hyora.. Kim Hyora.. nice meeting u..” Hyora shake hand with him..

‘Finally, I can get to know her..’ He said in his heart.. He fall for her since the first time he see her on the ship..


“Ya!! I said I want it now!!” Seulmi lost her temper because of her secretary.. They gonna have a very important function that day.. She’s been like that since 7 years ago.. Always focus with her job and never think about anything else.. She regret that she couldn’t ever tell Wooyoung that she loves him too.. “Whatever happen after this I’ll not have any regret anymore since I’ve said it to u.. I really wanna be with u.. Wanna protect u but I can’t..” His last word always be with her.. If she know that long before that, she could protect him that day..

“Annyeong..” A guy great her..

“Annyeong.. U’re??” Seulmi ask him.. “Lol.. U don’t know me?? I’m Jiyong.. Kwon Jiyong.. Your sunbae..” He answered.. “ah.. Oppa.. Mianhe..” Seulmi bows..

“What’s wrong with u now Seulli??” he asked her.. “Nothing oppa.. Just I think that work is really important to me now..” “Until u don’t have time to your own self anymore??” “This is what I want..” Seulmi said while start to make a move..

Jiyong grab her hand.. “I’m still in love with u Seulli.. Let me take care of u..”

Seulmi so shocked with his confession..


“Ah.. I’m tired..” “Unnie.. U should rest more..” Junghye said to her.. “Anio.. I need to settled this now.. U know that I need to live on my own ne?? I don’t wanna involved with my father’s money..” Dahyun replied.. She still can remember how Junsu being shoot that day because he wants to protect Junho.. ‘Only if I could replace Junsu that time..’ She keep thinking in her heart..

“Unnie.. Are u crying??” Junghye asked.. “ah..Anio..” She replied while turn to other side.. “Unnie.. Someone wanna meet u” “Asked him in..” “Arasso unnie..” Junghye replied while asked him in..

“Dahyunnie.. Have u been well??” He greats her.. Dahyun really recognize his voice.. Is she dreaming now?? She turns “Oppa??”

“I’m so sorry Dahyun.. I know I’ve wronged.. From the moment I left u, I can never feel the love that is pure and innocent as u do.. I really missed u all of this time.. Can u give me your heart once again??”

‘Ah.. What should I do now?? My first love is begging my love back.. Lee Donghae is waiting for me now..’


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Journey of Hearts (Chapter 9)


Junho : Annyeong noona..

Dahyun : Ann-yeong??(feeling weird)

Junho : Mianhe noona.. He force me to bring him with me to see you.. Dunno what did he want..

Junsu : Annyeong Dahyunnie~

Dahyun : Ah, kwenchana.. Annyeong Junsu-shii..

Junsu : Are u busy now??

Dahyun :Anio.. Just get ready to see Seungmi and Key’s condition.. I heard they’ve found blood that compatible to Key.. Just hoping everythings will be alright..

Junho : Ah, noona.. Seungho hyung??

Dahyun : He’s not coming with me.. His flight is at 2pm..

Junho : ..and u’re not sending him there??

Dahyun : No need to I think.. (smile) Btw Junsu shii.. What’s the matter??

Junsu : Are u sure u don’t want to send him to the airport??

Dahyun : I don’t want to.. Just don’t ask me why.. Please..

Junho : Hyung..(look at Junsu)

Junsu : Arasso.. Dahyunnie.. I need to ask u something important.. About a girl..

Dahyun : A girl?


Wooyoung : Who’re u??

Hyukjae : Seulmi’s fiancé.. Didn’t I ask u to stop seeing her??

Woo : We’re not seeing each other.. (Ignore Hyukjae and start leaving)

Hyuk : Ya, we’re not done yet! (grab Wooyoung’s shoulder)

Woo : What do u want?? She’s your fiancé.. So what??

Hyuk : U’re bothering our relationship now.. Know what? She’s changing a lot since she know u.. What are your reason now??

Woo : Me?? Changing her?? I guess u’re the one who can’t change her as u want.. Then u’re now accusing me.. She just wanna be free.. And I’m just giving it.. That’s all..

Hyuk : What are u talking about?? So, she said that I’m controlling her?? Hah.. U’re just said that to protect yourself didn’t u? (stare at Wooyoung)

Woo : Whatever.. (Push Hyukjae’s shoulder and walk away)

Hyukjae lost control and suddenly.. “Dush!”

Wooyoung’s fall to the ground.. Hyukjae keep hitting him.. He really can’t get himself together..

“Ya, Lee Hyukjae!! Stop it now!!”

He stop hitting him because of that voice.. Wooyoung still laying on the ground.. His mouth’s bleed..

Seulmi : Ya, what do u want with him??

Hyukjae : I want u back to me..

Seulmi : By punching him??

Hyukjae : Why are u so much into him?? Are u really that easy??

Seulmi slapped him..

Seulmi : Oppa.. The answer of your question.. From now on, I’m not your gf anymore.. (help Wooyoung up and leaves)

Hyuk : Ya! Seulmi-ah! (grab Seulmi’s hand but Wooyoung quickly push him)

Hyukjae almost punch him again but quickly stopped by Seulmi..

Seulmi : Stop it oppa.. Everything that happen to us doesn’t related to him.. Stop bothering him and stop looking for me..

Hyukjae : Is that what u really want?? Arasso.. But for me, everything is because of him.. U (pointing at Wooyoung) watch yourself..

Seulmi just ignore him and pull Wooyoung to her car..

Hyukjae : Damn!


While Key is in operation room..

Nurse : Miss Park Seungmi??

Seungmi : It’s me.. Waeyo??

Nurse : Someone ask me to give this to u..

Seungmi : A letter?? Thanks.. (smile)

Dear My ‘Girl’ Seungmi,

My blood now is running on Key.. yes, I’m the donator.. Since I wouldn’t be able to be with u, let my blood run with Key.. I’m sure he will be a good guy for you..

Actually.. I’m not acting.. I’m really in love with you.. Long before u know Key.. But I can’t be with u.. I’ve diagnosed with brain cancer and now it is critical and that is why I’ve decided to give u back to him.. Only if u could know my heart, then u will know how much I am happy when I’m with u.. Even just for a very short period.. That is the happiest moment in my life.. Thanks for being my ‘girl’..

From now on, U will not able to see me again.. I’m gonna spend my last moment with my family at States.. Just praying that you will be mine on our next life.. A very real good bye here.. Saranghae my baby.. Stay strong with Key dear..

-Kim Jonghyun

Seungmi : (teary eyes) What’s this now??

Seungmi quickly runs to the nurse that give that letter to her..

Seungmi : Where’s him??

Nurse : Him? Who??

Seungmi : The one that give this letter to me..

Nurse : He’s discharge from here and gonna continue his treatment in States..

Seungmi : He’s been here before??

Nurse : Yes.. He had his treatment here all of this time.. But his cancer now is in last stage.. So, he decided to spend his last moment with his family there..

Seungmi : Andwae! Why can’t I see?? Why don’t I have any sense before?? Oppa!!

Seungmi is crying as much as she wants.. She know that she loves him too.. Her heart really hurt after knowing the truth.. But life must go on.. She still have Key in here.. He needs her..


Hyora’s house..

Mr. Kim : Fine! Just go wherever u want..

Mrs. Kim : Why are u acting like this now?? U haven’t trust me.. Never!

Mr. Kim : Everyday I keep hearing the same thing.. Everybody think I am not a good husband and now u’re asking me to go there?? Why can’t u just focused on our family??

Mrs. Kim : U know I love my job so much.. This is my last trip before I’m quitting.. But u still like this.. Can u please trust me once??

Mr. Kim : Whatever.. Listen here.. If u go there, then our marriage is off!

“Bang!”.. The book from Hyora’s hand dropped.. She really shocked hearing that word from his father.. They’re always fighting but today it seems serious.. She hates it when her parents quarrel.. But this always happen.. This is why she never fall in love before.. “ I hate being here!!”.. She runs out from the house..

“Should I lend my shoulder to you?”.. Hyora turns to that voice.. He sit beside her..

Hyora : Why should they married if they don’t trust each other?!

Junsu : Marriage is not as easy as we think of..

Hyora : How did u know that I’m here?? This is my secret place..

Junsu : Well.. I’m stalker.. *wink* I know a place that can make u release your stress.. Wanna go with me??

Hyora : If u force me, then I’ll go..

Junsu : Lol.. Lets go.. (grab Hyora’s hand)

Hyora : Oppa.. Where’s this??

Junsu : My mini studio.. I love music so this is the place that I’ll go whenever I’ve a problem.. Want me to play a song for u??

Hyora : I’m glad to..

Junsu : Wait here for a moment..

While Hyora’s looking around.. “Saengilchukka hamnida~ saengilchukka hamnida~..”

Junsu comes with his guitar while Junho and Dahyun comes with a cake and presents.. Hyora’s touched by them.. Even her parents didn’t remember her birthday..

Dahyun : Make a wish dear..

Hyora : Unnie.. Gomawo.. Saranghaeyo.. (hug Dahyun)

Junsu comes closer and wanna hug both of the girls but Junho quickly pull him.. Junsu end up hugging Junho..

Junho : Behave yourself hyung..

Junsu : Ah.. Mianhe.. So happy seeing them hugging each other.. (naughty smile)

They all laughing..

Dahyun : Oh my.. It’s late now.. I need to see Seungmi.. Junho, come with me..

Junho : Arasso.. We go first.. Jyaa~

Hyora : Unnie! Wait for me!!

Junsu quickly hold her hand.. “Listen to me..”

Hyora : What?

Junsu : I need u to listen to my song first before you go anywhere..

Hyora : Hurm.. Ok..

He prepare his guitar and start playing..

“..girl, come a little closer

let me show you what you've never felt before

the time for just the two of us has come

i've waited for this day more than anyone else

today, i'll show you my heart that no one has known before

now, relax as i hold you in my arms close your eyes, and count..

one, two, three, four as you count to ten,

i'll take you to my room all night long, baby.

all night long,

take me until the sun rises,

i want to be with you (baby, i'm yours) here,

right here, hold me give me permission into your heart

(girl, you're mine)..”

Hyora’s mesmerized by his voice.. Voice from the heaven.. She just can’t say anything right now..

Junsu come closer..

Junsu : How was it??

Hyora : How.. what?? Ah.. The song.. is.. great..(stutter)

Hyora suddenly feeling so nervous with Junsu beside her.. She hope that he can’t hear her heartbeat.. Her heart beat so fast..

Junsu just smile seeing her like that..

Junsu : Don’t worry Hyora-shii.. That is just a song.. Do u wanna go home now?? (looking into her eyes)

Hyora : Ah.. Ne.. (avoiding eye contact with Junsu)

They arrived at Hyora’s house.. As soon as Hyora wants to open the door Junsu grab her hand.. Without looking at her.. “ That song is specially made just for you..”.. Hyora turns to him..

Junsu : Yes, I do.. The song that I’ve played before is to confess my feeling towards you.. You’re the first and only girl that I’ve sing to..

Hyora just remain silent.. She didn’t know what should she do.. She’s so shocked by his confession just now..

Junsu : I know it’s hard for you to involve in love matters but please.. Just once, trust me Kim Hyora.. If you’re ready to be in love, answer me.. I don’t want the answer now.. I’ll move to States in three days.. If I don’t get any answer from you these three days, I’ll be expected that you’ve rejected me and I will never bother you again.. Never ever.. Thanks for today anyway.. Sleep well Hyora-shii.. (smile and slowly released her hand)

Hyora slowly step out from the car.. She just walk without turning back.. She really don’t know what should she do.. She hates war between her parents but she likes being with him..Her step stopped.. “ Kim Junsu saranghae!!”

To Be Continued~

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