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Journey of Hearts (Chapter 4)


(Next day in the music room.. All of them were so quiet.. Not as fun as usual being in that music room.. Seungmi keep staring at her music notes.. Dahyun..playing with her pen.. Hyora didn’t bother 2 talk 2 both of them.. She’s just cleaning her violin.. And Seulmi.. practising alone.. No teasing.. No laughing.. The situation is really weird.. Dahyun’s phone suddenly ringing..)

Dahyun : Yeobseyo, omma..

Mrs.Lee : Dahyun dear, come back home.. Urgent..

Dahyun : What’s wrong omma??

Mrs.Lee : Just come home dear.. I’ll wait 4 u..

Dahyun : Ne, omma.. I’ll return home now..(quickly packed her things)

Seulmi : What’s wrong unnie??

Dahyun : Nothing.. Omma just tell me 2 return home.. Urgent she said..

Seulmi : Do u need me 2 send u home??

Dahyun : Anio.. I’ll be ok.. See u then..(leaving)

Seungmi : I wanna go home too.. Seulmi unnie, keep practising.. Mian, I just don’t have mood 2 practise today..(packed her things)

Hyora : I’ll be with u Seungmi.. Seulmi, u didn’t mind practising alone rite??

Seulmi : Ne.. I’ll be ok.. Take Seungmi 2 her home safely.. Give me a call if there’s anything wrong k??

Hyora : I will.. Seungmi, let’s go..

(Dahyun arrives home.. There’s no one answering when she enters her house.. She’s feeling weird.. Suddenly someone covers Dahyun eyes from her back..)

Dahyun : Ah.. Who’s this?? Stop playing around.. I didn’t have any mood today..(turns back) Oppa!! When did u come back?? Bogoshipo~ (cheerful)

Seungho : (smile widely n pull Dahyun cheeks) This morning sweety.. Aish.. U’ve become skinnier.. Where’s ur chubby cheeks my sweet rabbit??

Dahyun : Ah, it’s hurt oppa.. I’m not a kid anymore.. So many problems that I need to face.. N oppa, don’t call me rabbit! U know that I don’t like it..(sulking)

Seungho : (laugh) U’re still the same.. My sweety rabbit~~(teasing)

Dahyun : Oppa!! I’ll get u.. Ya, don’t run!!(chase Seungho)

Mrs.Lee : (smile) Aish these kids.. Still the same even they’ve not meeting each other for almost 8 years.. Dahyun, Seungho.. come here.. I’ve bought a choc cake.. Both of u luv this so much..

Dahyun : Omma, look at him.. He never changes.. Always wanna teased me.. I’m not a kid anymore..

Mrs.Lee : (laugh) Dear, u maybe not a kid anymore.. But u act like u’re still a kid.. Reminds me of the time where Seungho n his family were still here.. Both of u were always fighting when u’re at home.. But at school Seungho will always protect u.. N u cried a lot when Yang’s family were moved to Canada..

Seungho : What? She cried that time?? How sweet~~(teasing)

Mrs.Lee : Ne.. She cried non stop.. Until we need 2 change her school..

Dahyun : Stop it omma.. Aish.. That’s embarassing.. I don’t know why am I crying that time.. Such a waste..(sulking)

Mrs.Lee : This is why Seungho like 2 tease u dear.. U’re so cute n childish.. Tonigt u go out with Seungho ne? Tomorrow u didn’t have class rite??

Seungho : Yess!! I got a chance 2 bully my rabbit more tonight!!(show his tongue 2 Dahyun)

Dahyun : Omma!!

Mrs.Lee : Lol.. Ok2.. Stop it.. Let’s eat this.. Seungho son, how’s ur parents?

Seungho : Kamsahamnida ommo-nim(smile).. They’re all fine.. Mr. Lee didn’t back yet? Btw ommo-nim, do u really don’t mind if I’m staying here for a while??

Mrs.Lee : He still in his work place.. He’ll be back at 5p.m.. Hm? Ne.. I really didn’t mind son.. U’re like my own son since us n ur family were really close n u’re always protecting Dahyun.. Just stay here until u come back 2 Canada..

Dahyun : Omma!! U want him 2 stay here?? Aigoo.. Then I’ll always being bullied by him omma..

Mrs.Lee : Dear, he’ll be here only for a month.. Why don’t he just staying here? Since this house also didn’t have a son..

Dahyun : Ah, omma.. What did u said that is urgent just now??

Mrs.Lee : (pointing at Seungho) This is it..(smile) I know u missed him a lot dear.. Me too.. Missing him a lot..

Dahyun : What??! He??

Mrs.Lee : I know u dear.. Just say that u’re happy seeing Seungho return here.. N u’re so cheerful today compared to last night.. I will not worry about u anymore since Seungho is here..

Dahyun : Ne omma.. But omma.. U believe him?? He’s not a boy anymore omma.. He’s a guy.. Namja.. What if he do something 2 me??

Seungho : Ya, rabbit!! I’m not that kind of people! What’s so special about this rabbit??(teasing)

Dahyun : Oppa!! Don’t wanna talk to u until tonight..

Seungho : Lol.. Mian Miss Lee Dahyun..(bow) Please talk to me.. I’ll be a good guy..(wink)

(Yang Seungho is Dahyun’s childhood friend.. They’re really closed.. Just like a twin.. They’re always be together until Mr.Yang need 2 moved 2 Canada 2 expand his business 8 years ago..)

(Meanwhile.. Seulmi that has just finished practising wanna back home.. Suddenly a guy comes in.. He’s really in critical condition.. His face looks so pale.. Seulmi wanna help him stand up but he suddenly fainted.. N he’s bleeding..)

Seulmi : Omo.. What should I do?? Ottoke?? Omo~(worried) Oppa! I must call him 2 help this guy..(call Hyukjae)

Seulmi : Aish.. Why is there’s no answer?? Where is him?? Aigoo.. What should I do?? I can’t lift him.. Ha, I’ll call my driver..

(With the help of her driver, Seulmi sends the guy 2 a hospital.. She’s really worried n she keep waiting 4 that guy.. Until she fall asleep at the room..)

Wooyoung : Ah.. Where am I?? My back hurts..(trying 2 raised his head.. N he see Seulmi’s sleeping at the sofa) Aigoo.. Did she helped me?? This hospital’s really expensive.. What can I do 2 repay her??(keep staring at Seulmi) She’s so pretty.. Who is she??

Seulmi : (waking up n shocked look at wooyoung) Omo.. How long did I sleep?? N are u alright??(get closer 2 wooyoung)

Wooyoung : (stutter) I.. I.. I’ve just awake.. N.. Who are u miss?? Kamsahamnida 4 sending me here.. I’ll make sure that I pay back 2 u..

Seulmi : Kwenchana.. I’m Lee Seulmi.. U don’t need 2 pay back.. I’m just helping..

Wooyoung : I’m.. Jang Wooyoung.. Kamsahamnida~

Seulmi : It’s ok.. Doesn’t matter.. (look at her watch) I need 2 return home now.. Omma will be worried.. U take care ne?? I’ll come again.. Don’t skip meals.. I go first..(smile)

Wooyoung : That girl is just pretty.. I’ve lost words when looking at her.. Lee Seulmi.. Such a nice name.. Just like her..

(Night.. Dahyun hang out with Seungho..They’ve a great time together since they’ve not meet for such a long time.. So many things 2 share n 2 talk about.. While they’re walking at the park.. Suddenly someone bumped into Dahyun.. She falls.. Seungho helps her up..)

Seungho : Ya, where is your eyes??(scolded a guy)

Junho : Mianhamnida..(bow) Noona??

Seungho : U know her??

Dahyun : Ah, Lee Junho.. It’s ok oppa.. Don’t scold him.. He’s in a hurry..

Seungho : Dahyun, u know him??

Dahyun : (didn’t answer straight away..looking at Junho for a while) I.. Ne.. I know him.. He.. He’s junior at my college..(bitter smile)

Junho : (monolog) Junior?? Ye.. I’m just her junior.. She didn’t love me anymore.. Is she dating him right now??(fake smile)

Seungho : Is that so?? Aigoo.. Sorry 4 scolding u before..(smile n shake hand with Junho) I’m Yang Seungho.. Just call me hyung..

Junho : Nice meeting u hyung.. Btw hyung, noona, I need 2 go now.. Mian..

Seungho : Ne, until we meet again..

Seungho : Ya, rabbit.. Why’re u so silent drastically??

Dahyun : I’m not in the mood oppa.. Let’s just go home..(walks n leaves Seungho behind)

Seungho : Aish this girl.. What’s wrong with her now?? Just now she’s really cheerful..(chasing Dahyun) Dahyun!! Wait for me!!

(Mr.Kim’s house..)

Junho : I’m back..

Mrs. Kwon : Welcome home son.. U wanna eat??

Junho : It’s ok omma.. I’ve my dinner at my workplace.. I wanna sleep now..

Mrs. Kwon : U looks so tired son.. Is everything’s ok??

Junho : Everything’s ok omma..(smile) Don’t worry ne?

Mrs. Kwon : Ne son.. But if u have problems just tell me k?? Or just tell your hyung..

Junho : Ne omma..


Junsu : Dongsaeng, are u alright?? Did u still mad at me??

Junho : I’m ok hyung.. Don’t worry.. Sorry about that time..

Junsu : Junho-shii.. U really can’t lie.. What’s wrong? Just tell me..

Junho : Nothing.. Hyung.. do u believe in Love at the first sight??

Junsu : Love at the first sight?? Hurm.. About that girl again?? I do have my 1st love n I’ve fall in love with her at the 1st sight.. But we didn’t last long because both of us still young at that time..

Junho : Hyung.. A girl confessed me.. But I didn’t tell her what’s my feeling towards her because I don’t want her 2 be sad.. She might feel that I didn’t love her.. She even cried.. I feel so bad.. But I love her so much.. What should I do hyung??

Junsu : Junho-shii.. Why didn’t u just tell her your feeling?? U know that not everyone that we love will also have the same feeling as we do.. But in your case, u’re so lucky because she’s also fallen for u.. Just go n tell her that u also love her..

Junho : But hyung.. I think it’s late now.. Just now I’m seeing her with another guy.. They look so closed 2 each other.. N she’s laughing.. I might not be able 2 make her laugh like that hyung.. I think, that guy’s really good for her compared 2 me..

Junsu : Dongsaeng, true love will never know 2 give up.. Think deeply.. If u do really love her, just tell her then.. We still didn’t know the relationship between her n that guy rite?? I’ll support u whatever u wanna do my dongsaeng..

Junho : Gomawo hyung..(Hug Junsu)

Junsu : So, who’s that lucky girl?? Noona??

Junho : (shy) Ne.. Noona.. She’s born on 1988.. Just like u hyung.. Lee Dahyun noona..

Junsu : Lee.. Lee Dahyun?? N she’s born on 88?? I think I’ve heard her name.. But I can’t remember when..(thinking) Btw, I’m gonna meet my old friend tomorrow.. Do u wanna come with me?? We’re not meet for almost 8 years..

Junho : Sounds good.. I’ll come with u hyung..


Text message: Jagiya.. Missing u so much.. Let’s have dinner together tomorrow night??


(Seulmi calls Hyukjae..)

Seulmi : Yeobseyo oppa.. Where have u been?? Why didn’t u answer my calls??

Hyukjae : Mianhe jagiya.. I’m so busy today.. So many things to do.. It can’t be helped.. So, do u wanna have a dinner with me tomorrow??

Seulmi : I don’t think so oppa.. I need to go hospital tomorrow night..

Hyukjae : Hospital?? Are u not feeling well?? What’s wrong jagiya??

Seulmi : Anio.. I’m ok.. But that guy.. He needs me..

Hyukjae : Guy?? Who’s that guy?? I go with u ne??

Seulmi : It’s ok oppa.. Just do your work.. I’ll be ok.. I’ll hang up now..

Hyukjae : A guy?? Need her?? Who is he?? I need 2 meet him.. My Seul will always tell me everythings but about this guy.. She didn’t even tell me who is he.. Something’s not right here..

Seulmi : (sigh)What’s this feeling?? I don’t even missed my hyukie even he didn’t call me.. I didn’t curious about what’s he doing.. Since when?? Aish.. Really.. What’s wrong with me?? My heart?? N.. Why am I keep thinking about him?? Jang Wooyoung.. I just feel like I wanna be with him.. Don’t wanna him 2 go back home.. Just being in the ward n I can see him everyday.. Ahh.. This is not me!! I’m Hyukjae’s girl.. I’m not suppose 2 think about another guy.. Ottoke??

(Next day at Lee’s family house..)

Seungho : (Knocked Dahyun’s door repeatedly) Ya, rabbit!! Wake up now!!

Dahyun : (pulls her blanket) Ah.. So noisy.. Oppa!! Stop knocking my door!!

Seungho : I said wake up n open this door now.. I will never stop until u wake up..

Dahyun : Aish.. Omma!! Look at him!!

Seungho : Rabbit.. Your omma isn’t here.. She’s go out early morning.. She said that she’ll be back late at night or tomorrow morning.. Ya, wake up now!! I’m so bored~

Dahyun : Aigoo.. Why did omma just let him stay with me?? It’s annoying.. Ya, stop knocking.. I’ve wake up now!!(shouting)

Seungho : Kekeke.. What a good girl.. Do u know what time is it now?? Aigoo this girl.. Let’s eat breakfast.. N oh yeah, my old friend will come over today.. So please be a good girl ne??(while pinching Dahyun’s nose)

Dahyun : (push Seungho) That’s hurt oppa.. Whoa.. Nice hair.. (spoil Seungho’s hair n runs)

Seungho : Ya, rabbit!! I’ll get u!! Don’t run!!

(Seulmi’s house.. Seulmi get ready to go to the hospital.. She prepared a porridge.. Without she realized, someone’s watching her from far.. Following her to the hospital..)

Seulmi : Annyeong..(bow) How did u feel today??

Woo : Annyeong.. I’m feeling better than yesterday.. All thanks to u Miss Lee..

Seulmi : Anio.. Just call me Seul.. It’s ok.. Ah, I’ve made a porridge.. Have u eaten?? I make this on my own.. My first porridge.. Please understand if it’s not really good..

Woo : What? U made this for me?? Ah.. I’m so lucky.. Thanks again..

(someone’s watching them..)

Hyukjae : Seul?? Only her closed friends n me can call her that.. But why did she asked him 2 call her that?? N she even cooks 4 him.. She never cook before.. Did she fall for him?? N who’s this guy that can make her like this?? I’m not feeling good..(leaves)

(Seulmi n Wooyoug had a very good time together.. Seulmi didn’t even feel bored when she’s with him.. He knows 2 make her laugh.. N they’ve become closed just like that..)

(Junsu n Junho arrived to meet Junsu’s old friend..)

Junho : Hyung, is this his house?? Your old friend live here??

Junsu : Anio.. His family is in Canada.. He just stayed here until he returns to Canada back..

Junho : Do I need 2 come in too hyung??

Junsu : Dongsaeng.. Of course u need 2 come with me.. We’ve arrive here..

Junho : Ne, hyung..(sounds weak)

Seungho : Annyeong!! It’s been a long time dudes.. How’re u?? Let’s come in..

Junsu : Hyung.. U never change.. Just like the old days.. U’re still a warm person.. I heard that u will take over your father’s business after this?? Is it in Canada??

Seungho : Aish.. we’ve just meet n u already asked me about business?? Just like your dad..(laugh) Ne, I will run my father’s business but I think I wanna open the branch here in Korea.. Really missed this country..

Junsu : Sounds good hyung.. Ah, let me introduce u 2 my dongsaeng.. He’s Lee Junho..

Junho : (bow) Annyeong hyung..

Seungho : Ah, u.. Lee Junho right?? Nice meeting u again.. So, u’re Junsu’s dongsaeng..(shake Junho’s hand)

Junsu : U two have met before??

Seungho : Ne, he’s my rabbit’s junior..

Junsu : Ah, hyung.. Where is your sweety rabbit back then?? I’m sure she ‘s become a pretty girl..

Junho : Rabbit??

Seungho : Ne, your sunbae.. We used 2 called her rabbit because she always tied her hair like a rabbit’s ear n she’s just cute like a rabbit..(smile)

Junho : I see.. So Junsu hyung, u know Dahyun noona before?

Junsu : Dahyun??

Seungho : He didn’t know her real name.. He n all of my guy friends just call her rabbit.. She is Lee Dahyun..

Junsu : Ah.. That’s why I feel like I’ve heard her name before.. She’s Seungho rabbit.. So, where is she??

Seungho : Ya, rabbit!! Have u finished?? Come down now..

Dahyun : (rushes down) Oppa!! I’m not a rabbit!!(sulking)

Seungho : Aish this girl.. Look who’s coming here..

Dahyun : (shy) Ah.. Mianhe.. Lee Junho?? What’re u doing here??

Junho : Annyeong noona.. This is my hyung.. Junsu Hyung..

Junsu : Rabbit?? Are u Seungho’s hyung rabbit??(staring at Dahyun) N u’re also Junho’s sunbae?? Wow.. U turns out pretty.. She’s not a rabbit anymore.. She’s pretty girl..

Seungho : U didn’t meet her after I moved to Canada??

Junsu : Ne, since u moved she also changed school.. I’m also not meeting her for almost 8 years.. N she’s really pretty..(smile)

(Dahyun blushing)

Seungho : Aish.. Stop telling that in front of her.. I’m annoyed..(teasing Dahyun)

(Dahyun make a naughty face 2 Seungho..)

Junho : That’s right hyung.. Noona is so pretty.. U’re so lucky 2 have her..(fake smile)

(Dahyun’s face suddenly change.. She looks at Junho.. She really becomes weak.. N once again.. Her heart beating so fast n she don’t know why her heart aches so much hearing that from Junho..)

Dahyun : Excuse me.. (runs to her room)

Junho : Hyung.. I think I want to make a move.. Thanks hyung..(leaves)

Junsu : Ya, Junho!!

Seungho : Aish.. What’s wrong with them??

Junsu : I also don’t know..(thinking for a while) Ah, I guess I know why.. Hyung, why didn’t u go check Dahyun’s condition?? She might have cried..

Seungho : What?? Why did u said that??

Junsu : (sigh) It’s hard 2 say hyung.. But I guess they love each other..

Seungho : What??!(Quickly go n see Dahyun’s condition)

Dahyun : Just leave me alone oppa!!

Seungho : What’s wrong sweety?? Why did u cry??(worried)

Dahyun : Just leave me alone!!

Seungho : I will never leave u alone until u stop crying..

Dahyun : Oppa.. I love him so much..(sobbing) But he didn’t love me.. He seems happy seeing me with u.. I’m hurt oppa.. This is hurting me so much..

Seungho : (gently hug Dahyun) Sweety.. I don’t like seeing u like this.. Luckily I’m here.. If not, who will calm u down??

Dahyun : U don’t know how it feels oppa.. My heart aching so much..

Seungho : I know how it feels like.. Seeing u’re crying like this already makes me hurt.. I love u Dahyun.. Really love u..

Dahyun : (shocked n look into Seungho’s eyes) Oppa??

Seungho : Ne.. I do love u so much.. Since we’re still in childhood.. I’m really wanna be with u.. Wants to protect u everytime n everywhere.. But u never see it.. For u, I’m just your oppa right??(wipe Dahyun’s tears)

Dahyun : Oppa..(hug Seungho tightly)

Seungho : From now on, stop crying because of him.. U know, I’m hurt so much when tears fall down from your eyes.. Please Dahyun.. Only look at me starting from now.. I’ll never make u cry.. I’ll always be with u n protect u my dear.. Saranghae..

(Junsu just watching outside.. He suddenly feels guilty.. He didn’t think this is right..)

To Be Continued~

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