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Journey of Hearts (Chapter 10)


Dahyun : Yeobseyo?

Hyora : Unnie!! Let’s go to Junsu’s house now!

Dahyun : Hah? Now?? It’s 2am.. I’m sleepy.. Just go there tomorrow ne? I’m hang up now~~

Hyora : Junho’s going oversea tomorrow!!

Dahyun : What??

Hyora : U didn’t know that?

Dahyun : He never said bout going anywhere to me.. How did u know??

Hyora : Junsu.. He said that they’re gonna move to States tomorrow.. I need to say something important before he leaves..

Dahyun : Really? But this is weird.. I’m gonna call Junho now..


Seulmi : Wooyoung-ah.. Are u ok?? (as she see Wooyoung fall on the floor)

Wooyoung : Ah.. It’s hurt.. My back.. (moaning)

Seulmi : Let me send u to the hospital.. (help Wooyoung get in her car)

“I love u..”

Seulmi : What did u say??

Wooyoung : I love u Lee Seulmi.. Jeongmal saranghamnida..Ahh.. (he moaned again)

Seulmi : Stop talking nonsense.. Let me send u to the hospital first..

When they arrived.. Wooyoung grab Seulmi’s hand..

Wooyoung : I’m worried that I’ll not have enough time to tell this to u.. I really love u Seulli.. I’ve fallen for u since the first time I saw u.. Whatever happen after this I’ll not have any regret anymore since I’ve said it to u.. I really wanna be with u.. Wanna protect u but I can’t.. Ahh.. (he continue moaned but this time its louder)

Seulmi eyes start tearing.. She can’t see him like that.. She hurt so much after knowing the truth from him..


Junsu : Ah.. Its hurt.. Junho-ah.. Help me!

Junho : Lol.. Moving to States?? Why didn’t I know everything bout that?? Just accept it hyung..

Dahyun : She makes me heart attack when she said that u’re gonna move there..

Junho : Why should I?? u’re here.. No need for me to go anywhere else..

Dahyun and Junho continue laughing seeing Junsu being chased and pinched by Hyora..

Hyora : I hate u!! I hate u!! I hate u Kim Junsu!!

Junsu : Ya.. Ya, stop this.. I could die like this jagiya~

Hyora : Who’s your jagiya?? (sulky)

Junsu : Lol.. I’m doing that because I love u.. U will answer me faster if I said that.. Ah.. I’m tired.. Do u still wanna punish me??

Hyora didn’t answer him.. She didn’t even look at him..

Junsu : I’m gonna be ok even if u kill me now because I know that I’m not in one-sided love.. I know that u also love me.. So just do whatever u want Kim Hyora.. Listen here everyone! I am Kim Junsu is now so in love with this girl!! I will love her forever!

Everyone there looking at them..

Hyora : Ya, Why are u doing that??

Junsu kneeled down in front of Hyora..

Junsu : Miss Kim Hyora.. Would u be my wife?? (while holding an opened red box with a ring inside there)

Now the crowd surrounded them.. “say yes!! Say yes!!”.. Everybody’s hoping for the answer from Hyora..

Dahyun : Junho-ah.. What are they doing there?? (pointing to the crowd)

Junho : Ne?? Isn’t there.. Hyora and Junsu hyung?? Why are they surrounded them?? Let’s go..

When they arrive..

Hyora : yes.. I do..

Junsu quickly get up and hugged her.. He’s so happy because the girl that he chase all of this time is now his.. But suddenly.. “Bang!”.. “Hyung!!”

Junsu falling to the ground.. “Someone wanna shoot u.. Luckily I saw him.. So that I can protect u my dongseng..” Junsu smile and said in low tones.. Only Junho can hear him..

Hyora hold and hug him..

Hyora : Oppa!! Don’t leave me now!! Saranghae oppa.. (crying)


Dahyun : Junho-shii.. Annyeong..

Junho : It’s been a month since Junsu hyung left us..

Dahyun : Poor Hyora..

Junho : Poor his family too noona.. They only have him.. I will not forgive whoever that shoot him that day..

Dahyun : Junho-ah..

Junho : Noona.. It’s over.. We’re over.. I will not marry u..

Dahyun : Wae?? Why are u being like this since the day Junsu died??

Junho : I know who killed hyung.. He’s your father’s man.. I saw him clearly after he shoot him.. I will not involve with the family that kill my brother..

Dahyun : What?? But I don’t know anything.. (start crying) I love u so much..

Junho : I know noona.. I love u too.. But that memory is just too hard for me.. I can’t accept your family anymore..

Dahyun : Andwae!

Junho come closer.. He hugged Dahyun..

Junho : I know noona.. This is hard for me too.. Saying that I couldn’t be with u, is the worst thing that I’ve ever do.. But this is the best for us.. I love u.. I love Junsu hyung.. Junsu hyung have been killed.. I’m worried that some other day u could be killed too.. I don’t want it to happen noona.. Enough with hyung sacrifies himself for me.. I don’t wanna be burden to anyone anymore.. Really.. I blame myself for loving u as the cause of his death..

Dahyun : Anio.. Why should this be.. I don’t wanna loose u.. I love u so much..

She keeps crying and hold Junho tightly.. Junho slowly released her.. He gives his first and last kiss to her..

Junho : Mianhe noona.. I shouldn’t let u love me before.. If I could turn back times, I wish that u never saw me.. I will never show myself in front of u anymore.. Stay healty noona.. Hope u will find someone much better than me because u’re deserve to.. and for the last time.. Saranghae noona.. Good bye..

Seeing Junho walks out from the music room without looking back.. She really weak at that time.. She kneeled down.. She feels like wanna kill herself.. “Appa.. U win..”

Starting from that day, she never received any news from Junho and she also can’t find or call him anymore.. They have moved and nobody knows where they are..

Its been 7 years.. I’ve never see all of my unnies since that time.. Ah.. I forget to tell about Seulmi Unnie.. Wooyoung left her that night.. He faces with complication because of Hyukjae.. He originally have lung disease and Seulmi never know before.. Because him involved in the fighting, his disease become worst and he left her that night.. I heard that Seulmi Unnie now take over his father’s broadcasting company and she never want to fall in love again.. While Hyora unnie travels over the world.. She’s a photographer now.. She forget music completely in order to forget his dark memory of Junsu oppa.. While Dahyun unnie becomes a composer.. Her father let her be in music as he promises because she and Junho didn’t get together.. This is the story of our life..

Seungmi : Kibum dear.. Wake up now~

Her husband stare at her..

Seungmi : Lol.. Are u jealous of our child??

Her husband just smile and hug her..

Mir : He’s just 2 month old but I keep jealous of him..

Seungmi : I love you..

Mir : I know jagiya.. Saranghae.. Lets eat now? I’ve cooked for u..(smile)

And that is my husband.. Mir.. He’s one of the guys that help me and Key that day.. Key?? He left me too.. He faces with complication after the blood transfer.. No matter what, Kim Kibum and Kim Jonghyun will forever be in my heart.. My precious memory.. My husband give our child that name because he knows everything about me.. I’m lucky to have such an understanding guy as my husband.. Hope all of u will love my book..Keep supporting me^^..The end..

-Park Seungmi

“This place is very calm..I should take more photos here..” Hyora said in her heart.. But suddenly.. “ouch!”.. “ah.. Mianhe.. Did I hurt u??”..

“So.. u’re a photographer too??” “Yeah..” He said while smiling to her.. ‘I’m gonna melt with his smile..’ Hyora said in her heart.. “ I’m Joon.. Lee Joon..and u??” “Hyora.. Kim Hyora.. nice meeting u..” Hyora shake hand with him..

‘Finally, I can get to know her..’ He said in his heart.. He fall for her since the first time he see her on the ship..


“Ya!! I said I want it now!!” Seulmi lost her temper because of her secretary.. They gonna have a very important function that day.. She’s been like that since 7 years ago.. Always focus with her job and never think about anything else.. She regret that she couldn’t ever tell Wooyoung that she loves him too.. “Whatever happen after this I’ll not have any regret anymore since I’ve said it to u.. I really wanna be with u.. Wanna protect u but I can’t..” His last word always be with her.. If she know that long before that, she could protect him that day..

“Annyeong..” A guy great her..

“Annyeong.. U’re??” Seulmi ask him.. “Lol.. U don’t know me?? I’m Jiyong.. Kwon Jiyong.. Your sunbae..” He answered.. “ah.. Oppa.. Mianhe..” Seulmi bows..

“What’s wrong with u now Seulli??” he asked her.. “Nothing oppa.. Just I think that work is really important to me now..” “Until u don’t have time to your own self anymore??” “This is what I want..” Seulmi said while start to make a move..

Jiyong grab her hand.. “I’m still in love with u Seulli.. Let me take care of u..”

Seulmi so shocked with his confession..


“Ah.. I’m tired..” “Unnie.. U should rest more..” Junghye said to her.. “Anio.. I need to settled this now.. U know that I need to live on my own ne?? I don’t wanna involved with my father’s money..” Dahyun replied.. She still can remember how Junsu being shoot that day because he wants to protect Junho.. ‘Only if I could replace Junsu that time..’ She keep thinking in her heart..

“Unnie.. Are u crying??” Junghye asked.. “ah..Anio..” She replied while turn to other side.. “Unnie.. Someone wanna meet u” “Asked him in..” “Arasso unnie..” Junghye replied while asked him in..

“Dahyunnie.. Have u been well??” He greats her.. Dahyun really recognize his voice.. Is she dreaming now?? She turns “Oppa??”

“I’m so sorry Dahyun.. I know I’ve wronged.. From the moment I left u, I can never feel the love that is pure and innocent as u do.. I really missed u all of this time.. Can u give me your heart once again??”

‘Ah.. What should I do now?? My first love is begging my love back.. Lee Donghae is waiting for me now..’


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