Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Journey of Hearts (Chapter 2)


Next day at music room..Dahyun's didn't have class that morning..she went there alone..but her step stopped when she heard a music from the music room..she's hiding n she can see someone fantastic..but she can't see his face..she keep focusing on him n she didn't notice that she's also being observed by someone else..suddenly Dahyun's hand being pulled by someone..

Dahyun : Argh!That's hurt!!Stop it Lee Seunghyun!!(push Seunghyun)

Seunghyun: Noona..please follow me..i need 2 tell u something..please noona..(begging)

Dahyun : What do u want?

Seunghyun: I want..i want u noona..(trying 2 hug Dahyun)

(Dahyun scream n suddenly someone push Seunghyun..)

Dahyun : Lee Junho?!

Seunghyun: Ya!who are u??stay out..this is none of ur business!!(push junho)

Junho : U,shut ur mouth!How dare u touch her?

Seunghyun: Me?shut my mouth??whoohoo..u don't know me?i'm his boyfriend..u stay away..orphan!

(Dahyun slaps Seunghyun face n hold Junho's hand..Junho just let her..he's so shocked)

Dahyun : Ya,Lee Seunghyun!listen here..i am not ur gf..n u will never be my bf!!don't u ever disturb him again..i love him!(pull Junho n leaves Seunghyun)

Seunghyun: Damn..she likes that orphan??how can it be..Lee Dahyun..don't ever think that i'll just leave u like that..u'll regret what u've done 2 me..

(Dahyun holds Junho's hand until they reached at the top of the building..Dahyun slowly let go of Junho's hand)

Dahyun : (shy)I'm so sorry..n thanks so much..(didn't look at Junho's face)

Junho : did u know me?

Dahyun : Me? that restaurant..Hyora..his uncle..(stutter)

Junho : (smile)noona..i know everything..mianhe..i've accidently passed by music room that day..the day when Hyora noona tells u about me..u shouldn't slap him noona..he tells the truth..i'm orphan..

Dahyun : Er..wait,wait..u..u passed by music room that day?n..u did hear everythings??ahh!!(blushing n cover her face)

Junho : (pull Dahyun hands)Noona..don't worry..i'll keep it secret..(wink)

Dahyun :!!(run shyly)

At the music room..Dahyun arrives there while all of her dongsengs were there already..

Seungmi : Unnie!!are u allright??(quickly checked Dahyun's condition)

Hyora : Unnie..aish..u shouldn't be alone u know?why are u so stubborn??(worried)

Dahyun : did u know?

Seulmi : Unnie..everybody here knows u..someone tell us that u've been attacked by Lee Seunghyun..are u ok unnie??did u hurt?

Seungmi : Ne,unnie..if u don't have class,then call someone 2 stay with u..u shouldn't be alone..

Dahyun : Gomawo..i'm alright..don't worry..don't tell my parents bout this ok?

Seungmi : Ne,unnie..we won’t..if we do tell ur mum bout this,we will not be able 2 play music together again,rite?Btw,where are u from unnie?

(everyone's looking at Dahyun..suddenly..)

Junho : Annyeong..sorry 4 disturbing..Dahyun noona..u left this..(give back Dahyun's bracelet)

Dahyun : Ah..gomawo..(run towards Junho n grab her bracelet..)

Junho : U're welcome..(smile)..i think i need 2 make a move now..(bow n leaves them)

Seungmi,Hyora n Seulmi: Unnie??(suspicously looking at Dahyun)

Dahyun : What??(denying)'s not like what u're thinking!!

Seulmi : Dahyun noona..what's happening now??(teasing)

Seungmi : Noona?? did he get ur bracelet??did u hiding something unnie??(naughty face)

Hyora : Hm..seems like i need 2 be at my uncle's cafe tonight..who wants 2 follow me??Dahyun unnie??(moves her eyebrows)

Dahyun : Wha..what are u all talking about??he's just saving me from that Lee Seunghyun..nothing's happen..(blushing)

Seulmi : Ouhoo..Prince charming come 2 save the princess..just like in fairy tales did he get there at that time??Seungmi,u have class rite?

Seungmi : Ne,unnie..but he's always missing..dunno what's he doing..

Dahyun : He..this morning when i arrive here,i saw someone's dancing..

Hyora : U mean..Lee Junho?he's dancing here??this morning??

Dahyun : Ne..he's dancing here..while suddenly that boy attacked me n he's saving me..

Hyora : Wow..i guess,we can add a member 2 our music club..what did u guys think??doesn't it sounds good when we have a dancer in our club??

Seungmi : But unnie,do u think that he'll be in music club?i mean..he's working at night..seems tiring 2 him..

Dahyun : What're u talking about??no!we don't need him here!

Seulmi : Unnie??don't u want him 2 joined us??well unnie..i understand how's ur feeling..u can't hide it anymore unnie..

Hyora : Hm..mybe that's not a good idea for now..but,how bout we let him practise in our room?

Seungmi : Up 2 our president..Dahyun unnie?

Dahyun : (sigh)..i can't think of anything rite now..i'm still worried bout Seunghyun..hopefully he'll not bother Junho..

Seungmi : Yea..let's hope..(thinking)..Unnie!why did u worried bout him more than yourself??(suspicious)

Dahyun : Huh?’m worrying bout myself too~

(at Junsu's room..)

Junsu : Dongsaeng,pass me that water..

Junho didn't move..he still laying on the bed while looking at the chemistry book..

Junsu : Junho-shii..give me that bottle of water..

Junho still smiling at the bed..freezing looks at the book..

Junsu : Ya, Junho!!what's so good with that book??(looking at the book)..ya,u didn't read the book..why're u keep smiling??aigoo this boy..something's got into u??(push Junho)

Junho : (shocked)Ah..hyung..mianhe..what did u said??

Junsu : Aigoo..what's wrong with u??tell me now..or else,i'll call omma..(scary looks)

Junho : Aish..don't tell omma hyung..anio..nothing's happen between me n that noona..

Junsu : Ha??noona?which noona??

Junho : (covered his mouth)Ah..anio hyung..nothing~(run away from the room)

Junsu : Ya,Junho!!aish..he's falling in love..but..noona??hurm..i need 2 find out..who is that lucky girl..

Next day at the college..Hyora's late..she keep running..

Hyora : can i late today..this is Mr. Kang's class..aigoo..i need 2 run faster..

Mr. Kang is their maths lecturer..he's very strict n he always punished his students..this is 2nd time hyora's late to his class..last time she have been punished by Mr. Kang because she come to class just one minute after him..She can't sit down until his class finished..she didn't want to be punished once again..

Suddenly Hyora's bumped into someone..

Hyora : Ah..mianhe..I'm urgent..(didn't even look at that person n keep running..)

Junsu : Miss!! U dropped this!!(calling 4 hyora..)

Junsu : Kim Hyora??Music Club ID Card..where do i need 2 send this?

Looking around..suddenly he see the music room..he walks there.. Junsu get into the room..

While he's looking 4 a place 2 put Hyora's ID card someone suddenly opens the door..

He quickly hides..

Key : Ya,why did u bring me here??This is Seungmi n her unnies place..u wanna die??

Krystal : Anio oppa..i'm doing this because of dare u ignore me??we've made a promise..once u get her money,then u'll leave her..

Key : Money..what??listen here..u're the one who broke our promise..why did u wanna get close with that orphan??what did he has?? n we've officially broke up 2 weeks,don't bother me anymore..i've changed now!!

Krystal : Oppa..please..i'm begging u..don't leave me..n..orphan?who??Lee Junho??

Key : Ne..Lee Junho..he is orphan rite?if u do keep ur promise 2 me,then why did u try 2 get close 2 him at the first place??

Krystal : Anio oppa..i just want 2 have fun with heart is only 4 u..please oppa..leave seungmi..i'll be a good gf..

Key : No..i will not back 2 u..i love Seungmi more..i can't hurt her heart..she's the one 4 me..i've said before..i've,leave me n just go on with ur life..i don't care about u anymore..

Krystal : this ur final decision??u won't regret this??

Key : No,i won't..i deserve the best 4 me..just forget bout our story n promises before..u go away..

Krystal : I see..that girl has changed u..u'll regret this oppa..i'll tell her everything!!(slapped by Key)

Key : Shut ur mouth up!don't u remember who gives u money before??i want u 2 quit now..don't wanna see ur face anymore n don't ever do anything 2 Seungmi..

Krystal : (cry)oppa..u'll regret this!!(run)

Key :(sigh)Damn!!(kick the table n get out from the room)

Junsu that the girl that Junho's fall for??i can't let this be..i need 2 tell him..

(Junsu slowly walk out from the room..Hyora suddenly opens the door n shocked when seeing Junsu inside..)

Hyora : U..what're u doing here??who're u??

Junsu : Anio miss..Kim Hyora..i just..i just wanted to..(show Hyora's ID Card)

Hyora : Huh??(grab her ID card)how did u get this??are u stalker??

Junsu : (trying 2 calm hyora)No..i..(Junsu suddenly can't balanced his body n he grab Hyora's shoulder)

Hyora : Arrghh!!Pervert!!(scream n run away)

Junsu : Ahh..why am i so careless??i just need 2 tell her that i wanted 2 give her back her Id card..aish..what's wrong with me..

(Junsu's house..)

Junho : Hyung,i'm back..

Junsu : Junho,did u have some time??let's walk together?

Junho : Ye..i've time..i'm off today..

(at the park..)

Junho : Hyung,why're u so quiet today?are u not feeling well?

Junsu : Anio..i'm ok..don't worry bout me..

Junho : there anything that bothering u??i can read it by looking at ur face..something's wrong??

Junsu : (sigh)'s ur study??

Junho : Everythings alrite hyung..

Junsu : u..(sigh)

Junho : Hyung..i know u wanna ask me something important..just go on Junsu hyung..u look so worried..

Junsu : u really fall in luv with someone at college??just tell me the truth..

Junho : Ah..hyung(smile)..why did u ask me this??

Junsu : Junho-shii..don't love her..she just want 2 have fun with u..don't fall for her..

Junho : What did u talk about hyung??i don't understand??

Junsu : This morning..i've accidentally heard a couple had a fight..n the guy scolded a girl because that girl get close 2 u..n the girl saying that she just wanna have fun with u..she just love him..not u dongsaeng..

Junho : Hyung..did u see Dahyun noona??is she that girl??(curious)

Junsu : Dahyun?who's that??

Junho : Nothing..i don't fall in love with anyone hyung..don't worry about me..

Junsu : It's up 2 u..but i will not let u just fall in love with that girl..she's not a good girl..i know girl like that..can easily be bought with money..

Junho : Ya,hyung!Dahyun noona's not that kind of girl..(angry)

Junsu : Junho..i tell u this 4 ur that u'll not be dumped by her..

(Junho just leave Junsu there..)

Junsu : Things just not going well 4 me today..aigoo..God..please save my dongsaeng..

(at the music room..)

Seungmi : Annyeong!!huh??where is everyone??there's no one here..Hyora unnie should be matter..i need 2 practice..

Krystal : Annyeong..are u Seungmi??

Seungmi : Ne..(smile)can i help u??

Krystal : can help me..just leave key..

Seungmi : Excuse me..what did u talk about??

Krystal : I said leave Key..don't pretend like u don't know what am i talking about..for ur information, he is mine..

Seungmi : It's not nice for a girl 2 fight just because of a guy..let's talk nicely..

Krystal : Ahah..this is what key's falling for..(sulking) did u steal key's heart??he's all mine before he knows u..n now,i just want mine back..give key back 2 me..(grab seungmi's shirt)

Seungmi : I don't like 2 fight..but..if that's what u're looking 4,i'll just go on..(gently push Krystal's head)

(Seulmi n Dahyun arrived..they both so shocked n trying 2 calm both of them)

Krystal : Ya,Seungmi!!u'll regret!!Key is mine!!(run n leaves music room)

(seungmi suddenly kneeled down..)

Dahyun : Seungmi!!what's wrong dear??

Seulmi : Are u crying??what's wrong??

Seungmi : Key..he might have lied 2 me..that girl said that she's key's gf..(crying)

Dahyun let Seungmi cried on her shoulder..

Seulmi : Key..i will not let him doing that 2 u..i’ll found out bout this..

To be continued..~~

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