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Journey of Hearts (Chapter 3)


Key wants 2 meet Seungmi at the café.. Seulmi, Hyora n Dahyun followed them secretly..
Key : Lolli..What’s wrong with u?? Are u not feeling well?? I’ll take u to the clinic ne??
Seungmi : Anio.. I’m alright..(spiritless)
Key : Just tell me what’ve bother u dear.. I love u so much.. Don’t like seeing u like this.. Where is my sunny Lolli before??
Seungmi : Key.. Did u lied 2 me??(serious)
Key : Lied?? About what??
Seungmi : Just tell me the truth.. Who is Krystal??
Key : (shocked) Huh??Krystal?? I don’t know her.. Why did u ask me about her?? U know her??
Seungmi : She said that she’s your girl.. Please Key.. Tell me the truth about u n her..(looking at Key’s eye..)
Key : (avoiding eye contact with Seungmi) Hm.. Listen here dear.. Do u believe her more than me?? She’s just wanna separate us.. I love u so much Seungmi.. Only u..

Seungmi’s phone suddenly beeping.. Someone’s send her a picture.. Seungmi’s so shocked seeing that picture.. She even dropped her phone n her eyes become teary.. Key get close to her n get her phone.. The picture that she’s just accept is the picture of Krystal n Key.. N they’re hugging each other.. Key becomes uneasy.. He tried 2 calm Seungmi but she pushed him..

Seungmi : I HATE U KEY!! (run n leaves Key)
Everyone in that café were shocked.. Also Seulmi, Hyora n Dahyun.. They tried 2 chase Seungmi..
Key : Seungmi!! Aish..Krystal.. U dare to play with me.. I will not let u go.. She’s hurt my Lolli.. I can’t bear seeing my Lolli hurting that much..
From far, Krystal is watching the scence.. She smile widely.. As for her, if she can’t be with Key, then no one would get him too.. She will do anythings just to make Key n Seungmi break up..

Meanwhile.. Seulmi, Hyora n Dahyun managed to stop Seungmi.. They all hugged Seungmi..
Seungmi : (Crying) Unnie.. I hate him so much.. He lied 2 me.. Really.. Hate him so much unnie..(sobbing)
Dahyun : (wipe Seungmi’s tears) Just cry dear.. That will make u feel better.. We’re all here for u..
Hyora : Ne dongsaeng.. Is there anything that we can help u??
Seungmi : Gomawo unnie.. For being with me.. I don’t wanna see him anymore.. He hurts me.. He breaks my heart unnie..
Seulmi : Seungmi dongsaeng.. Don’t worry.. I’ll settle this..

Dahyun sends Seungmi back home.. When they arrive, they see someone’s waiting outside the house.. Seungmi becomes weak.. Dahyun grab her hand n lead her to her house.. Seungmi just followed Dahyun..
Key : Noona.. Let me talked to her.. Seungmi, listen to me my dear.. I’ll explain it all..(blocked their way)
Dahyun : Move aside please.. She need to rest.. Don’t disturb her now.. (Seungmi didn’t arise her head even an inch)
(Dahyun push Key’s hand n take Seungmi to her house..)

(When Dahyun comes out..)
Key : Noona.. Is she alright?? (worried)
Dahyun : What do u mean by ‘alright’ huh?? She’s betrayed by someone that she loves so much.. Her first love.. Do u ever know how it feels like?? U never know I guess.. U better don’t bother her now.. N don’t u ever hurt her again.. (leaves Key)

Key : Mian my Lolli.. Me too.. I didn’t expected it will turn out like this.. Ye, it’s true that I’ve lied 2 u before.. but now.. I’m really in love with u.. Why can’t u see?? (teary eyes..)

(Dahyun on her way back.. She suddenly remember something..)
Dahyun : Ah, my notes.. I left it in the music room.. Aigoo.. how can I be so careless..
(Dahyun arrives at the music room..)
Dahyun : Huh.. This music.. Did he dance here again?? But it’s already 10 p.m..
(slowly enters the music room.. She accidentally dropped her phone..)

Junho : Noona?? What are u doing here at this time?? It’s already late noona..
Dahyun : A..Anio..I just wanna take my notes.. Mianhe~
Junho : Noona.. I’m the one that should say sorry.. Not u.. This is your place.. Sorry for using it without u knowing..

(Dahyun quickly grab her notes n tried 2 escape from that room.. She didn’t even looks at Junho.. Her heart beating so fast..)
Junho : (Grab Dahyun’s hand) Noona please.. Don’t runaway from me.. It’s already late.. Let me send u home..
Dahyun : (Still can’t look at Junho) I..I’m really sorry.. Don’t really know what’ve happen 2 me.. My heart’s beating so fast everytime I see u.. n I’m.. trembling.. What should I do??
Junho : (look into Dahyun eyes) Noona.. U’re so pretty..
Dahyun : (turns backward) Ahh..I wanna go home.. (covered her face..)
Junho : (laugh) U’re even more cuter when u’re blushing noona.. (teasing)
Dahyun : I hate u!!
(Dahyun trying 2 escape but once again Junho grabs her hand..)
Junho : Let me take u home safely.. (take his bag n pulls Dahyun)

(After a while, Dahyun stopped..)
Junho : What’s wrong noona??
Dahyun : Can u feel it??
Junho : Feel?? What noona??
Dahyun : My heartbeat.. U know that I love u rite??
Junho : (sigh) Noona.. we’re not in the same status.. I didn’t desire your love.. Even if I love u, it’s hard for us noona..

Dahyun : Does it mean that u don’t love me??
Junho : Jungmal mianhe noona..
Dahyun : Lee Junho.. I hate u!! (push Junho n runaway..)
Junho : (monolog) Mianhe noona.. I love u too.. I love u so much.. Jungmal saranghamnida noona..
Junho's followed Dahyun far behind.. He wants 2 make sure Dahyun arrives home safely.. He feels like he need 2 protect her even she didn’t know his feelings.. Watching her from far is enough for him.. As long as she’s happy..

(At Krystal’s house.. The door’s been knocked non stop..)
Krystal : Aigoo.. At this time.. Omma!! Look who’s coming!!
Mrs. Kang : Krystal, Key’s here..
Krystal : Ya, let’s talk outside..(pulls Key)
Key : What have u do??!
Krystal : What??
Key : Don’t pretend not knowing anything.. How could u give that picture 2 her?? That’s our old story.. Don’t interfere in my life anymore..

Krystal : Huh? U came 2 my house at this time just 2 ask me about that?? U really changed a lot Key.. Don’t u remember before?? U just do anything for me.. U’re always protecting me.. I missed that time Key!! Please.. I’m begging u, Leave her.. If u don’t want her 2 hurt more, just leave her Key..

Key : I will never leave Seungmi.. Listen here.. Don’t u ever bother her again.. I love her.. Really really in love with her.. She’s much better for me.. I never feel love like this with u before.. I just realize it when I knew Seungmi.. She’s so special.. No one can make me feel like what I’ve feel now.. My love for her is real.. My heart’s only for her.. Stop dreaming girl.. Our love has become history.. I wish u’ll find someone better than me.. Someone that can changed u also..

Krystal : Key.. How can u forget me easily?? We’ve been coupled for a year.. If I can’t get u, than no one can be with u also.. Remember that Key!!(shouting)
Key : Please Krystal.. Throw away our puppy love.. I don’t wanna fight with a girl.. I can think of nothing besides only her now.. I’ll let u go this time.. But, once again u make my Lolli cried, u too.. will cry also.. Sayonara~(leaves)
Krystal : Aish.. What’s so good about her?? I hate both of u!! I will never let Park Seungmi get him..

That night.. Is a very long night for Seungmi n Key, Dahyun n Junho.. All of them can’t close their eyes.. They’re thinking bout each other..
Seungmi : Even when I’ve hurted like this.. I don’t know why I keep thinking of him.. My love for him didn’t change.. This feelings remains the same.. What’s wrong with me?? I love him so much but he’d lied 2 me.. Why can’t I hate him?? I don’t wanna see him anymore!!

Key : I miss my Lolli so much.. Where’re u my sweety Lolli? If I knew this would happen, I will never be with Krystal before.. That devil.. How could she do that 2 my Lolli.. I’ll do anything 2 make sure Seungmi’s love for me never change.. just wait for me my dear..

Dahyun : Lee Junho.. Even if u didn’t love me, I’ll always love u.. Only u can open my heart that has been closed 4 a very long time.. I will not love anyone other that u.. U’re my fairytale prince.. U’re always protecting me.. I can’t stop thinking of him!! Aigoo.. What should I do??

Junho : Noona.. Sorry 4 making u feel bad.. But I don’t think her family will let her be with me.. I just can’t say my true feelings for her now.. I will only love her silently.. N I will love her forever.. I’ve fallen in love with her since the first time I see her.. She’s my only love.. Saranghae noona..
(Night just ends like that for all of them..)

To be continued..~~

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