Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MBLAQ - 4 Ya Stereo Lyric

4 YA STEREO(intro)
(Kim Tae Wan, Park Se Hyun, Jang Jae Min)

Verse 1)
It's time to put it down like 6 in the morning
I'm briding gap like a singerr and rapper's ballin'
I can't wait to show them from ya' callin'
(this is for ya' stereo)

everybody knows my name, Bring it up, G.O
Cheondoong and mir , let's go
Joon and Seungho , Take flow
All my ladies and fellas you know
(this is for ya' stereo)

B Part)
(On the mission)
Let me, make you this feeling
(With my potion)
can control ya' ass thrillin'

Yes, we're back
Can't hold back
What u gon' du when we're back
This is M-Blaq , M-Blaq
(You know what the name is)

Yes, we're back
Can't hold back
this's the callin' from hot track
5 as 1 , We're the Hottest ones.
(You know who the best is)

credits: mir-ified,aGoGo@absoluteMBLAQ

So much luv this song.. Even it is just an intro..
but I keep repeating this song..^^
And also.. There is a changes in Y translation..
You can refer to my previous post on lyrics..


bluecatbi said...

totally fall in love w the lyrics and the melody of its
AWe....G.O so pro!!1

Dahyun said...

oh yeah..this song is so great^^

Sakina said...

I need the romanization please....

U can send it to :
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Dahyun said...

dear sakina, this song is already in english..no romanization needed:)