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Chocolate Candy [Finale]

Chocolate and Candy: My fate is him..

“Unnie, oppa! Tomorrow is summer festival.. Let’s go together?” Junghye started a new plan to set up her sister with Junho..

“Ne? Anio.. I can’t go with u.. I will go with Seungho oppa..” Dahyun replied..

Donghae’s shocked.. “Do u think that u can ignore your dongsaeng after having a boyfriend?”

“Ya! Why are u like this? He’s my boyfriend.. It’s normal if wanna go with him!” Junghye shake her head now.. “They’ve started fighting again..” she’s complaining alone..

“Ya! It’s not only u that has a boyfriend.. I’m pretty sure, it will only lasted in a week..” Donghae replied..

“Waeyo? It’s my boyfriend.. Doesn’t have anything to do with u.. Why are u saying that?”

“Arrgghhh!! Stop it! We won’t go there.. Aigoo.. Why have I come up with this idea..” Junghye said..

“Junghye-ah.. I will go with u!” Donghae said while staring at Dahyun..


On summer festival..

“It feels weird with only us two.. Usually we’re trio..” Donghae said while walking with Junghye..

“Yeah.. But don’t worry, I’ll make u happy oppa..” Junghye said happily.. Today is her day.. Only her with Donghae, a guy that she loves..

Suddenly, his phone beeping..

‘I’ve just break up..’

Donghae look at Junghye with anxiety.. Junghye smile at him.. “Just go oppa..”

“Really?? I’ll come back after comforting her.. Wait for me..” Donghae said and quickly runs to see Dahyun’s condition..


“Kwenchana?” he quickly asked her when he arrives..

“Oppa? U’re so quick..” Dahyun comes out from the kitchen with a smile..

“What? U could kill me u know.. I thought u’re not ok..”Donghae shocked seeing her..

“Why should I? It’s not that I could die if he wanna break up with me.. I’m just lonely..”

“Lee Dahyun.. Don’t do this to me anymore.. Don’t call me just because u’re lonely.. U know that I’ve been with your sister don’t u? I’ve worried so much about u..” Donghae said firmly..

“U shouldn’t be worried about me.. It’s just usual break up as before.. I could find a new one in a week..” she said confidently..

Donghae get close to her.. His face is just a centimeter from her.. “It’s because your love is cheap..” he said and staring at her strongly..

“What do u mean?”

“U’re easily fall in love and easily get bored too.. The guys just wanna play with u.. U will never find true love if u continue like this..” he said..

“I don’t need your opinion about me!” she pushed him..

“All of the guys that has been with u don’t appreciate u much.. U don’t know how to love and how to be in a relationship..” Donghae continue saying everything that he wanna say that night..

Dahyun approaches him.. She look deeply in his eyes.. “Show me true love then.. Be my boyfriend..” she said daringly..


“Junghye? Are u alone? What are u doing here?” Junho get close to her..

“I’m waiting for oppa.. He’s going back to comfort my unnie.. He said that he’ll come back..” Junghye answered while looking around to search Donghae..

“Don’t be a fool.. He will not come back..” Junho sit beside her..

“I trust him.. I will wait for him..”

“What are u doing now? Being with the one that he loves.. Do u think that he will leave her for u here? Especially when she needs him so much at this time.. She’s just break up.. Think more Junghye..” he replied.. Junghye agree with him also.. Her head down..

“Come on! Let me cheer u up.. What’s the purpose I’m here if I don’t make u happy..” Junho said and grab Junghye’s hand..

Donghae who just arrived there see them both holding hands.. He smile alone..


“Junghye-ah.. Tell your unnie to come to my match if she still waiting for my answer about that night..” Donghae said to her..

“Ne..” she answered shortly.. She’s really down right now.. Her sister asking him to be his boyfriend.. Really out of her expectations..


D-day.. Donghae and Junho are in the same team for their basketball match.. They’re now at the changing room.. Junghye waiting outside.. Thinking what should she tells Donghae about Dahyun..

“Oppa..” She started..

“Ah, Hye-ah.. Where’s your unnie? We could win with her here.. U know that I really love her right?” He pat Junghye’s shoulder with a wide smile..

“But why don’t u said that u love her?” Junghye asked him..

“I can’t show my weak side to her.. So, today I will win for her and tell that after I’ve win this match..”

“But oppa.. Unnie don’t come.. U knows her right? She wouldn’t let her ego down.. Means that, she doesn’t love u anymore..” Junghye said slowly..

Donghae look at her without a blink.. He still can’t believe that she wouldn’t come.. He lost his spirit at that time.. He then walked slowly leaving Junghye behind.. Junho just watched both of them from far..


As soon as the match started.. Junghye pay full attention to Donghae.. It worst! Really.. He can’t play as usual.. He lost focus.. All the mistakes make by him make an opponent leading the game.. She feels miserable at that time.. Seeing Donghae playing in that situation really hurts her.. At that time, she also thinking about her sister.. She must be waiting for him too..

Its not just both of them suffering, but she’s also feel the suffer.. She decide to tell him the truth..

“Oppa! I lied!!” Junghye shouted.. Donghae and Junho shocked.. They look at her.. Waiting for her explanation..

“I lied about unnie.. I asked her to wait at the wrong place.. I didn’t tell her that u asked her to come here.. I wanna split both of u..” Junghye regret her attitude that time..

Donghae quickly come to her.. “Where is she?” he asked.. “At the park.. Behind our house..” she replied while looking at the ground.. He runs after hearing that..

“Hyung!” Junho shouted but its just a waste because Donghae really into it now.. He leave the game at once..

Junghye sneakily followed to see what happens between Donghae and Dahyun..


When she arrives, both of them already kissing.. She can’t bear it anymore.. Her tears fall down.. Suddenly someone covered her eyes with his hand.. She’s taken aback..

“They’re made for each other.. Perfectly match..” he said while turning her to him..

He quickly hugged her and kissed her without a warning.. She really don’t know that he would do that..

“U said that I need to approach someone that I love roughly.. That is what I am doing now..” He said.. She stay still.. Don’t know what should she said to him at that time.. She really touched by him..

“After being close with u for a while, I know that I love u more than I love your unnie.. You both have your own charm.. One is like a chocolate.. And another one is like a candy.. Both have their own attractiveness.. And as for me, I love chocolate more than candy..” he ends his word and continue kissed her..

The End^^

Chocolate Candy [Part 1]

Chocolate and Candy: Oppa is my first love..

“Krriiiiinggggg” she shut the alarm clock and go back to sleep..

30 minutes later.. “Arrgghh!!” she shouted when she see the time now is 5p.m..

She rushed and get ready quickly.. As soon as she come out from her house, she can see a guy waiting for her outside the gate.. “Late again?” he asked with a smile..

“What do u mean with that smile? Aish..” she complaining and rushed to her school..

He followed Junghye with his bike.. “Let me send u to your school.. You’ll be late for your basketball training..” he said.. In this situation, she don’t has any other choice.. She quickly get on his bike.. “Palli! Palli!!” she rushed him..


Lee Junghye, a high school student.. Active in sports.. Her neighbor, Lee Donghae is a college student.. They’ve been close since they both still a child..


When the they stopped at the traffic light only about 500m from her school, his phone ringing..

“Yeobseyo? Hyunnie?”

“Oppa! I’m going home but the train now has a problem and I don’t know when will it be ok.. Come pick me up now..”

“Ah.. Where are u now?”

“Still at the subway near the college..”

“Arasso.. Wait for me..”

He turned to Junghye.. “Waeyo?” she asked..

“Your unnie.. I need to pick her now.. Could u walk to your school from here?” he answered..

‘Always like this.. He will always said ‘yes’ if its for unnie..’ she said in her heart sulkily..

“Ne..” she answered shortly with a sigh.. She quickly get off from his bike and running to her school..


Lee Dahyun is Junghye’s sister.. They live together since two years ago because their parents need to move to States because of business matter.. Donghae is always helping both of them from then..


“Ya! Why are u following me home?” she mad at him..

“Junghye-ah.. Don’t be mistaken.. I came here to meet your unnie.. She’s so pretty~~” he said..

“Don’t ever dream that she will meet u, stalker!” she shouted.. Dahyun opened the door..

“Why are u so loud?” she asked her..

“Noona!” He shouted as soon as he see her.. “Who’s this?” Dahyun asked her with a weird face..

Before Junghye could say anything, he approached Dahyun.. “I’m Lee Junho.. Her classmate.. I really like u noona..” Dahyun’s taken aback with his confession..

“Unnie.. Just let him be.. Just ignore him..” Junghye said and pushed her sister inside the house..

“Noona! Please let me show u that I really like u!” He shouted once again.. Dahyun stopped.. Junghye’s sighing.. Dahyun approaches Junho slowly with a smile..

“I usually don’t like younger boys.. Come to me after u’ve become a man..” she said and leave him just like that..

“See? I’ve told u before.. Don’t ever dream that she will accept u.. Just go back now..” Junghye said to him.. Junho lifted his head.. He’s smiling widely.. “That’s just my style.. Why don’t u be like her? Put a make up and grows your hair.. U could be as beautiful as her.. I’ll make sure that she’ll like me one day..” he said and went back home happily..

“What? Aigoo.. I don’t understand him.. Still liking her after what she said before? Ahh.. I don’t care anymore..”


Lee Junho is Junghye’s classmate.. Like Dahyun after he see Junghye with her on their school on school festival.. Been in the same team as Donghae in a basketball team club..


“Junghye-ah.. I really.. Really like your unnie.. Please help me?” Junho said after their class end that day.. Junghye just shake her head while packing her stuff..

“Arasso.. Let’s make a deal.. I know u like Donghae sunbae.. I’ll help u with that.. So, please help me with your unnie.. Could u?” He said.. Junghye stopped packing as soon as she hears that from his mouth.. “Are u for sure?” He smile and nodded..

“Ara.. Next week is her birthday.. We usually will go out eat together also with Hae oppa.. So, if u could come that day, we will started our plan..” she said seriously.. Like she had a plan for a war..


“Unnie.. Saengil chukahae!” Junghye said while holding Dahyun’s favourite chocolate cake..

“Gomawo..” she said and hugged her sister..

“Unnie.. Junho will joined us to celebrate your birthday..” Junghye started her plan..

“Junho?” Dahyun asked her.. She can’t remember that name..

“Junho.. The boy that said he like u that day.. Do u remember?” she explained..

“Ah.. That boy..” Dahyun nodded..

“How do u think about him unnie?” she asked, according to her plan to let Dahyun realized his appearance..

“Junghye? Finally.. U asked me about a boy.. Do u like him?? Do u? Do u? I’ll help u then..” Dahyun teased her..

‘Gosh.. This has become upside down now.. What should I do??’ Junghye complaining in her heart..

When Junho arrived in front of their house, Junghye quickly approaches him.. “Ok, let’s move to the next plan.. I will make her followed us to the store backyard and i will lock u up with her.. Come..” she explained and bring him in her house..

“Unnie, where is my childhood box?” Junghye asked..

“At the store backyard..” she said and started walking to the store.. “Ah, unnie.. Junho will help u to search for that..” Junghye said and they’re all walking to backyard..

While Junho is searching for it, Junghye feels something is not right there.. She really nervous thinking how can she lock her sister there only with Junho.. But suddenly.. “Dush! Bump!” “Ouch! Unnie!!” Junghye shouted..

“Junghye-ah.. hwaiting! U can do it!” Dahyun shouted from outside.. She pushed Junghye just now and lock her with Junho there..

“Unnie!! No.. This is not right! Unnie!! Open the door!” Junghye shouted while hit the door.. Dahyun just smile thinking that she has help her sister.. ‘Tell him that u love him now Junghye..’ she talks in her heart..


“Andwae.. Unnie will go out just with oppa now.. Andwae~” Junhye sighed alone..

“U like him that much?” Junho asked her..

Junghye nodded.. “Ahh.. I’m going crazy thinking what would they do together without me now.. How can she misunderstand me??” Junghye still complaining.. She really don’t like that situation because she know that Donghae love her sister..

“Just confess to him..” Junho said calmly..

“Your sister.. Not an easy girl.. How can I get close to her?” Junho use that opportunity completely..

“Just approaches her roughly.. Give her an attack.. Like a sudden kiss and tell her that u love her after that..” everything just come out from her mouth without much thinking because she only worried about Donghae and Dahyun now..

To Be Continued..

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Big Bang Somebody To Luv [Romanized Lyric]

Big Bang - Somebody To Luv


Somebody to luv
Can you hear me
I want somebody to luv

Somebody to luv
Somebody to luv

Dae Sung:
And I know she can hear me say (oh hey hey oh hey hey)

I want Somebody to luv
Some-Somebody to luv

Dae Sung:
No I won't stop until she's with me(oh hey hey oh hey hey)

Seung Ri:
Oshiete hoshii what's luv
Ai tsuujirutte uwasa
No one yet hajimete
Kanjiru konna kanjou

I'm falling for you twenty-four
Mitsumeru no wa it's you
Mune sawagi how should I control
My heart and soul

Dae Sung:
Haji wo shinonde mo excuse me miss
Kakushin dekinakute moii I got you babe
Ore ni sukoshi demo mochi mika arunara
Ima kono toki kara kokoro wo yudanete yo

Somebody to luv
Somebody to luv

Dae Sung:
And I know she can hear me say (oh hey hey oh hey hey)

I want Somebody to luv
Some-Somebody to luv

Dae Sung:
No I won't stop until she's with me(oh hey hey oh hey hey)

When I say, somebody
Then you say, to luv
When I say, somebody
Then you say, to luv

Somebody (to luv)
Somebody (to luv)
Somebody (to luv)
Somebody to luv

Now that I got plenty hope
I can't wait, yo, as we go just two of us
On and on the love zone we're takin' it in
Doin' all the above all over again
Move it to the kitchen take my hand
Be my angel, ring my bell

Tae Yang:
That's what I'm sayin' oh
I'm feelin' like a million, yo
You do make my dream come true

Gotta let the whole world know
Si-Sit back relax no sound
Im'ma turn that on to the break o' dawn
Indeed you we gon' make it bounce

Make it bounce
Make it bounce

Somebody to luv
Somebody to luv

Dae Sung:
And I know she can hear me say (oh hey hey oh hey hey)

I want Somebody to luv
Some-Somebody to luv

Dae Sung:
No I won't stop until she's with me(oh hey hey oh hey hey)

Seung Ri:
Modokashii kimochisa ga uzu maku tabi
Mune ni tsunoru omoi ga afure dasu

Dae Sung:
Kimi e todoku you I sing this luv song
You need somebody to luv too
Somebody to luv you

dare ka wo aishite
dare ka ni aisaru
dare ka to wakare doko kade mata

dare ka ka dare ka to memuri sa remasu
kore ka saigo no LOVE

Somebody to luv
Somebody to luv

Dae Sung:
And I know she can hear me say (oh hey hey oh hey hey)

I want Somebody to luv
Some-Somebody to luv (Baby~)

Dae Sung:
No I won't stop until she's with me(oh hey hey oh hey hey)

(You want) Somebody to luv
Somebody to luv
I need you right now so baby stay by my side (oh hey hey oh hey hey)
I want somebody to luv
Some-Somebody to luv

Tae Yang:
It's you you oh baby (oh hey hey oh hey hey)

When I say, somebody
Then you say, to luv
When I say, somebody
Then you say, to luv

Somebody (to luv)
Somebody (to luv)
Somebody (to luv)
Somebody to luv

Credits: Lene @ Blasted Rambles

What is Chocolate Candy??

Here it comes!
My 2nd one shot fanfic.. Suddenly missing my lil Junho..
So.. The line up will be Lee Junho, Lee Donghae, Lee Dahyun and Lee Junghye..
Wait.. All are from Lee's family?? Doesn't matter anyway..
Still thinking to match up who with who..
And.. Who will be the antagonis one..
My idea just keep coming from nowhere.. But, I just don't wanna waste my time on typing at the moment.. Maybe later.. I'll upload this fanfic;)

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Melody Love: Sheet Twelve

Sheet 12: Let me love u..

“Naz! Do u really wanna ignore him completely? What did he do to u?” Seungho shouted when Naz just walked silently after knowing G.O’s current condition..

Seungho run to her when he see she stopped walking.. He look at her eyes.. “He need u now.. Please?” He said.. Naz lower hear head.. At this state, she also can make a decision on what should she do.. Should she forget what has she heard about him last night? Can she forgive him truly after knowing about his past? Can she still accept him the way he is? Or.. Should she just forget him completely? She really can’t tell what is her decision right now.. Her mind is now filled with everything about G.O..

“I.. I need some time..” Naz said slowly.. With her head still down.. “I just wanna say that he really need u right now.. I hope u can make a right decision..” Seungho said before leaving..

Naz admit that her heart is still with him.. But she is really confused at the moment.. Knowing about his past.. This is just so sudden.. Never crossed in her mind that she would meet a guy like him..


“Don’t u wanna wait until she wakes up?” Junghye asked.. Mir stay silent.. He look at Seungmi who is still sleeping after being injected.. Suddenly Thunder comes..

“Is she alright?” He asked.. Mir glance at him.. “The doctor said that she’s in shocked.. She need some rest..” he said..

Thunder just nodded.. He look at Junghye.. She smiled.. But not the usual smile that a cheerful Junghye could give.. “Do u guys.. really wanna go back first?” Thunder asked them.. Mir didn’t answer him.. He take his mp3 and go out from that room.. Thunder and Junghye looking at him with no words coming from their mouth.. Junghye stand up.. “Oppa.. I’m sorry for on his behalf.. I think we should all leave Philippine soon.. But Seungmi’s not well.. Maybe we will wait until she’s ok..” Junghye said while looking at Seungmi..

“How’s Victoria?” Junghye asked him.. Thunder take a sit behind Seungmi’s bed.. “She just got a small wound.. Nothing serious.. She also in shocked..” Thunder replied..

The room becomes quiet for a while.. “Oppa..” Junghye suddenly voice out.. Thunder look at her.. “Ne?”

“Do u believe in Seungmi?” she asked..

Thunder didn’t answer straight away.. He hold Seungmi’s hand.. “I can’t opposed my family..” he said.. Junghye look at him confusedly.. She can’t understand what he wanted to said..

“The doctor said that Vic’s wound is not because of an attack.. It’s just unintentionally happens.. I know Vic.. I know what could she do when she wanted something so much..” Thunder explaining..

“Means that, Seungmi just wanna protect herself?” Junghye said to confirm it.. He’s nodded..

“To be more precise, Victoria is the one who started the conflict.. But our family didn’t believe it because they didn’t really know Vic..” he continued..

“What are u planning to do now?” Junghye asked..

“I just don’t wanna lose her.. No matter what had happen, I’m still in love with her.. I will make sure one day my family will accept my own choice..” Thunder said calmly while his hand still holding Seungmi’s.. On the other side, Mir can hear it clearly.. He stopped for a while before continue his step into the room.. He comes with a bucket of apples, blanket, and a couple flight tickets..

“Junghye, our flight will be on 7a.m.. Get ready..” he said after placed all of the things there.. “Here.. Make her feel that u care for her..” Mir give the blanket to Thunder.. “Stay with her until she wakes up because she hate being alone.. And go back to Korea with her.. Don’t u ever leave her alone..” Mir said and walked away after taking all of his stuff with him..

“Ya, Cheolyong-ah~” Junghye called him but he just go like that..

“Oppa, I think I need to make a move now.. Take a good care of her.. Annyong~” Junghye end her words and runs to follow Mir..


Summer vacation just end like that..

“Are u still thinking about him?” Joon come and sit beside her.. Dahyun just shaking her head..

“Can u give me a chance?” Joon asked her..

“What?” she replied..

“Let me fix your broken heart..”

Dahyun look deeply into his eyes.. He replied with a smile.. “Let me touch your heart.. Because I’m really in love with u Lee Dahyun..”

“Are u out of your mind?” Dahyun wanted to avoid his charm.. She quickly move her eyes elsewhere..

At that time, her eyes caught a figure with his bike.. It’s Seungho! And Soyeon’s riding with him.. Joon can see her expression changed.. He hugged her at once.. Dahyun taken aback but she just let him.. “I will never hurt u.. Please let me be in your heart Dahyunnie..”

She glanced at Seungho and Soyeon once.. She then replied Joon’s hug.. “I do..”


“Mir.. U’re different..” Junghye said as soon as they sit on the bench after playing basketball together.. Mir didn’t give any respond.. He drink his mineral water..

“I know u love Seungmi.. But why did u let him win just like that?” their conversation now becoming serious..

“Because she loves him.. I’m happy if she’s happy..” He replied..

“But she didn’t know that u also love her..”

“Enough Junghye.. And u also.. Why are u being like this? This is not my Junghye..” Mir said and hit her shoulder.. But Junghye didn’t said anything.. She look at the ground..

“Hye-ah.. Something is wrong?” Mir worried seeing Junghye like that.. “Are u crying?” He really worried about her.. Without planning, he automatically hugged her.. “What’s wrong?” With Junghye in his embrace, he asked slowly..

“Seungmi’s really lucky to have a love from someone like u..” Junghye said in a low tone.. Mir is focusing on every word that she said.. “I’m hurt when u’re hurt Mirreu..” she can’t control her tears anymore.. He now can understand slowly why is she being like that.. Today is the first time Mir hugged her tightly and today also the first time he see she cried..

“Junghye.. I’m sorry for hurting u so much all of this time.. I just can’t see it.. Let me pay it back.. Let me love u Junghye.. Will u?” Mir calmly said word by word..


‘It’s been a week he’s been absent.. Should I go visit him? Or should I not go?’ Naz talking to herself on her way back..

At the hospital..

Seungho’s helping G.O since he’s been discharged today.. While waiting for G.O, he walked slowly.. He spotted Naz at the outside..

“What are u doing here?” he asked.. She’s shocked seeing him.. “I.. I’m just visiting my friend.. What are u doing here?” she replied.. Pretending not to know about G.O there..

“U’re curious about him right?” Seungho asked her back.. She didn’t answer.. Turning back and walking slowly leaving Seungho behind..

“Naz!” She stopped.. It’s a voice that she loves so much.. But she just can’t turn to him..

“Just tell her the truth..” Seungho said to G.O.. But he didn’t move.. Still thinking on what should he do..

‘Truth? What’s the truth between all of this?’ she’s thinking alone.. She continue moving slowly..

“He’s not like what they said he is..!” Seungho shouted.. Her step stopped..

“Seungho-ah.. Stop it..” G.O begged him..

“Do u want her to believe in that beautiful lies forever while u’re suffering alone with your ugly truth?” Seungho said replied him back.. Naz’s taken aback.. She turned to both of them..

“Seungho.. What do u mean?” She asked.. Full of curiosity..

“Your father left your family ten years ago right?” Seungho asked her back.. “Ya! Seungho-ah!” G.O cuts him.. But Seungho just ignore him.. He walked close to her..

“G.O’s just helping her father as the chief officer at that time.. He’s only playing a role as an undercover.. In order to prevent that group from spreading larger, he pretends to be one of the problematic students and befriends with those guys and he then being invited to joined the group..”

Naz thinking for a while.. “What’s the relationship with my father?” She asked him..

Seungho look at G.O.. He shook his head.. Don’t want Seungho to tell her about her father..

“Promise me, don’t hate him after u know the truth..” Seungho look deeply into her eyes.. ‘What is this now?’ she keep talking to herself..

“It’s up to u now..” Seungho said to G.O and leave them alone while bringing G.O’s stuff with him..

“Tell me the truth..” Naz said while staring at him.. He seems bewildered.. “What ever happens after this, I wanted u to know that I love you the way u are.. My love to you has nothing to do with my past and you father..” he said calmly.. Slowly walking to her.. He hugged her.. “Your father is the chief of the group.. He’s being sentenced to death for committing a lot of serious offence related to robbing and using juvenile..” he said slowly while hugging her tightly.. He can feel her warmth and heartbeat..

Naz can’t say anything after knowing the truth.. Why did all of this happens to her? A lot of questions coming to her mind right now.. He still hugging her.. “Remember what I said before? What ever happens, my love to u will never change.. And I still love u as ever..But.. I understand if u’re hating me now.. After knowing that I am the one who responsible in your father’s death..” G.O said and slowly released Naz from his embrace.. She stay still..

“I wouldn’t force you to accept my love after knowing the truth.. But I will love u forever.. As what have I promised before..” he said and make a move slowly.. “Byunghee!” Naz shouted his name.. He stopped.. She runs and hugged him tightly.. “I’m not strong enough.. I need someone to protect me.. After knowing all of this so suddenly, I think I need someone to always be with me and gave me the strength that I need.. The one that I need is u..” she said.. And as soon as she ends her word, her tears started to fall..

G.O smiling and wiped her tears.. “ I will protect u forever my girl..”


‘World star Rain is searching for trainee.. Are u ready to become the second Rain? We’re waiting for your precious talents!’

“Mirreu.. U should try this!” Junghye said with joy while pointing to the advertisement..

“Aish.. Why is it always me??” Mir’s complaining without looking at her..

“Ya! Just go!” Junghye hit him with her bag.. “Aigoo.. Arasso.. I will go..” he rubbed his head..

“Oppa, U should try too!” she said to Thunder.. He glance at Seungmi.. She smile and nodded.. Thunder nodded to Junghye as a sign that he will try the audition too..

“Perfect! We could be famous with these two being under Rain’s management..” Junghye said to Seungmi.. Mir just showed and annoyed face and drink his juice..

To Be Continued..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Eleven

Sheet 11: The Real G.O is..?

“Mir? What are u doing?” Junghye asked when she see Mir get busy packing his stuffs..

“I’m going back..” he answered shortly without looking at her.. Still busy packing his luggage..

“What? Why? Our summer vacation is still on the line.. Did something happens?” she continue asking as she still didn’t satisfy with his answer..

Mir stop for a while.. He turns to her.. Staring her with his powerful gaze.. Without saying anything.. He continue his work.. Junghye knows it.. She really know what’s his answer when he staring at someone like that.. Without anything coming from his mouth.. Without he needs to explain anything..

‘I know u Cheolyong.. Just said that u’re hurt.. Just said that u love Seungmi..’ She's talking in her heart.. She still can remember Mir’s face that morning while he see Thunder confessing for Seungmi.. ‘I wish I could wipe your tears just now..’ while she still fixed looking at Mir.. “I’m hurt too..” Junghye said in low tones..

Mir’s taken aback with her confession.. “Does it mean that u like Thunder too?” with his position still in front of his luggage, he asked her..

“Ah.. Anio.. I will go back with u..” she awkwardly runs to her stuffs and started packing them in order to avoid further questions from Mir..


It’s the last night at the MT.. All the members have been gathering at the hall for the last activity there.. Talent Time.. In order to divide the members into groups with their specialize talent, new members need to show their talents that night..

The night has been started with Seungho’s amazing piano skills and G.O’s sweet voice.. Then all the new members presented their talents and lastly Dahyun comes up with singing.. She got applause from all the members except Seungho.. He stand up.. All of them looking at him and waiting what will coming out from his mouth..

“This is not the real talent.. I wanna see your piano skill..” G.O that sits beside him also shocked.. They both are the judges together with Soyeon and Ga In.. They usually just accept the talent as the member presented but today it’s different..

Dahyun also don’t know what to do.. Joon just crossing his arm looking at both Seungho and Dahyun expression.. He can feel that something is happening between them.. He suddenly walked to the stage.. “Does it mean that u wanna see another talent that she got? How about dancing?” Joon said while his eyes are meeting Seungho’s.. All the members clap because they know that Joon is the dancing machine.. They're all waiting for his charismatic dance performance..

Seungho creased his forehead.. He and Joon still exchanging glances.. Joon claps.. The music started.. Dahyun don’t know what should she do in that situation.. She awkwardly stands at the corner while Joon’s started dancing with enthusiasm.. He go with Justin Timberlake’s song, My Love.. At the middle of the song he approached Dahyun and make her dance with him.. At one part they’re looking at each other’s eyes and Joon suddenly lost his focus and his step messed up.. That hall now becomes extremely quiet..

Ga In stand up and clap.. She wanted to make the awkward situation vanished.. Luckily the members are also clapping.. Seungho come up to the stage.. He get closed to Joon.. “I just wanna see her piano talent.. Not the couple dance..” He said coldly.. He stare at Dahyun.. And before he comes down.. He whisper to both of them “Are u guys worried about the kiss? It’s just my usual kiss.. Nothing special.. No feeling at all..”.. Joon’s eyes widen.. Dahyun just can’t control her feeling anymore.. Out of her control, she slapped him and leave the stage.. “Dahyun!” Naz shouted but Dahyun just runaway from that hall..


“U know what, Cheundong oppa changed a lot when he’s going to Korea.. I’ve always wondered why is he not calling me anymore.. Seeing him back here with u, I guess I know why is he being like that..” Victoria said to Seungmi as both of them sitting at the rooftop.. Seungmi feels something is not right.. She look at her.. But she just give a rotten smile.. Victoria stands and get close to the barrier..

“He’s my first love.. I don’t know anyone while we first moved here.. My parents both are very busy.. They always leave me here.. Only Cheundong oppa treat me well.. When I’m in bad mood, he will sing for me.. When I’m mad at someone, he will dance for me and when I’m missing my parents, he will hugged me warmly.. I just can feel the love only from him..” she continue talking..

“But when they said that he’s going to be transferred to Korea, I know that something will happen.. I wanted to go there with him but my parents are opposing me.. I know that he never love me before.. It’s hard to touch his heart.. But in a short range of time, u could make him opposed his family.. U’ve made him a strong person.. He said that he will tell his family to cancel our engagement.. It’s all because of u!” Her voice suddenly changed.. She take out a knife and point it to Seungmi.. Seungmi stuck at her place.. This is so sudden.. She can’t think of what should she do..


“Hah.. finally I found u.. U know that everyone is worried about u?” Naz said..

“Where’s Joon?” Dahyun asked while her eyes are still fixed on the beach in front of them..

“He.. What happen actually? What did Seungho tells u?” Naz asked her..

“I should not playing with the fire..” She stand up and leave Naz alone.. “What?” Naz still gasping for breath.. “Aish this girl.. I’ve been searching and worrying about her but she just leave like that?” she complaining..

While she’s trying to get up.. She see a group of guys walking to her.. She can feel that something bad gonna be happen again tonight.. ‘Ah.. Why should they come now..’ She trying to escape by running but a girls ability can’t be better than a guy.. They can catch her step..

“Where are u going now young girl?” One of them said.. He grinned.. ‘I’m in trouble again..’ Naz said in her heart.. “Don’t touch me!” She shouted while pushing them..

“Ya! What are u doing?” a voice shocked them.. “Ah.. He’s here finally..” a guy said while looking at G.O..

“What do u mean?” Naz asked..

“What? U don’t know that your boyfriend is a gangster before?” He asked her back..

“What?” She still don’t understand..

“He’s our comrades before.. But he betrayed us.. We used to stealing together but one day he stab us in the back.. We supposed to robbed a bank that day.. But he didn’t appear.. And at the end, we see him together with the police.. He’s save while we’re all end up at the jail..” He said.. Naz is looking at G.O.. He still look calm..

“We just wanna meet him.. Just an old friend wanted to look at his progress.. He send us to the jail as a juvenile and we come out as a guy.. We’re all grew up as the prisoner and he could be in a normal life as all the teenage wanted.. Even he turn out as good as today.. With this beautiful lady as his girl..” another guy continue..

“He used to be bad guy as we do.. He used to touch a girl like we do.. He used to disturb girls like u see what we’re doing..” They continue talking about G.O’s past.. Naz really can’t accept the truth.. She walked close to G.O.. His head down.. Without she realized, her eyes are already filled with tears..

“Are u really like that? Is that true?” Her voice really slow.. Almost whisperings.. He didn’t either said yes or no..

“Now that u know what is he really are.. Do u still wanna be with him?” One of them suddenly come closer to Naz.. He take her to them..

“Remember the old days.. On how the chief really likes u.. He always give something good to u first before us.. But then, u betrayed him too..” He said to G.O..

“Let us take her.. We would not seek revenge on u anymore..” One of them said while holding Naz’s hand..

G.O suddenly grab his collar.. “U can do whatever u wanna do with me.. U can beat me.. U can kill me.. But not her.. Not someone that has nothing to do with our past..” his eyes strongly look at him..

"What are u saying? We used to touched many innocent girls before.. What's wrong with her?" He quickly grab Naz and pushed her away.. “Now let’s begin..” He said as Naz still on the ground.. She know that they will started a fight.. She didn’t know that G.O’s a fighter on his past..


“Are u ready to tell her that we’re leaving?” Junghye asked him..

“I don’t think that she need to know..” Mir answered..

“What?” Junghye didn’t agree with him.. While Junghye and Mir’s planning to get out from the house, suddenly.. “ANDWAE!!”

They both looking at each other.. “Seungmi!!” Her name come out from their mouth simultaneously..

“I think it from the rooftop..” Mir said and he’s in the lead to find Seungmi.. ‘U really care about her even u’re mad at her..’ Junghye said alone while smiling and she quickly following Mir..

“Seungmi? What happen?” Mir asked as soon as he arrived on the top..

“Seungmi-ah.. What has u do?” Junghye shocked seeing Victoria’s bleeding..

“I.. I.. I didn’t do anything.. Really.. This.. She..” Seungmi can’t end her words.. She really in shocked..

Thunder also arrived soon.. He didn’t know which one should he save.. He look at Seungmi.. He then look at Victoria.. “Oppa..” Victoria called her in his weak voice..

“Oppa.. I didn’t do anything.. Really..” Seungmi’s eyes teary.. Mir look at Thunder.. He’s waiting for him to go and calm the shocked Seungmi but he didn’t.. Mir can’t stand it anymore.. He get down and hugged Seungmi..

Thunder’s and Victoria’s family then come.. “Vic!” her grandma called her.. All of them seems clueless on what has happen but they’re all then saw a knife behind Seungmi

“A girl that makes u wanna cancel the engagement is her?” His father asked with a high tone..

“Save Vic!” his sister pushed him to Victoria.. He look at Seungmi.. He can see the faith in her teary eyes.. He then see at the weak bleeding Victoria.. “Take her to the hospital.. now!” her mom ordered him.. He really has no choice now.. He quickly lifted her and take her out from that stressful situation..

“All of u can get out tonight.. U too Junghye.. I don’t need your jokes anymore..” Thunder’s grandma strictly ordered them..

They’re all leave.. The three of them still freeze in their position..

“Oppa..” Seungmi’s calling for Thunder in Mir’s embrace.. Mir slowly released her from his arms.. “Mir..” Seungmi calling for him as she see he’s further from her.. But he just stand up without looking at her.. “Seungmi!” Junghye shouted suddenly.. Mir quickly go back to them..

“She’s not well..” Junghye said while touching Seungmi’s head.. Mir lifted her up.. “Packed all of her stuffs.. I’ll take her to hospital..” He said and runs with Seungmi on his arms..

To Be Continued..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Son Dambi - Can't U See [Lyric+Translation]


Geu chagap deon mal aetae udeon mal
Eonjena naege dallyeoga kkwagan ajugo miso jiteon neo
Sseurarin mameul nogimyeo nan jameseo kkae
Nunmul mani gyesok heureune

Oh can't you see, neomudo niga saengak na tto saengak na
Oh can't you feel, yeojeoni geu nari tto saengak naneun de
Our love won't fade away, nal tteonan daneun mareun namgyeo dugo gajima
Ibyeoriran heunan maljo chado hajima, neoye dwireul georeo gal ppunya

Na sure chwihae gireul georeumyeo tto eoneusae neoye jibape
Ireoji malja ireoji mara doraseon naye bal georeum
Michil geogateun, oh, oh gaseume neoreul bureune

Oh can't you see, ppeonan sarang ije jiwo ganeunde
Oh can't you feel, aryeonan chuwok mani seon myeong haejine
Our love won't fade away, nal tteonan daneun mareun namgyeo dugo gajima
Ibyeoriran heunan maljo chado hajima, neoye dwireul georeo gal ppunya

Neo geudaero dorawa jullae geunyan dora omyeon dwe
Neol jiwo beorilsu neun eopneun geol
Memareun nunmuldo tto memareun gaseumdo
Da ijeo julsu ineun naya

Our love won't fade away, neon naega anira neun mareun baeteo dujima
Gaseum soge nameul mallo sancheo jujima, neoye dwireul barabol ppunya


Those cold words, those heartbreaking words
You always smiled and came running to embrace me
I wake up from my sleep melting away my bitter heart
Tears keep coming out

Oh can't you see, I keep thinking and thinking about you
Oh can't you feel, As usual I think about that day again
Our love won't fade away, Don’t say that you’re leaving me
Don’t say those cliché break up words, I will just walk behind you

I am walking down the road drunk and suddenly I am in front of your house
Let’s not do this, let’s not do this, I turn around and walk
My crazy heart is calling for you

Oh can't you see, This obvious love is getting erased
Oh can't you feel, The dim memories are getting clear
Our love won't fade away, Don’t say that you’re leaving me
Don’t say those cliché break up words, I will just walk behind you

Can you come back intactly, you can just come back
I can’t erase you
My dry tears and my cold heart
I can forget about everything

Our love won't fade away, Don’t spit out that I’m not the one
Don’t hurt what has remained my heart, I will just walk behind you


Son Dambi - Queen [MV/Lyric]


Oh ladies, this is your story
Jal dugo neol chajabwa, hey listen

Deo nopeun ni kill heels, ni over denim loo-looks
Son kkeuten binaneun bling bling, pinkeubi lip glo-loss
Geowul soge bichin neol hanbeon barabwa
Oh, geurae, geurae you so cool

Neol saro jabeun girl so sexy
Hey, humchyeo boneun Mr. Smarty
Oh, hwaryeo han neoreul neukkyeobwa lalila
Neon saengak saengak daero dwelsu iji

1, 2, 3, 4, do you wanna, chic-a-ta

Ije wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Just wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Moduda won haneun daero until you decide, chic-a-ta

Moduda iruwo jyeora until you decide, chic-a-ta
Moduda iruwo jyeora until you decide, chic-a-ta
Moduda iruwo jyeora until you decide, chic-a-ta
Moduda won haneun daero until you decide, chic-a-ta

Ni haruga saeropgil wonal ttae, something ganjeori irugireul wonal ttae
Matang han jumuni eobseulttae, ige baro dB made style
The object is anti-bore, baro PLEDIS made style
This is the magic show, we'll offer and make the show

Hey, little girl, big girl, nun tteugo dulleo bwabwa
Neol bureuneun jeo call ring, ring, beono pyoga piryo haji
Ni ane sumeo iteon neoreul kkaewobwa
Oh, geurae, geurae you so cool

Neol saro jabeun girl so sexy
Hey, humchyeo boneun Mr. Smarty
Oh, hwaryeo han neoreul neukkyeobwa lalila
Neon saengak saengak daero dwelsu iji

1, 2, 3, 4, do you wanna, chic-a-ta

Ije wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Just wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Moduda won haneun daero until you decide, chic-a-ta

Ije wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Just wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Moduda won haneun daero until you decide, chic-a-ta

Moduda iruwo jyeora until you decide, chic-a-ta
Moduda iruwo jyeora until you decide, chic-a-ta
Moduda iruwo jyeora until you decide, chic-a-ta
Moduda won haneun daero until you decide, chic-a-ta


Oh ladies, this is your story
Listen well and find yourself, hey listen

Much higher kill heels, my over denim loo-looks
My fingertips are bling, bling, pink shade lip glo-loss
See the reflection of yourself in the mirror
Oh, yeah yeah, you so cool

That captivating girl so sexy
Hey, glancing Mr. Smarty
Oh, feel how wonderful you are la lee la
You can think about it and do it

1, 2, 3, 4, do you wanna, chic-a-ta

Now wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Everyone wants it until you decide, chic-a-ta

Everyone wants it until you decide chic-a-ta
Everyone wants it until you decide, chic-a-ta
Everyone wants it until you decide, chic-a-ta
Everyone wants it until you decide, chic-a-ta

When you want something new in your life, something, when you eagerly want to achieve
When you don’t really have demands, This right here is dB made style
The object is anti-bore, right now it’s PLEDIS made style
This is the magic show, we'll offer and make the show

Hey, little girl, big girl, open your eyes and turn around
Calling you is that call ring, ring, you need a number ticket
Wake up your hidden self
Oh, Yeah Yeah , you so cool

That captivating girl so sexy
Hey, glancing Mr. Smarty
Oh, feel how wonderful you are la lee la
You can think about it and do it

1, 2, 3, 4, do you wanna, chic-a-ta

Now wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Everyone wants it until you decide, chic-a-ta

Now wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake, wake up
Everyone wants it until you decide, chic-a-ta

Everyone wants it until you decide chic-a-ta
Everyone wants it until you decide, chic-a-ta
Everyone wants it until you decide, chic-a-ta
Everyone wants it until you decide, chic-a-ta


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bcuz Of U~

"Every day I shock (shock) Every night I shock (shock) I’m sorry jebal naege dasi dorawa jullae Every day I shock (shock) Every night I shock (shock) nan neo ttaemune amugeotdo hal su eomneunde oh~"

This post has nothing to do with Shock or B2ST.. Its juz 'now playing' song..keke..
So freakin missing to write sumthing here.. Still didn't have time n feel to write sheet 11..

Well.. Dunno what should i highlights here.. Gosh.. for this whole week.. I didn't on9! What a shock! lol..(just leave if u dont wish to waste your time over a-silly-fangirl here..)
As soon as I open the web browser, I seek for the update of abmsubs.. Automatically it opens MBLAQ @ oykoT oY Ep.1 2_3 and guess what, leader's voice is the first thing i heard.. It melts me!
I got some sort of feels that i've not feel for a this whole week.. Seungho oppa.. U're always ahead to melts me..keke..
I miss my BLAQIES!~

Ah, another thing is.. I'm crazy over F.Cuz.. Get-Get-Getting Jiggy~~
Mesmerized by their song, Because of U.. Neottaemune~
So crazy that i've become a member of their international forum..
Dunno how but they've catched my eyes and heart..
LeeU is mine~

And for the very first time.. I think i've started to open my heart for girl groups.. I'm so into After School now..
Mybe not as great as i love boy band but I'm started to like them.. I like their style and songs.. Gahee.. Nana.. Joyeon.. Uee.. these four attracts me.. And i think i like Nana the most.. Playing Orange Caramel everyday.. I just think that song is cute.. 4minutes's songs also locked me up.. HUH and I MY ME MINE is just my style!

Fuhh.. Enuff for now.. lol..
and last but not least, I love 2PM and Junho still as ever..

Friday, August 6, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Ten

Sheet 10: Your Black Knight..

Naz and Dahyun are enjoying the morning scenery by walking together at the seashore.. Suddenly Seungho rushes to them.. He stopped in front of Naz and stare at Dahyun without a word.. Both Dahyun and Naz also lost at word seeing him so suddenly..

“Come with me for a while..” He grabs Naz’s hand and leave Dahyun alone..

“What’s wrong with u now Mr.President?” Dahyun’s talking alone and continue walking but inside, she really is curious about what has happened between them.. To be more precise, since yesterday.. She really wanna know what is going on.. Not because she worried about them but.. Her heart.. She feels something in her heart seeing them being too close.. She is jealous! But what for?


“What is it?” Naz asked him when he stop.. Gasping for breath, he look deeply in her eyes..

“U need to get out of here.. If u want, I can send u home.. Is it ok?” He asked..

Naz is really shocked hearing that.. Her eyes widen as she still looking at him.. “But.. But why?” she stutter.. Wants an explanation from him..

Seungho turns around.. “Ah.. What’s wrong with your neck?” she can see it clearly.. “Did u fight again?”

He turns to her and just smile.. “That’s why I want u to go home.. They might searching for u again..” he said calmly..

She feels bad for what has happened to Seungho.. He don’t have anything to do with them but he protected her.. Still fresh in her mind on how Seungho has saved her yesterday.. She recall yesterday’s incident while she’s on her way to college..

“Ya! What are u guys doing? Let go of her!!” he runs to her when he see she’s been surrounded by the guys..

“Wohoo~ Who’s this? Your new bf?” one of them said while gently strokes her hair.. Naz pushed his hand roughly.. “That makes me like u more..” another guys said and suddenly a punched come to his face.. “Your hand didn’t deserved to touch her..”Seungho said and bring her to his bike but the guys aren’t satisfied.. They come and hit him.. Luckily he’s martial arts follower.. He managed to defend himself and fight against the four guys..

“I’ll let u go this time girl.. But remember.. There will always be another time..” One of them said before they leave..

“Seungho, are u alright?” she asked..

“I’m ok.. Come on ride with me.. We’ll gonna late for the MT..” Seungho said..

Back to reality, she stare at him.. “Did u just fight for me again? No! I won’t go home.. Something might happens to G.O also..” she said and wanna leave..

Seungho quickly grab her.. “G.O? What did he have to do with them?” he confused..

“That guys.. They actually seeking for G.O.. But I lied to them so that he will not be bothered by them.. In the end they keep following me..” she said with slow tone.. “I just don’t want anything happens to him..” her head down.. Seungho hold her shoulder.. “I’ll make sure G.O will always be alright.. I’ll help u and him with this.. But first I need to find out why are they searching for him..” he said..

Before Naz could say anyting.. ‘Dush!’ G.O’s fist laid on Seungho’s face.. G.O grab his collar.. “What are u doing with her?” He asked in angry tone.. Seungho removed G.O’s hand on his shirt.. They both exchanging gaze.. Seungho walked and leave them..

“Running away after making trouble to someone else.. Is u really are like that? I regret that I trust u so much Yang Seungho..” G.O said and as soon as he finished, she slapped him..

“U’re too much!” Naz’s almost shouting.. G.O look at her.. Their eyes met.. “Do u also.. Do u like him that much?” he asked.. Seungho didn’t move.. Just look at them..

“What if I like him? What if I wanna do something to protect him? What are u gonna do? Where are u when I needed u so much? Don’t u dare to touch him again..” without she planned, all the words flowing from her mouth just like a river.. Seungho almost stopped her that time but he see Dahyun at the other side.. He can see her face changes..

Meanwhile, Dahyun feels like something is cutting her heart hearing what has Naz said before.. She still didn’t realize that Seungho is looking at her..

“Why are u.. Why are u like this? Naz.. Since when did u like him?” G.O is still unclear on what is she wanna tell him.. Naz didn’t answer him.. She stare at Seungho silently.. “He’s been my Black Knight..” Naz said without looking at him..

“Ya! What is this now.. Seungho.. Don’t just stay silent.. What is this now?” G.O lost his patience.. He feels like he’s betrayed by both of them.. While G.O and Naz waiting for Seungho’s answer.. “G.O oppa!” all of them turn to that voice..

“Dahyun?” Naz shocked seeing her..

“I’m just wondering.. Are u really his friend? Why can’t u trust him? U know what, he’s risking his life just to save your girl yesterday and what’re u doing? U’re hitting him in return..” Dahyun daringly talking to him.. “Dahyun, stop it!” Naz wanted to stop her.. “I can’t just stay silent about this..”Dahyun replied and she still looking at G.O..

“What..?” G.O feels guilty.. “But why are they..” Before he can continue his word, Dahyun cuts.. “The guys is bothering Naz.. What are they looking for is actually yo..” Seungho quickly runs to her and he kissed her lips so that she can’t finished her words.. They’re all freeze with Seungho’s unexpected action.. Dahyun’s taken aback by his kiss and she just can’t do anything.. “Seungho!” G.O shouted his name.. Seungho finally removed his lips slowly.. With his face still closer to Dahyun, he whisper to her.. “Was it your first kiss? I’m sorry..”.. Dahyun stay still.. No words coming from her.. Seungho slowly released his hand and walked nearer to both G.O and Naz..

“U really wanna know what has happened between us yesterday rite? Yeah, I’ve been saving her from some useless guys.. That’s just it.. Not more than that.. There’s no way in the world that I would do such terrible thing like stealing my best friend’s girl..” he smiled to G.O.. He takes both G.O’s and Naz’s hands and put them together.. “I approved her.. She’s the best girl for u..” he said to G.O and leave them.. G.O really feels touched..

He look deeply in Naz’s eyes.. “I’m really sorry that I can’t be there when u really needs me.. I’m sorry for what have I said before.. I’m so sorry..” He said while lower his head.. Naz’s eyes slowly starts teary.. He hugged her.. “From now on, I’ll be your Black Knight.. I promise..”


After the dinner.. Mir is wandering around Thunder’s house.. ‘I didn’t know that his house could be this big..’ he said in his heart while looking at the surrounding.. When he arrived at the balcony, he can see Seungmi standing alone in there.. He walked closed to her..

“If I know, I would never agree to come with him..” she said while still looking at the environment..

“Me too.. If I could hold u before..” Mir said slowly.. Seungmi turns to him.. Her gaze fixed on him.. “But I know that u will never listened to me because u have him..” he added..

“Yo! What are u guys doing here? Planning to leave me alone?” Junghye come with cheerful tone while handed a can drink to each of them.. “U get along well with his family..” Seungmi said as all of them sitting together..

“Naah.. It’s just they like my happy-go-lucky personality..” Junghye replied and drink hers..

“I miss our time together.. I’m sorry for abandoning all of u.. I’m such a bad friend..” Seungmi said.. Junghye and Mir both looking at her.. “If u really think that we’re your bestfriends, stop saying all that nonsense things..”Mir hit her shoulder slowly.. “Ya! Don’t cry here..” Junghye said and they all laughing together..


“Hello everyone.. Now we will move to our next activity.. It’s Treasure Hunt! I’m sure all of u are excited when it comes to Treasure Hunt right? I’ll randomly divided u into groups.. This time it gonna be special because our President will also joined the game.. I will now throw the ribbons.. Take one each.. And gather with all of the person that get the same color as u do.. we will divided the groups into 6 different colors..”

“Ok, now as all of u have your own ribbon.. Go to the starting point in groups.. Take the envelope that represents the color of your group.. That will be your first clue.. U need to find 5 different music not using all the clues given to complete the song in the last puzzle.. ” Ga In give an instruction to all the members..

“Dahyunnie.. Red?” Joon asked her..

“Ne.. U?” she asked him back.. Joon smile widely and show his red ribbon to her.. He holds her hand and run to the starting point.. Joon’s happiness didn’t last longer when he see Seungho also holding red ribbon and walking slowly to both of them.. Same feeling shared by Soyeon.. Her smile faded when he see Dahyun also in the same group with her.. Later Naz and G.O also come to them.. They’re all in the same team..

While they’re all walking to find out about the second clue, Soyeon stops and she pulled Joon with her.. “Unnie? Wae?” Dahyun asked and all of them just looking at both Joon and Soyeon cluelessly.. Joon is also confused.. “Seungho, go with them first.. I have something to do with him for a while.. Just give us 5 minutes..” Soyeon said.. Seungho walked first and the others just followed him..


Morning in Philippines.. Seungmi walked outside to search Junghye who is missing since she wakes up.. While walking around she bumped with Thunder that is just get back from jogging.. Their eyes catching each other and freeze looking at each other.. After a while, Thunder’s walking towards her.. She moves her eyes and looked somewhere else..

“Did u sleep well?” He asked.. She still didn’t look at him.. She just nodded..

“I’m sorry.. I should tell u earlier.. I think I could settle this earlier but I can’t.. U can think whatever u want.. U can blame me.. U can hate me.. U can just say anything about me but I wanted u to know that.. I didn’t approve this engagement.. This is just between my family and her family.. I can’t do anything.. And to be honest, I can’t love her..” Thunder carefully said word by word..

“Kwenchana..” Seungmi smile and walked slowly leaving him.. “Park Seungmi!” Thunder shouted.. She stopped without turning to him.. “I can’t love her because my heart is with u!” he said clearly.. She feels like everyone can hear his words clearly.. That silent morning filled with Thunder’s sweet voice saying that he loves her.. Seungmi turns around.. Thunder focusing only on her without care about the surroundings.. He walked to her.. Seungmi almost cried.. “Oppa..” he hugged her tightly..

“No matter what happens, I just wanna be with u Seungmi.. I love u..”

Mir stuck at the front gate.. He can moved inside.. Feels like he’s paralyzed.. His step stopped.. He can truly feel the pain.. His heart break seeing her in Thunder’s embrace..Without he realize, his tears started to fall down.. “This is really hurt..”


“Lee Joon, go with Dahyun to that side.. Me and Soyeon will search there.. G.O and Naz search there..” Seungho said while pointing somewhere..

“Arasso..” G.O and Naz answered together and walked to the placed that Seungho ordered them to.. “Why don’t u and Dahyun search there.. I’ll be ok with Soyeon noona..” Joon said without looking at Seungho.. Cold.. Seungho stare at him.. He then just walked with Soyeon without saying anything..

“Ya!” Dahyun hit his shoulder.. Joon just look at her and walked alone.. His expression is bitter.. This is he first time Dahyun see Lee Joon act coldly with her.. No smile.. No aegyo from him.. She followed him from the back..

“Why are u following me? I can do this alone..” Joon coldly said to her when he see Dahyun get closed to help him.. “What is it now Lee Joon?” Dahyun grab his arm and turns him to her.. She really can’t stand it anymore..

“He kissed u doesn’t he?”

To Be Continued..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet Nine

Sheet 9: Vacation.

“Why are u decided to join this club so suddenly?” Joon asked her while waiting for the meeting to start..

“Me? I just wanna involved in more activities here..” Dahyun replied..

“Thanks for coming here everyone.. Firstly we wanted to greet all of the new members here.. Especially students in year 1.. Welcome to our club.. I am vice president, Han Ga In..”

Joon is still observing Dahyun.. He feels like he know why is she here.. Meanwhile the president, Seungho didn’t even say a word at that meeting.. He’s typing something on his notebook and once in a while he’s whispers to Gain while pointing to his notebook..

“We will have a MT next week.. New members are compulsory to involve.. There’s nothing to worry about because this is just like an orientation for our new members so that u guys can know us better.. Well, I think that’s all for now.. Thanks for coming and have a great day guys.. Thank you..” Gain ends her speech.


“Dahyun? U’re a member?” Dahyun bumped with Naz outside the music room..

“Ne.. I’ve just joined the club.. U too?” Dahyun asked..

“Well, I’ve been a member since the first year but I’m not active..” Naz replied..

“How about the MT? Will u join it?”

“Well.. I don’t know yet.. I’ve never been there before..” Naz said..

“What?” Dahyun feels weird..

Naz smile.. “It’s not compulsory for new members before.. I wonder why this year they make it compulsory.. It’s good for u..”

“Really? Hope so.. But I really hope that u will go too.. Please Naz? For me..” Dahyun begging her..

“Ah.. I’m weak when someone’s begging me.. I guess I need to go too.. Plus, this is my last year..” she replied..


Summer vacation has come.. Everyone is busy preparing for their vacation.. Same goes with Dahyun and Seungmi.. They’re both nervous with what will happen.. Just the different is the situation and location..

Incheon National Airport..

“Seungmi-ah.. Are u alright? U looks worried..” Thunder hold her shoulder..

“I do feels nervous since this is the first time I’m going abroad without Junghye and Mir.. Plus, I’m gonna meet your family.. Don’t know what will they think about me..” Seungmi covered the nervousness inside her.. She can feel his hand on her shoulder.. He pulled her closer.. She keeps looking at her shoes to avoid an eye contact with him.. “You wouldn’t be alone..” he whispers..

“Seungmi-ah!!” A very familiar voice shouted her name.. Am I dreaming? Seungmi turns and she can see both Junghye and Mir smile at her.. Seungmi runs and hug Junghye and Mir.. Thunder just smile looking at them.. He looked at Mir.. Mir give a short smile and continue talking to Seungmi and Junghye..


“Is everyone here?” Ga In asked..

“Seungho isn’t here yet..” Soyeon answer..

“Also one of our member still not arrive..” G.O continued..

“I see.. But the bus will start moving on 10 a.m.. No matter what..” Ga In said and give an instruction to all the members to start get on the bus..

G.O looks worried and on the other side Joon keep staring at Dahyun.. He can see Dahyun looks like somehow a little uncomfortable.. She keep looking around.. “Dahyun-shii.. Don’t u wanna go in yet?” Dahyun seems to hide something from him..

“Ah.. Ne.. Lets get on the bus..”

They both get inside the bus and Dahyun feels weird because Joon is still standing and looking around..

“Joonie.. What are u doing?” she asked..

“Anio.. I wonder if I can sit here..” he said..

“What? Why are u like this?”

“I think this seat is for Mr. President..” He said and nearly leave Dahyun alone but she quickly stand up.. She grab his arm and hold him.. “What’s wrong with u?” Her voice is a bit higher.. Everyone in the bus looking at them..

“No romance.. No fighting.. No any other couple things here.. It makes me wanna puke..” Soyeon come to them and she moves Dahyun’s hand from Joon’s..

“Lee Joon, u can sit here..” Soyeon pointing to the seat next beside them.. “Ah.. Anio noona.. We’re not fighting.. It’s just small misunderstanding.. I will sit here.. Beside her.. Joon immediately push Dahyun to sit and he sit beside her.. Soyeon expression is a bit bitter..

“The bus will start moving now.. Everyone please get ready..” Ga In announced..

As the bus started to leave the gate, there’s a couple ride on a bike.. Suddenly.. “Stop the bus!” G.O shouted..

“What’s wrong?” Ga In asked him.. “It’s them..” G.O said and move back to his seat with a blank face.. “I shouldn’t worried about them..” G.O talked alone on his seat but Dahyun can clearly hear him at the back..

“Sorry.. We’re late..” Seungho leading Naz on the bus..

“Lee Joon.. Come sit with me..” G.O give an orders so that Seungho or Naz won’t sat beside him.. “But hyung..” Joon didn’t want to move but G.O stands and stare at Joon.. “This is an order..” Joon look at Dahyun and then he glanced at Seungho.. “Naz noona, come sit here..” he said before leaves Dahyun..

Naz and Seungho still didn’t move.. Seungho and Dahyun looking at each other.. Naz’s head down.. Soyeon’s watching over them.. “U better sit with her Naz..” Soyeon said while looking at the window.. Seungho slowly walked to Soyeon’s seat and Naz followed him.. Dahyun grab her hand.. Naz glance at her.. Dahyun smile and pull her to the seat..

“Don’t create more trouble..” Soyeon said to Seungho as she see he still focused to the next seat.. Seungho uninterestedly sat beside her.. Once in a while he glare at Dahyun next to them.. Joon and G.O silently observing them..

The mood in the bus are not as lively as it could be.. Just silent and awkwardness follow their journey that day..


“Oppa.. U silently invited them also?” Seungmi asked..

“Ne.. I think it would be nice if your best friends could go on a vacation as u do..” he explained.. “Wae? U just wanna go with me?” he teased her.. She slap his thigh lightly.. They both laughing together..

Meanwhile.. On the corner, Mir is looking at them with a sulky face.. “Ya! Don’t make such a face.. Luckily he invited us.. So that u can always look after her..” Junghye disrupted his attention by hitting his shoulder..

“Junghye-ah.. If looking at someone’s happiness making our heart aches, what is that?” an unexpected question comes from Mir surprising her.. She becomes numb inside.. Her gaze fixed on Mir who is still looking at Seungmi.. “I can feel it..” Junghye said slowly.. Yes, she do understands the feeling because she also hurting now.. “What did u said?” Mir look at her.. Their eyes met.. Junghye can’t move and they’re exchanging gaze.. “Hye-ah..” Mir puts his hand on her head..

“Ya! I’m not sick!” she pushed his hand.. Somewhat she feels like her face is reddening.. Is she blushing? She can’t look at Mir.. “U’re weird today.. Let’s take a nap..”he said while laying his hand on her shoulder.. She still can’t talk and just let him sleep that way.. She usually don’t let Mir’s hand touched her but today.. She really can’t do anything.. Also her heart rate are abnormal.. She can feel it beating faster..


“We’ve arrive here.. Now for the rooms, I’ll let Mr. President decide how are we gonna divide..” Ga In said and gave the the name list to Seungho..

“Well.. We have 6 rooms and I guess I’ll just let u choose your own roommates.. 6 persons per room.. And don’t mix males and females.. If u’ve enough roommates, come take a key with Soyeon..

“All 4 rooms have been taken.. Only 2 rooms left.. I think we can just take whoever left can’t we?” Ga In asked..

“Ne.. Joon, G.O, Jo Kwon, Junsu, Wooyoung will be with me.. And Ga In will be with Soyeon, Dahyun, Naz, Hyora and Seulmi.. Would it be ok?” Seungho said and looking at all the members..

“Well, I guess if that’s not ok we still need to be in that way doesn’t we? I’ll make sure I can get along with all the members in my room..” G.O said coldly and walked alone..

Everyone’s didn’t say a word.. They just look at G.O who’s walking without Seungho.. “With that, our room is divided.. I hope all of u will have a great day here.. After this go to your room, prepare for tonight activities.. Make sure u always update with the schedule.. I don’t want anyone missing in our activities.. So, I’ll end my speech here.. Thank you..” Ga In end her speech and all of the members are busy taking their own stuffs..


“Seungho hyung, where am I supposed to place all this?” Jo Kwon asked as he together with Junsu and Wooyoung are carrying some boxes to help Seungho with tonight activities.. “There..” Seungho pointing somewhere while he’s busy organizing other stuffs..

“Hyung.. Can I help u too?” Joon who is just come in asked him.. “Don’t be too kind to him.. Just take care of Dahyun..” G.O cuts Seungho..

Seungho quickly stand up and hold his shoulder.. “What’s with u?” he asked..

“I just say the truth.. I guess u’re trying to help me.. Is being close to her is what’ve u said as helping me with her? From now on, I don’t need any help to get her.. I’ll do it on my own.. I’ll get her, Yang Seungho..” he moves Seungho’s hand on his shoulder and he walked to the front door.. All the room members just looking at them silently.. They can’t do anything on that stressful situation.. Seungho quickly grab his arm..

“U don’t know me yet.. I guess we’re soultwin..” Seungho said disappointedly..

“My soultwin will never messed up with me especially when I’ve found the girl of my life.. Yes, I’m really don’t know who u are now.. How come u end up ride with her.. Are u trying to get all the pretty girls in the college? Isn’t Lee Dahyun is enough?” G.O almost shouting.. Joon’s freezing hearing the last sentence..

Seungho can’t hold his temper anymore.. He punched G.O’s face.. G.O falls to the floor.. “If u don’t know anything, then don’t do anything..” Seungho bumped the door roughly and left..

“Kwenchana?” Junsu quickly get close to G.O to make sure he’s alright.. Wooyoung and Jo Kwon continue doing their work pretending as if nothing happens but inside them only God knows how scared they are..

“Here.. Ice..” Joon give an icepack to G.O.. “Thanks..” G.O replied while sticking the ice pack at the end of his lips..

“That.. Is that true?” Joon asked while looking at the floor..

“About Dahyun? I shouldn’t said this but u really need to try your best if u like her..” G.O stand up and take his towel.. “Thanks for this..” G.O throw the ice pack to Joon and go into the shower..


“Finally! We’ve arrive here.. Yeay!~” Junghye shouted when they’re all come out from the Philippines National Airport.. Two cars are waiting for them..

“Oppa! I miss u so much..” a girl from one of the car run towards them and hugged Thunder tightly.. Thunder awkwardly looks at Seungmi.. Seungmi pretends to smile and move her side somewhere else..

Junghye look at Seungmi and then she glanced at Mir.. Mir quickly walked to Seungmi.. He holds her hand.. “I’m here..” he wishpers.. Seungmi’s tears almost fall at that time..

“Oppa! Who is this?” Junghye asked him to make the awkward atmosphere gone.. But before Thunder could say anything, that girl cuts him.. “I’m his fiancé.. Victoria..”..

To Be Continued..