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Melody Love: Sheet Twelve

Sheet 12: Let me love u..

“Naz! Do u really wanna ignore him completely? What did he do to u?” Seungho shouted when Naz just walked silently after knowing G.O’s current condition..

Seungho run to her when he see she stopped walking.. He look at her eyes.. “He need u now.. Please?” He said.. Naz lower hear head.. At this state, she also can make a decision on what should she do.. Should she forget what has she heard about him last night? Can she forgive him truly after knowing about his past? Can she still accept him the way he is? Or.. Should she just forget him completely? She really can’t tell what is her decision right now.. Her mind is now filled with everything about G.O..

“I.. I need some time..” Naz said slowly.. With her head still down.. “I just wanna say that he really need u right now.. I hope u can make a right decision..” Seungho said before leaving..

Naz admit that her heart is still with him.. But she is really confused at the moment.. Knowing about his past.. This is just so sudden.. Never crossed in her mind that she would meet a guy like him..


“Don’t u wanna wait until she wakes up?” Junghye asked.. Mir stay silent.. He look at Seungmi who is still sleeping after being injected.. Suddenly Thunder comes..

“Is she alright?” He asked.. Mir glance at him.. “The doctor said that she’s in shocked.. She need some rest..” he said..

Thunder just nodded.. He look at Junghye.. She smiled.. But not the usual smile that a cheerful Junghye could give.. “Do u guys.. really wanna go back first?” Thunder asked them.. Mir didn’t answer him.. He take his mp3 and go out from that room.. Thunder and Junghye looking at him with no words coming from their mouth.. Junghye stand up.. “Oppa.. I’m sorry for on his behalf.. I think we should all leave Philippine soon.. But Seungmi’s not well.. Maybe we will wait until she’s ok..” Junghye said while looking at Seungmi..

“How’s Victoria?” Junghye asked him.. Thunder take a sit behind Seungmi’s bed.. “She just got a small wound.. Nothing serious.. She also in shocked..” Thunder replied..

The room becomes quiet for a while.. “Oppa..” Junghye suddenly voice out.. Thunder look at her.. “Ne?”

“Do u believe in Seungmi?” she asked..

Thunder didn’t answer straight away.. He hold Seungmi’s hand.. “I can’t opposed my family..” he said.. Junghye look at him confusedly.. She can’t understand what he wanted to said..

“The doctor said that Vic’s wound is not because of an attack.. It’s just unintentionally happens.. I know Vic.. I know what could she do when she wanted something so much..” Thunder explaining..

“Means that, Seungmi just wanna protect herself?” Junghye said to confirm it.. He’s nodded..

“To be more precise, Victoria is the one who started the conflict.. But our family didn’t believe it because they didn’t really know Vic..” he continued..

“What are u planning to do now?” Junghye asked..

“I just don’t wanna lose her.. No matter what had happen, I’m still in love with her.. I will make sure one day my family will accept my own choice..” Thunder said calmly while his hand still holding Seungmi’s.. On the other side, Mir can hear it clearly.. He stopped for a while before continue his step into the room.. He comes with a bucket of apples, blanket, and a couple flight tickets..

“Junghye, our flight will be on 7a.m.. Get ready..” he said after placed all of the things there.. “Here.. Make her feel that u care for her..” Mir give the blanket to Thunder.. “Stay with her until she wakes up because she hate being alone.. And go back to Korea with her.. Don’t u ever leave her alone..” Mir said and walked away after taking all of his stuff with him..

“Ya, Cheolyong-ah~” Junghye called him but he just go like that..

“Oppa, I think I need to make a move now.. Take a good care of her.. Annyong~” Junghye end her words and runs to follow Mir..


Summer vacation just end like that..

“Are u still thinking about him?” Joon come and sit beside her.. Dahyun just shaking her head..

“Can u give me a chance?” Joon asked her..

“What?” she replied..

“Let me fix your broken heart..”

Dahyun look deeply into his eyes.. He replied with a smile.. “Let me touch your heart.. Because I’m really in love with u Lee Dahyun..”

“Are u out of your mind?” Dahyun wanted to avoid his charm.. She quickly move her eyes elsewhere..

At that time, her eyes caught a figure with his bike.. It’s Seungho! And Soyeon’s riding with him.. Joon can see her expression changed.. He hugged her at once.. Dahyun taken aback but she just let him.. “I will never hurt u.. Please let me be in your heart Dahyunnie..”

She glanced at Seungho and Soyeon once.. She then replied Joon’s hug.. “I do..”


“Mir.. U’re different..” Junghye said as soon as they sit on the bench after playing basketball together.. Mir didn’t give any respond.. He drink his mineral water..

“I know u love Seungmi.. But why did u let him win just like that?” their conversation now becoming serious..

“Because she loves him.. I’m happy if she’s happy..” He replied..

“But she didn’t know that u also love her..”

“Enough Junghye.. And u also.. Why are u being like this? This is not my Junghye..” Mir said and hit her shoulder.. But Junghye didn’t said anything.. She look at the ground..

“Hye-ah.. Something is wrong?” Mir worried seeing Junghye like that.. “Are u crying?” He really worried about her.. Without planning, he automatically hugged her.. “What’s wrong?” With Junghye in his embrace, he asked slowly..

“Seungmi’s really lucky to have a love from someone like u..” Junghye said in a low tone.. Mir is focusing on every word that she said.. “I’m hurt when u’re hurt Mirreu..” she can’t control her tears anymore.. He now can understand slowly why is she being like that.. Today is the first time Mir hugged her tightly and today also the first time he see she cried..

“Junghye.. I’m sorry for hurting u so much all of this time.. I just can’t see it.. Let me pay it back.. Let me love u Junghye.. Will u?” Mir calmly said word by word..


‘It’s been a week he’s been absent.. Should I go visit him? Or should I not go?’ Naz talking to herself on her way back..

At the hospital..

Seungho’s helping G.O since he’s been discharged today.. While waiting for G.O, he walked slowly.. He spotted Naz at the outside..

“What are u doing here?” he asked.. She’s shocked seeing him.. “I.. I’m just visiting my friend.. What are u doing here?” she replied.. Pretending not to know about G.O there..

“U’re curious about him right?” Seungho asked her back.. She didn’t answer.. Turning back and walking slowly leaving Seungho behind..

“Naz!” She stopped.. It’s a voice that she loves so much.. But she just can’t turn to him..

“Just tell her the truth..” Seungho said to G.O.. But he didn’t move.. Still thinking on what should he do..

‘Truth? What’s the truth between all of this?’ she’s thinking alone.. She continue moving slowly..

“He’s not like what they said he is..!” Seungho shouted.. Her step stopped..

“Seungho-ah.. Stop it..” G.O begged him..

“Do u want her to believe in that beautiful lies forever while u’re suffering alone with your ugly truth?” Seungho said replied him back.. Naz’s taken aback.. She turned to both of them..

“Seungho.. What do u mean?” She asked.. Full of curiosity..

“Your father left your family ten years ago right?” Seungho asked her back.. “Ya! Seungho-ah!” G.O cuts him.. But Seungho just ignore him.. He walked close to her..

“G.O’s just helping her father as the chief officer at that time.. He’s only playing a role as an undercover.. In order to prevent that group from spreading larger, he pretends to be one of the problematic students and befriends with those guys and he then being invited to joined the group..”

Naz thinking for a while.. “What’s the relationship with my father?” She asked him..

Seungho look at G.O.. He shook his head.. Don’t want Seungho to tell her about her father..

“Promise me, don’t hate him after u know the truth..” Seungho look deeply into her eyes.. ‘What is this now?’ she keep talking to herself..

“It’s up to u now..” Seungho said to G.O and leave them alone while bringing G.O’s stuff with him..

“Tell me the truth..” Naz said while staring at him.. He seems bewildered.. “What ever happens after this, I wanted u to know that I love you the way u are.. My love to you has nothing to do with my past and you father..” he said calmly.. Slowly walking to her.. He hugged her.. “Your father is the chief of the group.. He’s being sentenced to death for committing a lot of serious offence related to robbing and using juvenile..” he said slowly while hugging her tightly.. He can feel her warmth and heartbeat..

Naz can’t say anything after knowing the truth.. Why did all of this happens to her? A lot of questions coming to her mind right now.. He still hugging her.. “Remember what I said before? What ever happens, my love to u will never change.. And I still love u as ever..But.. I understand if u’re hating me now.. After knowing that I am the one who responsible in your father’s death..” G.O said and slowly released Naz from his embrace.. She stay still..

“I wouldn’t force you to accept my love after knowing the truth.. But I will love u forever.. As what have I promised before..” he said and make a move slowly.. “Byunghee!” Naz shouted his name.. He stopped.. She runs and hugged him tightly.. “I’m not strong enough.. I need someone to protect me.. After knowing all of this so suddenly, I think I need someone to always be with me and gave me the strength that I need.. The one that I need is u..” she said.. And as soon as she ends her word, her tears started to fall..

G.O smiling and wiped her tears.. “ I will protect u forever my girl..”


‘World star Rain is searching for trainee.. Are u ready to become the second Rain? We’re waiting for your precious talents!’

“Mirreu.. U should try this!” Junghye said with joy while pointing to the advertisement..

“Aish.. Why is it always me??” Mir’s complaining without looking at her..

“Ya! Just go!” Junghye hit him with her bag.. “Aigoo.. Arasso.. I will go..” he rubbed his head..

“Oppa, U should try too!” she said to Thunder.. He glance at Seungmi.. She smile and nodded.. Thunder nodded to Junghye as a sign that he will try the audition too..

“Perfect! We could be famous with these two being under Rain’s management..” Junghye said to Seungmi.. Mir just showed and annoyed face and drink his juice..

To Be Continued..

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