Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MBLAQ @ MBC Chuseok 'Idol Athletics Competition

Okay, I'm just soooo Excited seeing bunches of their photos at the forum..
Just wanna share some^^

Go Blaqies~~

okay..i love this couple..87line is love~

Cutey mireu~ and yeah,they're using their birth date as their number..cute3!!

Go seungho!! I leviiiuuuuuu~~ kekeke

Apela yg dorg bncgkn tuh..strategi utk menang?hwaiting!

Okay,abg leader nih xabes ngan bende kt tgn die tuh..

G.O?Mcm nmpk bini sndrik je..hehe

Ohh.. Seungho-ah~ jgn buli Mireu~~

So Sweet~ Luv his name on his leg..

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