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Melody Love: Sheet Fifteen

Sheet 15: Engagement..

“Haaa~ So nice.. I’ve been missing these air in this 2 years.. Thanks for inviting me to stay here..”Dahyun said while Naz is unpacking her stuffs..
“It’s ok since you don’t have any place to stay by.. By the way, u can stay with me while u’re here..” Naz replied and continue doing her things..
“Thank you so much.. I think I wanted to take a walk for a while.. Wanna join me?” Dahyun asked..
“U really are missing this place aren’t u?” Naz replied and they laughed together..


“Okay, we’ll gonna have our end year feast and this year its gonna be special because we’ll have a special guest, our ex-president and also the alumni.. Hope u guys enjoy the night.. And our meeting for today will end here.. Thanks for coming..” Seungmi ends her speech..

“Good job Miss secretary..” Thunder comes and kiss her forehead.. Seungmi just smile shyly..
Mir coughing beside them.. “Mr. President, this is a public meeting~” he teased them and run away..
Seungmi and Thunder laughs at him.. The three of them have become closer since Thunder and Mir both has become a trainee under J-Tune Entertainment..

Mir walked by the river before reaching home.. Suddenly he see someone’s walking alone.. Someone that he knows before.. He tried hard to recall back who is she..

“Ah.. Noona! Dahyun noona right?” he shouted after thinking for a while..
“Ne? U’re?” Dahyun feels confused..
“Mir.. Mireu.. Junghye’s friend.. Do u remember me?” he answered with a smile..

“Ahhh.. Now I remember u.. So, where’s Seungmi? Are u alone?” she replied..
“Seungmi? She’s with Thunder..” his face suddenly gloom.. “Let’s sit there noona” he said while pointing somewhere..

“By the way.. Have u seen Joonie hyung?” Mir move to another topic..
“Joon? No.. Not yet.. Do u always see him?” she asked back..
“U don’t know about us? I meet him everyday u know..”
“About u guys? Bout what?” Dahyun clueless.. Mir just smile widely.. “Before that, I am as the vice president for the Art Club at Sejong University would like to ask u to come to our end year feast.. Will u come?” Mir faced her..
“Am I your special guest?” Dahyun laughs..
“Yes, u’re one of our special guest..” he smiled.. “Want to meet Joonie hyung?” he asked again..
“Joon? No.. Not yet.. I’ll make a surprise to him.. Don’t tell him that I’m coming.. When is it?”
“This Saturday.. Ah, Naz noona? Did she here too?” Mir asked..
“Ne.. I’m living with her now.. I will ask her to go too.. Junghye? Have u meet her?” Dahyun replied..

“Junghye? U mean.. Lee Junghye? Is she here?” Mir didn’t believe it..
“Yes.. I met her at the airport before.. U don’t know bout she’s coming back?”
“No.. Noona, excuse me.. I need to go somewhere.. Make sure u come.. There’s something about us that u need to know.. Jyaa~” he rushed somewhere..

Dahyun just smiling alone seeing him.. “This kid.. Ah.. Finally.. I can go back to that college.. Did he go too?” she talks alone..


“Omma.. Why should u get into my personal life? Why don’t u tell me first?” Joon seems a bit angry towards his parents..
“This is for your own good.. She’s a good girl.. I’m sure u will like her..” Mrs Lee trying to persuade him..
“But I don’t know her.. And.. I already have someone in my heart..” He said weakly..
“Ah, they’re here.. Get ready Joonie-ah.. Sit properly..” Mr Lee said to his son..

“Mianhe.. We’re late..” Mr. Park come and greet Lee’s family..
“Kwenchana.. Have a sit please..” Mr Lee politely asked them..
“By the way, this is my niece..” Mr Park said and pointing to her.. She bows..
“And this is our son, Lee Joon..” Mr Lee replied.. Joon smiled and his eyes is strongly attached to her..

‘Beautiful!’ he said in his heart..

“Joonie-ah, asked her to walk around..” Mrs Lee ordered him..

They both walked outside..

“Joonie oppa.. Will this be alright? Don’t u wanna cancel this engagement?” she asked him..
“Why are u asking me that?” he seems confused with her question..
“How about Dahyun unnie? U love her right?” she replied..
“U know her? And why did u agree with this?” he asked her back..

She silent for a while.. “I need to do at least this much for them.. They’ve raising me up after my parents dead.. When they tell me that they’ve found someone for me, I’m just accepting..” she answered with a smile.. Joon listen to her carefully..


“Okay Naz, are u ready?” Dahyun asked her when they both arrive at the entrance..
“Fuhh.. I’m nervous!” Naz replied..
“Lol.. Why are u like this?” Dahyun asked.. She never see her like that before..
“Ah.. I don’t know.. Okay.. Let me take a deep breath first..” she really is nervous..
“Aigoo.. It’s not like we’re going to get married.. Come on.. We’ll gonna be late.. I don’t wanna be the centre of attention~” Dahyun replied and pull Naz with her.. “Ya.. Dahyunnie!” she’s almost shouted..

“Unnie!” they both stop and searching for that voice..
“I’m here!” Junghye give a shock to both of them..
“I’ll gonna get a heart attack u know..” Dahyun complaining..
“Lol.. Mianhe unnie.. Wah.. U guys look so pretty.. Ehem.. I know why, going to meet your love?” she teased them and making a naughty face.. Dahyun quickly pinched her.. “Ouch! It hurts, unnie~” she complaining..

“Ahhhh.. I don’t wanna go!!” Naz said..
“See, what have u done Junghye.. U know how many times should I tell her to come here and persuade her? And now she’s nervous again.. Aigoo..” Dahyun whimper..
“What? Aigoo.. Mianhe unnie.. Come, let’s go together.. We’re here so don’t worry Naz unnie..” Junghye tried to persuade her too..

“Naz, are u coming or not? We will be the centre of attention if u take more time here.. U doesn’t want that to happen right?” Dahyun threatened her.. “And if u wanted to go home, just go yourself.. Right Dahyun unnie?” Junghye continued..
“Ahh.. U too.. Okay, I’ll go in.. Just please don’t leave me alone..” Dahyun and Junghye laughed and they walked inside the hall together..

“Junghye? Lee Junghye!!” Seungmi shouted as soon as she see Junghye.. They hugged each other.. “Why are u coming back?” Seungmi asked her..
“Last Thursday.. I miss u a lot u know..” Jungyhe replied..
“Me too.. Why don’t u tell me that u’re coming back? I can fetch you at the airport..” Seungmi continued..
“Kwenchana.. I’m not planned to go back actually but there’s something that I need to settle.. That’s why I’m coming back so suddenly..” she replied.. “Where is Mireu?” she asked after looking around..
“U missed him so much don’t u?” Seungmi teased her.. “U’ve change a lot u know..” she said while looking at Junghye head to toe..

“How about my dress??” Junghye asked her..
“Beautiful girl will always look good in whatever she is..” Seungmi smile at her.. “Come, sit with me.. Mir will perform something special tonight..” she continued..


“This is the first time they’re performed.. And we’re really lucky because all of them are our club members.. And also our ex-president.. Presenting MBLAQ.. First J-Tune band.. Let’s applaud..”

“They’ve become and artist? Great!” Junghye said in shock..

“They looks good.. They’re all so good..” Dahyun continue and her eyes are strongly attached to him..

Naz just remain silent but in her heart she really glad that he made it until now.. She really missed that face..

To Be Continued..

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