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Melody Love: Sheet Thirteen

Sheet 13: My heart is with her..

Audition day.. All of them gathering in front of J-tune building.. Waiting from 6 a.m..

“Ah.. If I could sleep more..” Mir complaining.. “Shut up.. Why don’t u have some spirit like them? Aigoo” Junghye complaining while pointing to a group of guys that keep practicing their dance.. “I’m doing this because of u.. U should make something to cheer me up u know?” Mir laying down.. “Ya! Mireu! Get up now! Aish~”

“Oppa.. Are u hungry?” Seungmi asked Thunder..

“Kwenchana.. Maybe later.. Did u bring something for me?” Thunder asked her back..

“Ne.. What will u show in front of the judges?” she asked.. Thunder suddenly stand up and facing Seungmi..

“I can’t keep my eyes off you girl

I’d love if I could be with you right now, touch me girl

You’re only one I’ve waited for, don’t tease me girl

I’ve longer to say it, Kiss me girl

Give me your lips, I’ll give it to you

Just how you like it girl

I can’t see anyone else, look only at me

It’s driving me crazy that I don’t know

I’ll forever love you completely

I’ll be by your side, don’t doubt me

You’re the one that makes my heart shake

Girl i want you~”

All the crowd looking at them and clapping after Thunder ends his rap.. Seugmi’s face reddening.. She needs to admit that he’s so cool while rapping and she feels like she’s the luckiest girl there having him as her boyfriend..

“Seungmi-ah.. How was it?” he slowly approaches Seungmi.. She still freeze.. Didn’t respond to him.. He get closer to her.. “Jagiya~” he whisper to her.. “Ah! What is it?” she’s shocked.. Thunder just smile looking at her reaction.. He like to see her when she’s embarrassed because of him..

Meanwhile.. Without Junghye realized, Mir face is changed now.. “Hye-ah.. Do u wanna hear my rap?” He suddenly asked her.. “What? U wanna rap too?” Junghye widen her eyes.. “Ne!” he said confidently and stand up..

“You.. Please say something..

That your heart is aching with longing too, like me.. Tell me

My heart stops.. I can’t breathe.. My wounds don’t heal

I patch up the empty holes you left with tears today too

by any chance, would you go there? Think about me occasionally?

Thinking this, I go crazy. .do you know this heart of mine?

I love you I love you. I promise you.. I’ll hold your hand tight.”

Junghye’s amazed by his powerful husky voice.. She’s blinking her eyes after he ends his rap.. Mir is looking at Seungmi and she just smiling and clapping together with Thunder.. It’s not what he wants.. He wanted her to react to what has he said in his rap..

“Uwaahh~ Not bad mireu! I don’t know that u have a powerful husky voice when rapping..”Junghye praised him when he sit back beside Junghye but his heart is still not there..


“Joonie-ah.. Did u see Seungho?” G.O asked him again..

“Molla.. Are u sure that he will come?” Joon asked him back..

“Ne.. We’ve promised before.. What takes him so long? Dahyun, did he say something to u?” G.O asked Dahyun..

“Ne? Me?” Dahyun shocked.. Seungho didn’t even look at her after the incident at the MT before.. Why did G.O need to ask her about him? “Ah.. Forget it..” G.O said and started looking for Seungho..

“Do u have anything to do with him?” Joon asked Dahyun suspiciously..

“Aigoo.. How many times do I need to tell u that he didn’t even look at me.. How could I have anything to do with him??” she sulky..

“Mianhe.. I won’t asked u again..” Joon replied with a smile and making a cute face in front of her.. She really can’t resist his aeygo.. She burst into laughter seeing him like that..


3 days later.. Art club..

“We’re proud to say that some of our club members has been chosen as a trainee under J-Tune Entertainment.. Let’s applause to congratulate them..” Gain said and all the members clapping with joy..

“Let’s start our meeting for today..” Seungho leading them..

After a while.. “Mianhe.. Mianhe..” They both come in and bowing while walking to their seats..

“Wait.. Lee Joon.. U’re late.. There should be a punishment for them isn’t it?” Seungho suggested.. The members were quiet for a while.. “I will let all of u choose on what punishment could it be..” he continued.. The room has become lively again with the members demanding to see Joon’s powerful dance..

“Let me do instead of him..” Dahyun suddenly stand up.. “What are u doing?” Joon’s trying to stop her.. “He just wanted to see my piano skills.. I’m gonna be ok..”Dahyun said to him and she walked to the front.. “Let’s have a piano battle together..”she said while looking at Seungho.. He smile..

Then began a small battle starting with Dahyun.. Seungho then replied with his excellent skills that no one can deny.. The battle then continue with Dahyun’s replying started with his last note..

G.O seems to understands what is happening.. He’s smiling alone and whisperings to Naz.. The president and that girl is replying what each other’s want to say by using music note..


‘There’s one girl that I like.. I really like to see her in dress.. I would like to be with her forever.. Being old together.. Walking in countryside and aging together.. I hope she could hear this one day.. I hope she could come to me as a cute lively innocent girl and said that she can feel what’s inside me all of this time..’

“He is.. This kind of person? I never know that he has this side of him..” Junghye talking alone after stalking Mir’s blog..

Then someone’s knocking her door.. “Who is it?”

“It’s me.. Hye-ah~ open the door..” Mir’s voice really make her day..

“What are u doing here?” She asked him as soon she opens the door..

“What do u mean by that? It’s not that I never come here..” he said..

Suddenly Mir’s phone beeping.. ‘Come here now.. U’ll gonna late for today’s training..’

“Ah.. Aigoo.. This is all your fault.. I need to go there now.. See u~” he rushed..

“Mireu~ see u at college this evening!!”Junghye shouted.. He turns and winked at her..

Junghye just smile watching him.. But then, she can see he dropped something at the front gate.. She walked closer to take a look.. “A hairpin?” she asked herself..


Seungmi-ah.. Come meet me at the top of the building this evening.. I have something to tell u.. Miss u..


“Oppa? Why didn’t he just sms me?” Seungmi talks alone..

“Ah, Naz unni! Did they have a training today?” she asked as soon as she see Naz..

“Ne, they have an urgent meeting at J-tune..” she said and smile..


“He’s late!”Seungmi complaining after waiting for a while.. She sit down and take out Thunder’s photo.. “I miss him so much..”

“Park Seungmi!” someone’s calling her name but.. Its not Thunder.. It’s a girl’s voice! She turns to that voice.. “Ne? Who are u?” Seungmi asked them..

They didn’t answer straight away.. They whispering to each other and then one of them step forward.. “Did u waiting for Thunder oppa?” she asked her..

Seungmi look at the photo.. And she nodded.. The group of girls then get close to her.. One of them take Thunder’s photo from Seungmi’s hand.. “What are u doing?” she asked..

“We’re using all of the good way to get close to Thunder oppa but he never see us.. In his eyes are always u.. So, this is our first warning.. Break up with him.. Or else..” she light up the lighter and burns the photo.. Seungmi’s become numb.. She’s so shocked seeing her doing that..

“Scared? This is just the beginning.. If u’re ignoring us, your life might end up like this photo..” she throws the photo that is still burning in front of Seungmi..

She and her girls are walking away from her.. Seungmi still freeze there.. But then, “What do u guys want? Face me before u wanna do anything to her..”

“Junghye! What are u doing? Just let them be!” Seungmi shouted after seeing Junghye blocked the group of girls..


Mir just fininshed his training for that day.. She rushed to the college to meet Junghye.. But when he arrives, a lot of people are surrounding the main building.. He can see the smoke.. Yes, the main building is in fire!

“Noona, what happens?”he asked..

“I don’t really know what happened before but, Junghye and Seungmi is at the top of the building earlier.. I don’t know whether they’re still there or not..” Naz answered worriedly..

“Ya! Cheolyong-ah! Where are u going??” Naz try to stop him but she can’t.. He quickly runs into the building to save both of them..

“Seungmi!! Junghye!!” he shouted while running in the smoke.. He can hear girls coughing at one corner..

“Mireu..” a weak voice of Seungmi calling him.. “Seungmi!” He run and lifted her.. He quickly get out from the building with Seungmi..


“How’s Seungmi?” Junghye just arrived..

“What are u doing? U’ve started a trouble again? U know that u could kill Seungmi?” Mir voice out everything that he wanna say.. He can’t control his feeling anymore.. He really is worried avout Seungmi..

“Are u.. Blaming me?” Junghye asked slowly..

“Yes I am! Yes, I’m worried about her so much.. I don’t know what will happen just now if I didn’t arrive at the right time.. U know that I would not forgive u if she died because of u?” He frankly said that to Junghye..

“I’m sorry.. I just wanna punished all the girls.. I don’t know that it will get Seungmi’s life in danger..” Junghye explaining calmly.. But she know at this situation Mir would never listen to any excuses.. Yes, she started the trouble but that’s just to stop them from bothering Seungmi anymore..

That place become silent.. Junghye suddenly stand up in front of Mir.. “What do u think?” she asked him while turning with her pink dress..

“What is this?” Mir’s making a weird face to her..

“I wanna be that girl.. The girls that u wanna see in dress..” She said..

“Ridiculous.. U know what, until now I still can’t accept u as a girl.. I still feel like u’re my younger brother that I need to protect and lead..” Mir replied..

“What.. U never see me as girl?”

To Be Continued..

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