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Melody Love: Sheet Fourteen

Sheet 14: She’s leaving..

“Finally.. This has come.. I hope that today will never end.. It’s hard to forget all the memories here.. In this college..” G.O said..

“It’s not like we can’t meet again..” Seungho replied..

“Yes we can meet again.. But not like usual.. Everyone will have their own path..”

“Why don’t u just tell me that u’ll gonna miss all the time here with her..” Seungho said without looking at him.. He concentrated on his music sheet..

“Seungho-ah.. Will it be ok if u just leaving like this?” G.O asked him..

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t u wanna said anything to her? I can see that she’s into u too..”

“Nonsense.. She look good with him..” Seungho answered..

G.O get close to him and take his music sheet.. “I am serious.. U will never know what will happens if u never try..” he said while looking at him..

“What do u want me to do?” Seungho asked him confusedly..

“Ahhh! Yang Seungho.. Are u really clueless or what?? Think deeply.. I heard that she will be continuing her study in Japan next month.. Don’t regret it later..”

“Really?” he asked back.. G.O just nodded and stand up.. “Don’t forget to come to the party tonight..”he said and leaves Seungho alone..


“He never see me as a girl..” she keeps thinking about it from that day.. For the first time, she know what the feel of broken heart.. “He really breaks my heart..” she said and take her flight ticket..

“Lee Junghye!”

She stops.. “Junghye.. Are u really going now?” Seungmi hugged her.. “Please don’t go hye-ah.. Why are going so sudden?” Seungmi asked her.. Seungmi’s tears started to fall down..

Junghye wiped her tears.. “Don’t cry Seungmi.. I just wanna be transfer to Japan.. U know that my dreams is to study there..” Junghye replied calmly..

“But u said that u’re gonna graduate here first before continue there.. U said that before.. Because u have both of us here.. But now, only Mir and me here..” Seungmi still don’t wanna let her go..

“U don’t understand how it feels like.. Don’t worry.. I’ll be back here one day..” Junghye said and slowly released Seungmi.. “I need to go now..” she said..

“Junghye.. Don’t u wanna wait for him?” Seungmi asked.. Junghye just shook her head and walked slowly..

“I’ll gonna miss u!” Seungmi shouted.. At that time Junghye can’t hold her tears anymore.. Her tears started to fall down.. She don’t wanna leaves Seungmi.. All the memories of them together keep appearing in her mind.. But she need to go.. To be a new person for him..


“Naz, u’re coming finally..” G.O run to her as soon as he see her at the front door..

“Sorry I’m late..” she said to him.. “Kwenchana.. As long as u’re here..”he replied and grab her hand..

While Naz and G.O are enjoying their meals.. Someone arrives.. “Ah.. Jooyeon-ah! It been a while!” Soyeon said and hugged her..

G.O’s flustered when he hear her name.. Naz realized his action.. “What’s wrong? Are u okay?” She asked him.. “I’m.. Yeah.. I’m okay..” He stutter..

“That’s him!” Soyeon said while pointing to G.O.. Jooyeon walked to him..

“Its been a long time.. U’ve changed a lot.. U’re a man now..” she said and laughed..

“Ne.. U too.. U’ve changed a lot..” He replied.. Naz just watching them.. Soyeon suddenly come close to her..

“She’s our high school friend.. And their family has agreed to engaged them before she went to States.. To be precise, she is his fiancé..” Soyeon whispered to her.. Naz’s become numb by shocked.. She quickly stand up and walked out from his house..

G.O then followed grab her.. “Where are u going?” he asked.. She can’t lifted her head now..

“I’m going home..” she pushed G.O’s hand and tried to run.. But G.O quickly hold her.. “But why?” he asked her.. She didn’t answered.. Her head still down.. G.O touch her face.. He lifted her face.. “U’re.. Crying? What’s wrong?” he worried.. G.O quickly hugged her..

“I don’t know..” she replied..

“Let me send u home..”

“Andwae.. I’m okay.. Go back inside.. They’re all your guests.. I’m gonna be ok..” she said..


“Dahyun.. Do u now where is Naz? I’ve called her many times but I can’t reach her..” G.O said..

“Are u for real? U don’t know bout she’s leaving?” Dahyun replied..

“She’s.. What?” G.O seems confused..

“She’s going to further her study.. Tomorrow I’m going to follow her step..” Dahyun explaining..

“But why didn’t she said anything to me?” he still can’t believe that she has leave..

“Ah, she said be happy.. Don’t worry about her..” Dahyun continue and leave him..

“Is she gonna be ok? Something is wrong? Why did she cried last night? Ah.. Why am I blind now.. Why can’t I see what’s inside her??”


2 years later..

“Okay.. This is the day.. Final line up for the first band under J-Tune label will be announced by Mr. President.. All of u have done a good job in this 2 years..”

“The name that I called please move forward.. Jung Byunghee.. Yang Seungho.. Lee Changsun.. Park Sanghyun.. And the last name is Bang Cheolyong..Congratulations..” Rain smile and walk to all of them..

They hugging each others.. Joyful tears are in their eyes.. All of their hardship in these 2 years are worthy.. They have facing a lot of obstacles together.. And they’re now made it..


“We’ve achieved our dreams..” Seungho and G.O congratulates each other..

“It would be nice if she’s here..” G.O said in low tones..

“U mean.. Naz?” Seungho asked him.. G.O nodded.. “How could u don’t have her contact number?” Seungho said again..

“She’s leaving so suddenly without telling me.. But I will still wait for her..” G.O said.. While Seungho’s expression is a bit change too when they’re talking about Naz..

“Did u miss her?” G.O seems to understands him.. “Ne?” he asked back.. Pretending not to hear.. G.O just smile and patted his back.. He then leave him alone..


“Seungmi-ah! I’ve made it!!” Mir shouting as soon as he see her outside the building.. He hugged her to express his happiness at that time.. “Jinja? Omo.. I feel like crying..” they both laughed..

Thunder then comes out.. “Oppa!” Seungmi shouted as he approaches her.. “Thanks for your spirits all of this time girl.. I could not endure the training in these 2 years if its not u that always stay beside me..” he said and give a kiss on her forehead.. Seungmi’s face reddening.. “Ah, I’ve made this for u..” Seungmi said and take out a lunchbox from her bag..

“Ah.. I’m annoyed~” Mir teased both of them.. “Just said that u’re jealous!” Seungmi show her tongue to him.. “Ahh.. Junghye-ah~ “ Mir said..

“I miss her too..” Seungmi said..


Meanwhile.. Japan International Airport..

“Naz! Omo.. U’re going back today too?” Dahyun excitedly greet Naz.. It’s been a while they didn’t see each other..

“Ne.. U too? What a coincidence..”Naz replied and they’re hugging each other..

“Finally we can return to Korea.. U’re a manga writer?” Dahyun asked her..

“Ne? How did u know?”

“Oh, please Naz.. This is me~” Dahyun replied and they laughing together.. They’re talking about so many things while waiting for their flight that day..

Naz and Dahyun pursuing their study in Japan.. And today they will be return back to Korea.. While they’re walking to departure hall, someone is running in a rush and bumped into Dahyun.. They both fall to the ground..

“Dahyunnie.. Kwenchana?” Naz asked while helping her up..

“I’m alright..” She smile.. Dahyun get close to that girl.. “Are u alright?”she asked when she see that girl still sitting on the ground searching for something..

“I’m ok..” she said without lifting her head up..

“Did we know each other?” Naz asked her suddenly after looking at her for a while..

“Ne?” she replied and look at both of them.. “Junghye!” Dahyun almost shouted when she see her face.. “Unnie!” she shouted..

“What are u looking for?”

“A hairpin.. It must be fall when we’re bumped into each other just now..” she said and continue searching..

“U’ve.. Changed! A lot!” Dahyun said.. Junghye look at her confusedly.. “What do u mean unnie?” Junghye replied..

“This.. This pink hairpin is yours?” Naz asked her..

“Ah! U’ve found it!! Gomawo unnie!!” she said happily and hugged her..

“U really have changed a lot Junghye.. What are u doing now?” Dahyun continued..

“That’s a long story unnie..” Junghye replied.. But before she could continue her words, Naz cuts.. “You both! Palli, palli!! We’re gonna missed our flight..” she said and running to departure hall..

“Ah, that’s right.. Are your flight is the same as we do?” Dahyun asked Junghye..

“Ne.. Palli unnie..” Junghye replied and they both rushed following Naz..

To Be Continued..

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