Thursday, June 10, 2010

Melody Love: Sheet One

Sheet 1: The Beginning

Incheon Airport..

‘Korea.. It’s been a long time..’

“Today we have new student here.. Greet your new course mate here..” Mrs. Jang said to her class.. “Annyeong-haseyo.. Choneun Lee Dahyun imnida.. Please take care of me..” She bows..


“Ya, Park Seungmi! We’ll be late to our class!!”

“Ne, I’m done.. Wait a lil bit..” she shouted from her room..

“Aish.. This girl.. Why is she always late? Why are girls always take long time than guys?? Aigoo..” He’s complaining..

“Ya, stop complaining.. I’m a girl too..”

“Ne? U?? Hahahaha~” He laughing non stop.. She hit his shoulder and kick his knee..

“Ya, stop..stop.. u know that I won’t win with u..”

Park Seungmi, Lee Junghye and Bang Cheolyong are best friends.. Even they have a different personalities, they can mixed well.. Park Seungmi.. Beautiful girl that always care about her look and image.. Her voice is charming and she’s also a pianist.. While Lee Junghye have a very different personality.. She dressed like a boy and everything she does just make her like a boy.. She’s a member of Taekwondo Club.. Three of them has been together since high school..


“Weekend has come!!Yeay! Let’s make a trip to somewhere??”

“A trip? Hm.. How about firework??”

“Sounds good.. When??”


“Tonight?? Yes.. How bout others??”

“I will go too..”

“Me too~”

While everybody’s planning the activity..She keeps reading her book without care of her classmate.. He has been watching her from far, walked to her place..


“Ah.. Annyeong..”

“Will u join us tonight?” he asked her while smiling..

“Tonight? Firework? I can’t.. I need to be tutor for my dongsengs..”

“Urm.. What time will u done?”


“Nothing.. U can just come after your tutor session finished.. I’ll be waiting for u..”


“Shh.. Just come if u want..” he smile.. and walked away from the class..

She sighed.. ‘I really wanna be with them.. All of them are so nice.. Its just me that can’t be as cheer as them.. I just don’t know how to talk to them all..’

‘And he.. He will shake my heart if he always smile to me like that.. Jung Byunghee..’


“Hey you!” a group of girl surrounded her..

“What do u want??” She asked..

“Stop being closed to him.. What’s so special about u?”one of them asked her..

“None of your business!” She said and walked away.. But the girls hold her shoulder..

“Hold the first guy at this university.. Do u feel that good until u didn’t have any other close friend beside him.. One day he’ll left u..”

“Let her go..” He comes and push all the girls hand on her..

“Stop doing stupid things like this..”he said calmly.. They look at him beside her.. And leave shyly..

“U too.. They’ll keep bullying u if u’re always acting like that..”he said while walk leading her..

“Ya, I don’t need your help.. I can escape even u’re not here!” She’s sulking..

“Aish.. Ya, Seungho!.. Why is he so fast?? Aigoo..” she complaining alone..

“I have soccer practice this evening.. Need to settle something at the Art Club..”

“Ya,wait for me!!” Soyeon shouted..


“annyeong haseyo..”

“Ah.. Annyeong haseyo..”she smile at him..

“Can I sit here?” He asked while pointing beside her..

“Ne.. Besides, I’m alone..”

“I don’t know whenever u recognize me or not.. We’re in the same class.. I’m Joon.. Lee Joon” He said while smiling to her..

“Ah,ne.. I remember u.. I’m Dahyun.. Glad to meet u here..”

“So, how’s your first day? Any problems?”

“So far, I like the environment here.. The students also nice and sweet.. I think I like this place..”

“Really? Glad to hear that.. If u have free time, I’ll take u to some other places.. And also, if u have any problems, just tell me.. I’ll be glad to help u..”

“Gomawo..” “My pleasure.. Have u eaten??” “No..not yet..” “Kajja..”he grabbed her hand and lead her to the café..


“Where’s my music book??”

“Park Seungmi..Aish..u’re always like this..If not u, then u.. Why are u guys are so careless??aigoo..” Junghye complaining..

“Ya, its not me this time.. Seungmi,where did u left it?”

“I don’t know.. I can’t remember..”

“Let’s go to the music room back.. U might left it there..” Junghye drag Seungmi with her..

“Junghye-ah~ Mirrr didn’t follow us..”

“Just ignore him.. He can’t stay there without us..”

“Ya! I heard that!! I’m tired! Aigoo.. Why should I be with them.. So tired with this these two hyper active creatures..”

“Ya, don’t u wanna come inside too?” Junghye asked..

“There’s a class inside there.. I don’t want to..”

“Aish.. Arasso.. I’ll go.. Just wait here..” Junghye said and enter the music room..

“Excuse me.. Are u Miss Park Seungmi?”He asked her..

‘What is this? Where am I?? He’s so charming.. My prince..’ Seungmi’s so shocked by his appearance.. She can’t even talk..

“Miss.. Are u alright?” He asked again.. Junghye comes out from the music room and shocked seeing Seungmi and Thunder.. She pushed him.. Thunder falls to the ground..

“Seungmi, are u ok?” Seungmi still freezing.. Junghye gently slap her..

“Ah.. My prince charming~”

“Ya, What are u talking about?”

“ah.. What have u done Lee Junghye?” she help Thunder up.. “m..m..mianhe..” she’s stutter.. Junghye still can’t get what actually happens there.. She look at them from far..

“Kwenchana.. I just wanna return this to u.. Is this yours?” he handed her a book.. “Ah.. Ne.. We’re searching for this.. kamsahamnida..” “It’s ok.. I’m new here..”he smile and left them..

“Mianhe!~” Junghye shouted.. He turns and smile at them.. “Hye-ah.. I think I’m gonna melt~~” “Me too.. He’s so sweet!” “wait, did he just said that he’s new here?? Is he that Philippines prince that all the people here been talking about??” Seungmi asked.. “Really?If so, we’re the luckiest people then.. Ahh.. Why am I so harsh to him just now.. Why don’t u tell me earlier??” Junghye hit Seungmi.. “Ya, u’re the one that always act before thinks.. Now u want to blame me??”

“Seungmi! Junghye! Aigoo.. I know u both can’t live without me.. Why are u quarrel here?” Mir come and drag both of them.. “Let’s go home now~”


Joon and Dahyun walked home together..



“Are u free this evening?”

“Urm.. I don’t have anything to do.. Why?”

“I’ve soccer practice.. Wanna come with me??”

“Err.. What for?”

“I can introduce u to my friends there.. How say u?”

“I think that will be good for me too.. Ne, I’ll go with u..”

“Yes! I’ll come to your house at 5.. Is that ok?”

“Ne.. Jyaa.. This is my house.. Don’t u wanna come in first?”

“Not now.. Maybe next time..So, I go first.. See u then..”

“Arasso.. See u..”


“Soyeon-ah.. Where’s captain?”

“Seungho? I don’t know..”

“He’s always like this.. So mystery..”

‘Vroom.. Vroom..’

“I know this sound.. Seungho and his motorbike.. Let’s gather everyone.. Captain’s coming..” G.o tells the soccer team..

“Dahyun-shii.. U wait here? I need to be there.. Will u be ok?”

“Ne.. I’m gonna be ok.. Just go..” She smile and make a hand sign that she’ll be ok..

“I’ll come quickly..” Joon’s gather with the team members..

‘Ah.. Is he the captain?? So cool.. With his bike.. He’s just cool.. No wonder he’s the first guy here..’ Dahyun keeps talking in her heart while staring at Seungho..

“He’s cool rite?”

She’s shocked with that voice.. “Ah.. Ne.. Annyeong..” Dahyun greets her..

“Annyeong.. I’ve never seen u here before.. Would u mind to introduce yourself?” She smile and sit beside Dahyun..

“Ne.. I’m new here.. Lee Dahyun imnida.. And u?? Unnie?” She asked her back..

“Naz.. just call me Naz.. I’m the same class and year with the captain.. Seungho..”

“Se..Seungho?” Dahyun asked her.. “Yes.. Yang Seungho.. He’s really cool.. But he’s unapproachable.. Hard to be close to him.. He only close with his best buddy, G.o and that girl over there, Soyeon.. My classmate also..” While pointing to Soyeon at the corner of the field..

“Is that so? Thanks for the info.. and most important is thanks for being with me.. I’m totally feel like I’m a stranger here.. I just know Joon.. I’m in his class.. Do u know him?”

“Joon? Lee Joon? Of course I know him.. U’re so lucky u know.. Joon is also one of the dream guys here.. And he close to u? Just so lucky.. But u need to be more careful because all of his fans might do something to u someday.. I know how far they could be..” She said while drinking her Cola..

“Really? I don’t know that he’s so popular..”

“But don’t worry.. I’m sure Joon will always be with u.. This is my phone number and address.. U can call me or come to my house if u have any problems..”

“Naz.. Gomawo.. U’re so kind.. I really don’t know who will I refer to if I have any problems here.. Now I have u and Joon.. I’m feeling so glad.. Thanks so much..”

“Rest time!! Comeback here in ten minutes..” G.o shouted..

“Ah.. I need to go first.. See u~” She runs when all the soccer team spread away to rest..

“Ah..Naz wait!” Dahyun shouted..

“Lee Dahyun.. Are u ok?” Joon asked her..

“What?ah.. I’m ok.. I just.. Forget it.. U’re so good at soccer..” She smile while handed him a bottle water.. He just smile.. “Who’s that girl just now?” Joon asked again.. “Girl? Naz.. She just tell me that she’s Naz.. Do u know her?”Dahyun asked while still searching for her.. “I think I’ll know her if look at her..”

While searching for Naz, Dahyun’s eyes get locked on Seungho.. ‘She’s so lucky..’

“Dahyun-shii.. Do u like him?”

“me.. What?”

“I’m just asking.. Did u like him?”

“Him? Who?” Dahyun’s shocked with Joon’s question.. ‘Did he caught me?’

Joon’s looking into Dahyun’s eyes and smile.. She just don’t know what should she do.. Yes.. She admit that nobody can’t resist him if he do that.. “Me..” Joon’s whisper to her.. She totally feel an electric shocked..

“Members! Let’s gather now!!~” G.o shouted..

“I’ll be back..” He whisper again.. She just can’t say anything.. Yes.. Everybody will lost in Joon’s world..


‘Her piano sound just make me calm..’

Seungmi closed her music sheet.. “Mirreu? How long have u been here?” She asked mir..

“Just.. I’ve just arrive here.. Where’s Junghye?” he stutter..

“She has a taekwondo practice.. Her tournament is on the line.. What are u doing here?”

“I.. I’m just bored.. Don’t know what should I do.. That’s why I’m here..” he smile sweetly hoping that her couldn’t caught him lying.. He just being there because of her.. He really addicted to her piano sound..

To be continued..


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